passport waiting time

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Phila, Pa.
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What is the waiting time for a new passport after I apply?
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Raleigh, NC
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About 6 weeks right now... per the US Postal Service website.
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Charleston, SC
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We took our son on 1/28 to the USPS and the issued date on the passport we received was 2/3/17, received it on 2/8. No expedide requested but man that was fast!!
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Denver, Colorado
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Got ours about 1 year ago and the passport website said 6 weeks. My wife had to have a passport because she changed her first name. SO we paid expedited processing on hers and she go it in a week and a half. I did not pay expedited on mine because mine was simple and straight forward and mine came a week after my wife's did. We did our application at the post office.

So the time that they show on the passport website is probably up to 6 weeks and you could get it anytime before then. You can also track the progress online and see its status when they receive the application. pending approval or needs more documentation to approved and then shows passport has shipped or mail to applicant.
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North Ga
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Originally posted by CharlesKru
About 6 weeks right now... per the US Postal Service website.
It has always said 4-6 weeks on the websites. Its more like 10-14 days though and some even much quicker than that. When I got mine in 2008, it also said 6 weeks. It took about 8 business days.
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Denver, Colorado
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I can tell you though that they are expecting a huge surge in passport renewals this year. Back in 2007 is when they did major changes in passport requirements and millions of people had to get passports. So now all those people are going to send in for renewals and they expect backlog to grow to months for approval. Get your passport application in now before the surge.
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My family just sent in a bunch of new passport applications. New applications for adults and kids took about 2 weeks. I did expedited for my kids and got them back in one week. My passport was an adult renewal and I don't have it back yet, it has been 3 weeks.
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I just ordered mine (a reissue as my previous one expired)--mailed out the application form on Feb. 2nd and received my new passport on Feb. 13th--that's using regular (non-expedited) service.
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I sent mine in for a name change and paid for them to overnight it back to me - that was 2 and half weeks before I had it back. My DH sent his in for renewal, without any overnight, and got it back the day after mine. Each was 2.5 weeks from mailing in on a Saturday with a federal holiday. Mine was issued on 1/31/17 his on 2/1/17.
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10 Days for Renewal

DH & my new passports arrived today. We decided to apply for them now even though their expiry wasn't until September of this year in case of delays or other issues. Glad they are in hand, now just have to update GOES with our new #s.
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The website says about six weeks, but for the past year they have been getting back in a little over two weeks for most people.
Patriot Nation
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Just got my U.S. renewal back in 12 day's.

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Rockport, MA
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Sent ours off for renewal on Jan 21... Got 'em back on 2/13. Just about 3 weeks.
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