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  1. I don't remember any computers in the library on the Crown Princess. The internet room was on the starboard side of the ship while the library room was on the port side. They were two entirely different rooms. The library was just that....a small room with book shelves and some tables and chairs in the center with a few books and games. That was it (at least it was last November).
  2. Medical emergency per another thread.
  3. There were very few books in the Crown Princess library last November. The room was used to play board games. There were never any more than one or two people utilizing the room. Waste of space. Nothing will ever beat the library on the QM2! That was awesome!
  4. We really like the Crown Princess. We were on a Caribbean cruise last November and will be on a British Isles cruise in May and then a Denmark/Norway cruise in Sept 2020. I was looking at various future cruises and the ones that always attracted my attention just happened to be on …..the Crown Princess! I love the Carib deck huge balconies although we're trying out the Riviera deck aft corner balcony next cruise, then back down to Carib deck after that. I love the aft pool area.
  5. Crème Brulee in the MDR - had one every night we ate there! Our server unsuccessfully tried to talk me into trying other desserts but I just couldn't tear myself away from the crème brulee. Other nights (and lunches) in the Horizon Court, the warm bread pudding(s) with warm sauces of various flavors was outstanding. There was a different flavor every day. The sticky pudding with warm caramel sauce was the most decadent food I've ever eaten. You have to find them on a steam table back behind everything in the Horizon Court. Best kept secret by Princess.
  6. This program obviously is not meant for the masses. If you say it's too expensive for your tastes, then it is not for you. I don't see it as a money grab by RCL but as an amenity for those willing to pay for it. I think the idea came from drink cards where everyone in the cabin had to buy one and the cost per day was rather expensive. Some people like to be treated 'royally' and have no problem with paying the extra fees to be treated as such. Again, it's not on every ship but I can see where it probably will be someday. Not that I would buy into it.
  7. Diver2014


    We were in Antigua last November on the Crown Princess. Lovely island. The color of the water at Nelson's Dockyard was beautiful. I would go back in a minute. From what we saw, all Caribbean islands need tourists dollars so for Carnival and other cruise lines to stop going there because of a verbal spat, would be an injustice to their people.
  8. Finally found the blow dryer in the desk drawer. May as well leave it there. I could blow bubbles harder than the air coming out of it. Bring your own if you want dry hair.
  9. If you are sailing in a month, it's probably too late to book a room at Embassy Suites. They sell out far in advance. We've stayed there several times, as well as Extended Stay America down the street (towards the bridge) which was clean but no breakfast other than coffee and sweet rolls if you got there early enough. Construction is also finished next door at the Holiday Inn. It was also an okay place for us although we probably wouldn't stay there again due to the super slow elevator and tired looking rooms but for one night, any place will do. We also stayed at the Renaissance up on the corner of 17th Street and US 1 - it was okay but under reconstruction. Hyatt and Hilton seem to be the most popular hotels with the CC crowd.
  10. "Emily Post from the 1940's"......ah yes, good ole Emily Post. I suppose most people under a certain age would have no idea who or what Emily Post is (Emily Post was still popular in the 1950's in my family). It's obvious to me that many parents do not teach manners, morals or just plain common sense any more. Such a shame. On topic, our waiters on HAL have always waited until everyone was finished to remove plates unless some late comers were still eating then plates were removed while they still dined. No need to make everyone wait.
  11. Put several dryer sheets under your mattress at different points. It doesn't really work but you'll sleep a lot better knowing you tried and your mattress smells great. I learned this on Cruise Critic.
  12. Extended Stay America does not have 'breakfast'. They have a cabinet across from the desk that opens out to offer a selection of health bars and some sweet rolls, if you get there early enough, along with a pot of coffee and hot water/tea bags on top. That's not my idea of breakfast so we went across the street to Panera Bread. The rooms were nice, clean and we had a view of the port and there was ample parking. Holiday Inn is next door and thankfully, they have finished their expansion and construction. I'd stay at Extended Stay America again just don't expect breakfast.
  13. Are you still sailing that same weekend? It's going to be a mad house around Miami and Plantation for Super Bowl. In the past, we've experienced hotel prices to be outrageous as far south as Kendall whenever there is an event of some kind going on in Miami. The further north of Ft Lauderdale you can stay, the less expensive. You also have to consider traffic is going to be even more horrendous that weekend than it normally is. Expect major traffic jams getting to South Beach or anywhere else around Miami.
  14. After 40 years of cruising, blaming the cruise line for an insurance issue is highly questionable. If the cruise line refunded everyone who thought they should have a refund due to their situation, where does it end? Sorry, you're only hurting yourself if you never cruise with HAL again. As others have said, other cruise lines apply the same guidelines.
  15. I commented to DH on our cruise on Crown Princess last November about how strong the water came blasting out of our shower head. Never had a problem with water pressure on any ship, Princess or otherwise. If the shower is only a 'dribble', you need to contact your room steward or Customer Relations, not post photos on CC.
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