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I have been looking at some future cruises . I have noticed today that the 25% supplement that was listed on them is now gone on every one of the voyages. I wonder if this is RCCL's calling card ? Anyone else noticed this ?
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If so, there are going to be many, many folks upset by such an action. Let’s hope it’s just some sort of glitch and the single supplements will be back within hours.

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I am afraid it is no glitch.

There are some single fares left -- and some at 10%, which is a rate I cannot recall in the past. See:

However, the solo fare offerings are far, far fewer than they were just a bit ago. This may be a result of re-pricing of some cruises, and more offerings will appear anon.

For the moment, however, this looks very concerning to singles like me. The Silversea solo fares were in many cases far more attractive than fares on Seabourn and Regent (putting aside their inclusions) and even Crystal (whose standard cabins are of course smaller than Silversea's.)

Those of us who want to continue to sail on Silversea can only hope that single supplements will be offered initially at no more than 50% -- at least on a number of suites well in advance of sailing. One would understand that the supplement might increase on popular cruises with dynamic pricing. The Seabourn and Regent base single supplements are simply unacceptable for me. Should Silversea go that route, I will spend my holidays in hotels. One can get a very, very nice hotel room and food/drink for the price of a Seabourn solo per diem.
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The main reason I gravitated to, and remain with, SS is the availability of low solo supps on so many cruises. I'd like to try Seabourn (if only for comparison) but the 75% supp makes it soooo expensive, especially as I'm coming up to 250 days with SS so my loyalty awards are not trivial.

However, in the past is was usual for SS to only show the solo supplement offers for the rest of the calendar year - showing them a year or more out is a recent change - so going back to only showing the rest of this year may not be too sinister - who knows?
Can only hope for the best ... and will definitely quiz the cruise consultant about it when I'm on the Spirit next month.
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Originally posted by jollyjones
Can only hope for the best ... and will definitely quiz the cruise consultant about it when I'm on the Spirit next month.
Yes, jollyjones, please do let us know what you learn!
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Hey all ….I had planned to book onboard next month and was considering among about 3 voyages. I did call Silversea and checked and it does make a difference in what I would book. One of my choices is up to 150% and 2 are at 125%. The 2 at 125% are more expensive to begin with but when the 150% is added to the least expensive( and less days one) then yes I will pay a little more and go to more days with a similar itinerary. They have made it to where we have to call and check about every voyage that we are interested in to see where it stands. It's still not bad and this gives them the option to raise and lower it as they see fit.
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Noticed the same thing this morning. Just last week there were dozens of voyages in the lower single supplement category and now there are only a handful. But the ones remaining are 2018 only,so hopefully they’ll reload at least early 2019 options soon.

Having to check with Silversea or TA on every voyage of interest will be a pain; my friends and I have always used the list of voyages with lower single supplements as our starting place when looking for our next cruise.

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It’s obviously a commercial decision dependant on how likely a cruise is to sell out at full price. It makes sense for them to offer a reasonable ( but not OTT) reduction a good way in advance as a lot of people like to plan a good way ahead. That keeps those guests happy. It then makes sense to drop it closer to the time when they are looking less likely to sell out and for solo travellers with some flexibility that works well both ways too. Considering how mercenary some Cruise Lines can be over single sups this is an excellent approach that will create a lot of loyalty from ppl that feel they’ve overpaid elsewhere.

Certainly not all solo travellers are the same but those that are travelling alone due to sad circumstances (I’m thinking of one particular friend of mine) don’t appreciate paying the same fare for just herself that she would have paid for both her and her husband had he still been alive.
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Having cruised with my SilverSea many times, dropping the 25% single supplement would be a red line for me

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