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  1. Or perhaps the ship. I carry a basic extension cord that looks very non-technical, but it is three prong since grounding = safety and my PC power adapter is 3 prong! I have heard of many cases of people appealing, getting their item inspected and released to them. Hope that's the worst. My first aid kit has scissors in it. To cut bandages and moleskin.
  2. I always use Chrome incognito mode to check prices after booking. But of course you cannot see a Diamond or past cruise discount and have to estimate. If I see that pricing is close to my current cost without discounts, I call to have it formally checked.
  3. Frustrating. I want my phone at bedside and charging, since I follow the rules and turn off electric while I am out. And I need an extension cord for my laptop. I was able to take one on Anthem June 2019. Looks like this policy got stricter from when only surge protectors were prohibited.
  4. How interesting. 2020 marked the end of a standard 30 year interval for measuring "average" climate activity. With respect to hurricanes, there is a pattern of stepping it up with each 30 year measure and the 30 years ending 2020 shows the same. https://www.accuweather.com/en/hurricane/average-hurricane-season-has-a-new-normal/905558
  5. No... it's in the CDC Framework. Lines must submit an application for a Conditional Sailing Permit at least 60 days prior to first planned sailing. It must show compliance to all conditions of the framework - onboard, and in port, with details of planned sailings, compliance to the crew safety requirements, and include a copy of the USCG Inspection valid for the last 6 months. And that is after conducting the test cruise and filing a report on that.
  6. May is completely greyed out in the Cruise search at Carnival.com now.
  7. they will be focused on dealing with their May, June, July sailings and hoping they don't have to change the ones late in the year.
  8. Legend has a Redfrog Pub on deck 2, separate from the Redfrog bar on the pool deck. Would that not have a pub food menu? Confusing to me.
  9. The requirements of the CDC Framework for returning to cruises has extensive port operations requirements for health care and transportation. We have already see cruise lines plan the first cruises to be at large volume ports in Florida. So it's not surprising to me if they are canceling Galveston or New Orleans cruises for May - zero chance they will have ports with a single ship ready to go at the beginning. Miami, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades are the likely first ports to go operational when ready. Also watch for those test cruises and news of staffing up on selected ships. Those are
  10. answer: it's complicated. They have not indicated in their filings they are in imminent danger. If they were about to do so AND he sold just prior that would be a problem. Insiders are fenced from stock transactions except for limited windows opened and closed under legal scrutiny. It's a pretty sound system. That doesn't stop shareholders from filing lawsuits if they think insiders acted wrongfully, but it would be surprising if a company as big as Carnival were not to follow the rules pretty well!
  11. Wow. Thanks for finding that. Largest contract I've worked on was around 250 pages. I can't imagine. Looks like every ship in the brand is included, even the new Leonardos.
  12. I've gone with TAs and direct. + With TA: have seen valuable perks, such as an extra $100 OBC, prepaid gratuities included, low deposits. Timing can be everything to get such deals. Have never see large OBC always something else with a small OBC. Some agents are attentive and watch out for price drops and sales. - with TA: Not available 24x7 unless big online agency. Unlikely to watch and notify you of price drops or sales with rebooking opportunities. May have cancellation penalties that are in addition to Cruise line penalties. May have Terms and Conditions that a
  13. For a very short stay before or after cruise I recommend downtown, within walking distance of Bayfront Park. For a day or two, South Beach is great. Many hotel options, and simply great fun for daytime and evenings. I stayed at the Hotel Breakwater. Small waist-deep pool but great place to relax with music from club below. Very nice rooms.
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