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  1. I would recommend a hotel in the White Plains NY area. The next morning you have a pretty easy 45 minute ride down the Saw Mill River Parkway, which turns into the Henry Hudson Parkway/9A, which turns into the Westside highway/12th Ave... right to the port.
  2. Your cruise may offer transfers to EWR on return which would be a stress-free way to get to the airport. Then find your way back to long term parking.
  3. One reason would be manhattan hotel $300 plus parking $350 vs $330. We don't hear of any similar deals for hotels in the Bronx or CT.
  4. We always have a long drive back to Western NY from the NY ports. So we value our car being right there at the port - off ship as early as we can and on the road in minutes. Any pickup adds an hour or more. Parking in the garage is well worth the extra cost for us even though we could have saved some money.
  5. Same here! Enjoy your cruise. We're taking breakway from NYC to NO in November!
  6. If the ship has more than a few dozen cabins left when the final payment date passes you can bet there will be price reductions. That has been NCL's strategy for a long time. Market prices before then no matter what the "sale" says. Other sales are rate. But the past cruiser VIP special last fall was a rare good deal ahead of time and we rebooked our cruise on that and saved $800.
  7. They really have flexibility and when you are really pleasant they bend the "rules" whatever they think they are. I ate at Ocean Blue on Breakway and was caught helping another table choose their entrees giving my advice on what best best. A place of scallops mysteriously was added to my lobster dinner!
  8. Think of them as the manager of the front end. If there are issues I try to interact with the assistant Maitre'd first.
  9. Breakway was converted and AD is operating on the current sailing. Menus were posted on another place which shall not be named.
  10. In the end, they may or may not confiscate the extension cord, and if confiscated, you can ask to have the ship's engineering staff inspect it and have it released to you if safe.
  11. Here's how it works. Book your excursion, with your platiunum discount. AFTER you take the excursion the $50 credit will be applied to your account. If you pay ahead you will be building up a bigger OBC with the credit. Or you can call to make the reservation for the excursion to pay onboard, then you will only be charged the net after both discounts. CHECK your folio carefully to see you got the platinum discount, sometimes people report it wasn't applied. Never an issue for me.
  12. So with the answers above you know you cannot be sure of your time off the ship... But 9am is a safe bet. You may end up waiting if you get in line early. Pickups are required to line up along 12th ave. facing northbound, that is, on the other side of the street. And porters have been told not to assist luggage across the street as far as I remember from recent reports. It is best if they have your phone number and call you to tell you what cross street they are near. Or perhaps they will be on the first block of a cross street.
  13. True which is why it has been a year and she hasn't gone to fix it. But I prefer not to travel domestically with our passports to avoid losing them. She had her purse stolen with passport and driver's license 2 years ago. A mistake to keep them both in her purse which won't get repeated. But the passport is too big and awkward to keep in a pocket.
  14. New York was late implementing so the normal roll of renewals still have a year or two to complete for all residents. But, when you renew your license they do not make it clear and they offer a cheaper non-Real renewal and a more expensive Real ID renewal. So many people people choose the cheaper one not understanding they MUST have the real ID to fly. My wife got tricked by this and must pay the fee AGAIN to get a new license or must use her passport to fly now.
  15. I was on Breakway last October and got to know the Cruise Director. A lot of these things are based on the choices of the Cruise Director. On my cruise, there were two things the crew did that I had not seen on 4 prior Breakway trips. One was a parade of nations and celebration of each country represented by crew members (In the Atrium, limited seating!) The second was a dance party kicked off poolside one sea day by many members of the crew including the officers (Even Vuk, which was delightful to watch.) Things I missed: Did not see a return to ship red carpet dance party in the last hour of the last port. Did not see a farewell line up of officers and staff as we got off the ship (possibly due to the annoying Immigration check being done on the ship before walking off).
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