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  1. i think the non answer is your answer and will most likely not be answered.
  2. Unless someone has a Crystal Ball, nobody knows. The can be other variants (Lambda, etc) that mutate and may not be stopped even in the vaccinated. Hope for best, prepare for the rest. I am booking no more than 30 days in advance for resorts, air, etc and all I book are fully refundable in case things get worse.
  3. Non vaxxed friends of mine (the only non vaxxef friends I have) are now looking to book RT Miami. Huge Crystal fans and they were envious when i relayed how fabulous the cruise was, They don't care about the limitations they just want to be on Crystal and enjoy the food and their Penthouse/balcony. @Keith1010. I presume since all your posts stressed being careful and you travel with double masks and face shields that you would not book a cruise that allows unvaccinated guests and would cancel had you been on one of these sailings that do not comply with what we were originally to
  4. Flying in and out of Bahamas, though the airport was crowded is much better than Miami. One has to upload to the Bahamas Visa site a proof of vaccination or proof of covid and recovery. Nobody knows who you are sitting next to on a flight to Miami. Returning from Nassau every single passenger had a Negative rapid test the day before. This of course is not applicable on a Miami return flight. At least I know the status of people on my plane flying to/from the Bahamas.
  5. It seems more like a glorified ferry. People getting on and getting off three days in a row.
  6. I am so glad I went on July 10. I would not and will not travel on a cruise that was not 100% vaccinated guests. I just looked at a fabulous Celebrity itinerary and would have booked Aqua Class but they are accepting unvaccinated guests. Hard stop for that whether Crystal or Celebrity or any other cruise line. I guess they will accept unvaccinated on the Bermuda cruise. Can’t wait to hear what the extremely careful to avoid covid cheerleaders will say about this. A full refund should be offered to those that have booked and now want to cancel.
  7. Seemed prudent to me (and others I met on the 7/10 cruise) to a avoid a possible travel nightmare. I am heading to Europe this week and the country and resort I am going to do not require testing. I just have to upload my vaccination CDC card. I will have to test before I return. Sorry, for some reason my first paragraph was inserted to your post, instead of reply.
  8. There is no Marriott in Nassau. Did they say the Courtyard which is under the Marriott umbrella. Its just common sense to get tested before you fly to Nassau. I did on the day before my flight just to be safe. Others I spoke to onboard did also. Most drug store chains do the PCR or rapid for free.
  9. This thread has gone from children on board to multiple times dining at Prego and Umi Uma. What a transition. On 7/10 my butler was able to get me extra nights in both and at no extra charge.
  10. They weren’t sold out a few days ago. Based on my great experience on July 10, friends of mine were looking and there was lots of availability. Hope it has nothing to do with the two cases detected on the 7/17 cruise.
  11. No everyone does not wear athleisure wear now. I don’t, my family don’t and my friends don’t unless actually working out. My country club enforces their dress code and ath leisure is not allowed in the Dining room at any time. So glad you are looking forward to offending people.
  12. Social distancing or shall I say social seating was not enforced on the tenders I was on. People were sitting on the tape on the seats, not leaving them empty. I also saw guests not wearing their masks in the tenders. I was not aware that Crystal started guests wearing the bracelets. They were not on my cruise. Good idea. I wonder when these two guests actually became positive. Hopefully they did not have a lot of contact with others during that time.
  13. i looked for you everyday at paddle tennis and never found you. I was at the pool area after 4:30 pm and witnessed it one day and the next day security appeared. Thank goodness.
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