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  1. First... do the math on your FCC + OBC, and compare it to what you already have. Math is god. I ended up with 3 cruises cancelled this year. Even with the $1,800 OBC, that barely matches my OBC's and incentives. And the small print says that any FCC is only applied to a single cruise (not multiple cruises) does not carry over to additional cruises... Carnival keeps it. Again, Math is your friend in determining how to proceed. Don't be emotional and greedy, and moody and think the $600 OBC is the best move. Perhaps it is... and perhaps not. Understand the contract before making a decision.
  2. Perhaps I would believe the article is I knew (and confirmed) the Author actually placed a 1 million dollar short on all the cruise line stocks... 😂
  3. Thanks all. I have some additional clarification need... So, I booked a 16 day cruise for $4,000. If I decide to take the FCC and $600 OBC, and have an existing 7 day cruise for $1500... do I get the $600 OBC, plus an additional FCC of $2,500 ?
  4. Here's the million dollar question...Can I use the FCC and $600 OBC on a cruise I already booked for 2021 ?
  5. Yup. There are a lot of State-side jobs and revenue that is being impacted and lost due to the covid-19 cruise stoppage. Seems to me that the US government has a lot to gain by at least making loans to the cruise lines. Total U.S.-based Spending in 2018 was $23.95 billion. There are nearly 422,000 jobs in the US that support the cruise industry, with wages of $23.15 billion. Seems to me that it would be wise for the US government to support the cruise line with loans that would keep them afloat. Page 3 provides a nice summary of the stats for each US State: https://cruising.org/-/media/research-updates/research/contribution-of-the-international-cruise-industry-to-the-us-economy-2018.pdf
  6. The cruise lines are not going to start up again until the ports they visit open up. Below is a list of closed ports, and includes what looks like a majority of the Caribbean, and Canada. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5097/
  7. Any lawyers out there that understand contract speak? What the heck does this mean ? Is Carnival saying that I cannot apply the FCC and OBC to cruises I already booked ? And that any unused FCC from a single booking is forfeited ? That is, you cannot use all accumulated FCC from cancelled cruises towards future cruises until depleted ?
  8. Ahhhh... I see my answer in the small print: *The Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is based on the cancellation fees retained by Carnival for this voyage, including Fly2Fun air if applicable. FCC and Onboard Credit (OBC) are combinable with all Carnival-offered fares, are non-transferable, non-refundable, cannot be used as a deposit or applied to a chartered sailing, have no cash value, and must be redeemed on a Carnival Cruise Line sailing departing by 12/31/2022. The FCC/OBC may only be used toward one (1) booking in the same currency in which the above voyage was originally paid. FCC cannot be used for taxes, fees & port expenses, Carnival Vacation Protection, onboard charges or gratuities and any unused portion will be forfeited. New OBC offer replaces any previous OBC offer and applies to new booking if made by 12/31/20. The booking guest shall be responsible for payment of the difference between the amount of the FCC and the amount of the new booking if higher. After you have booked your cruise, please use this link to provide us with the new booking information so we can process your FCC.
  9. Interesting... I would think that you would get both ($300 + $600) since they are two different bookings. I have a June 8 Alaska cruise that I fully expect to be cancelled... and I would expect an additional $600 OBC if I select a FCC in lieu of a refund.
  10. On March 6, Carnival put out a letter offering guests a $200 OBC for folks who chose to keep their booking of March 6 thru May 31 (6+ day cruises). So I went with that option and kept my booking. I would now have an additional $200 OBC, along with my $100 OBC I received when I booked the cruise. Fast forward to March 30, Carnival cancelled my May 1st cruise. I received a letter from Carnival offering guests a $600 OBC for folks who chose to keep their booking as a FCC. OK, so I think I will go with that option and kept my booking as a FCC. Now, I know what my expectation is for calculating the OBC... I expect to see $900. How do y'all think Carnival will calculate my OBC ?
  11. We did that same cruise, but in September of 1987. We still have our portfolio too...
  12. First, I said "may"... not "would". That aside, yes-in-deed there are other US ports that would welcome this ship. Specifically, we are talking about the Carnival Miracle. San Francisco would not let them dock there. Long Beach gave it a home right away when SF turned them away.
  13. You need to understand San Francisco... A very liberal city that turns money away, or anything else of (their liberal) principal all the time. They have no interest in a ship docking that may contain the virus. Any Carnival cruise from San Francisco has been cancelled... whether it's been announced or not. JMHO.
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