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  1. Being under the spa is not an issue, BUT make sure that you are not under the gym or the exercise room, and if weights are in a separate room you don't want to be there either.
  2. Who has any idea what the system is doing. If you have them you are good to go. You really don't need them for anything. Just download the cruise summary if you have added reservations of any kind.
  3. The soda package doesn't cover virgin drinks. It would not be cost effective to pay for any other type of package. Your most cost effective way is to go a la carte.
  4. There was a change in Maritime law regarding compensation a few years ago. That is why the lines started adding the service charges, because they have to pay much higher wages than they used to.
  5. It all depends on the cruise line, though I seriously doubt that any line takes a %.
  6. I have no idea other than that your CC should work. Maybe a google search would yield an answer. Good luck.
  7. Payment for cruises 7 days and longer is due 120 days out on NCL. On other lines sit is due further out than that, and some it is not due that soon. It is a business decision that each company makes.
  8. Why assume that the drink package had anything to do with this. If you 've ever sailed on a ship without a drink package you will notice that there are just as many drunks as there are on a ship with a drink package. Better to say that alcohol may have been a factor than trying to blame it on a package.
  9. Epic will be in San Juan in January. Arrival time is schedule at 5:30. Disembarkation will typically begin around 6:00 a.m. and everyone should be off by 9:00 or 9:30. No reason to use an NCL transfer to the airport just get a cab. If you have a late flight use the cab for a city tour. Be sure to allow plenty of time at the airport because you have to clear the agricultural inspection before you go to checkin. It is worth using a porter and avoiding the lines.
  10. What DR port does NCL sail to? I know they used to go to Samana but that was years ago. BTW asking whether the DR is a safe port is sort of like asking if the US is a safe port? Better to ask about a specific stop instead of the country as a whole.
  11. She can eat off of the children's menu without charge, even in the specialty restaurants.
  12. Toilet flushing problems are almost always the direct result of a passenger improperly disposing of items in the toilet. When that happens it doesn't just impact their toilet it impacts a whoe block of them.
  13. It might take you a little longer to get to the pier, but if you flight is on time you will have at least 5 hours before you have to be on the ship, which is plenty of time even with the other things going on. Here is a link to the parade route: https://metrosource.com/worldprideguide/this-is-the-2019-nyc-pride-march-route/
  14. You can select one of the regular walk off times and make that flight without any problem. There is no need to rush and ruin the end of your vacation. As long as you are off the ship and in a cab by 10:00 all will be fine.
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