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  1. Good Morning Luxor! 2hr 51m sleep and awake 25 mins before my alarm went off! Enjoying a coffee on deck and watching the hot air balloons. Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut and Collossi of Menmon this morning.
  2. Day 1 _ Luxor. Well, I made it! 2 hours sleep then a journey from North Wales to LHR. I Must say LHR was much better than I remembered it. Far superior in every way to the Shamchester cattle dispatchery (MAN). It was about 3/4 of an hour into the flight when the true horror of my situation dawned on me though, whilst perusing the juices and fizzy drinks on the trolley. The panic gripped me as I realised I was stuck in a metal tube at 30,000ft for 5 hours on an alcohol free flight. Still all is well that ends well. I'm sat alone on the top deck on the stillest night I've ever known, sipping a Bacardi and contemplating what a beautiful world we are privileged to enjoy. The only Interuption to the tranquility is the constant zapping of midges that is starting to sound a bit like Chinese new year and two local dogs having quite a fracard. 6.30 start for the Valley of the Kings, I missed out on it last time on account of being bitten by an angry Pharao.
  3. The British Museum is my favourite. I Could spend weeks in there!
  4. Good Morning all. Thoughts are with you Lois. Well, This time tomorrow I’ll be on my way to Luxor. Unfortunately no flights from MAN so a long journey to LHR before an Egyptiar flight to Luxor and arriving at the Ship at 11.30ish. Luckilly the temp looks like it’s dropping from 35 this week to a more bearable 29 (not sure what that is in feet and inches sorry). 12 years since my last visit and let’s just say I lost 3 stone in the 3 months following my visit. Hoping the Pharoes don’t get me again. Anyone have any tips on avoiding their curse other than not touching, eating, drinking anything or breathing? Looking forward to taking lots of 360 footage esp since camera use is allowed now in many places that weren’t before. Will try to post a bit but no idea what t’internet will be like.
  5. Hi Jeff, it’s so fantastic to hear from you! I’m so pleased to hear that you’re ok. :) Glad to know Miss Sophia is ok too.
  6. Haha M, that reminds me of a friends Mum who was a particularly ferocious and universally despised Doctors Receptionist. She wanted burying at sea to avoid the same scenario 🙂 Jp l’ll Take a cup of the Juniper solution please. Jilly, enjoy every minute while he’s this age. My little terror is 5 1/2 months now and has turned into an absolute monster. Adorable, but a monster none the less. Glad and you had a great time Lois. Looking forward to hearing about it.
  7. Awww congratulations Jan. He looks a real sweety 🙂
  8. Glad to hear it M. I Just hope you sort out your storeroom! It must be so daunting to face such a move but at the same time so satisfying to know you've done the right thing.
  9. But what if they're Ferragamo heels? Some things are worth risking going overboard for.
  10. Have a great time Silver, I'll keep an eye on Brexit for you.
  11. Haha TTS, how about a 6'4" welshman? I might weigh a bit more than 23kilos though. I So wanted to do it but I think to do it justice It would be better to go when we've got more time. Shimla and Ranthambore are musts for me, followed closely by Varanasi and Amritsar. OH has sold quite a few Great Rail Journeys Tours lately and says they're great. Have booked today for the Nile so it's set for 18/11. Ship looks great, it had a bare metal refurb this year and looks lovely. Quite excited about my little adventure now.
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