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  1. A Library :- a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for use or borrowing by the public or the members of an institution .. Sorry but a book is book... stared at computer screens for 30 years at work... there is something about a paper book.... Look no batteries or place to plug it in.... You can drop it or hold up the corner of a table.... also it lost in bush you can use it to help start a fire.. Princess has some book shelves which may or may not contain book.... Cheers Don
  2. I am so glad everybody is now safe...... but how on a new ship does all four engines stop at once ???? Fuel... cooling... or major electrical problem ??? Also the video of in the forward lounge... with the people sitting in the chairs with that large planter sliding round....What if it slid into one of the them....??? Cheers Don
  3. What is a four day cruise ???? ( a booze cruise ) Cheers Don
  4. Interestingly is a bottle of port, a wine in princess's eyes ??? Cheers Don
  5. I am one whom always takes books on holiday, and has a library at home... Yes the library on princess is a token thing.... and place to put public computers.. ( on the golden it is deck 5 and you can sit and watch the waves go past ( while waiting for the slow internet ) ) as long as it doesn't disappear..... as we do get a couple of books for use on the cruise and use the computers to use the free internet minutes ,... as don't have a smart phone or ipad and don't bring my laptop Cheers Don
  6. Thanks All So for next cruise will but a bottle of port in our carry on and see what happens Any port in a storm is a good one.... particularly not have to carry two glasses from vine up three decks and all the way the way aft.... ( did not spill a drop ) Cheers Don
  7. Hi All, I know it sound like a silly question..... we mainly cruise princess.. on our last cruise thought a glass of port with a little cheese would be nice to end the evening.. Well Port on princess is only at a couple of bars... and rather dear $20 per glass...... So is Port a wine or a spirit in the eyes on Princess..... on cruises out of Australia or like so many things it varies ship to ship... or crew to crew ??? And in the big picture one can buy a port for $20 a bottle, do I just put it in the case and see ?? and I was also thinking about a small knife ( under 2inches ) to cut up fruit... Cheers Don or
  8. Hi CheriKM To be honest... you only see a small part of New Zealand on a cruise..... but it is great... We have just completed our fourth cruise round New Zealand.... and enjoyed it...... but we love sea days..... If you wish to see New Zealand with a cruise.... I saw a package cruise with Celebrity.. go round fiordland up to Auckland where you get off, then do a land based tour down the north and south islands and fly home ( 19 days I think ) Cheers Don
  9. What are the fav tips, I have learn ???? Check the deck plan.... google for pictures of your cabin number.... Too many people fret over the little things... Chill out go with the flow..... meet wonderful people And have never found the need for magnets.... only the latest things on the desk and rest go into the draw. and the big one... cruises is great, and very additive..... and remember smile and wave your on a cruise ship ( how lucky are we ) Cheers Don
  10. A first world issue...... You do not need to carry on all your luggage.... just small carry ons You can go to the MDR have a nice lunch and a glass to two of wine and enjoy yourself..... You are lucky enough to be on a cruise ship..... After lunch go to your cabin unpack relax...... Then it is all the big decisions ... where to go for a drink.... what to have for dinner ... what to do after dinner.. Some of the people here need to chill and just go with the flow.... It is not like your cabin is going anyway.... Cheers and have a great cruise Don
  11. Had a look at the deck plans on other sites yes it does show a deck at the front of 14...... But it is not a deck... but the bridge.... Deck 15 round the front of the spa / gym is a great place for viewing.. particularly up to three steps so you are on top of the bridge....... As stated is can get very windy round the front.. while underway.. Cheers Don
  12. Just off the Golden ... we were told cabins open from 1.00 pm.... in November last year it was as soon as you boarded... Not a problem had a very nice lunch in club class.... before going to our cabin.... no big deal We only carry a shoulder bag and camera bag ( no kitchen sink ) as carry on. Cheers Don
  13. Yes b2b would be nice... but it is twice as long as well as the cost, which pushes the fare out too much, well above even suite travel on princess on a return trip..... One day maybe ... Cheers Don ( who's better half doesn't fly )
  14. The interesting thing is that both Azamara and Celebrity do one way cruises to New Zealand... forcing you to fly one way.. It would be nice to see return trips... then I would be tempted .. I think Azamara would be better... smaller ship. Cheers Don
  15. I like the idea..... having only sailed suites on princess..... it would be nice, but not needed But we will see this time, as boarding in 2 1/2 hours. Cheers Don........... packed and waiting
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