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  1. Find one of these (four only) on the Riviera and Marina deck plans.
  2. Yes. One per restaurant for four different restaurants (O Class ships). But, each day aboard, you can ask (at the reservation desk) for a space available reservation for that evening (no extra cost).
  3. Important: folks on multi-segment cruises need to know that their allocation is split per segment (as though they are individual cruises). And you cannot book all of your allocation on less than the number of restaurants on that ship. So (for example): eight spots in your total allocation for a two segment O ship cruise totaling 21 days? If so, that means one reservation per each of the four specialty restaurants in each segment. The online reservation system will not let you do anything other than that.
  4. It’s Saturday: Time for O web maintenance (in which case they lock passenger accounts for security purposes).
  5. No - only certain top categories. If you decide to bring your own, consider marine ones: 7x50.
  6. Yes- particularly if air travel is in the deal. But, theoretically (even without air), one of you will not appear on the manifest while the other will appear twice. You’d think that RC software would catch the double. But, would you really trust a cruise line that possibly created the issue to begin with. (Please don’t tell us that you erroneously registered the same person twice 😳. In any case, you need to fix it now.
  7. Once ITA Matrix gives us a framework of availability, I always call the preferred airline(s) directly. And, there are occasions when their prices will be significantly better than what was posted on ITA Matrix. One reason is that legs or all of a desired flight itinerary may be subject to a “flash sale.” I’ve seen this with Lufthansa connecting short hauls in Europe. Also worth mentioning is also calling the airline direct to double check their own website pricing and routings. With large carriers like United, a web search without specific input (e.g., time span for departures) may not yield all flights during that span. Always call and ask the rep what s/he finds for your preferred itinerary specs (and otherwise if worth the $ savings). Stellar phone customer service, great accommodations for flight changes, Star Alliance hubs, best app in the travel industry, etc. are why United is our preferred carrier.
  8. Google Flights is a less robust version of ITA Matrix -particularly when it comes to more specific search parameters.
  9. Bingo! Even with a scheduled 3.5-5 hr planned layover, I always try to have several alternative connections in mind should our originating SFO flight be delayed.
  10. I wouldn’t know and hope to keep it that way. 😎 In any case, with cruise lines and biz class, do be careful when you do the math. As regards O: That bizclass quote they give you may look good at first glance. But, remember that the cost is in addition to the price you already paid for coach tickets in your cruise fare! You don’t get a credit for those coach tix when you buy the bizclass tix. So, you’re basically buying two tix per person. As for cheaper tix: when you do the comparative math, learn how to use the ITA Matrix website in your initial research. You can’t buy tix there. But, you can find pretty much every option for getting from A to B to C et al. via all but a very few airlines. Armed with that info, call airlines directly to purchase tix. Their phone reps may have additional flight info and deals (e.g., partner flash sales on connecting intercontinental flights) that you’ll not always see in their web listings. Also, please recognize that true “value” in air travel (just like with cruises) is about more than just price. Our preferred carrier is United Airlines and it certainly isn’t because their biz class is the cheapest. However, our SFO is a major United hub and their Star Alliance partnerships worldwide keep intercontinental connection challenges to a minimum. Plus, they test their FFs very well! And, as the COVID era travel taught us, at the very least- United answers its phones!
  11. Can’t imagine “how it feels” because we only DIY air for O cruises. A lot of infrequent travelers don’t understand that purchasing a “bulk ticket” on an O Air contracted carrier flight requires contacting O for changes. Not a problem…. until it’s a problem.
  12. No need to choose. Even though cash or refundable SBC/OBC was originally used to pay for something onboard (other than cash for a new cruise deposit), it doesn’t necessarily stay tied to that purchase. In the onboard accounting system, everything is basically credit/debit with purchases (past or present) being charged first to the available balance of non-refundable SBC (e.g., O Club SBC) with the last $$$ used being your cash or refundable SBC. As aforementioned, the exception is future cruise deposits (always cash via CC) and, now with SM, the restriction of excursion SBC only to be used for excursions.
  13. Historically, the BoB policy requires you to sign a preprinted statement that you want to assign the BoB cruise to yourself if you do not want to have it automatically associated with your current cruise’s TA. At that point you are able to “shop it around” (or select the same TA) during the 14 day transfer window.
  14. You can assign your BoB to yourself (instead of the TA you used for the current cruise) and then choose whatever TA you want for the transfer.
  15. Better advice is: “Read your paperwork.” If one pays attention, the BoB option with TA transfer (now within 14 days) is the most efficacious way to benefit from the deal (for ways even beyond the stated benefits).
  16. Actually, they are included if you choose to cruise on premium (or even luxury) cruise lines. One of the biggest “aha” experiences a cruiser can have is when they finally use “net daily rate” of a cruise (based on all required and optionally desired amenities) instead of basic cabin costs in determining the “bottom line.”. That mass market “nickle/diming” adds up quickly (including everything from beverages and internet to air fare). And that’s before you even look at the quality of what you get for your hard earned money. We learned long ago that true “value” (price AND quality) in cruising has a “sweet spot” for us in the industry’s “premium” segment. Do the real math folks and you may be pleasantly surprised - particularly when you experience what premium/luxury cruising provides.
  17. Wasn’t me. Tour SM is tour SBC in SM. Yes, even with a TA on your account, you can book tours with an O rep. Both get recognition for the tour purchase. BTW: even with a great TA, establishing a good relationship with a long-serving knowledgeable O phone rep (and a few O Club Ambassadors) is a smart move for all sorts of reasons.
  18. It’s not 30 days after. As for a month prior, that was/is(?) the case. But since O changed the TA transfer window from 30 to 14 days, I’d suggest calling O for the latest time limits for BoB pre-cruise.
  19. And hopefully, those adult, frequent cruisers who watch walk away with more evidence why they should abandon mass market cruise lines in favor of the more value laden Premier industry segment.
  20. Correct. The BoB discount is approx. 5%+\-. The value of BoB is the price drop match guarantee and the cabin-dependent bonus SBC on current or future cruise.
  21. Thankfully, Orv, you are one of the few O regulars who are on top of the whole Oceania discombobulation. Thanks for your eagle eye since you save me a lot of corrective posts.😎
  22. You may have just hit the wrong changeover place/date. We do mostly multi-segment cruises (sometimes three annually) and I can’t remember not having available tours on changeover day.
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