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  1. Yes we got the UBB as a freebie... could not exchange for OBC...... Ended up having it as bunch got it at 11.15am....on a port day.. turn out good... just had a smaller breakfast at the crown grill.. Cheers Don
  2. Interesting topic..... I have look at this from the other way pick a particularly cabin.. on princess then compare cost per day on Australian cruises first longer cruises and some time cheaper per day than shorter one... some destinations ( ie islands over NZ ) NZ is cheaper..... then right round Australia wow very dear per day ..compare to other cruises I feel it is a difficult to compare cost per days, with different cabin and cruise lines... Cheers Don
  3. Thanks Aus Traveller... As we live in Melbourne.. not that interested in being off the ship, so will be a short as possible... Might go to the shop near Station Pier if we need anything..... Missing a second muster drill would be nice..... Also we can be the first in MDR for lunch Cheers Don
  4. Hi All We have booked our first B2B looking forward to it two 13 nights to make it 26 nights Question or the plural Does the crew stay in the same position, ie will our cabin steward be the same, wait staff in the MDR and Crown grill. also bar staff.... Also can you book at the crown grill for the next leg of the cruise.... It will be great when everybody finishing their cruise we will be starting another one in the same cabin so no packing needed Is there anything else we should know about doing, or tips on a B2B Or is it different ship to ship and location This will be on the Golden on two out and back cruises starting and ending at the same port ( Melbourne Australia ) Cheers Don
  5. I hope not.... because last year I bought a cheap suit jacket to wear at formal nights..... I would hate to see it go to waste as is was $65........ LOL As wear it black slacks and tie and shirt..... and with a bit ( well a lot ) of spit and polish .... come up alright for an old guy.. Cheers with a G&T Don
  6. Weather is the thing So far we got in once on four cruises..... so good luck... we tried November, December , end of January and end of February... end of January was the one we got in...... We are going for two bites of cherry November- December this year Cheers Don
  7. Interesting topic.... we are booked on our longest cruise to date a b2b of 26 nights....like bym49 live in a condo, no pets and most bills are auto pay.... and we are retired..... Thinking back our longest holiday ever has been 28 days but these where all staying a different places . It is nice to get home..... but we are looking forward to our first longer cruise Cheers Don
  8. I think the OP is flying to the UK... hoping to do a cruise round the British Isles with a cruise line may be Princess,,,, then board Disney for a TA home to the US Dining can be different from Ship to Ship and if you are in a suite or Club Class Cheers Don
  9. One quick note.... look at the map on the back of the cabin door.... Right having said that..... the Map on TV showing muster stations was for the wrong ship and the letters were different to our ship...... Also at the Muster drill there was nobody at the aft emergency exit door.... Having cruised on the ship quite a few times I told everybody we use this door and we lead the way ... Cheers Don
  10. I think the only thing the OM does tell people your location.... all your drinks, shopping etc, is all ready recorded by your Cruise Card on your On Board Account..... It doesn't bother me OM thingie or not...... It is when they start charging for toilet paper..... I will complain... Cheers Don..... PS Now the next thing is micro chip everybody and do away with the OM
  11. I am Sorry the OP did not enjoy their cruise.... it doesn't matter which ship you are on... Things do happen.... But the big thing is peoples expectation.... And when they are not met, well they are disappointed... Starting with bad weather, missed port... can happen anywhere.... and can put one on the back foot.... I hope you enjoy your next cruise....... Cheers Don..... who goes with flow
  12. We sailed in February and are now waiting November for our next princess cruise... Cheers Don
  13. the golden princess generally goes to Alaska during our winter .... One day would like to do the round Australia.. but it is always booked out..... I would like more ships to cover longer cruises particularly of our winter. Cheers Don
  14. Yes that was the cheapest cabin on Viking for that cruise off their web site and got the price off the princess site..... both are in Aus Dollars....... and I thought it was only fair to compare a princess suite with a standard cabin on Viking. Both were without an air fare and it didn't look at OBC just the straight fare I agree I would not be interested in going on a royal class ship For our cruises we have done to new Zealand... it is fare $400 plus $70 per person per day for everything else.... we drive to the port so no cost there so $470 for us against $685 plus a return flight to get home and any other expenses For us the numbers do not add up..... If money was no object... yes I would Viking or any other cruise line.... Cheers Don
  15. Just as a comparison trip Australia to New Zealand same time of year aver Christmas this year Princess ( on the Majestic ) 13 nights in a penthouse suite $6470 $498 per person per day Viking Ocean ( on the Orion ) 14 nights in the cheapest cabin $9595 $685 per person per day or in a mid tier cabin $828 So the difference $197 per day per person almost 40 % dearer... If you do your own thing in port in the 8 ports I do not see their stated $200 extras per day free..... I know it is totally different cruise line........but I so not see the total cost of the cruise being the same that is all Don
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