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  1. Yup. The vacuum thing. I wait a minute and try again. And sometimes it's the actuator - I had a cabin that didn't seem to want to flush at all... until I learne to "punch" the button. And then it was fine! (4 times on Breakaway)
  2. Glad to see people are still talking here and using the things we all contribute! I have repeated my planning for Anthem of the Seas leaving this Thursday and will again for NCL Breakaway November 2020. Here's my promise: I have been adding sources to all my materials and adding more of my over the top shenanigans to my tool kit. After this trip, I will publish all my stuff well enough that others could duplicate any pieces they like.
  3. you guys are all hysterical. Can't be the medevac from today... unless it was a sudden decision to head to Nassau then changed their mind to proceed north again... then evac today off the coast of NC.
  4. I am satellite tracking Anthem in MarineTraffic and just saw this odd move. It is enroute from Labadee to NYC, first of 2 sea days, well east of the Bahamas. If anyone hears of a reason please post. It's too far out for a medical evacuation I would think. Oh, and now it is curving back toward the northeast instead of straight toward NYC. A search perhaps?
  5. We don't use it much... one or two continentals. My recent experience is NCL so not sure if RCCL is much different but did timeliness did not see to correlate... sometimes on time, sometimes late, sometimes early (!)
  6. Assuming RCCL ships have similar characteristics to NCL ships... my last 4 years cruises were on the same NCL ship at different times of the year. What made the difference was children. The spring break cruise felt far more crowded with a few hundred kids than the Early November 15 day repositioning which had perhaps 50 children. The main effects of a crowded ship: Buffet gets full (go early or late) Pool area is often standing room only Longer waits for dining rooms (go early or reserve) Family entertainment gets crowded in low capacity venues
  7. There are only a few places up and running after the hurricane as compared to before, but it's gradually coming back now. None of the places was ever "wild" during the day... party time was evening and only a few stayed open the year I was there for evening time. The differences were in the quality of equipment, and selection of food and drink.
  8. The one golf cart was always full of people during the first and last hours of the port call last time I was there. Even though my wife walked with a cane and could have used the help, could not get their attention any time. The walk is basically a thousand feet from the gangway to the shops... give or take depending on your ship size and gangway location.
  9. Hmm. Well 2 out of the 3 times we've come in by parking on level 3, there was a guy running the elevator that made us go to level 1 to drop our luggage. The other time we did it out of habit.
  10. Go into airplane mode as soon as the ship leaves New Jersey. Enable WiFi and connect to the ship's WiFi service. Try to use iMessage and see if it works. Will be interesting to see, I am on Anthem next week.
  11. There are increasing reports of invitations not going out with reliability as well. Some concerns that Royal may be losing interesting in these events. Tell them in your surveys that you like this event. And organize your own events. I organized a sailaway and a couple of bar meets for our cruise, and not sure if we will see a meet n mingle next week on Anthem or not!
  12. Oh and on that roll call we have the Daily Compass scans from this itinerary just a few weeks ago rather than the 2017 versions.
  13. See you on the ship next week! We have a roll call thread for this sailing over here:
  14. Use the printed tags rather than tags at the port. The port tags can tear off easily and they aren't color coded to help speed luggage to your deck. Every cruise I see people missing luggage or waiting until very late as they search for it. I use those great tags posted above for my cruises now, but before that I used packing tape. Extend a bit, place tag on tape, unroll it further and wrapped it through a handle and back onto itself - the cut it off the roll. Can't fall off. Hard to take off in fact. Also put a sheet of paper in your luggage with your name and cabin #.
  15. That information isn't in your online account. Assuming you booked directly with RCL, you must call and ask them to resend your booking confirmation. If booked with an agency, they send your confirmation. edocs are available sometime after final payment is made (due 90 days prior for most cruises) and your electronic check-in is completed. I can't remember exactly when I saw mine available but I know it was there at about 60 days prior to sailing. it is your cruise contract and setsail pass and luggage tag.
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