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  1. it’s not right to have any incorrect charges - being charged for someone else’s purchases is unacceptable in my opinion even if it’s a small amount - and it could be fraudulent as well as a genuine mistake. It’s sloppy. With a medallion system there doesn’t need to be any errors at all if they are always tapped or swiped for every transaction - this takes very little time. I lose faith in organisations that charge incorrectly - it gives me the impression that other things are not done correctly and accurately. the Face ID was just an idea - I expect everything will be biometric eventually. interesting thread - must admit I was surprised and disappointed to read here how common these charging mistakes seem to be.
  2. Touch ID or Face ID to verify every purchase. Mandatory. Face ID probably easier as they have them on the system. All serving staff have body cameras to verify. Just a thought. My first princess coming up soon in 37 days from Southampton - I am from London UK- looking forward to using the gadgets and wizardry. I hate it when I get incorrect charges.
  3. Interesting !! I found one segment just googling 2008 Aurora cruise -which I assume you have done - I am not allowed to post it here as it’s from a travel agent website. may be possible to piece together by days and weeks of searches ! This will be difficult I think - maybe some collector has some brochures on eBay ? Have you asked P&O if they keep historic data ? YouTube videos ? Why ?? !!
  4. Thanks Martha - I’ve booked for 7:30 at soleil day 1,3,4 and cielo for day 2 and 5. We are going to Norway 5 nights May 19 from Southampton - we live in London UK. I couldn’t get a decent time at estrella - only early like 6:30 or later from 8:50 - but understand things will change nearer the date or onboard - but will probably go to estella for breakfast and check it out. I realise I am being a bit OCD about all this - but that’s just me !!! As it’s a short cruise I don’t want to make too many mistakes and dinner is important to us -as are pre-dinner drinks so I really appreciate all this feedback. We normally do p&o Aurora or Arcadia adults only - but princess looks like a higher quality product all round hence giving it a go !
  5. Thank you snaxmuppet, devonuk and karatemom2. Very helpful.
  6. Hi - struggling to find a definitive answer to this for sky princess - new to princess but not to cruising. Have read above replies but still don’t get it. Tried YouTube videos and most just mention “main dining room” without being specific about which one they are showing. Is there any difference in decor , layout or food or ambience between these 3 restaurants i.e Soleil, Cielo and Estrella - besides location - what Is the difference. are the menus different ? Is the seating and layout different ? Is the ambience different ? Are some busier than others etc Be very grateful for any advice.
  7. Thanks 🙏 what about the other countries ? Do Marella tell you what you need to do ?
  8. Captain - did you find it difficult getting visas - I’m thinking of doing this trip in 2026. And did you need any vaccinations ? hope it’s ok to jump in on this thread with my question.
  9. Read a book called “the pirates daughter” by Robert Girardi and some of it was set in the Azores - so I had always wanted to go there. Love to go back some day.
  10. Yes from me - we stopped there on a transatlantic some years ago - and loved it. fantastic place.
  11. I am on the Rotterdam 4 nights Aurora - boarding when you get back on Friday. It’s been a great blog - thanks. I would be interested to know how your throat is after you get back - and hopefully a brief review of your Cunard trip. Best wishes.
  12. I predict your sore throat will get better the day you arrive back in Southampton.
  13. I agree - marella has always been good for us. All inclusive and always fantastic staff. Good flights and transfers. Very well looked after. Easy to get a nice table for breakfast and dinner in the main restaurant and not cramped.
  14. Thanks very much - I’m looking at either 2025 or 2026 (special occasion job)- Marella customer service said they would let me know when then 2026 itineraries are released. Originally I had definitely wanted to do the far east one - but due to the restrictions on vaping and carrying vapes via the airport at Singapore I’m not sure I can do it - pathetic I know ! If one of the Asia ones started at a place where I could get my IQOS vape onto the ship from the airport I would do it - they are not allowed at Singapore Thailand , Australia and even India ! Perhaps things will change. So the Barbados and transatlantic looks good - and also less long haul flying involved.
  15. Thanks for your comments shipmates. I wish they went to Southampton now - it would make things much easier. Are the passengers on these cruises older or different to the ones on the usual Mediterranean type Marella cruises ? The reason I ask is that we don’t like a too much noise and rowdiness !! I expect being adults only helps a lot ?
  16. Thanks - I didn’t realise that. Stupidly I have only ever looked at Marella Explorer 2 cruises - so I have missed out on these.
  17. Hi - we prefer adults only itineraries/ships : 2025 - Looking at some of the far east and the transatlantic coming back from Barbados in April - website says these are adults only cruises - but they are not on explorer 2 which I thought was the only adults only itinerary ship - these are on voyager and discovery I think. We have given up on explorer 2 as it’s too shabby now - but I didn’t realise other Marella ships have occasional adults only itineraries. Has this always been the case and is it just for far east and transatlantic ? Be grateful for any clarification as these cruises look excellent.
  18. They have starlink now on all ships. I had the top package on my last cruise and it was very fast - same as at home - about 30 + mbps everywhere - including the cabin. Others have told me the essential package is also very good but I don’t know the speed - I have booked essential for next time as I am sure it’s good enough from what I have heard. Starlink is a massive improvement. (This was on Aurora so I imagine same on all ships)
  19. Thanks very much !! Just booked WiFi for next 3 Cruises’s - great deal.
  20. If you start coughing I would take the antibiotics straight away - if you have 5 days worth that’s probably enough. My last sore throat (very bad like yours) stopped and then the cough started and I needed antibiotics. Hope you improve. Actually If it was me I would probably take them now - my wife would also disapprove - because the last 3 times sore throat was followed by chest infection.
  21. So do I - and I agree - CPS has always been good for us.
  22. I often wondered why some people in various threads have asked which captains are working - now I know why ! Our last cruise on Aurora in December had Captain Love - and he was excellent - came around the bars often and took the time to stop and talk to as many as he could and kept us informed. Hope he takes over soon Selbourne. Thanks again for updates.
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