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  1. The remaining low pressure to watch east of the. Lesser Antilles has an 80% chance to develop but slowly - in 4-5 days . The path is now bending northwest and may avoid the islands and if we are lucky it will get swept in a full curve to the north and then northeast. Another low low in the gulf has a much smaller chance to be trouble.
  2. Humberto threatening Bermuda as a Cat 2 storm Wednesday night to Thursday. Have heard one Bermuda cruise had notified passengers they are trying to get a new port in the Turks and Caicos or similar.
  3. I am a super fan of the show and have seen it a dozen times. This is a very personal decision. If your kids are mature enough to handle the suggestive nature of sex and drugs then yes. My daughter was ready at 15. By the way the show may be replaced soon so it could be last chance to see it in the next 2 months.
  4. In any dining room on Breakaway, tell your waiter you have a show and what time. We’ve had a few too many 2-3 hour dinners.
  5. Today we have tropical storm Humberto. It is again moved further east so the northern Bahamas are taking an unwelcome dose of wind and rain but impact to the east Florida coast is looking less and less likely. Ports remain at condition x-ray but Indoubt they will go to Yankee and the tropical storm watches were canceled. But conditions are good for development into a hurricane ans. Path toward Bermuda on Thursday.
  6. Opening a New thread for Humberto. Meanwhile our orange X is up to 60% and why not add another yellow X to the map, this time in the gulf?
  7. Port Canaveral set condition x-ray at 2pm today, joining Miami and Everglades. This means vessels of certain size must be ready to sail at a moment’s notice. Cruise ships included of course.
  8. Oh goodness. It looks like a game of “Battleship” now.
  9. Unfortunately, both disturbances east of the Leaser Antilles are now “orange” with 50% and 40% chances respectively.
  10. Which port? the storm is a depression now but will develop slowly. The center is further east than though and Miami is less at risk than this morning. No watches there. Canaveral seems certain to have a port closure.
  11. The other area to watch (orange) is at 50% chance now. Been rising every day. Model Tracks generally agree it will strengthen and cross the northern lesser Antilles in 3 days. Whether it turns into the Atlantic curve, or goes west toward the greater Antilles is hard to see now.
  12. It's taking its time to develop. Note that the tropical storm watch has not been posted as far south as Miami and Everglades. Another nudge east and Miami/Everglades might not go Yankee. Cross your fingers. Pretty sure Canaveral will have to go Yankee and Zulu for Saturday-Sunday. If you study the tropical storm wind speed arrivals posted above, you can see that Miami is at the far outside of the cone. Even though Miami and Everglades are at X-Ray, I believe there is a good chance they will not declare Yankee. The storm has not begun its serious movement and is still not a depression and moving only 1mph. We need to see more movement to know where it is going. Rough to see this just 2 weeks later. Also, look at mid week coming up.. Possibly hurricane strength toward Bermuda. More cruise interruptions coming?
  13. There's lots brewing... see the other thread!
  14. Well here we go again. Potential Cyclone 9 is poised for the northern Bahamas and east Florida coast. Possible short disruption to the east ports on Saturday. But Alabama is safe.
  15. Are you driving or getting dropped off? The drop off location on Level 2 has porter assistance. That's also the level you enter for security and check in. If you are parking, you will be directed to level 3. You may catch a porter if they are still helping people off the ship to their cars - but maybe not - so you could find you have to get your luggage from your car to the elevator (you can drop it off with family near the elevator then go park.) Then you can go down to level 2, unless there is an elevator operator who insists you go to level 1 to drop luggage and then back to level 2 which is what happens to me. If you drive into the drop off level, you have to exit the port at W 46th St, turn left on 12th Ave and go back to W 55th St, turn left and re-enter the port to get to the parking level.
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