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  1. zqvol

    Query re: Grandfathered from Carnival

    Since they are not related your status on Carnival will have no impact on NCL. Even my Carnival staus has no impact on HAL, and they are under the same corporate umbrella.
  2. to answer your question you will not offend the cook. Getting meat cooked further on the buffet may be a problem though. For your other meals if you order medium and they come out too rare, just start ordering medium well. BTW I would be very surprised if they cooked any steaks in the sous vide, but it would not be the first time I was wrong. The lack of grill marks means they were likely cooked on a flat top instead of a grill. Anyway, don't worry about offending the chefs, they are working for you and you they want you to have food that you enjoy even if it is different than they would eat themselves. We have the opposite problem, our meats are often too well done for our taste even if we order them rare. The only thing that has to be really cooked is chicken.
  3. zqvol

    Deleting an unwanted cruise?

    It should disappear when you don't pay for it.
  4. zqvol

    NCL vs Carnival

    Having been on both numerous times I can tell you that they are more alike than they are different. NCL has more specialty restaurants, but also has more free options than Carnival. The entertainment is pretty much equal. The cabins on Carnival are a bit larger than on NCL. If you enjoy Carnival you should have no trouble adjusting to NCL.
  5. zqvol

    Snorkeling off the beach at Harvest Caye

    No decent snorkeling off the beach at HC. The beach there is man made and really not very nice. IMO the pool is a much better water experience at HC. BTW you can walk around the whole island in 15 minutes, it is not large at all.
  6. zqvol

    Snorkel masks always leak.

    My wife has similar issues and often ends up using a child's mask. She always buys at a dive shop and makes sure the fit is right before leaving the store. If you are having as many issues as OP, getting fitted at a dive shop is a must.
  7. zqvol

    Snorkeling in CALM waters in Cozumel or Grand Cayman?

    The choppiness always depends on the weather. One place that seems to be well protected and always calm on Cozumel is at Chankanaab. The cove there is protected and the currents are minimal. You can take a ship tour there or visit on your own. The snorkeling is the same either way.
  8. zqvol

    Multiple ports in the same country

    I will tell you when we sailed in the Greek Islands, I think we had entry and exit stamps in our passports from all of the individual islands for what that is worth.
  9. If you don't mind the language issues then they will be fine. The costumes are no more revealing than in a Vegas show.
  10. Assuming the second person is over 21, the rule says that they both have to have the same package. My thought is if you get a MD note they might allow the second person to get the soda package, but what if they flag that person's card and they can't purchase alcohol at all? Tough decision. I would call NCL and discuss it with them.
  11. zqvol

    Getaway Vibe???

    In December they were sold in Headliners.
  12. zqvol

    Help! No passport, no birth certificate!

    Even insurance won't get a refund, because she is not eligible to cruise without the documents and that is always a condition of cruise insurance.
  13. zqvol

    Help! No passport, no birth certificate!

    Good luck, but your mom is not likely to get on a cruise ship in 5 weeks. Your best hope is going to be contacting your US representative. They have a way of working magic on things like this.
  14. zqvol

    Last minute cruise fares

    There is just as much of a chance that they will go up as they will drop, especially during April this year which is prime K-12 spring break season.
  15. zqvol

    Specific Passport Questions

    Birth certificates DO NOT have to have raised seals. They have to be government documents not from the hospital. Most birth certificates issued since the mid 1980's are on special paper, and do not have any seals on them.