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  1. NCL generally has all aboard 30 minutes prior to sailing. You should be in the line to board the ship no later than then. If you are in line they are not going to leave you.
  2. If you want Turks and Caicos, forget the cruise and fly. The cruise will go to Grand Turk, where you want to go is Provo, that is the island with the beautiful beaches and water.
  3. Really? That is the first I've every heard that one. In fact many, if not most, people who take it also consume alcohol with no ill effects.
  4. What you are quoting makes no sense. If you can cruise without a passport, it doesn't matter how long your valid passport has left on it. Heck, just drag the BC along and you are good to go. Let the passport be the valid ID.
  5. You do not need a apssport for that trip, UNLESS you are on one of the luxury lines that has its own requirements. as long as your passport is valid on the day you return to the US that is all that matters. You don't need to worry about what others are telling you. If you have an emergency and have to fly back as long as your passport is valid on the day you return you are fine. remember you ar ento really visiting the countries in question, you are considered in transit.
  6. The spa access in a spa cabin is part of the perks that come with the cabin, like a butler in the Haven. (You wouldn't think only the first two in the cabin get the butler.) Anyone over 18 in the cabin has access to the spa. The NCL people shoreside never seem to understand this and try to claim that it is only the first two passengers, but it applies to anyone in the cabin.
  7. You can always go topside and get a view from both sides.
  8. There is lots of deck space to sunbathe, it is just not right next to the pool.
  9. they are moving the big ships around. You won't know until you get there which terminal you'll use.
  10. Not a problem at all. There are many more cabins that sleep three or four than can possibly be filled due to safety reasons.
  11. Only one device can be on at a time. You don't get a code, you create an account and log on that way.
  12. NCL generally switches ship time to match local time BUT they don't have to. I suggest an world clock app for your phone so that you can know both local time and ship time. Usually an hour and a half is enough time to get tendered ashore, so you should be OK with a 10:30 excursion, BUT GC uses an unexpected time zone, so be careful.
  13. One thing to remember is that your insides are usually per person based on double occupancy, so the price is probably double what you are seeing while the studio is for a single person. Having said that there are timies when an inside and even an ocean view is less for a solo passenger than a studio. Remember that there are a lot more insides and OV's than there are studios.
  14. Wash them inthe sink, and figure out a way to hang them in the cabin.
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