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  1. I received a reply back. They credited OBC's for my two cruises through July 31 2020. However, they did not for my September cruise. I need to re-apply after Carnival's Board re-approves the Shareholder OBC in their April shareholders meeting. Below is copied from the email I received back: The shareholder benefits are currently only applicable to sailings through (07/31/2020). In order to apply your onboard credit on your reservation, you will need to submit a current statement after 04/30/2020 when the new shareholder benefits are released.
  2. I believe an obstructed view balcony category is "7A".
  3. I like doing the math... A one liter bottle yields a little over 22 shots, 1.5 oz. each. I understand that a shot on Carnival costs $7.16, and the average price for a 1 Liter bottle on Carnival is $85. So, everything being equal, 22.5 shots would cost $161 at the bar. Add an 18% TIP ($29) to that $161 would total $190. Add the 18% TIP ($15) to the $85 bottle price and it totals $100. A 6-pack of mixer (tonic, Pepsi, etc.) adds another $10 or so (guessing here) to your bottle. All of a sudden that $85 bottle is looking pretty cheap ! So, you could end up paying as little as half the bar price if you are so inclined to do shots or mix your own and drink in your cabin.
  4. Regarding pricing... often you can find your own upgrade by mock-booking to see if prices have gone down. I have three cruises booked where the prices went down... $500 on one and $200 on another, and 100 on the third. In addition, I was able to upgrade the cabin location and categories of each of the first two. So, perhaps the price of a balcony has gone down enough that you could upgrade for less than that $780. Only a mock-booking will tell. Also, make sure it's not an obstructed view balcony, unless you are OK with that.
  5. Once you have a balcony, it's hard to go back to an interior. Cocktails and coffee on the balcony is nice. If you can afford the $780, then go for it I say.
  6. Is it just me... or is anybody else now hungry for pizza... šŸ˜‚
  7. What time does the Specialty Coffee Shop open ?
  8. Just say'nā€¦ could be slower... šŸ˜…
  9. Yeah... I thought I read another poster saying they got their December 2020 Shareholder OBC. I'll report back the results -- see if they provide a OBC for the September 2020 sailing. My interpretation was what Garnet posted... that I would have to wait for the Board renewal of the program. But I also read others posting they received OBC anyway after the July 21 program date, which is why I bothered to ask. I thank you... and Bueller thanks you.
  10. Well... just emailed mine in. Will see what happens.
  11. Anyone... ? Anyone... ? Anyone... ? Bueller... ?
  12. The oven used is not a true Brick, Stone and Deck Oven... it's a conveyor oven ( toaster šŸ˜‚ ). Kind of looks like those conveyors that Burger King has always used for to cook their burgers, if you ask me. But the conveyor ovens sure speed up the cooking process and does not require any pizza baking skills. You need that come midnight with all those drunk people ordering late-night pizzas... šŸ¤£
  13. I could see it now... you order your double crusted pizza with toppings made to order... and then the pizza cook gives it to the guy right in front of you by mistake... šŸ˜‚
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