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  1. I contacted the Captains Club about this. Hubby was getting surveys but I wasn't. I was told since our accounts are linked together, we should both receive the points he completed the surveys for and we indeed did!.
  2. I knew that so based on your answer, we will receive 2 FCCs - one for the original FCC at its original value and another FCC for the 125% balance. The FAQ's make it sound like they'd add these together and issue a totally new 1, not 2, FCC(s). That's my question. It makes a big difference as to how we would apply to our already booked cruises.
  3. Ditto to above...true vacation for me...no cooking, no bed making, someone is making my meals so no kitchen/dish cleaning and awesome bartenders making our drinks! Also, no grocery shopping for the condo/vacation accommodations! The amazing crew, staff and experience. I could go on but in a nutshell, it's EVERYTHING!!!
  4. Curious too since we used FCCs from cancelled Mar/Apr Summit (at 125%) and applied them to Oct 17th Summit which was recently cancelled. Will we receive 1) an FCC for the total amount or 2) will they reinstate the Mar/Apr FCCs and give a new one for the remaining balance of Oct 17th cruise?
  5. Hmm....we're booked on that cruise with the same TA but haven't been notified. Wondering why we have not been, especially since we have 10+ sailings with them through Aug 2021. Time will tell.
  6. Has anyone been notified this cruise has been cancelled/affected due to the ship being chartered? The jazz cruise website shows the ship will be used for an 8nt sailing from 1//13/22 to 1/21/22. I was very excited to book this cruise as we had never been to St Vincent and now seems it's a no go 😪 I read another post re: poster received call from Celebrity that their Infinity 2/26/22 was cancelled due to a charter so I'm curious if anyone got a call from Celebrity for this Summit sailing. We're booked with a TA and have not heard anything yet.
  7. Our 3/28 & 4/4 Summit cruises were suspended on 3/14. We did nothing which is what Celebrity said to do if you wanted the FCC in lieu of a refund. We were originally told the FCCs would arrive by 4/13. We finally got them on 5/1. We received the refund for the port fees and taxes on one of the cruises on 4/22. We have not yet received them for the other one. I've read on either Facebook or Cruise Critic that someone was told by Celebrity that they had completed all of the March cruises. Obviously not! If your TA is easy to contact, call them. If yours is like mine, deals with emails only, try calling the Celebrity engagement team (844) 418-6824. They are very helpful.
  8. B2B Mar/Apr cancelled and then B2B May cancelled and now wondering about B2B2B Aug cruises. I'm having major cruise withdrawals!!! And my soaps are running out of episodes...ugh! Night time tv is even worse since on summer schedule unless you're into reality shows. And now it's getting hotter than hell here so outdoor activities (golfing/walking/hiking/etc.) will be very limited. Don't want to sound snobbish but this royally messed up our plans to be 'Z' at the end of the year. I totally understand the situation and know it's very serious. I hate reading naysayers that the cruise lines are going to crash and burn!!! I pray they, along with the many businesses, small and large, and all families get past this and are stronger than before! We will survive!!! Okay, start Gloria Gaynor's version now...lol!
  9. There's a new post claiming an announcement will be made tomorrow suspending through July 31st.
  10. Apparently the big box TA has one. They DO NOT participate nor is it allowed for you to participate since they don't. I've been there done that. You CANNOT submit a move up request on your reservation if you are booked with them. You'll receive a message saying such. The big box TA's rationale is that they don't have the personnel to monitor their 'junk/spam/generic' emails where the offer gets sent to. We no longer use them, especially since they give shop cards only and no longer give OBC for Celebrity cruises.
  11. My bid, and the move up offer option, is no longer on our May 13th Equinox sailing 😨
  12. I don't think that would work since you are booked with a TA. The TA would 'transfer' the Feb 22, 2021 cruise to your chosen Apex cruise. The new Apex cruise would receive the $200 compensation OBC but no onboard sales OBC. It was booked by your TA and not booked onboard by you. BUT if your Feb 22, 2021was originally booked onboard, then yes, the onboard sales OBC would transfer also. Celebrity informed me we have until 2/13/2021 to make a decision on a replacement cruise and receive the $200 compensation.
  13. This is upsetting. This 4 night cruise was offered a 5 night replacement cruise and $400 OBC for suites yet our 5 night cruise was offered a 4 night replacement cruise and only $200 OBC...wth????
  14. Friends we were sailing with received an email yesterday. I called Celebrity and asked why I didn't receive one and was told they just started calling people last night and hadn't gotten to me yet. It's quite disappointing. The B2B would be only 9 nights not 10 that we had. We've been affected by charter situations numerous times and I can honestly say this one has been the most disappointing when it comes to options.
  15. Our 2/22/21 & 2/27/21 Infinity sailings were cancelled due to charters and we were offered just $200 for our suites, not $400. We were given the options of March 6th, March 11th and March 15th as replacement cruises. Can't take any of these and prices of other cruises seemed to have skyrocketed overnight. 😡
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