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  1. I haven't challenged through the credit card system, because as far as I'm aware, being in the UK, they won't handle it at the moment, because the refund is quite likely on its way. And having waited this long, I would rather it came through from SB, in other words I'm giving them the chance to refund me. I wouldn't think for one minute anyone at SB is deliberately picking and choosing which to delay... there will be reasons, we're just not aware of them!
  2. Whilst I am very pleased that people on this list are getting refunds because we're all in it together.. it is a tad irritating when there are funds credited on either cruise dates after ours, or refund request date after us. It means there is no pattern to this and I wonder if I should be shouting louder?!
  3. No, unfortunately. I am 77 days for first cruise and 61 for the next. I did ring SB UK a few days ago. Whilst the SB member of staff was charming, there was nothing much she could offer me, apart from to wait. She did say that the money would be coming direct into my account as opposed to going via my TA which will save time. She also explained how my Future Cruise Deposit I usedwill be carried over. I was a bit disappointed when she suggested I ring again if I haven't received anything in 90 days! As soon as I receive anything, I will post on here 🙂
  4. I'm hopeful then. 71 days today for my first one, 56 for the next one of 2 back to backs.
  5. I agree. I am awaiting refunds of a lot of money, 69 days today since I pressed the button of our first B2B. We really want to cruise again in 2021, in an ideal world I would like to rebook our 30 days cruise we were due to take. I cannot imagine paying out any money to SB at this stage, not until we receive what we are owed and we also need stability of the line and yes, preferably a vaccine. There are some small positive signs here in UK regarding vaccine development and we're trying to keep hopeful. Without a vaccine I just imagine air travel being severely impacted and expensive, and the time on a ship not being the same experience we've had before. Since retirement we've both been lucky enough to start our travelling adventure all over the world, and we want to continue!
  6. I'm 66 days on one cruise and 51 on the other. I am waiting until the second of my B2Bs gets to 60 (another 9 days) and I am then chasing - easier to do it for both. I am hoping that before that time comes, I will've received the first refund!
  7. I had the same also. Getting a bit fed up of waiting to be honest. Knowing we have two cruises back to back (more cost advantageous to book them seperately) with two different SB reference numbers means that even when I receive the first credit back, I still have to wait for the second one to reach the top of the queue. I am not planning to book a cruise any time soon, but I might have been looking at 2021/22 and dreaming but until I get our considerable payment back, I'm not looking at anything.
  8. I am 67 days for our first cruise, and 50 days for our second (back2back cruises). Today I received what I would call a 'holding email'. I can copy it here. It's basically saying .. hang on, you're in the queue, we'll get to you as soon as we can. And that staff are doing it all by hand working from home, because the automated systems won't work in this instance.
  9. Yes, I shall. I look at the mortality figures and the efficient or otherwise handling of this, now and in the future, and how comfortable we feel about travelling to a particular area, and will base our decisions on that.
  10. I would say Asia has handled this pandemic a hell of a lot better than Europe and the US, acting quicker, stricter self isolation and using rigorous track and trace, their very low mortality rates prove that. When we go back to cruising , it would be my choice to go there.
  11. Maybe it's the difference between UK and US, no idea! I actually might try Twitter, that's a good idea. Thank you. p.s. I just tried on Twitter. They have private messages blocked.
  12. I didn't cancel them seperately. When the cruise was cancelled, so were the excursions automatically. Then they refunded them. (Just the excursions!)
  13. I recognise you both I think, I am sure my husband and I joined you for cocktails in the Obs Bar! (more than once, and more than one cocktail 😁) We're the couple from UK and my husband was at Bridge every opportunity. I wrote a review after the cruise on CC saying how it was such a happy ship and the staff just made it magical for us.
  14. We were on this cruise too, and we dined with both Assistant CD's on their hosted tables. I have no idea about any of this, we just found them both great company at the time. Both they and the CD made it one of the best cruises we've been on. Disappointing to hear this.
  15. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean? Was the $380 for excursions? I got my refund for excursions 16th March.
  16. Great idea. Can we be added please. We had 2 B2Bs. Cruise Date 5 April Refund requested 14 March 2nd Cruise Date 20th April Refund requested 30 March Nothing received except excursion refund fairly promptly.
  17. Personally I much prefer the TK Grill to R2. But I'm not a great fan of taster menus which I find too rich and too many varied tastes. As for the cocktails, we've never had a problem with our favourite cocktails being mixed just how we like. Claudio was a great mixologist in the Obs Bar, and there's been good ones since.
  18. Mine come up, even if I'm not signed in. If I go onto seabourn.com I can see 30 saved and I haven't even signed in! So it works for me. I presume it's saved to my laptop or something. (I think I need to go and delete some 😁)
  19. Interesting! We were due to be on it too!
  20. We are closer to $20,000 for our longest cruise ever. I don't expect to hear anything until about end May. We were due to leave the house today, embarking tomorrow 😥
  21. We have heard nothing either, but I suppose I'm not surprised. We have a cruise cancelled by SB, and as we were on 2 b2bs, another one due to embark on 20th April. I heard from my TA that a decision would be made on the TA crossing and announced this week on another wave of cancelled cruises. It would've been nice to receive some sort of 'we're working on it' email, because once you press the button for credit or FCC, although you get a message on the relevant page that the request has been received, and then that page is gone. This cruise we were taking was the most expensive with SB... typical! I don't imagine we will receive a refund on the first one until mid/end May...
  22. I think our country and others should adopt the hard line restrictions of Spain. We have another home over there so I hear from friends. You cannot leave your home unless for a good reason and you have to prove it. If you have a dog, you can walk it for what it has to do, but only 50metres from your home. One person in a car only. No exceptions whatsoever. (except to take someone to an airport to catch a flight out, paperwork needed) Someone 2 days ago was fined 200euros for visiting the supermarket. The Guardia Civil checked their shopping, they only had beer and crisps (chips I think it's called in US) in the bag. That is an unnecessary journey and so they were fined. In the UK we are in lockdown but I think it will and should get more strict, although it is now slowly sinking in here.
  23. I think I am on the same cruise as you (20 April Quest Miami/Barcelona). How can that happen for what could be a third or more of passengers who are European and can't fly into US to embark and there are no airlines taking us anywhere ?! Nothing will be changing in the UK in the next 3 weeks with our lockdown, we are still on a scary upward curve. I agree, we are stitting tight too! I just wish SB would make some decisions but I suppose they are not ready for the flood of refund and FCC requests.
  24. We did ages ago, but we were on the previous leg too, so that's why I expect.
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