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  1. without masks, no. With masks, maybe. Social distance can be really hard on these unless capacity is no more than 50%. Wave pool and rapids can result in heavy breathing and shouting, which makes transmission more dangerous.
  2. Normally we can and should trust the CDC. But they are muzzled by politicians in control of messaging right now. The update that was posted and pulled was just sensible to what we already know. That primary transmission is in air and it can linger and move, so 6 feet apart without masks is not safe. They claim the post was premature, and needed further review, and will be back.
  3. Well here's something we haven't seen in a while. No new tropical developments expected for the next 5 days. Just 3 post-tropical depressions.
  4. That's how it should be for everyone! Thanks
  5. Thanks for that data point. I am pretty sore about how badly we lag the rest of the country and wrote to my county health commissioner and the NYS DOH yesterday about it.
  6. Now all eyes are on Canada. Hockey country! Nova Scotia and lower New Brunswick: Sherburne, Cape Breton, Saint John. Also Prince Edward Island. Weaker but still tropical storm level further in for a large area of eastern Canada.
  7. Teddy ibehaved well ands followed the forecast path. Made the turn a little late but will stay well off Bermuda, with only some tropical storm force effects.
  8. Main issue is flooding rains in the Houston area and lots of rain for a large area. Houston roads flooding were on the news this morning. Please don't drive into water!
  9. Wow! That system in the east was the remnants of Paulette and is back as a tropical storm! Meanwhile, some media and forecasters are making noise about the disturbance near Florida and Cuba but it's weak and only 10% chance to develop.
  10. Doesn't look like we can detect much about this disturbance but I would say your weather is a product of the general flow down the east coast. Look at the size of Teddy compared to Beta!
  11. Are you sure you are goin into the canal? That itinerary looks like you dock in Panama and would take an excursion to view the locks.
  12. Yes. That is our one site in the Rochester area you can to to without a doctor referral or symptoms screening. And 4 days to get an appointment. That is my point. We are one of those areas where you cannot just get a test with these travel requirements for proof from a test given 2-5 days prior!
  13. Pretty much all the cases reported say there was a limited window to choose FCC or refund, and once that window closed you cannot change your request.
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