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  1. I watched a youtube vid on this. Whether we like it or not, I think it makes sense. But a lot of it applies to the huge capacity ships, not necessarily SB.
  2. I am not sure what you mean by air fare changes? Do you mean cancelled flights? Was it SB Air travel booked by them? If you mean that, I received mine back on my CC but I had applied for all refund as opposed to FCC. If you are filling out a form, I imagine you arranged and paid for them so yes I would've thought they should go back on to your CC, I can't imagine why SB would offer an expense of yours as a FCC? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Paulchilli.... delighted for you. Such a relief. And tv24, that is just TOO long. What are SB or your TA saying?
  4. At last! Very similar to Place7c. Cruise embarkation 5th April. 98 days since request to be credited. All funds received. Big relief. Fingers x'd for everyone else.
  5. I am UK too and awaiting refund of possibly same cruise (Manaus/Miami) 1. I was told that although I booked through a (well known) TA in UK, the payment actually went direct to SB via the TA. 2. Yes. I have had one later cruise refunded and it went direct on to my debit card, with the deposit paid by CC going onto there, and the CC credit arrived first although I was told that debit card is quicker. No notifications whatsoever. 🙂
  6. Hanging on in there, but seeing later cruises and later refunds happen does make me wonder what on earth is up with my refund! Pleased to hear they are filtering through, but think I'm top of the pile at 95 days and no idea why this is so.
  7. I'm about halfway there. I have received the funds for our second cruise (2 b2bs). But not the first. How strange is that. Embarkation 20th April. Requested 30th March. Received 15th June. 77 days. Now waiting for my 5th April cruise after 94 days of waiting. Please don't let me enter the 100 Club! I think ReefKnot who has been refunded, was on the same cruise (Manaus/Miami) so really hope this is on its way. It'll be nice not to bother with my banking app for a while 😁
  8. tv24, I am same stage as you and this morning, I received the deposit for the second cruise of our two B2Bs. I am hoping that his means things are moving but find it strange, why just this, why not the cruise before this one? And it's only £900 out of a total of £18,000 owed! But to see just anything from SB is good, maybe next week will be the week for both of us!
  9. JPH814 do appreciate your dedication to this. enjoy your holiday in a couple of weeks time, well deserved!
  10. You are officially the founder of the 100+ club, and if it's OK with you, I woud prefer not to join you! 😁
  11. And I was always told... the customer is KING! I found that comment unpleasant to be honest. What is 'whining' to someone could be worry to that person.
  12. I know! It was 2 B2Bs with seperate booking numbers, because at the time, it saved us £££ to do that when booking. However, the second leg, being a simple transatlantic with no flights on disembarkation should be very easy to refund and pay out with the first leg. I have now entered that exclusive club of 90+ days and still waiting, nothing this morning 😥
  13. Thanks for the info. I was told they looked at my outbound flights (through SB air) on 8 June but there was a problem and she couldn't tell me what, or how that would impact on the timing of my refund. That's all I could gather. Fingers x'd for you!
  14. I'm afraid to say it was a less than satisfactory response. Yes, mine is being worked on, yes I have to be more patient and they cannot give me any idea of when I might receive it, and no there is no way of checking up on it further. And no, it's impossible to say if our two b2bs will be paid out together. I am loathe to strongly criticise SB at this difficult juncture because it is such a tricky time for them, needless to say it was a call I would not wish to repeat again if I can help it, for all sorts of reasons I won't go into here. Having spent my whole career in customer facing roles, I know what the best approach is and I was calm, polite and reasonable, I hasten to add!
  15. Although I've taken it up with my TA over a week ago, and SB a week before that, I am today going to ring SB again as I am second on the list as having waited the longest at 90 days tomorrow. We paid by debit card, and I was told by SB that fact would save up to 5 days. Apparently once SB have instigated the refund, it is instant to a debit card but can be up to 5 days for a CC. Also apparently the payment was made direct to SB, despite booking and paying through a TA, which again would make the payment come through quicker as the refund does not have to go via my TA. All this now appears to be just nonsense given the fact there are so many embarkation dates and refund request dates after me who have been refunded, and I feel fobbed off. This was our most lengthy and expensive cruise, it's about $23K (£18K) owed and my patience is wearing thin (understatement!) It was two back to back cruises, and I fear for my blood pressure if only the first comes through and I have to wait again for the second!
  16. Hi... I was actually 5th April cruise and I'm now on Day 88 ! Have you been across to the other thread 'Refund Roll Call'? A very kind poster has put together a spreadsheet showing the current status of everyone's refunds. It's good to compare, if frustrating !
  17. Mine is really simple, 100% refund, two back to back cruises, SB air one way, it did have a future cruise deposit discount applied to both legs, but that's it. Very simple, I worked out what I am owed in 2 minutes. 🙂 88 days and counting...
  18. I don't think so because I am UK and a day on from you at 87 days....
  19. I've been escalated and I'm 90 days on Friday 😬 And yes, I'm with a UK TA also! Whilst I am glad that refunds are coming through, it is frustrating when some are around the 50-60 day mark to refund and there are a few of us who have been waiting over 80+ days. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason to it all.
  20. I am delighted that refunds are going through. Pleased for all of you, but wonder what is going on with mine, 86 days today! And my good friend who was on a cruise in March, was one day behind me, so she is 85 days.
  21. I am exactly 12 weeks also. I wondered if the disparity between the shortest time of refund (46 days) and the longest so far (89 days and still not refunded) was because it's a case of some people have chased SB or their TA and that means the refund has come quicker, but going by your post and you ringing weekly, obviously not! I've only rung twice. I just find it so confusing to have 6 weeks or more difference between when some have been refunded. Very frustrating. JPH814 - I shall report back as soon as I receive any monies, and thank you for all your hard work.
  22. I apologise. I think that I mean Future Cruise Deposits (FCD) so I am confusing matters 🙂
  23. Really? I hope not! I haven't heard that, surely that can't be the case, what if people aren't comfortable cruising next year, I won't be happy with that.
  24. Totally agree. Of all the refunds received, there are only 2 who had to wait over 80 days. And yet there are a fair few people over that 80 day mark waiting, of which I am one. The lowest number of days to wait was 46, well... I am on the way to double that! I also want to echo your sentiment about being delighted that people ARE getting their money back! I have asked if my two back to back cruises could be paid together so that I don't have to repeat the whole thing again two weeks after receiving a refund, but it is in the hands of SB and there is nothing SB UK can do over here. I really must step away from my banking app, I'm trying to limit myself to checking twice a day!
  25. I was told completely the opposite by SB UK last week. They explained to me that the FCD I used for this cancelled cruise can be reused for another cruise when I book. But that I have to make sure I tell the TA that the FCD is there to be used. We have another FCD we took out on a cruise in December, so we have two to use
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