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  1. Love2cruise77

    New Amex Offer

    The backdoor is for those who didn't have the offer when you log in initially. You must click through that link, log in to your AMEX to add the offer: Some were able to get this offer this way...
  2. Love2cruise77

    New Amex Offer

    See above, it has worked for others
  3. Love2cruise77

    AMEX Offer...It's Back!

    For those who didn't get this offer, you can also try to add it through the backdoor: http://americanexpress.com/wlcl
  4. Love2cruise77

    AMEX Offer...It's Back!

    Ask whoever you book the cruise through to refund $500 back to your credit card and charge $500 to your AMEX after you add this to your card
  5. Love2cruise77

    New Amex Offer

    try the backdoor to see if it works: http://americanexpress.com/wlcl
  6. Love2cruise77

    Casino Offers - room selection - HAL

    May I ask how you qualified for such good offer? I have sailed HAL only once, but will be doing another one this December, so want to see what I need to earn in points to get offers in the future...
  7. Love2cruise77

    TA changed price after already confirmed

    It does sound like the agent is at fault. When we making bookings for our clients, we book them directly in HAL's system and will send you a confirmation from HAL. If this agent sent you something from HAL, then he/she did make the booking in their system and HAL changed the promo, but if the invoice is from the agency, then the agent made a mistake in the quote and should honor it. When we make mistakes, we have to own it. If HAL changes the price, then it's not up to us to correct their mistakes.
  8. Love2cruise77

    TA changed price after already confirmed

    The question is who made the error. If HAL's system was at fault, it's not the TA's fault that the price initially quoted was wrong. If the TA gave an incorrect quote, then the TA should eat the mistake. Which country are you from OP? Which cruise did you book and was there some kind of promotion with free air involved?
  9. Love2cruise77

    Norse Legends or Viking Sagas

    Thanks for your suggestion of the excursions, we will consider them once we decide on which itinerary.
  10. Love2cruise77

    Norse Legends or Viking Sagas

    Thanks for the detailed explanation, it does help our decision a lot with such detailed description of both itineraries.
  11. Trying to decide between these two cruises, which would you choose and why? Thanks in advance! 7-Day Norse Legends 1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2. Days at Sea 3. Eidfjord, Norway 3. Scenic cruising Hardangerfjord 4. Andalsnes 5. Olden 6. Scenic cruising Nordfjord 6. Bergen, Norway 7. Days at Sea 8. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 7-Day Viking Sagas 1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2. Days at Sea 3. Scenic cruising Oslofjord 3. Oslo, Norway 4. Kristiansand, Norway 5. Stavanger, Norway 6. Flam, Norway 6. Scenic cruising Sognefjord 7. Days at Sea 8. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  12. Love2cruise77

    3 day SKY Princess 12/04/19 - back open for bookings

    Check with your TA's, if they blocked group space on the sailing, the price is still reasonable. I see $519+tax per person for BD
  13. Love2cruise77

    The Enchanted

    Not sure if these are posted before, but Enchanted itinerary and price is listed in the PDF's. PC_2020EuropeRefFlyer_10_2018_FINAL-s.pdf PC_2020EuropeSailingScheduleFareAmenitiesTA_10_2018_FINAL-s.pdf
  14. Love2cruise77

    Diamond Princess Japan? My questions

    Had a wonderful time on Diamond Princess. You can view my review of our cruise here: We did a lot of DIY in Japan, it's very easy to navigate there. In Busan, a group of us on CC booked a tour with Trazy/BusanMate. You can find out more info from the review above. You will need to go through immigration there, so leave a little bit of time for that if you have anything booked ahead of time...
  15. Love2cruise77

    First destination revealed

    Okay, maybe I will take VV and visit Cuba...