Allianz insurance ONE MORE question please

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due to my lack of knowledge regarding insurance I turn to you all for help. I Allianz insurance. I Bought the policy that has 50,000 medical and 1,000,000 transportation. The 50,000 medical is written in the policy page but the 1,000,000 is on the welcome page. Does it matter? Does it mean I don’t have the transportation? When I called them they said all policies have it? I read the policy ut could not understand. By any chance any one experienced the same?
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Are you referring to the coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation as ‘transportation’? If so, then you have both medical coverage on the trip (you get sick and need the ship doctor’s care, or perhaps a doctor in a port)as well as emergency medical evacuation (you need to be removed from the ship and taken to a hospital further away that can care for you, possibly by ambulance, boat, helicopter, etc). These are two different kinds of coverages, thus the two different coverage amounts. Does that explain it better?
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We have Allianz annual plan. Med evac is in the cover letter. Been this way all the years we've had it(9).
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I am not familiar with this Company, but there ought to be a page at the start of your Policy that is a "Declarations" page that lists your coverages and the amounts. I think that ought to be the defining information.

I'd recommend you contact the Company directly and hear what they have to say rather than depending upon whatever those who care to post on CC think. Including me.
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Originally posted by lakelorain
We have Allianz annual plan. Med evac is in the cover letter. Been this way all the years we've had it(9).
Thank you all for your help and special thanks to you because this is how mine is and this is what they told me but it is hard to believe insurance company over the phone but they also said this how it’s been for years the evac is in the cover letter