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Bit of a blog - Ambience - Grand Canada Sept 2022


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On 9/15/2022 at 7:48 PM, NorbertsNiece said:

Grandma's chicken noodle soup. I make better sorry Sidney 😉

Sticky toffee pudding 😋

Pimm's waiting for tonight's show. Got here early. Lesson learnt from yesterday!

















Comparatively few tables for eight, which is my preference...

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Really struggling to upload pics atm. Dreadful weather and only had WiFi for a bit.


The Activity Studio is a lovely space for classes and table tennis. 


The show last night was a short version of 'My Fair Lady'. Luverly.


Clocks went back again last night.


Day 7 / 34 sea day


We meet with new friends for scrabble every sea day morning. This morning the Captain popped round and had a chat with the 'Learn Bridge' group.






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This text should've been with above pic! From excursions brochure.


Tomorrow: Narsarsuaq 


We're not actually going ashore..... here's our excursion in the afternoon :




You will join your small boat directly from the ship’s tender pontoon and then set sail amongst the blue fjord ice.


The Greenland inland ice cap produces a tremendous amount of ice every summer, and the last journey of the icebergs begins when they break off the glacier front. The Qooroq Glacier is one of these glacier fronts, located in the Qooroq Fjord near Narsarsuaq. The fjord can be reached in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. On your boat trip you will cruise in between the light-blue ice, which South Greenland is famous for.


During the experience, your captain may stop the engine to allow you to enjoy the Arctic scenery and the silence.


Meandering between these amazing pieces of ice will provide you with unique photograph opportunities and stunning memories. 

Please note

Local boats of varying styles and capacity are used for this experience. Guests will embark/ disembark the boats at the ship’s tender pontoon, not from the pier in Narsarsuaq. This may involve large steps. Some boats may not be covered and may not have toilet facilities.


Please note that this experience does not take you close to the glacier front as icebergs are packed several miles in front of it.


This experience should be considered as unguided and is primarily for guests to have the opportunity to enjoy sailing between the ice. The captain may provide information, but this is not guaranteed.


Local boats are in high demand within the area and may prioritise other work. As a result, the exact number of boats and their capacities are not known until the day before the ship’s arrival.


It is possible that there could be last-minute changes to your allocated vessel and/or experience departure time on the day itself. Our local agent has scheduled departures based on their experience, however, delays with one departure for any reason could have a knock on effect on other departures throughout the day. Guests’ patience and understanding is appreciated.


Flat, comfortable, non-slip footwear and a warm jacket, gloves, hat and scarf are recommended.


This experience has limited availability and therefore early pre-registration is essential.


Pre-registration / bookings for this experience will close 14 days before arrival into port so early registration is recommended.


(not my pic!)


We shall watch the Queen's funeral in the morning 😥

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From Ambassador's guide:


According to the Icelandic Sagas, Greenland was given its name by the infamous Erik the Red, who, after being exiled from 

Iceland, made his way west and settled there. The name was an effort to try and encourage other 

settlers, the rationale being that “people would be 

attracted there if it had a favorable name”. 3 years later, 25 ships containing several hundred people set out from Iceland to follow him to this new promised land. The Norse Vikings settled in this vicinity many centuries ago giving Narsarsuaq a name that hints that an Arctic forest covered the large plain, hence the name Greenland. 


The name Narsarsuaq means “the large plain” and once you visit here you can see why. Today Narsarsuaq has just 160 residents. Narsarsuaq is one of the places in Greenland that is furthest from the ocean. The place is located in the valley of the Kiattuut Sermiat glacier on the Tunulliarfik fjord. 


HISTORY: It is one thing to read about medieval 

farms in the sagas but quite another to see them come alive by standing in the same spots where Erik the Red and Viking settlers stood over a millennium ago. Norse ruins from the 10th-15th centuries are spot ted in the hills around Narsarsuaq 

and on the opposite shores of the fjord is the settlement of Eric the Red. This is where the first 

Christian church in all of North America was 

erected. Bluie West One, later known as Narsarsuaq Air Base and Narsarsuaq Airport, was built on a glacial moraine. Construction by the United States Army began in June 1941. The first aircraft landed there in January 1942, as a link in the North Atlantic air ferry route in World War II. The base had a peak population of about 4,000 American servicemen, and it is estimated that some 10,000 aircraft landed there en route to the war in Europe and North Africa. Most of the current buildings date from this period, as does the 

airport. The hospital was enlarged during the Korean War (1950–1953), its number of beds rose from 250 to 1000.










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Day 8 / 34 Narsarsuaq, Greenland 


Good morning and thanks for following. 


Clocks went back an hour again last night. Put our phones back and set the alarm; forgot to put our watches back! No clock in the room! Lead to a few minutes of waking, getting brain into gear and sorting it out! Now 0532 lol.


It's incredibly beautiful out. Chunks of ice driftng by. Dawn on the horizon. There's just the sound of us moving through the water. Quite mesmerising.












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We have come to anchor around 0800.


Below us the boat we will be taking our ride on later. 


I take a walk up on deck and discover the access to the outside forward viewing area. Only taken me a week!


A private plane has taken off from the airport. Registration M-OVIE.






































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Back from our excursion to the glacier. Wow.  Amazing experience. Tip : hat and thermal gloves ARE required. I also had on thermal underwear and, trust me, very welcome! My hands hurt quite badly (Reynaud's) so spent last third in the cabin. 10/10


Many, many pics. The larger chunks of ice didn’t move so likely fixed to the bottom..... at one point 160m deep according to the navigation chart.


I have videos to share but uploading proving difficult.























For some reason there are pics which uploaded upside down. Have deleted them. Try again another time.

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Tomorrow we are in Qaqortoq.


Qaqortoq is a sub-arctic town in southern Greenland, at 60º North and approximately 670km south of the Arctic Circle.

Qaqortoq means “white” in Kalaallisut (the Greenlandic language). A slightly ironic name, as South Greenland is actually one of the greenest areas of the world’s largest island. It is a great location from which to explore the Norse Viking history of the country, a highlight of the Qaqortoq area.

The village of Qaqortoq spills over a hillside that curves around a sheltered bay. You’re never far from nature here, expect pristine, untouched outdoors, wildlife and authentic culture. A very social village with a friendly and hardworking ethos and an Evangelical Lutheran faith.


What I am doing :


Qaqortoq on foot :


Your walk will start at the pier where you will meet your guide. On the walk you will pass the museum, the famous Mindebronden fountain and reach the old town area. You will pass the church, local shops, the school in Qaqortoq, and the fish market. During your walking tour you will gain an insight into daily Arctic life in the biggest town of South Greenland, currently with approximately 3,500 inhabitants, which is part of Kujalleq municipality.


Qaqortoq is famous for its art around town called ‘Man and Stone’, which includes 31 engraved sculptures in the fields of the town. This is an open-air sculpture gallery, the work of local artist Aka Hoegh who endeavoured to transform her hometown into a permanent art gallery. The collection includes carvings of whales, human faces and traditional designs, which are carved into the boulders and lichen-covered rocks. Your walking route will pass a few of these sculptures.


Another highlight is the Church of Our Saviour - a red, wooden Lutheran church built in the old, colonial harbour district of the town.


Your guided walk will end at the museum, which you can explore independently. The museum was built in 1804 and is Qaqortoq’s oldest building. It contains the reconstructed ‘Blue Room’ and ‘Red Room’ where Knud Rasmussen, the Danish polar explorer and Charles Lindbergh, the American aviator and military officer, respectively stayed overnight. The museum also tells the story of the Norse settlers and Arctic life.


When you are ready you can make your own way back to the tender point which is approximately 400m (1312ft) away.  

Please note this experience involves approximately 2h of walking/standing including uneven ground, steep inclines and cobblestones.


The duration of the experience includes time at the end to visit the museum.


Flat, comfortable footwear and appropriate outdoor clothing recommended.


Please note that the museum contains clothes made from animal skins and references to hunting both seals and bears.


Guests should bring a mosquito head net and wear mosquito repellent.


I've only just read this last paragraph.... 🤦‍♀️ 🦟



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We sailed away early and very quietly. Didn't get to grab a pic of the sunset on that small mountain opposite us in the bay. 


There was another 2 minutes silence at 6pm for HM The Queen. There's a memorial service being held in her name in the Palladium tonight followed by a screening of 'The King's Speech'.







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