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  1. We were on the first Malt Shop Memories cruise and the second Flower Power cruise. Both were absolutely awesome! Exhausting but awesome. Star Vista is the company that charters the ships (full ship charters) and they sell out in no time. We're on a waiting list for the next Flower Power cruise. It was amazing walking around the ship and seeing so many famous people also just walking around, mixing with everyone. I had my photo taken with Brenda Lee, Martha Reeves, all of the Duprees, Mark Lindsay, Charlie Thomas of the Drifters, Dean Torrence, OMG I can't think of them all. They had jam sessions, Q & A's, interviews, meet and greets and concerts each evening in the theaters. The Flower Power cruise was memorable for me since the Beach Boys (Mike Love and Bruce Johnston), Dean Torrence and Dion all sang 'Barbara Ann' together on stage for the finale - wow where will you ever see THAT again????? It was phenomenal. Yes, the cruises are expensive but Star Vista has to pay for chartering the ship and crew and pay for all the entertainers for the week. But was it worth it? Absolutely!!!! It made no difference what ports of call were, many folks didn't even get off the ship! Exhausting because we were given the daily schdule at the beginning of the cruise and we had to sometimes run to the next venue to keep up with all the appearances all over the ship. But it was so much fun, fun, fun!
  2. Without knowing what port, it would be impossible to tell 'what gives' but if it's Port Everglades, because the Broward County Convention Center is at the port, there could possibly be an event going on there that would cause increased traffic. Just a guess.
  3. It's not only NCL - it's all major cruise lines. As stated previously, that is what travel insurance is for. I imagine NCL gets tons of refund requests for every reason imaginable. Travel insurance isn't just an added expense - it's protection against situations like the this. The OP's first post on CC - to whine about how horrible NCL is to their customers - sorry but take it as lesson learned.
  4. "You appear to be taking this personally, so please allow me to clarify: 1. My remark about condescension was towards the original comment about not drinking in a hot tub being common sense. It's not common sense, it's just someone's opinion.'" ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's not just my opinion..... I took my original posts about dehydration from one of dozens of pages on the internet regarding drinking alcohol while sitting in a hot tub. I didn't just make it up. But hey, I'm not going to argue with you. You have fun in your hot tub with drink in hand - whatever floats your boat (ship) and I'll be watching y'all from my chair at the bar. That's 'my' version of common sense. Enough said from me about this - it's cocktail time! Happy cruising!
  5. Nah.....I'll have my alcohol at the bar. Possible dehydration and heat stroke aren't what I want to put up with on a cruise. If untold number of adults want to partake in the hot tub and think it's really fun, fine. People do a lot of things that can be detrimental to their health.
  6. Extreme Dehydration Hot tubs and alcohol are dehydrating. It’s unlikely to feel perspiration when you’re immersed in hot water, but that doesn’t mean you’re not sweating. When you lose sweat from your body, you become dehydrated. And further dehydration happens when you consume alcohol. A pounding headache the next morning, dizziness, nausea, hasty heartbeat, utmost thirst, weakness and even coma or death can be some of the consequences of dehydration. Heat Exhaustion Heat from the hot tub and alcohol inflates your blood vessels and upturns your body temperature, leading to heat exhaustion, which can cause unconsciousness, and sometimes even a stroke or heart attack. Experience dizziness, headache, nausea, heart palpitation or excessive sweating? Get out from the hot tub as soon as possible, conclude drinking alcohol, commence drinking water and take a cool shower.
  7. If you shower before and after pool/hot tub use, I don't think you're going to pick up any life threatening germs. Lots of people use the pools and hot tubs and I don't hear about anyone coming down sick. On the other hand, there's more room for the rest of us if the germophobes don't utilize the facilities. Most pools and hot tubs have a sign advising no alcohol - that's just common sense.
  8. Dominica.......best diving in the Caribbean! Spent a week there twice with my dive club and again on a day dive from a cruise ship. It doesn't get any better! Take an underwater camera!
  9. Being that Cozumel is mostly drift diving, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who doesn't dive on a regular basis.
  10. We're also former Holland America cruisers, (although we were on HAL just a month ago in Alaska). We did the British Isles cruise on the Crown Princess in May, 2019. Best shore excursion cruise ever!!!! It was our second time on Crown Princess, which is not my favorite Princess ship but being in a different British Isles port each day was the whole purpose of the cruise for us. Absolutely one of our favorite cruises. We had issues with our cabin (things not working) which soured me on the ship itself but the itinerary definitely made up for that.
  11. this. I’m with the OP but expect to get flamed by the “why does it bother you”crowd. Same as wearing shorts and play clothes to the dining room. It used to be just plain rude but now it’s a “just ignore it” attitude from the younger generation. They seem to think that it’s their vacation and no one is going to tell them what to do. Manners are out the window (porthole). Just sayin’.
  12. Be careful in that neighborhood after dark......
  13. I got a response from RCI yesterday to contact them 30 days out.....for our January 2020 cruise.
  14. I did just the opposite once....booked a cruise a year later than I had planned. Worked out....got two cruises, one for the present and one for the next year.....we decided to keep the year in advance booking because the price was so good.
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