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  1. We just booked The Nest in Remich because it had AC. Not very fancy but Good reviews, clean and an easy walk to the ship. Not sure if you were looking for rooms in Luxembourg City or out on the river. We opted to stay by the river.
  2. You are correct. That is the pickup point. the last shuttle back to the ship leaves about 4:30-5 pm. I wonder when the OP says the first day of the cruise if you are referring to embarkation day or the first full day of the cruise? If you are referring to embarkation day I do not think they provide shuttle service that day. Although I could be wrong. We took the “Welcome Walk” thru St Germaine en Laye on embarkation day after lunch and it was excellent!
  3. I can’t say specifically about the Mekong cruise but in our experience Avalon’s pricing is pretty fluid. We have seen Europe river cruises even during some peak summer dates heavily discounted recently. Often a significantly larger discount is offered if you arrange your own air. And yes, we have gotten substantially better prices through our TA than Avalon directly. For instance we booked last week at just slightly over half of what a Avalon direct was selling it for. That’s certainly not the case on every cruise but there are certainly Avalon bargains to be had if you work with a good TA.
  4. Thanks all. Zach I did look at the DL to CDG but it was pricier than FRA. And that’s an easy 3 hour train to LUX too so we went the cheaper route even though we have to go via ATL outbound and DTW on the return. Still not bad and since there are 4 of us going the savings were significant. And for what it’s worth I called Delta today and the rep said the reason I didn’t have access to the priority seats was because even though I entered my Sky Miles account info on AF site when I booked she said there is some kind of a glitch in the system and she had to manually link the reservation to my account, which she did and got us set with seats. Not eligible for upgrades to EC+ until day of, but I think we would just rather keep our 2/2 side seats anyway. thanks for the info.
  5. We just booked Avalon’s Canals, Castles and Vineyards cruise (Moselle to Rhine) for this June at an awesome price. We board in Remich, Luxembourg. We are making our own air arrangements and flying into Frankfurt then taking the train to Luxembourg City. There is a bus from there to Remich but I’m thinking an Uber might be easier. Has anyone made their way to Remich precruise? all suggestions welcomed.
  6. Thanks for this. I should be good on the baggage issue. I went ahead and pulled the trigger and booked through AF. Only issue now is, when I go to select my seat it won’t give me access to the priority seat section (which according to Deltas info ST Elite + should be eligible for). I guess I’ll just call and ask them what’s up with that.
  7. We just booked a river cruise for early June. Great price on cruise but airfare is lousy during summer months. It looks like our best bet is to fly CVG-FRA (then train or car to Luxembourg). The ticket is either thru Air France or KLM but both are on Delta metal. I have Gold status on DL. If I book via KLM or AF will my medallion benefits still apply (specifically the included luggage allowance and secondarily the possibility of complimentary upgrade) ? thanks.
  8. Any suggestions for getting from London to ship in Tilbury? We travel light so public transport is doable.
  9. Do any US banks/companies issue chip and pin credit cards?
  10. I decided to take a local bus from Molde out the Coastal road. It was quite a beautiful ride. I got off at a rest stop type area that had a nice boardwalk along the water. I had about an hour or so there (there was a cafe and restrooms there as well) then caught the return bus back to Molde. Lovely scenery and quite inexpensive. I did not have time to go all the way to the end of the line along the coast road. It was supposed to be quite scenic but I enjoyed the portion I was able to see. Molde was nice to wander as well. Not touristy at all. The open air museum was enjoyable as well. You will enjoy your day there.
  11. It should not be a problem if you can take your own luggage off the ship. The ship will have cleared customs when you arrive the day before so you should be able to walk off at anytime. we had friends on our cruise last year that disembarked (in Sydney) at 0430 Cant say I got up to see them off 😂 but they didn’t have any problems
  12. Cesky is a not to be missed site IMHO. It’s quite a magical place even without the markets. Salzburg is nice but Cesky is a fairyland over the holidays. If you have not been there before I would not miss any chance to get there.
  13. I may be a little late here but personally I’d do option one. I think there’s a decent chance you might not make the connection from the shuttle back from Gundvagen to the bus to Stegastein. The ferry is sometimes a little late getting in to Gundvagen and the bus may or may not leave right away for Flam. Also if the weather is overcast or rainy the view from the overlook may be pretty limited. But the ferry ride is spectacular regardless. You will be amazed!
  14. And I’ll add a word of encouragement.... I’m guessing your knee will be so much better by summer that you won’t recognize yourself. In 3 to 4 months you will see a huge improvement so keep plugging away at those exercises that hurt so much now. It will have huge benefits in the end. Depending on where your ship winds up docking the HoHo boat might well be your best option. It has a stop right by the Royal Palace in Old Town and another quite near the Vasa and Nordic Museums and if you are lucky it has a stop near your ship’s berth as well, although it’s more likely your ship will be docked out at Oceankaj but if it is there will be taxis and public transport readily available.
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