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  1. It will be our first cruise with Ambassador too
  2. Perhaps the same cruise leaving Bristol on May 23?
  3. Thank you. That's helpful as we are going there in May too on Ambition
  4. It's a requirement for P and O cruises to have travel insurance,not just a good idea. Although they don't often check that you have it before you board they sometimes do and if you didn't have it you would probably be refused boarding
  5. It was easy to find a taxi at Cork station as there was a taxi rank outside. I'm afraid I can't remember the cost- obviously dearer than the bus but we wanted to get there early
  6. We sailed on Norwegian star last may and caught the train into Cork from Cobh. We then shared a taxi with another couple to Blarney castle which meant we arrived early and didn't have to queue. We then caught the 215 bus back to Cork and the return train to Cobh
  7. We are considering booking an Ambassador cruise that departs from Bristol. We will be travelling by train but the Ambassador website states it's best to get a taxi from Temple meads station. As it's a distance of about 12 miles to the port I wonder if anyone has experience of getting there from central Bristol by public transport
  8. Thats disappointing.Still hopefully we will have a warm day at sea. By the way have you realised that some of the shore excursions and also the wi fi packages are discounted for Black Friday? I cancelled my wi fi package and have re booked at the new price
  9. I'm a bit concerned that it may mean we won't be staying overnight or leaving in the morning on the second day.. We already have plenty of sea days
  10. I think if you click on Ventura rolls and scroll down you should see the roll call. I notice it isn't listed if you select February but that could be due to the way it has been titled?
  11. Welcome! Hopefully you will be able to book some excursions in a day or two though some of the more popular ones are sold out. There is a roll call for this cruise
  12. We are on this cruise. We have booked some excursions but still not sure what to do in Miami as the tours we are interested in are sold out. However I am checking tours daily and we have managed to book previously sold out tours in Port Canaveral and Belize.As the balance date is due( we paid yesterday) I am hoping more tours will become available if people decide to transfer or cancel their cruise.
  13. Hope you have a great cruise. We are booked on the 35 night cruise on Ventura next February. I have booked the wi fi for the entire cruise as there are a lot of sea days so I will be interested to hear how you get on. I can't remember how many restaurants are on Ventura and how many are allocated to freedom dining? We have booked a saver fare and would prefer freedom dining but may end up with 2nd sitting so I will be interested to see what you think of it.
  14. Has anyone suggestions for what to do in Sarande
  15. We couldn't book a terrace on exactly the same offer as was available for inside and outside cabins but still booked at a considerable saving
  16. I agree that Saga offer different ports to P and O. Not as varied as Fred's offering but we have now sailed with Saga twice and feel they are worth the extra money if the itinerary includes several ports of call that will be new to us. If P and O , Fred and Saga had identical itineraries at the same price we would always choose Saga.
  17. We cruised with NCL around Ireland in May. Although the itinerary was great we were not impressed with what we felt was a very disorganized offering and in fact there were numerous complaints both onboard and once home and we were given a small refund.I think it was the first year NCL had offered this itinerary and hopefully some changes will have been made so that it is better next year.
  18. I have set up a roll call for this cruise which you are welcome to join
  19. Thank you very much. Glad you had an enjoyable cruise πŸ™‚
  20. ann141


    Thinking about it there will probably be a shuttle bus taking people out of the port area. There appears to be a beach and a lighthouse in Fusina but we will wait until we are onboard. If we have to go into Venice that's what we will do but hopefully the shuttle will drop people near to where the vaperetto goes and we can explore from ther
  21. ann141


    Thank you. No one is embarking or disembarking from the cruise we are on so hope we will be allowed out of the terminal independently. On one tour it states you have to walk a short distance to get on a boat for a tour of the lagoon so am presuming people will be able to walk out to explore
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