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  1. Amtrak is an even better option than driving.
  2. IMO it is not worth the extra cost. You can book the train on your own for a round trip journey. The scenery is the same in every car.
  3. Very simple her, since mom appears to be OP's wife just have her write a letter or find a form online giving her permission to take the child out of the county. Since Op is on Carnival, their website may have an appropriate form. If a letter is used, it is always best to specifiy details of the trip in the body of the document.
  4. Answering the OP's original question, without going into all of the couldof, mightof, maybes, etc., the answer is Yes. The OPs sone can travel on the specified cruise using only a birth certificate issued by a governmental agency, not a hospital.
  5. If you take a cruise that only requires a BC and a photo ID, then you can use a passport as long as it is valid on the day you return home. Since a passport is not required, then it makes no sense that a six month rule would apply. Under the circumstances that the OP describes his valid passport is perfect for travel to the Bahamas.
  6. According to the link OP posted that device protects against current surges, so it is probably not coming on board.
  7. My last passport is somewhere in Quebec. After that experience mine will never leave the ship unless required by local law. Thank goodness I had my passport card with me.
  8. Be careful trying to use it, in our case it was only good for the upcharge or higher end services not for the basic things.
  9. I have never found any bourbons worth buying on any ship. You usually find one or two bourbons, like Jim Beam, and that is it. Depending on where Sun is sailing you might have good luck ashore.
  10. If steps are an issue for the 80 year old Sea Dream might not be appropriate, as steps are required to get to the TOY and to board the ship and to tender.
  11. Don't forget your water proof camera. As far as the bag itself, I just take a bookbag/backpack it is fine for towels, sandals, sunscreen, etc.
  12. Not needed for US residents other than the standard tetnus, pneumonia, etc. that we all get anyway. Nothing special for a cruise to those ports.
  13. I give the advice as much weight as the source warrants.
  14. Maybe it is time to say not this year, and make the trip one for college graduation.
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