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  1. If most Grand class are the same... Right Aft suite.... most Vista suite had a 18 inch wide support beam on the balcony ( you can walk round it ) Penthouse suite have a clear balcony Differences between Vista and Penthouse beside price... Slightly different layout Penthouse has a bigger desk and walk in rode it a tad bigger, in the bathroom you have shelves on either side of vanity... generally balcony are deeper on Penthouse suites furniture the same two deck lounge and a table with four chairs Have stay in both on different decks a
  2. Heartily agree... when one is away for that length of time... When we do road trip or long stays of over a week, I view and sort photos daily.... since often, with time permitting, will try different things, so like to see the results straight away...... Not like the old days did a 3 1/2 week trip to the other side of country with film ( 14 rolls x 36 ) and waited until one got home before processing...... Don
  3. No I do not wish to change the world.... people are all different regardless of age.... And I am glad there are enough different cruise lines, to suit all the different people... Also remember not all that is old is out of date.... there has been renewed interest in film photography and vinyl records.... One could say the world has moved toward more convenience over quality....
  4. On a cruise read a book ( one with pages ) and do not watch TV..
  5. The point being... one is not looking at a screen.. whether ipad, smart phone or computer.. One is enjoying the moment.....not recording it.... but living it... that is the thing I understand you don't have to be sitting....... but some people should...... as one has see enough people glued to their device walking down the street no watching where they are going
  6. I get your drift... a cruise involves a ships which gets you from A to B... a floating hotel..... which if fair enough.. Just remember, there are some who love sea days... being on a ship in the ocean.. Also one has heard many stories of people taking a cruise to see one particular place, but due to bad weather, or other reasons the place is missed.... The take away is .. if you really want to see one place/thing/attraction... don't fly halfway round the world to take a cruise there.... fly there and stay enjoy... then take a cruise if you wish....
  7. generally one is enjoying their cruise..... not sitting in front of screen One of the best things about cruising is being unplugged... don't take a computer.. Phone goes in the safe ( not a smart phone ) and rarely wear a watch Enjoy where you are.... and whom you are with.... what more do you need..... ( maybe a nice glass of wine would be good too ) Don..... one day will be back on high seas....
  8. Wow Covered pools... then armed forces.... then small and large ships...... water surrounded by more water.(.pool on ship ) great to watch in rough weather before they drain it. Pools on Ship covered or not.... do you go swimming if it cold.. if so it should matter if it is in or out... Ever been in a ship's pool or spa as don't wish to be harpooned... also might scare some people...lol Best way to find out is look at the deck plan of the ship you are thinking of cruising on.... Don
  9. Thanks Julie... will be looking into it for sure..... the whole thing sound very relaxing.... My Parents own a holiday shack on the river at Morgan for many years and become interested in Cruises on the river ... but have only done two one week houseboat trips from greenings landing north of Mannum and the overnight on the Emmylou .. Don
  10. Well I hope everybody guesses are right... we have Princess Nov 2021 booked Next question what Ship ?? Was to be Sapphire.... or will it be the Grand and will we get our cabin ?? and hopefully not.... no ship.. no cabin. Don
  11. One will have to look into Murray River Cruising We were on the Emmylou back in 2012 did an overnighter... very nice... back in ones working days and time restrictions.. ( found the ticket on the memory board $265 each ) that was before the refit ( shared bathroom and toilet, walk halfway round the deck ) good meals.... Have done house boating also very enjoyable... Don
  12. To be honest, i have little confidence that our Australian Nov 2021 cruise will happen.. as it is Australia to New Zealand.... now thinking if the 2022-2023 season will be back to normal ?? .... For the mean time back to road trips.... Cheers Don
  13. I have a look at this Yelp ... I would put it in the same basket as Google for Reviews... I was using Trip A****** as an example
  14. Interesting thoughts... Another way to look at Do CC contributors accurately represent a broad spectrum of cruisers: I would say no Is instead of number of posts...... maybe days at sea... would be interesting It would sort of weight peoples answers..... Example... on a travel forum.... a lot of excellent and terrible ratings are by people who have done little travel ...... one takes them with a grain of salt... It is sometime difficult to get a level headed answer..... like Oh cruised once with with this line.. it
  15. It reminds me of a Gordon River Cruise many years ago we went the premium upper deck class.... is was great only 16 of us instead about 60.... steerage was full I great day... met another couple and between us almost drank them out of Tassie Pinot Noir the day before had done the Wildness Railway Premium class, very civilised champagne on arrival ( first thing in morning ) Don
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