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  1. Me would I take the Mustang..... but some of those bi-turbo AMG's are good,,, but the price Cheers Don
  2. I think the OP thoughts are the Mass market cruise line and small ship cruise lines..... the idea of Mid tier is basically one perception, also A lot of lines have a different feel to them.... which may not fit the person idea of what is good or great... Like Cunard, if you don't like getting dressed up for dinner... maybe not a good choice But the question is what is "'Mid Tier" . Is it like dinning at the Buffet compared tp the MDR to one of Restaurants. Other way of putting is if like buying the best model car of a local maker or buying a base car from a high end maker.. So what defines Mid Tier ???? Cheers Don
  3. The Interior cabin bit, some people must sleep in a dark room, also some people just use there room to sleep... It is interesting that people are of holiday and and in a hotel every room has a window, where as on a cruise they have cabin with no windows...... or is it a way to get more paying people of the ship to maximize profit.... They do have the same amenities as a window cabin.... but would not be caught dead in one.. the concept of not using interior cabins was to reduce the overall number of passengers... and logic would seam to removed to cabin with the lowest profit margin........ that is all Don
  4. Very well said Spif Barwunkel... What has one learnt..... the world is a fragile place. and quickly thing can spread other things..... so many people will not be told or follow the rules.... Cruising...... well I do miss it and hope to do it again ( actually have 2 booked.. but I doubt they will go ahead ) on CC a lot of people seam to be venting they thoughts, some ramming it down other people throats..... while other are saying the same thing over and over again.... everybody is different... and everybody has there own ideas.... people need to chill out.... as stated we are in uncharted waters... to fathom out where we are going.... and will it all end in tears... But for the moment.. let's look on the bright side of life Cheers Don
  5. Thanks eagletwo..... ( also a fan on Marvin ) Have to agreed on that as we generally go in a suite Club Class is very good... love being able at arrive when you are ready ..and no waiting...and we have always got great service.... Also breakfast is pretty good in one of specialty restaurants .... Cheers Don
  6. It really comes down to your expectations.... fine dining... not in MDR.... Specialty restaurants.. have had some great dinners there...... If you like good hotel food.... that is where i would place the MDR food.... but sometimes it is better or worse depending on the dish...... Also the thing to remember you are being waited on , no cooking, no cleaning up... makes it taste better..... Enjoy....... but remember food is such a subjective thing...... In 100 odd days on princess most of food has been pretty good ( and have never sent a meal back ) lol Cheers Don
  7. One thing I would like added ..... I have look at it as an overall cost ( everything ) divided by days Everything.include for us :- Base fare ( suite ) All Drinks ( anything i like ) Any other cost like specialty restaurants and Laundry If we do an land based tour it is not thought the ship... generally walk around and explore ourselves.. We have a great time on the main stream line with the extra perks of a suite ( particularly breakfast ) But I am yet to see anything which is cost comparable in mid or high tier lines to what we get now for the price By the way the figure i use is an avg of our last 6 cruises which is between $400-450 per person per night. But which has been said "each to his/hers own ... and your expectations " Cheers Don
  8. One thing which i think is the biggest problem... is people themselves.... some will follow the guide lines and other do not..... have seen it as the shops are starting to open.... you would not even know we have a pandemic...... And really one can not stay in bubble forever.... social distancing helps..... but since the beginning.... we still do not know enough about covid-19 particularly,, the asymptomatic testing not always correct not everybody has a temperature who has it. and the list goes on.... So social distancing will become the norm...??? It is difficult to see how this will pan out .... as we go where no man has been before..... Cheers Don
  9. OOOOHHH the air bridge..... it that the bridge those people in Canberra.keep talking about the one which will take us to the other side. :-----. of the economic gloom ..... of the lock down..... of anywhere but here.... of the road....... to go to the pub..... or a bridge which is made of hot air Cheers Don
  10. One point... everybody is different..... and an average meal to someone can be a great meal to the next people Also for most people.... cost does come into it...... So the question becomes if the extra cost worth it, some will say yes others no..... Then is comes down to how or what you expect from your cruise....... So main stream.... mid tier or high end .... it is totally up to the each person to decided...... To honest.... we go main stream.... why..... it sails from our port and like the itinerary ...and brings us back.... Also we can afford a nice suite.. which gives us lot of room.... as we spend time in our cabin...... Then you look at other options is it worth twice as much.... could be ?? The other thought is just how many days can you fine dine, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.... with beverages flowing.... We have found four nights is enough,,, before you start to wanting something simple.... but that is us It is wonderful everybody is different.... otherwise everything would be the same with only one choice..... Cheers Don ( almost time for a G&T )
  11. I remember one cruise about a year ago.... we were having dinner at the Crown Grill we had a waiter called Franklin.... He was very good and we had a wonderful evening.... Then about nine months later on the same ship in the Crown Grill... Low and behold Franklin was there..... He recognized us came over to say hello he remember our names....but the amazing thing.... he remember what we ordered for our last dinner..... to how our steak was done and the better half like her steak butterflyed along with which wine we liked..... again another wonderful evening...... It is the crew whom make the cruise special Cheers Don
  12. Thanks will have to look into that .... not sure it will be "'on"' in January...... the powers to be Here are very anti cruise ships....... Cheers Don
  13. HI Tom never upload anything to this "youtube"' you talk of....... I have tried and here it is https://youtu.be/jtIMs_QSGtw it is under the better halfs name Cheers Don Ps I can now cross that of the list of thing to do lol
  14. The interesting thing is the mass market cruise line do out and back cruises which we like, where are the mid and high tier lines seam to do almost all point to point cruises... so you must fly..... It is interesting how the itinerary changes so much..... it is the people on these lines do not like the same things and always want some thing different ???? If they offered out and back cruises, i would be very interested in trying them...... As the better half does not fly and I am not happy about it, particularly now... Cheers Don
  15. We have hired a smaller houseboat 2 bedrooms but enough for 6 people for just the two of us.....a couple of times. from Mannum in South Australia is was very relaxing out of a week spent two whole days just lied up to the bank at a remote location very peaceful.... must do it again if there is any water left in the Murray Cheers Don
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