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Mrs. Macquarie's Chair Sydney - what is it??


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Hi everyone:


Our precruise tour includes a morning tour of Sudney including Bondi Beach, Watson's Bay and Mrs. Macquarie's Chair. What is the last thing? I never heard of such a thing.


We are trying to plan our extra 2 days in Sydney before this tour and the 3 day Hop-on-Bus sounds great. Especially since the afternoon is at leisure of the first full day of the Cruise tour.





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Johahha, had just being reading about this; coincidence?

As follows:


Mrs Macquaire's Chair, otherwise known as Lady Macquarie's Chair, provides one of the best vantage points in Sydney. The historic chair was carved out of a rock ledge for Governor Lachlan Macquarie's wife, Elizabeth, as she was known to visit the area and sit enjoying the panoramic views of the harbour.

Mrs Macquarie's Point, directly east of the Opera House on the eastern edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens, provides excellent views west across the harbour to the Bridge and the Mountains in the far distance. Looking north and east you can see Kirribilli House, Pinchgut Island and the Navy dockyards at Wooloomooloo. The views from Mrs Macquarie's Chair are still enjoyed today, over 150 years later, by hundreds of Sydney siders and tourists each day.



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Kimba, thanks for that link. We will have 3 days in Sydney after our Sapphire cruise this January. The view from Mrs. McQ's chair certainly whets the appetite.


One question, I have bought the Privileges card with a discount off the SD Tours trips. We are planning to go out to see the Blue Mountains with them. Is the half day tour of Sydney worthwhile do you know?


Thanks, Cinnamon

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The half day tour with SD tours... I looked at their web site and could only find a late leaving tour (10:20am - 5:30pm), is this the one you're referring to..??


Since I live in the Blue Mtns I have never taken a tour so can't comment on how good any of them are but to give you a bit of an idea about whether to take a half day tour or full day tour.... it takes me two hours to drive from the middle of the city to Katoomba, which is where the Three Sisters is located.

Most of a half day tour would be spent on the road, mostly driving through areas, with not much stopping on the way, giving very little time actually spent sightseeing in the mtns, the M4 motorway is a pretty boring road on the return trip too. IMO the full day tour will give you more time actually in the mtns, so better value. Three hours in the mtns may be all some people want though, so only you can decide.


Also check out some of the other online tour operators as you may get a better deal regardless of the discount you get with Priviledges card. Some of them have meals, morning/afternoon tea included so the discount may be negated. (Not saying don't take SD tour just want to give you more ideas.) Hope this helps somewhat.




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Hi Kimba,

Actually, I meant that we will be taking the full day tour to the Blue Mountains which returns on the train (John loves trains) but was not sure if the half-day city tour was worthwhile or whether we might just as well use the hop-on/hop-off bus.

Thanks, Cinnamon

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Sorry I misinterpreted what you meant. The tour with train back is the best one I think, the train has better viewing than the road trip back into Sydney.

I think you'd be better off with the hop on/hop off bus than the 1/2 tour. Best thing is to do some research before you go so you have an idea of what there is and what you want to see so you make the most of your day.



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Dear Johanna


You will love this trip - we did it in 2003.


The Blue Mountains are great - we spent 3 days there and could have spent more - Make sure you ride the Scenic Railway from the top of Jamison Ridge to the floor of the valley 415 meters below then return to the top of the ridge via the sceniscender if you do it in taht order the walk along the boardwalk down in the valley is a downhill walk rather than an uphill walk.


We also really enjoyed our trip on the Zig Zag Railway - http://www.zigzagrailway.com.au here by the station we saw (& took pictures of) wild kangaroos.


In sydney we did the hop on hop off bus routine and that is my 1 regret that we did not take a proper tour of that wonderful city.


Make sure you book a tour of the opera house and if you cannot do a lot of stairs you can book a handicap tour - but you must pre book it at least a day ahead.


Buy yourself a "Fly Mask" for your time in Ayers Rock they are cheaper here in Canada at your local travel store than buying one at Ayers Rock and you will definitely need it - YES THE FLIES ARE THAT BAD! they do not bite are just exceedingly annoying.

IMO The Sounds of Silence Dinner is very over priced and over rated.

Make sure you take in Ayers Rock at sunrise and sunset if you can as well as the Olgas - At the Sounds of Silence Dinner you are too far away from both Ayers Rock & the Olgas to enjoy the sunset over them.


If your ship stops in Hobart, Tasmania get a private guide named Ralph to give you a tour he is wonderful.


In Cairns make sure you go out to the reef. At the zoo in Cairns you can actually hold a Koola Bear you cannot do that in Sydney.


If possible Make sure your lodging includes breakfast as living in Australia & New Zealand is VERY expensive. Breakfast ran us over $20. in Sydney and all I ever have is toast & coffee.


While in Sydney we enjoyed a great meal at the top of the AMP TOWER and if you go before 6 you can get in on the early bird 1/2 price deal.


When we stayed over in Auckland we rented a car and drove to Rotorua which I would recommend to everyone it was great the only trouble was 2 days was not enough.


If you have any questions that I can answer for you just e-mail me at ann @ century 21 vancouver . com


Enjoy your trip!!

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Hi BC Happy Girl,


I'm not sure where your breakfast ran to $20 in Sydney, I know hotel breakfasts, as they are around the world can run to that kind of price, but you can pick up a full breakfast in a city cafe for anywhere between $6 - $10 without too much of a problem.


Flies can be bad, but if you buy some Aeroguard or some other insect repellent they leave you alone.

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Jim and Louise:


Thank you for your encouragement. Nice to see you can buy a decent breakfast for around 10 bucks and not $20.


Yes, hotels always charge more for mediocre food.


It now looks like we will be 4 days in Cairns and only 2 in Sydney. Also Uluru 2 days.


I bought 2 small bottles of Deep Woods Off on sale (end of summer here) and will bring them. Not heavy, quite small.


We will have to cram a lot into Sydney in the short time there but it can't be helped. Looks like our cruise is no longer available. Sold out.



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Hope this isn't too late for ya'll but was just cruising through the Australia posting and started reading ya'lls....I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with BC Happy GIrl.....we had OFF and that AVON product that does such a good job keeping flies away.....it did nothing for the ones in Ayers Rock....they are incredible...you go to sleep feeling like they are still flying around your face...buy one of the mask things....if you don't get it before you leave, you will when you get there!



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Hi Clay:


Thanks for the tip. We do have them and use them at the cottage during black fly season which is usually May but sometimes early June as well. They are a real nuisance to wear though but you must as the black flies end up on your teeth, in your mouth, they are just terrible. They are in the woods and not in the cities or larger towns.

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