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  1. Next CDC review of no sailing is July 24, less than three weeks. With cases spiking and many states seeing higher numbers than ever before I predict November 1 as the first possible date they might lift restrictions. In truth my feeling is this can just continue to be a rolling date and we will not see cruising this year.
  2. I agree @BWIVince100%. In particular with Covid and how it affects the lungs I cannot imagine any MD in their right mind would give someone on oxygen an OK to travel. Then again I cannot imagine anyone with a lung condition and on oxygen would want to go on a cruise until there is a vaccine. Things will change with cruises and their liability and they will end up (to protect all guests and crew) make sure that certain health conditions be met. Also I think there will be a huge increase in purchasing insurance to cover pre existing conditions and the premiums will go way up to protect the insurance company. There will probably be lots of exclusions put in place in the future by those that have a lot to lose such as the cruise lines and tne insurance companies. As is said in these environs, Time will tell.
  3. I know none of us have the answer but I think the “guidelines” laid out by the EU are a good place to start. https://www.healthygateways.eu/Portals/0/plcdocs/EU_HEALTHY_GATEWAYS_COVID-19_RESTARTING_CRUISES.pdf?ver=2020-07-01-140908-853 Its a lot of pages and some things struck me such as one family at a time in the jacuzzi (if that does get allowed) lots of space between guests in the outdoor pools, no dining with people that are not in your cabin (this could be a deal breaker for some) and the mask issue. Limited daily service (as expected and as hotels worldwide have implemented) and shorter cruises, less ports. I would think that shorter cruises = more guests (obviously) and it would be better to have longer (7 day or more) cruises. Also, keeping a % of cabins unoccupied so that if need be they can be used for quarantine. I think MD notes will not happen as I don’t think MDs insurance would cover them if the signed a note for a person to go and the person got CV whilst onvboard, People on oxygen and immunocompromised would most likely be banned from sailing. i am sure new insurance policies will have lots of exclusions. It will be interesting to see how this works out. I guess the citizens of the EU will be the first guinea pigs. Since Crystal is hoping to cruise on October 1 I am sure they are watching this carefully. Whatever happens these new protocols will add to the cost of the cruise.
  4. Sorry, I guess I thought I was answering OP about where the ship is now and hoping it will be in MIA to sail on Oct 1. We don’t know where the ship will be on 10/1 and we don't know if it will sail. Since Elbon responded about not knowing if we would cruise this year I thought it was ok to make my post. Is there a moderator that can move it to a more appropriate place? Can Host Dan do that? I guess I can delete it or start a new thread.
  5. All it takes is one person, just one, to get onboard with a negative test who then becomes positive whilst onboard and spreads the virus. Maybe to other guests, maybe to the crew, who knows. Have we learned nothing since Princess and HAL spreads in March? Look what is happening in states that reopened too early. Look at Florida, TX, AZ, CA. The numbers are higher than ever. The positivity ratio is higher than ever. It boggles my mind that people not only want to go on a cruise in less than 90 days and that they think its a responsible decision for themselves and others. I advise anyone who thinks I am a “Negative Nelly” to read the Miami Herald article. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article241914096.html The first line states that no government or international regulatory agency is tracking covid cases linked to ships so who knows how many there were. Some of the shows I watched had a graphic of the spread of CV19 directly linked to cruise ship passengers and how it expanded in the ports/islands the cruise ship visited. It is scary. I Want cruising to begin and I just don't see It happening this year. We are not even into the much predicted 2nd spike which should hit in the late fall/winter.
  6. Is cruising the only thing you like to do? I also have missed that planning stage. I just completed one road trip two weeks ago and am starting another next week, I enjoyed getting information on the areas, walking and hiking trails, restaurants, etc. My road trip next week will be to an area where I have been previously but I have been researching things I have not done before. I also have a trip planned to Europe for next June (which hopefully will go) so I am doing the same for that trip.
  7. To get back on topic I watched 3 shows on Youtube about the pandemic on cruise ships. One produced in Canada, one in Australia and one in the UK. The UK one was the most recent and featured a business reporter from the Miami Herald with lots of interesting information. That one also had the (London) Times on Sunday travel editor on who sited cruise critic as saying that many people want to cruise again (also saying it is a site for cruise lovers). I was at a socially distant gathering of 8 people last night and all cruisers. All said they will not cruise again until at least 2022. Cruise prices will have to go up as the Travel Weekly article said to make up the shortfall for at least 18-24 months. I think it may have been better had the spikes in the US not occurred.
  8. Did I read this right? $1000.00 admin fee? Are you on a very long cruise?
  9. I believe this will be the first of many “consolidations” we will see in the future. Don’t know how fast it will happen though. Time will tell.
  10. I have been on 11 different river cruises on 3 different lines and the vast majority of guests were from the US. BTW @Roland4 Happy Canada Day.
  11. All those FCCs floating around will have an impact on cruise pricing. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Insights/Cruise-lines-not-resorting-to-rock-bottom-pricing?utm_source=eNewsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=eltrcruise&ct=cruise&oly_enc_id=3914E3510389I8H
  12. Well, if you received the email from Tom Wolber at least you know he basically said, they missed the 90 day deadline and will probably being having “challenges” for a while.
  13. I dont have a premium subscription to Flightaware.com so I could not check the 777 but apparently it is now flying cargo. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. https://www.businessinsider.com/crystal-cruises-boeing-777-crystal-skye-flying-cargo-charter-flights-2020-4
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