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  1. Unfortunately the quality is not very good on newer large panel screens .. Example the sunrise looked great got out of deck it was very average... But having said that it is better than nothing... it gives you an idea of the outside world Cheers Don
  2. I resume it a tender stop at Kingscote ?? time a shore about six hours ... as gnomey says... everything it not round the corner... yes have spent a couple of weeks on the island and it is a lovely place So you could rush around or sit and relax... it up to you.... but I would say if going further afield I would take the ship tour for peace of mind... and somebody it doing the driving ( as it is your birthday ) Have a great cruise Cheers Don..
  3. It is our worst nightmare....... so generally if wondering round by ourselves,,, an hour or two before back on board time But we are early for most things...... it I up to you.... the further you are from the ship the more time you should allow. Cheers Don
  4. Older Couple no children Demographics: age late 50's thru to somewhat older Behaviors: - Relaxing in quiet areas on the ship or in cabin / balcony enjoy each others company and just go with flow ( weather, missed port, fire.etc ) Where found: - Main promenade, On the top deck looking at the ocean, Library, Relaxed dining, Canapés before dinner... When not found:- Sitting in the buffet. Art auctions, Laundry room Endeared by: Conversations with new people, seeing people enjoying themselves Unsettled by: Running out of my favourite wine , rudeness, gluttony Meshes with: happy people, almost anyone Clashes with: loud self centred people or self entitled people Willing to adopt solos: if they wish to join us. LOL cheers Don
  5. Aft Suites are our number one choice any would be fine... but we general go deck 9 or 10 Have a great cruise Cheers Don
  6. Yes the wine list is the same and checked a copy of our OB Account and the prices are what we payed in AUD Cheers Don
  7. That looks is the same one we had on the Golden in February this year on a Aus to NZ cruise and yes the prices are in AUD I remember quite a few of the wines as we always buy wine by the bottle. Cheers Don
  8. HI Crusty Cruiser, we were on the Golden in February... yes the wine list has indeed grown.... the beer list is about average the only thing I remember was Grolsch which was $8 Aus and the best value It will be difference since stocking out of the US, also all drinks will be in US dollars and have gratuities added on top of the list price. Have a great cruise back to Oz...... We will be back on the Golden late Novembers for 26 nights Cheers Don
  9. Found a video of B402 mini suite on the Sea Princess https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7ozqmTD7kk and it shows a separate shower. also found this B748 Cheers Don
  10. Also be aware.... now that the wine is bigger... often they run out of a particularly wine... as well you might have wine at MDR but the bars do not stock it and visa-versa ..... and having say that some of bars have wine not on the wine list..... This has been the case with our last four cruises over two years from Australia. Cheers Don
  11. One thing we do is for underwear... is wash at night hang on coat hanger with the clips on it . Tthen hang from ceiling air vent...bingo by morning all dry Cheers Don
  12. If you can looking for B2B same ship a lot of cruise line brochures at the back have cruises listed by ship... So is that is what you are after... easy... that it how we plan B2B cruises Cheers Don
  13. I would what a lot of the posters do at home... turn the heater on then open the windows so they can feel the breeze ??? So sit on the balcony or use the Lounge as a bed then close the door........ Cheers Don 106 posts about closing the door ? It is a open and shut case..............lol
  14. It comes down too what you perceive as luxury. Is the most luxurious... having a huge cabin... having the best food and wine.... staff whom can predict what you would like..... try a private yacht.. Or is it some cooking for you every meal, making your bed, cleaning your cabin daily, bring you drink..... ( I think it is call a cruise ) Cheers Don ps do I agree or disagreed ? neither and I don't think Regent is our fit, we are more princess people
  15. Yes I do like it, didn't meet the better half until I was 40...... travel our country.... started sight seeing holidays ( never stopped more than 2 nights anywhere, generally single nights ) then moved to more relaxing holiday go to different place for a week or so....... Then go back to place really like and spent a couple of weeks ( stop and smell the roses ) Once turning 60 and forced into early retirement .. found Cruising Wow Relaxing... somebody doing everything for you Now just do thing we like.... don't really plan... and decide things on the moment.... and looking forward in under 3 months our first B2B two 13 night cruises ( the same cruise ) so 26 nights on board...... Why because we can..... and it gives us time to small the roses.... So basically Do you when you think about it.... do not keep on putting thing off..... And do not regret not doing something and look at the bright side of life...... Cheers Don ( about to get my G&T ) .
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