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  1. Apparently the big box TA has one. They DO NOT participate nor is it allowed for you to participate since they don't. I've been there done that. You CANNOT submit a move up request on your reservation if you are booked with them. You'll receive a message saying such. The big box TA's rationale is that they don't have the personnel to monitor their 'junk/spam/generic' emails where the offer gets sent to. We no longer use them, especially since they give shop cards only and no longer give OBC for Celebrity cruises.
  2. My bid, and the move up offer option, is no longer on our May 13th Equinox sailing 😨
  3. I don't think that would work since you are booked with a TA. The TA would 'transfer' the Feb 22, 2021 cruise to your chosen Apex cruise. The new Apex cruise would receive the $200 compensation OBC but no onboard sales OBC. It was booked by your TA and not booked onboard by you. BUT if your Feb 22, 2021was originally booked onboard, then yes, the onboard sales OBC would transfer also. Celebrity informed me we have until 2/13/2021 to make a decision on a replacement cruise and receive the $200 compensation.
  4. This is upsetting. This 4 night cruise was offered a 5 night replacement cruise and $400 OBC for suites yet our 5 night cruise was offered a 4 night replacement cruise and only $200 OBC...wth????
  5. Friends we were sailing with received an email yesterday. I called Celebrity and asked why I didn't receive one and was told they just started calling people last night and hadn't gotten to me yet. It's quite disappointing. The B2B would be only 9 nights not 10 that we had. We've been affected by charter situations numerous times and I can honestly say this one has been the most disappointing when it comes to options.
  6. Our 2/22/21 & 2/27/21 Infinity sailings were cancelled due to charters and we were offered just $200 for our suites, not $400. We were given the options of March 6th, March 11th and March 15th as replacement cruises. Can't take any of these and prices of other cruises seemed to have skyrocketed overnight. 😡
  7. It's Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), not Puerto Rico.
  8. Friends we were sailing with were notified last night that these have indeed been chartered and were given only 3 choices of replacement cruises and all 3 are in March 2021- March 6th, March 11th and March 15th. So to do a back to back you lose 1 night of sailing since the March 11th cruise is only 4 nights. Also, compensation is $200 for suites, not $400. Have never been given only 3 choices in prior charter situations and never have all the choices been in the same month. We already have a cruise booked for March 2021 so none of the replacement cruises are an option for us. 😡
  9. I read the thread on the Infinity 1/7/21 charter and seems they were just recently notified. Hopefully Celebrity will let us know in the next few weeks. It will be interesting to see the list of 'replacement' cruises and if it's possible for another back to back.
  10. Anyone on these sailings been notified that the ship has been chartered? Both sailings disappeared from Celeb's website months ago (easily 6 months ago) and when asked why, was told they were put back into inventory maintenance. One rep said this could mean they're considering a charter. So I've been googling the various charters and last week found info on the Ultimate Disco cruise website that their 2021 cruise will be on the Infinity departing 2/22/21. We've had cruises chartered in the past and were notified (thankfully) well in advance. Our March 2020 Infinity cruises were cancelled due to charters and we were notified in October/November 2018 timeframe.
  11. Your guess is correct. I had no idea until recent they did not participate nor that I was ineligible because they did not participate. I'm now in the dilemma of whether I can move our future cruises to a different TA because of this. I feel I'm being penalized and I imho feel too it's a poor excuse. We most always book onboard and have been assigning the cruises to this big box agency but no more, especially since they no longer provide OBC on Celebrity cruises and provide a cash card instead.
  12. Ours was accepted 30 days prior. Here's a link to another thread with other moveup experiences and info:
  13. I recently booked a cruise through a TA, not the big box one I typically use. I received a MoveUp offer in an email and the email cc'd my TA. The email address they used for my TA was their 'general' email and not the specific email address for my individual travel consultant. When my friend questioned the big box wholesaler as to why they do not participate, the answer was because the email offer is sent to their general email and they cannot monitor that address sufficiently to handle all the emails. My guess is they opted out of the program because of this, thus making clients ineligible. I know for a fact I have not received any offer for a MoveUp on cruises I've booked with this big box wholesaler.
  14. 1500ea was the maximum bid which is what we bid; the minimum was $500ea. We figured this might be our only chance to ever sail in a royal suite as they are so pricey. We have been spoiled on the sky suites but figured since we got a great deal on a suite gty, why not try? We are excited to infinity and beyond, for sure! :-) :-) :-)
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