after-cruise motion sickness?

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We got back from 7 nights of cruising yesterday. Today my husband and I both have an inbalance in motion (?) We both feel wierd, like our bodies are still on a boat; however, I know I'm not since I'm sitting in my kitchen. I actually feel quite queasy, like what I thought seasickness would have felt like, had I gotten it ON the ship. Neither one of is eating because of it. It was reallllllly rough our last day/night on the ship, but we did feel great, not so good.

what is this?
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Both my husband and I normally experience the same thing for a couple days after a cruise and then we're ok again. We call it getting our land legs back . We've never had it to where we felt queasy so hope it passes fast for you.
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Yep, we got off the Caribbean yesterday and my head still feels like I'm on the ship. It usually passes in a couple of days. Be careful in the shower, for some reason that's when it's the worst for me.
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It happens to me too. It usually takes a couple of days to go away. As another person posted, be extremely careful in the shower. Tilting the head back seems to make it worse (at least for me). Fortunately I don't get this every cruise.

If you have the accuppressure seabands, wear them for a while. Ginger capsules can help (don't take them tho if you are on any type of blood thinner as they also can thin the blood), Bonine (over the counter motion sickness med) may help too, and if not better quickly call your doctor for a RX.

Hope you feel better soon.
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I seem to be affected by this as well. I think the only real cure for it is to turn around and get right back on the ship!!! Think I'll tell DH that next time and see if he falls for it!

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I've started wearing my patch a few days longer--meaning after leaving the ship--wish I had known about the fact that this can happen--I was really sick the first time it happened--had a big night planned in NYC--had to cancel--now I know to take seasick remedy of some sort.

Brick, New Jersey
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I usually feel the same way but never queasy. I must say though that this cruise I feel it a little more.
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I really felt it in the shower today when i was rinsing my hair. I did nearly fall over. I couldn't work today, actually, because I really didn't feel up to driving. Also, it was a great day to nap with my dog on the sofa. He really missed me
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Originally posted by dforeigner
If you want to, try either Ginger for the nausea or Bonine for the dizziness. It is called maldebarkment. It is the opposite of being sea sick.
I always thought it was just me. Glad to know it has a name and I am not alone. Mine went away after a few days and some ginger tea
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Its a form of motion sickness and many people do experience this after disembarking, including me.

As one poster said, keep the patch on or continue whatever motion sickness remedy you were using on the ship for a few more days.

If you were using the patch on the ship, you can also experience withdrawal symptoms that are even worse than seasickness if you take the patch off the day you get off the ship. This can happen especially if you had just put on a new patch right before the last day.

Hang on as it should be over in a few days.
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I too, had mal de debarquement this time. I have been on many cruises and usually it has only lasted a day or maybe two and very mild. This time, however, I was queasy and felt like everything was moving as well. And it lasted almost a week. I hope it doesn't happen like that again.pj
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Thank goodness I'm not the only one...I call it "Land Sickness" lasts about 2-3 days after I get off the cruise. Its really difficult when I'm taking a shower and I close my eyes when I shampoo...try that!!! But be careful, you may have to grab the wall of your shower to stablize yourself.
Missouri City, Texas
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I have often had this malady. I have found that I usually get it when I fly home the day of departure. My doctor prescribed an antihistimine the one time it lasted three weeks (after a 20 day cruise). Now when I'm not staying ashore a couple of days post cruise, I take an allegery tablet starting a couple of days before disembarkation and I don't usually have any land sickness.

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Good news! My three days of land-sickness is finally over today. My husband's ended yesterday. Today when I sit here at this computer, I don't feel like I'm rolling and moving. It did end with a big headache last night, though.

I'm so glad that I got sick here at home and not at all on the ship. I didn't use any seasickness meds or patches, either, and I was totally fine.

I'm wondering why we didn't feel this motion wierdness while on Grand Turk for the day, or on Princess Cay?
Crown Isle, BC & Fort Mohave, AZ
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A lot of people suffer from it and with some it can be quite acquit. It is refered to "getting you land legs back". I don't have a problem with it with the large ships but have had it when I have spent a number of days at sea on smaller vessels.
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Originally posted by pattipoopidoo
Good news! My three days of land-sickness is finally over today. My husband's ended yesterday. Today when I sit here at this computer, I don't feel like I'm rolling and moving. It did end with a big headache last night, though.

I'm so glad that I got sick here at home and not at all on the ship. I didn't use any seasickness meds or patches, either, and I was totally fine.

I'm wondering why we didn't feel this motion wierdness while on Grand Turk for the day, or on Princess Cay?
I feel it sometimes on shore excursions - it sort of depends on how bumpy the ride was to get there.

I find the rougher the cruise, the more I feel it after - some cruises that have been smooth all the way (damn it because I like a little rock and roll) and I'll get come and feel nothing. On Golden Princess two weeks ago we had a couple of bumpy days and I felt it for about two days when I got's a normal readjustment of your inner ear - nothing to worry about.
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I was just on my first cruise last week, and I did notice that I sometimes still felt the motion for several days after getting off the ship. I did not get nauseated, however. It was just a weird "phantom" feeling of ocean motion! We had rough going for a few hours during the final cruising night. Maybe that explains it.