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  1. Exactly how is it their "Fault?" It could just as easily come from Southeast Asia, Africa, or South or Central America. How would any of them handled it any better? What if was a mutation or discovery from a cave in the United States? Oh, surely we would have done better? We've demonstrated very well how badly we handle it. Please don't throw stones. Our glass house is already smashed.
  2. Hope it is drying out there in SC! Meanwhile, We have Tropical Depression #5 being tracked near Bermuda suddenly. Well, suddenly yesterday. My Internet access was not cooperative yesterday. Here is what it looks like today, and likely to get a name later but only rain and surf for Bermuda. But wait.... there's more! Another system brewing from all that Gulf activity could cross upper Florida and swing along the eastern coast. Wake up, ninjacat! If that's not enough, the Pacific has: An 80% chance system and a 30% chance system, both well off the coast, and a 20% chance system well south of Hawaii. None are a threat.
  3. Despite that, we have no development expected in the Atlantic, and just one area of 30% change in the Pacific well out to sea. Thanks to the Sahara dust, perhaps.
  4. It does. In fact there is a soggy mess in a belt from the gulf across Florida to the Atlantic and I bet you are getting the top side of it.
  5. Continuing now into a thread for July...
  6. Continuing from June's thread.. This is where I post anything developing but not yet named. When storms get names I typically start a new post for that name.
  7. Atlantic is quiet again. Pacific is not bad but there is a depression brewing which could bring some foul weather to the Baja Peninsula.
  8. After their equipment was stolen (!), and two attempts that did not succeed, a third attempt June 25 raised the ship to float again. It was towed in and now the hard work to clean it, and I would guess a full tear down on the engine.
  9. By the way, the WTC PATH Station has reopened on weekends, 6 months ahead of schedule! https://www.panynj.gov/port-authority/en/press-room/press-release-archives/2020-press-releases/six-months-ahead-of-schedule--path-wtc-station-reopens-on-weeken.html
  10. We also don't tip every time but many times I walk up with $1 and my card in my hand. they notice and you never wait too long to be served. My drinks are always high quality and longer pours. When hanging out at Spice H2O or a pool bar I am remembered and greeted and get much better than average service and better drinks. I get doubles and the good stuff without asking. They work hard and make little and really appreciate the extra. As someone else said - we bring $100 in $1s and use them often.
  11. I think the "Ah to be young and optimistic" comment was a poke at the optimistic original title of this thread. And I'm with @seaman11 , I love a buffet breakfast to have a little of 20 different things! I hope the selection will be there with employees dishing out so I must ask for "just a little" of everything... and we aren't forced to do made to order breakfasts instead. None of their breakfast menus have ever suited me!
  12. Of course I will... but not till Wednesday July 1! Linking it here is a good idea; I will do that.
  13. And the Pacific as calmed down!
  14. June does not want to exit without making more noise! Something along the eastern seaboard and another behind the Sahara dust cloud! Just slight chances to develop.
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