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  1. Yikes. The reason the warning level was raised is because of the rapid rise in community spread rates. It's not that hard to understand. That means the likelihood of people making it onto a cruise ship despite testing and precautions is quite high - as demonstrated in Barbados recently. A reason they might have done this even though there are no cruises in the US is that people could travel to other locations and board cruise ships. People are quoted about feeling guidance is inconsistent. It's always been 14 days quarantine without testing. Always. Anything less is a vari
  2. I think the direction of travel makes little difference; I would focus on the overall itinerary if there are any differences like # of ports, #of sea days. After that, your travel and convenience and preference for the departure port and return port travels would be a factor. Will you fly at least a day early? Which city would you like a day in (I would choose Miami I think. Fun in the evening in many places.) For ship choice, each has its fans. There are slight differences in restaurants, entertainment, and topside activities (Spice H2O vs. go-kart track for instance.) I thi
  3. Note that lobster availability in Ocean Blue can be subject to price & availability in the departure port. Twice on cruises from NYC lobster was not available for 3 days. Then magically it was available after stopping in Florida.
  4. Aww thanks! Glad I can add value. I do think we have seen the end myself. We still have this hanging about at 20% chance. My bet is nothing will happen with it. We'll see another disturbance or two to watch but I don't think we'll see anything develop! Let's hope next year we have the anxiety ridden issues of watching our cruise reservations as the storms brew... how crazy that we will have lost an entire year... or nearly so.
  5. The vaccines are showing to be effective. The big questions are: * Will enough people get them that we can move about freely without proof from tests and/or proof of vaccines, travel and pack the ships * Will the cruise lines survive financially long enough for revenue to return If the cruise lines run out of cash, they will go through bankruptcy in a complex process across many countries, and most likely they will get financed to emerge but with heavy debt and a a tight leash of covenants to their new big investors. Could also see merges and less competition as a
  6. Only the Atlantic disturbance remains, at 20%. Experts are saying we have probably reached the end of the season, and while one more named storm is possible sea temperatures are cooler and unlikely to spawn any serious storms.
  7. Keep every confirmation of purchase and reservation you make! They go in a "travel" folder in my email.
  8. No change this morning. same % on the two areas.
  9. Let's see if I can paste an image now. The areas are only at 20% (Atlantic) and 10% (Caribbean) now. Ah good it pasted.
  10. But, the chance to develop was dropped from 40% earlier today to 30% mid-day.
  11. wave of the future, I mean present. I've seen the same thing happening at Disneyworld and Universal theme parks and resorts. You aren't required to use a phone to open your door, order your food, see your reserved activities... but it has becoming rather inconvenient if you don't use a phone.
  12. Oh no, another potential storm brewing in the same area.
  13. Oof. A new potential system in the same area. Guatemala has also been impacted by Eta and Iota.
  14. Big storm. Almost all of Nicaragua and Honduras covered by tropical storm winds through the day.
  15. Details of the US and UK Military assistance provided after Eta. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/royal-navy-and-u-s-navy-join-hurricane-relief-efforts-in-honduras UN and Red Cross efforts are significant as well. https://www.voanews.com/americas/un-international-agencies-prepare-relief-effort-countries-hit-hurricane-eta World Food Program initial assessment https://reliefweb.int/report/nicaragua/hurricane-eta-leaves-millions-central-america-needing-urgent-food-assistance And the attachment is from OCHA/ACAPs. Read it. Sobering.
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