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  1. Hi all, have always booked the cabin we want, have never left it to princess... We have booked a B2B cruise on the Sapphire later this year have got a cabin on 2nd leg but the 1st leg , is a guaranteed cabin ( both booked for vista suites ) Question is with only 28 suite on board the Sapphire.. are we likely to get a move over, or get a vista suite or a better one.??? What is other peoples experience ?????? We would like to do the cruise, as a B2B to make it 13 nights ... I am aware that things can hang in the balance until a few days before sailing. Yes I know 1st world problems LOL Cheers Don
  2. Glad to hear some of you got great bargains.. We got two shorter cruises from Melbourne for a B2B in a suite No a bad deal only about 25-30% off... but we are happy with that So deposit payed now, so have three cruises booked for this year... so all is good Cheers Don
  3. We will see once the dust settles tomorrow........... finger crossed... letting our TA deal with it. Good luck everybody..... and hopefully you will get your cruise.... Cheers Don
  4. The Ocean and Ship movement.... Lot of factors come to mind..... height of waves in only a small one....... pitch between waves as well as time... Swell, wind, direction of travel across the waves, speed of ship..... So in 15 foot seas , it can be very rough, or can be slight pitching, Roll is slowed by the stabilizers and at about 30 sec cycle is not that noticeable... Have done many crossing of the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand ( open Ocean and deep 16000 feet ) Been different very time .... one of the joys of sea days Cheers Don
  5. No, nothing special on the Menu for MDR ... have done 8 NZ cruises...... and except for the specials in Club Class.... Pretty much the same...... Cheers Don
  6. Interestingly on the flyer for the Sapphire, one checked the prices ( cost per day ) with the normal 2020-2021 season and they only were a little cheaper, no great bargains... so they are trying to get costs back... Also don't know about the Majestic going to Singapore from Fremantle Crew only for dry dock..... then what???..... my wish would be de-asianize and leave in Australia, or if not leave it in Asia permanently We are going to book a couple of short cruises B2B if the right cabins are available, as they are doing different itineraries, which would like to do...... but they are ball park cost... so will see As we are all ready booked on the Sapphire for a November Cruise this year Cheers Don
  7. I did look up what was 411 .... ohhhh I now understand.... in Australia it would be 1223... Well I have now got another bit of trivia in the brain box.... Cheers Don
  8. You are so right with that.... On our 80+ days cruising, we have had some of the most wonderful staff.... And it is great when you run into them on a latter cruise in a different position and they are glad to see you. That is all right...... interestingly the price P&O are asking if higher than Princess for the first few cruises..... I never knew a water slide cost soooooo much ..... LOL Also sometimes I find my fingers are faster than the brain Cheers Don ( time to book another cruise )
  9. It is interesting the way people have a worry or dislike to older ships..... We haven't been on the grand but have spend a lot time on the Golden, yes a bit rust... a few leaks, some thing look a little worn.... But we have had some great cruises on her..... now that she going to P&O... we are moving to the Sapphire.... which have read some reviews of being old and worn..... but I am sure we will have some great cruises on her in later in the year.... So I think it is a bit of mind set,... new and shiny is best ?? or older and comfortable is best ?? Anyway enjoy your cruise Cheers Don
  10. Bring bottles of wine on board from Port of call is definitely, one area "Princess is consistently inconsistent " We have come back on board with two bottle of wine after bring a shore..... nobody batted an eye lid as well as no alcohol table in sight. Did this on six ports ( 26 night cruise ). Cheers Don
  11. Vista suite is to way to go... note deck 9 the balcony is a lot wider.... but view and room size on any deck is great..... I would not spend the extra on a penthouse suite.... you do not get much different, the one little thing is you get is shelves on either side on the vanity in the bathroom ..... All the balconies have two sun lounges and large table with either 2 or 4 chairs. Cheers Don ( aft suite is the only way to go )
  12. have been looking at the itineraries, it is going to be interesting as most of them are overlapping, Also most of the east coast prices are pretty much ball park.... so a bit cheaper .... but not so much as a great bargain..... ( glad you are getting a great price over west ) Will see our TA next week and see.... Cheers Don
  13. Got the email... did price check on cruises 2020-2021 season on the Sapphire to compare the winter prices... Use cost per day over different length cruises as well as the difference cost for cabin classes.... After that the prices are in the ball park nothing super special..... Saw the round Australia one and as usual cost per is higher than a 13 nighter( rate per day ) by 20-30% .. So will think about it... have a cruise booked for Nov 2020. Cheers Don
  14. Generally open noon until 1.30.... enjoy Cheers Don
  15. One thing I was wondering do the Japanese passengers off the diamond now go into quarantine in Japan ??? This has been an incredible ordeal for all those on board. and one can wish them all good luck. Cheers Don
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