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  1. I need to correct my earlier post....S S Norway was beached in Malaysia, not Indonesia before being scrapped. She was dismantled and the metal taken as scrap in 2008 until there was nothing left. I did find this little tidbit about the scrapping: "In 2009 the tip of the bow of the France / Norway was returned to the country of her birth as one of a catalogue of auction pieces removed from the ship before scrapping commenced. The auction was held on February 8th and 9th 2009" Sad end to the blue lady.
  2. dug up a few more photos: the Norway anchored at St Thomas (too big to dock), our stateroom on the top deck with floor to ceiling windows (I remember people at the time complaining that it looked like NCL just plopped a big box on top of the ship taking away the sleek lines of the SS France). And a bath tub that you had to practically have a step ladder to get in and out of.
  3. The charges are automatically added to your shipboard account (if not prepaid) which makes them 'mandatory' and yes, you can have them adjusted but down to zero? That would have to be a pretty intense service issue. I think the word 'mandatory' is being stretched a bit for this conversation. A charge automatically added to your shipboard account I think would be considered mandatory (but adjustable), don't you?
  4. Yes, it is 'mandatory'......but can be adjusted on board if you are really dissatisfied with the service. Just remember, you are punishing the entire service crew, not just one person, if you have it adjusted downward.
  5. You were unfortunate enough to get one phone rep with a bad attitude and you are wondering if Princess has had a 'personality transplant'???? Really??? You could talk to any business on any given day and get a phone rep having a bad day, as they say. You know phone reps are lowest on the totem poles. I'd never want their job but a job is a job, even if performed badly. I wouldn't blame the entire Princess organization for one phone rep. Seriously.
  6. The service charges are automatically added to your daily room charges if you don't pay them in advance. You do not have the option to tip individually since they are shared among the crew. You can still give an individual crew member an additional cash tip if you like.
  7. Those are the gratuity charges. You can pay them upfront and not have a large bill at the end of your cruise or you can have them added onto your room charges. They say they are optional but not really.....I'd never dream of stiffing the crew.
  8. The Petit Train's engine 'Victor' is currently down for repairs and they say they are waiting for parts. We're in St Peter Port a week from Sunday and were hoping to take the train around but I guess we'll just do a waterfront 'wander' on our own.
  9. Thank you, that is good to know! We fly to Heathrow on Wednesday next week and hopefully we can get into the e-passport line!
  10. Thanks. I will say, it was hard to choose what to eat each night because everything was so good. We were on for 10 days over Thanksgiving last November and I never had anything I didn't like. I know food is subjective but I thought Princess does an outstanding job when it comes to delicious food. We've also been on the Emerald and Royal Princess and I never had anything I didn't like. I don't want to sound like a cheerleader, I'm just stating my opinion that Princess has some of the best food of the 35+ cruises we've been on. That last photo is of the dessert sampler we had in the Crown Grille which was also excellent.
  11. We were on the Crown Princess last November and although I don't have photos, I do remember that the variety was excellent. We're on the Crown again next week for the British Isles cruise. I don't know if they change menus depending on where the ship is. What I remember about the dinner menu was that we ordered fresh shrimp cocktail as an appetizer every night. It was delicious. There were several entrees on the dinner menu offered every day and one of those was the creamy Fettucine Alfredo -- some of the best I've ever had. I had steak one night, which was perfectly cooked and we had lobster on another night. And, every night for dessert, I had some of the best crème brulee ever! I'm really looking forward to next week. We have 5pm traditional dining time and we like to go to the Horizon Court a couple times for dinner as well (different offerings than the MDR but some of the same meat entrees). I'll see if I can remember to take photos of the menus. The daily menu is posted outside the doors of the MDRs each day so you can decide where and what you want to eat in advance. I did take photos of the menu from the Crown Grille, my shrimp and risotto entree and crème brulee. I have photos of other dishes but I don't remember what they are.
  12. I sent NCL this photo to prove we were on the Norway a few years ago and they gave us the credit. I also sent embarkation photos from the Southward and Seaward and got those credited as well. Works for me. A few more Norway photos: Great Stirrup Cay in 1995, the Midnight Chocolate Extravaganza (that was actually at 11:30pm for photos only), and the bridge tour in 1995 (I don't think anyone does bridge tours anymore). Notice the 'old' equipment on the bridge. I sure wish I still had that striped Norway shirt. Or the 'Dive In' T shirt we got after going scuba diving or snorkeling. I remember the Norway had it's own dive locker where we rented equipment to take diving with us, and we all got a certificate when we got back. Those were the days.
  13. ….and great Pina Coladas they were! Since we lived in Miami at the time, I was able to get both glasses home in one piece since we didn't have to worry about putting them in luggage. I don't let anyone near those glasses now...they are on a top shelf where no one can reach them. I want to keep them in perfect condition. I also have the 2 keychains that I bought on the Norway (my ship souvenirs are keychains - I have one for each ship we've been on). I also have the Caribbean map that NCL used to give out showing we crossed the Bermuda Triangle. Also, a complete set of menus from their 7 day eastern Caribbean cruise. I had to buy those in the gift shop but I'm glad I did now. I also bought a book detailing the complete history of the Norway along with remnants of the blue and gold embossed Norway folder that each cabin had on the desk to take home as a souvenir. Wow, those were the days. Who knew the Norway would end up a metal skeleton on a beach in Indonesia? So sad. The second photo is the Baked Alaska parade by the waiters in the Windward Dining Room.
  14. Oh my, one of my favorite subjects. Very first cruise was on SS Norway in 1988. Next was on our honeymoon in 1995. I still remember the boiler explosion in Miami....so very sad. I was hoping they would tow her somewhere for refitting but it was not to be. Such a grand ship. I'm glad to know that Little Norway I and II are still being used as tenders at Great Stirrup Cay. There will never be another SS Norway. I still have a bin of photos and memorabilia from SS Norway.
  15. Every time I have flown into Heathrow from the USA, arriving early morning, it has taken at least an hour from the time I got off the plane to walking out into the main part of terminal 3.
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