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13 minutes ago, Jean C said:

That sounds awful @MMDown Under, thankfully your power's back on. We don't fully appreciate our electricity connection until it goes down and we have to manage without 🥴 It happened to me last year during cyclone Gabrielle, my power and internet went down, and I didn't have a transistor radio, so I was totally cut off for a few hours as regards information.


I hope everyone is coping as best they can and are keeping safe 🙏 

My daughter was suffering withdrawal with no internet.  She lives on her phone.  She braved the conditions looking ror internet.  No library no power.  I missed not being able to follow the news.  No-one  came into our street to check everyone was OK. However, our street was least damaged in our neihbourhood.  One good thing about Gold Coast is everyone walks so you can ask people 'DO YOU HAVE POWER"?

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47 minutes ago, MMDown Under said:

i admired Richard ever since i saw his modern record shop in London, Also he was smart enough to buy/lease his own island in the Caribbean.  My uncle had an oyster lease on Outer Newry Island, whilst my great uncle and great aunt had a tourist lease on Newry Island.  They built basic accommodation and toilet blocks and the main building had a verandah overlooking the ocean.  my first memories were swimming in a huge truck tire at 2 years old.  These are people who were ahead of their time and understood what true wealth was,  i now live in their fibro shack on the Gold Coast. We were just in a series of bad storms and the shack still stands.  I've talked to people nearby whose garage imploded ?, verandah railings twisted, fences knocked down, trees of all sizes pulled from the ground with roots showing, street lights just hanging.  Everywhere lost power, some are still without power.  My great aunt had a old ice fridge, built by General Motors, which keeps our extra Christmas food and drinks, so cold when the power is on  When power is off, in a cold fridge, it keeps bags of ice complete without melting.  

My daughter drove through devastation trying to find internet access.  Servo sold out of ice early, however we were able to get bags of ice, cold grapes, creamy potato salad, Natural made with organic flour Natural Wraps.  Sob, no sourdough bread anywhere.  All perishable goods, like cheeses, removed from fridge shelves, so potato salad must have been made fresh.  Had a free drink at local tavern because they didn't have any food nor ginger ale.  Out of power.  

Have a list of things I need to buy, such as batteries, gas BBQ.  What did I love - two cartons of bottles of ice cold Bundaberg Ginger Beer.  Biggest shock - message from GCCC that power wouldn't be reconnected until 30/12!!  Fortunately that wasn't true for my street, but is true for others.  

Grateful that all my meals were to be cold, except for seafood which has to be cooked.  I keep putting ice cubes over the fish to keep it cold and fresh (advice from fisherman).

We are counting our blessings. We lost power for 5 days (no biggie as we were holidaying in Northern NSW and the fridge was more or less empty) and no property damage. One of my daughters was totally unaffected, whilst the other lost power for 5 days so a lot of food spoiled. However, her house was the only one in her street NOT to have damage. Somebody up there likes us, I think.

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