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  1. Windows suites on grand class ship are on deck 6 so close to every thing, also they open onto a separate hall way, So no passing traffic, also slight forward of midships, and on the other side from the crown grill on the golden.... very easy for breakfast and well as very close to the IC Cheers Don
  2. All this does make you think twice....... As one does all the driving on Holidays..... on a cruise particularly sea days... of course I let my hair down ( if I had any ) and have a glass of wine or two over lunch is we like.... As far as one has gone toward drunk on a cruise is feeling happy...... unlike some, whom seam to drink all day in the one spot and by the time evening comes they are very blurry eyed and sitting there with a list to one side... Cheers Don
  3. Ball points what about fountain pens... or ink wells and nibs Maybe I am getting old Cheers Don
  4. It is a great topic.. we enjoy sharing tables... it is one of things about cruising which is great.... We have found some of the nicest people in club class ... No I am not saying anything about this class thing... But we always travel in a suite.... something not discussed in the MDR over dinner.... One evening in CC for Dinner we at a table for 8 three of the people were in the grand suite they were often an upgrade they were lovely people and their excitement was infectious.... all the table were happy for them... it was a couple travelling with the wife's sister.... we was a really funny person..... and way told the story about the wife's first reaction to the grand suite , as great we would not stop OMG for ten minutes..... the thing is we enjoy other peoples company over dinner... and quite a few time have been the last table out of CC And after dinner order more wine.... it is a great way to spend the evening.. Cheers Don
  5. It is one of thing.... it seams as one get older in general... a lot of what ifs come to mind when travel for longer periods of time... One thing for us is my mother of 93, still lives by herself... her health is good.... but we have a 26 night cruise late this year... and the thought of what if something happens..... My mother jokes and tells me not to worry... and she will leave a note to say put her on ice until we get home.. Cheers Don
  6. The mind starts to drift... berth a parking spot .... bow the pointy end...deck the floor.... etc or tender.... a boat... a taxi Cheers Don
  7. I understand where the OP is coming from, the long time from booking to get there... packing and rushing to get to the start of the cruise.... then suddenly you are there.... I think a short cruise would be worse... I find the time from booking to the cruise the worst part... until cruising never book a holiday that far in advance.. Also we take longer cruises minimum 13 nights, a long with the face that we only drive 30 minutes to the port... All these time added up and when you finally get on board you can relax ( in someways a slight let down ) Then the thrill of waking up on board a ship.. We have booked our first B2B November this year and am looking forward to watch all the other people getting off at the end of the first leg.. Cheers Don
  8. Have always tipped on the last day... sometime morning or evening.... but generally morning.... A question on B2B do you tip on each leg or only at the end ( 2 X 13 nights cruises ) Cheers Don
  9. One thing I have notice with photo prices, is the one taken going ashore are cheaper than the one taken on formal night in the MDR We have only bought a few photos from the ship, generally get fellow PAX or crew to take a photo of us together. Cheers Don
  10. Politics..... vote... why a politician might get in..... ( Strange Bedfellows Movie ) Change the subject..... Cheers Don
  11. Cruising it just great.... I understand your feeling..... Shortest time between cruises was about 12 weeks it was wonderful..... But we are retired, so planning to get time off is so ease now.... in some ways I am glad we waited until my 60's to start cruising..... didn't think we like it..... how wrong can you be... Plan another Cruise is the only way even if its a year away... it is something to look forward too... So enjoy your next cruise... whenever it is Cheers Don
  12. Getting Chicken Pox later in life, generally increases your risk of getting shingles... I was off work for a month.... it was great the doctor came round after the first week, and said wait for the next couple of weeks thing are going to get bad........ yes he was right... Cheers Don
  13. I got chicken pox in my Forties..... not nice... So I vote the idea has merit.... but for the mean time it will not happen. Cheers Don
  14. Our TA print our Boarding Pass for us.... I would ring them now... Best of luck and I hope it all works out Don
  15. It is entirely up to you.... Club class dining is nice... Our thoughts better service and a little more flexible and smaller table sizes including many tables for two unlike the MKR Best thing is look at the Menus for the Crown Grill and Sabitinis... and see if there is something you would both like for a special dinner..... then decide... Enjoy your cruise and have a great time.. Cheers Don
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