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  1. They never determined it because forensics were not performed. What they know is that during the extended lockdown with people in their cabins, people continued to develop symptoms over an extended period of lockdown and they could not understand why. HVAC? The process of distributing food? Or did it simply take over a week for some to develop symptoms after being exposed before lockdown?
  2. When you buy a cruise from NCL in the US you are dealing with a Florida based subsidiary, which absolutely qualifies as a Florida business. This is going to be some fireworks.
  3. And high air exchange rate on a plane. On a ship you have more prolonged exposure to others in areas with poor air circulation. On the Princess ship, it spread even among people in different cabins.
  4. It's not politics. It's the science of infectious diseases. Read the first pages of the Framework to see exactly why the CDC views cruises as high risk, and exactly how the cruise lines disregarded guidance and made it worse for themselves. When you start cruising, 50% of your fellow Americans aren't going to be vaccinated. That's not good odds of an outbreak-free cruise.
  5. Any change in the status for these cruises? Usually a web site/database issue is resolved overnight.
  6. There are lots of us! NCL's ships with solo cabins bring quite a lot of us out. I did it October 2019 on Breakaway after meeting numerous married people traveling without their spouses. Usually it's because their spouse does not share their cruise enthusiasm. For me, it's because I need solo travel time and I love the social element.
  7. I went back and looked. The non-sale price was $880 per person. I did end up getting a buy one get one 50% off sale.
  8. 2 years ago paid $880 USD for an 8 night cruise drink package. It's up a bit as all prices are up a bit but not surprising to me. The "price increase" is adding the gratuities instead of being included as before.
  9. This is a good observation. I am in IT Security. It suggests the pages are re-asserting login status every time they refresh... perhaps if there is a glitch, the reassertion fails and you end up logged out.
  10. I am quite sure I am in a large population of loyal cruisers who will feel the added costs and hassles aren't worth it and will make other vacation choices. I hope it helps the cruise lines survive but I worry it's not enough and we really have to have a protocol that allows US sailing soon enough. A protocol that is not so hard to achieve, that reflects vaccines and less emphasis on surface cleaning.
  11. Also a good point! That one thing really undermines the credibility of the rest of the technical order. Also, the prevailing wisdom is shifting on surface tranmission and constant cleaning. It is finally getting clear that air transmission is the primary vector and surface transmission is rare. So let's stop with the excessive cleaning and just use handsanitizer and handwashing, and maybe avoid buffet utensils a while longer. Air circulation and transmission risk on planes has been studied and found to be reasonably good and lower risk with masks. Air circulation
  12. Not sure what point you are making? But I am open to clarification. DeSantis' isn't Congress, and he has authority over FL state government operations. My point was about the extent of power of a Governor's executive order.
  13. Yes, As temporary measures under emergency executive orders with temporary powers. To control a public health threat. An Executive Order controlling private business isn't going to stand up in court. It will require a law passed by the FL legislature to say that vaccine passports and proof cannot be used to decide who can be admitted to private property.
  14. Not really true. Each cruise line operates a US based company for sales and operations. DeSantis can't regulate the ships. But we have plenty of port regulation for that. What remains to be seen is if DeSantis can really tell businesses what to do, without a law backing it up, and whether he has authority over the local port authorities operated by the counties.
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