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  1. If Carnival Corp can get partially underway by 6 months and get about 1/3rd of their ships sailing again, then that should help quite a bit in that this would net them upwards of an additional $1B annually that they could used to pay down the $11B debt they recently borrowed. So perhaps they can pay it down in 3 or 4 years, which would correspond to when their debt comes due.
  2. A good day trader should be having a hay-day with the daily prices swings of CCL... average price swing percentage for May was 8.18%... June 8.34%... and first two weeks of July 7.92%.
  3. The price swing is always large enough that a good trader could make a lot trading these price swings of CCL.
  4. I sent mine to GuestAdmin @ carnival dot com without an issue. I haven't tried the shareholders email.
  5. Glad I booked three 2021 cruises in January before the Covid as appears the 2021 prices will increase. We also had three 2020 cruises, but were cancelled by Carnival April 1. Still working through those refunds. I see the prices of the equivalent 2021 cruises to my 2020 cruises that got cancelled are about 30% more expensive. My 2021 cruises I booked in January are still relatively the same price. However, I don't see any $100 OBC's being offered on the 2021 cruises. I'm in a wait and see mode for the 2021 cruises. Interesting time.
  6. It's there at the top of the page: UPDATE We are currently assessing enhanced health and safety protocols in light of COVID-19 and how they may impact our future offerings. Our actual offerings may vary from what is displayed or described here. Stay updated on current Health and Sailings Advisories.
  7. CCL is the craziest stock I've owned in the last 20 years. The price seems to fluctuate between 3% to 6% daily, not including the deep dive and recovery in price since the Covid. Glad to be out -- and luckily, with a profit. Still keeping an eye on this stock though.
  8. My 6 day and 7 day cruises received a $100 OBC... and my 10 day or longer cruises received $200 OBC.
  9. So happy I bailed from CCL at $22.45 … I'm still interested in CCL, but want to wait patiently for the stock to stabilize.
  10. $17.25 June 3rd... a week later is back down to $18. It peaked June 8th at $24.91 -- a 44% swing in just 5 trading days... That's quite a roller coaster... 😂
  11. Dang ! I would not have guessed that CCL would go up another couple of bucks after Friday... I was happy just to be out of my position. That would have been another cruise I missed out on today by selling Friday... 😂 But I am happy to be whole again, with a nice little profit over the past 10 months. Thanks for the insight regarding Shorts... that makes a lot of sense regarding why this stock is popping.
  12. firefly333... I have been enjoying hearing about your trades with regard to CCL... and nothing wrong with the telling of your other current trading during this pandemic. The thread pretty much exists only because of the pandemic and how folks plan to trade into and out of CCL.
  13. Yeah... I got myself into a wash sale on CCL, which complicated my sell strategy. My eventual strategy was just to sell all shares and be done with it. Easier to just pay the taxes on the gains than to worry about wash sale trades.
  14. Seems a hard battle to prove Carnival has fault. First, Carnival is incorporated in Panama -- I believe they have a different set of rules and laws when it come to lawsuits. Second, it's hard to prove when and where a person got the covid. The person bringing suit could be the perpetrator that brought covid onboard and spread the covid to begin with. From this lay person's point of view, a lawsuit seem frivolous.
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