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  1. Use Uber, or a cab unless you have a huge party. It is not worth paying for a car service. Depending on which terminal you leave from in Tampa I recall seeing a suite waiting area, but it has been about 4 years since i sailed out of Tampa.
  2. You can change your "Free at Sea" promotions at any time, as long as they were available when you booked, as long as you don't change cabins it doesn't matter what the current perks are.
  3. It is not an issue. Look at it this way. He could take that Caribbean cruise just using his birth certificate and driver's license, thus he doesn't need a passport. Since he doesn't need the passport to begin with, as long as it is valid ont eh day he returns to the US he is good to go. (Please note that most passport rules apply to people entering the country to stay, not to people who are in transit like cruise ship passengers.)
  4. No they don't need to look at it. You can prebook anything on NCLl with a phone call, and pay after boarding. It is not a big deal and NCL is happy to do it. Just pick up the phone.
  5. Most of the time cabins are available between 1:30 and 1:45, sometimes as early as 1:00.
  6. Must have changed the entire entertainment staff since we were on for two weeks in early October.
  7. Both weeks will be full of K-12 age kids. That is too late for college spring breaks.
  8. If you don't want to rally get off the ship in Miami, the ship will walk you through the process. They will take all the B2B people off the ship, and then bring them back on first. You don't have to do it on your own. If you are in the same cabin for both voyages you don't pack or do anything at all with your clothes, etc. If you are in a different cabin you pack the night before, leave your luggage in your cabin and the stewards will move it to your new cabin. Bottom line is that you will get written instructions a couple of days before the end of the first cruise.
  9. You need to contact special needs before you board. You may have trouble getting your cooler on board without their help. Check the family board for similar discussions.
  10. There is nothing new about this. NCL has not had ESPN or US sports programs for years. NCL doesn't use a cable supplier, they are on a satellite system.
  11. With OP's situation the best advice is to cancel and then see what happens, but because it is spring break don't be surprised if prices go up.
  12. NCL told OP that the upgrade that they wanted was sold out. I'm not sure what further explanation is needed. Leave the bid alone and things might change or bid on a different upgrade category. There are a finite number of cabins available. It's not like everyone who bids gets an upgrade.
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