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  1. Saw this on another board https://www.kayak.com/travel-restrictions
  2. Most likely it's because they have no motivation to send out the money quickly. However, refunds like this are likely the sort of thing that require a manual review and signoff for each transaction. Usually by a limited number of people with the right financial authority. Outbound payments like this are a huge source of fraud in corporations. At any large corp there is always some employee trying to game the system with fake invoices/refunds/payments. Ballpark numbers 3 months of cruises to cancel, average 7 day cruises, 15 ships, 1000 cabins 12*15*1000=180,000 refunds to process To do that in 60 days. aka 8 weeks or 40 8 hour work days. 19200 minutes. That's mean you have to average 9 minutes per transaction sustained for months. 60 days seem reasonable for a small team, given the amount of cross checking needed. Don't forget the actual calculation of the refund is non-trivial, lots of special cases around what is refunded vs what is FCC, confirming what has been paid, not already refunded, transferred to new cruise etc. The computers help but updating the systems to handle all of that automatically is hard. And we know HAL's computer department is not it's strong suit.
  3. I suspect they running the survey right now is just to get a base line. They might run it continuously, or again in a few months. So they can see at what point the public sentiment changes back to a likelihood of wanting to cruising. And thus indicate when (and maybe where) they should open up cruising again.
  4. For this reason, we decided to layer on AirMed https://airmed.com/ with an annual premium. It's probably mostly redundant with my main employer insurance (they would likely make the call repatriate home on their dime anyway), but the cost was worth the piece of mind. It's effectively only hospital to hospital transport, meaning you have to be admitted to a hospital before it can be triggered, but then you call them. And then assuming the medical teams and hospitals all agree it's safe, off you go, worldwide.
  5. Totally agree, we have always had very good service. Including properly addressing an instance when the customer service rep made a mistake. It was with not properly informing us when we switched to a non-refund deposit offer that it blocked the HAL protection insurance unless we bought it then and there. At final payment, when this was discovered a supervisor reviewed the calls and compensated us an amount. Just so you know, they record *ALL* the calls, and can review them at any time.
  6. Also check with HAL if the updated 60 day final payment policy applies to your cruise. But watch out they still want you to lock in the insurance at 90 days.
  7. Call your TA/HAL. Don't cancel. Ask for "change in date and ship of sailing" on your existing booking. We have done that previously to keep money and perks (it was well before final payment so may not be possible in your case). Also push them to apply the current "have it all" promo.
  8. Just FYI for anyone still hanging onto a cruise in the near term. HAL is not allowing purchasing insurance just before on the updated 60 day final payment window. They still count it as penalties started back at your original final payment date.
  9. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/more-flights-to-get-stranded-australians-home-amid-coronavirus-restrictions Not charter, the government is subsidizing a limited set of normally scheduled flights.
  10. I don't know if it's for these folks specifically, but I saw an Australian news report last night about the government sending charter flights to several places to collect AU and NZ citizens.
  11. Yes. The 90% is calculated on any non-refundable amounts, anything that is refundable you get back with or without insurance. For example, if you cancel before the final payment and if your deposit had been a non-refundable, then you still would get 90% of that deposit back and HAL would only keep 10% and the platinum premium.
  12. That reduced deposit is really working for us this time, and there is another benefit. We have a June 20th trip that we are still sitting on. The timing worked out for us, before we paid the final payment, they moved it to 60 days before. So right now we only have $200 FCD deposit at risk. And we were told that if we cancel, that deposit will go back as FCD, so won't have the limitations of the FCC they are issuing now.
  13. What was the reason given that it didn't cover the interruption? In my reading of the policy, it seemed like it didn't have a lot of exclusions you normally see.
  14. And this is why the advice is to hold broadly diversified mutual funds, NOT individual stocks. If you had $1000 of Vanguard's S&P500 fund starting in 2008, even right now today, you would still have $1500 a 50% profit.
  15. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-20/wa-coronavirus-cases-jump-as-cruise-ship-lockdown-announced/12075846 "WA Premier Mark McGowan has announced any non-Australians who arrived at WA ports on cruise ships would be prevented from disembarking." ...... ""Those people will be required to stay on the ship until arrangements have been made for them to be privately transported to the airport to fly to their home country."
  16. Thanks. I managed to resist my urge to post in every thread I could find that had it misspelled. Maybe I should search for the correct spelling to feel better about it. 🙂
  17. I've been trying to ignore it, but I die a little inside every time I see it...... It's "Fremantle" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fremantle, no double e.
  18. Assuming you like Alaska for the scenery and cooler weather, then you will love any of the Norway/Iceland/Greenland itineraries. The round trips out of Amsterdam are the best, great hotel right next to the cruise terminal. Just walk on board when your ready, your luggage is handled for you.
  19. +1 The kdam was our last cruise. Totally agree, first time we thought a specialty restaurant was worth it.
  20. As someone who hails from Perth (aka Fremantle) now in California. I have flown thru Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Tokyo, Sydney, and Auckland in order to get to the US. I can earnestly report that they all suck.
  21. I just put in a buy on NCLH @ under $10 on the off chance we sail on Oceania or Seven Seas.
  22. Where is this info? At this point, contact your TA to confirm. It was listed in a FAQ to travel agents, but hard to find on the HAL site. This is the post with the info https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2739890-email-from-orlando-ashford-great-response-to-a-crisis/?do=findComment&comment=59580174 We have confirmed with HAL an April 20th final payment on our June 20th sailing. (And a promise we can still buy the platinum protection before that date, we will cancel if they renege on that)
  23. For June sailings they have delayed final payment to 60 days before the cruise. That was only updated in the computers in the last few days.
  24. Yep. We got thru on the HAL number listed for adding the protection. Confirmed the April 20th date for final payment had just today been updated in the computer system. Didn't get a real answer on adding the Platinum from a supervisor, but the agent said yes on adding that before the April 20th date and made a note in the file to that effect. So that should be worth something. Will have to try again with the big box TA next week, to make sure they have the same answer.
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