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  1. Having been to Costa Maya numerous times I have never been able to swim to the reef. It can be done, but it is a long swim, and there are often boats in the way. The best way to the reef is with a snorkel tour.
  2. There is not much room for hand luggage on the train, which is what that description discusses. You basically have the same amount of space as you do on a plane when you put your luggage under the seat in front of you.
  3. There is no problem taking liquids off the ship. You can always put it in a water bottle and off you go. No one i going to check and no one cares.
  4. We just got off Zuiderdam at the first of March. We had the thermal suite pass. IMO don't waste your money it is not worth it. It is the worst thermal suite we have ever seen.
  5. The USB ports are disabled, just take your charger.
  6. You aren't going to find anything near the port in that price range. Stay further out and Uber to the ship.
  7. You are tendered ashore to the old port and take the cable car or donkeys up the mountain.
  8. Too much trouble to water them down, but short pouring would be easy to do.
  9. Even if you really like NCL, it would be foolish to ignore other lines. None of the things you mention bother me at all. I often cruise NCL, but in the past 18 months I have been on NCL (2x), Silversea and HAL. Never stick to one line.
  10. It is NOT Glacier Bay, it will be to Sawyer Glacier or one of the others in that area.
  11. The only purpose for the edocs is to get in the door. Once you get to the check in counter give them your passports, they will never look at the edocs. As far a luggage tags the only thing that really matters is the cabin number you can all use the same tags.
  12. Jewelry and watches tend to get hot and cause burns, that is why not to use them in the spa or sauna. Glasses are the same. As far as the salt room lengthy exposure to the "salt" air might cause corrosion or damage and NCL doesn't want to be liable.
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