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  1. I recall we had a very attentive butler in a Hotel. It weirded us out as he would appear the instant we set foot in the room. I much prefer elusive cabin attendants who attend to their duties without fanfare.
  2. I understand the lady from Adelaide who has lost her teen daughter and husband has been evacuated to Melbourne. I read she is in an induced coma and won’t know yet about her loss. This excursion was obviously strenuous so the victims caught up in it were younger. Which makes it all the more tragic. So many young people involved.
  3. we see ships come in and out from our balcony at Henley Beach. Saw it this morning. What time do you depart? A nice pleasant day for you today. Great for sightseeing.
  4. it isn’t just a case of this tragedy happening, is it. It’s the aftermath. Of not being able to retrieve people. Of loved ones knowing their kin is out there and being powerless to do anything. Knowing that it might not improve for a long time. It isn’t like a storm front that comes and goes - the risk for the rescuers is always there, especially if the volcano can erupt at any time(that isn’t exactly what happened this time but it’s just a data point) and with no notice. Of Police dealing with their frustration at not being able to rescue people and then dealing with the frustration of those whose family is on the island. Then there is the incredible recovery period for so many burns victims.
  5. Does anyone other than someone with the correct academic and practical knowledge have any concept of what Level 2 actually means? It’s a meaningless number to me.
  6. 8 now confirmed dead but so many more still unaccounted for. Tragic. Sad Day. I would not want to be onboard. I expect that RCI is offering counselling to those onboard if needed. As so many Australians are involved in the injury and death toll then of course questions are being asked as the peak season of cruising has just arrived into Australia and NZ and it must be ascertained the degree of risk in such excursions. Unfortunately the media just stokes the issue.
  7. Details of the excursion have now been removed from RCL site but someone posted a cache version.
  8. Incredibly disappointing. I’d be happy to just be with family at this time. This is ‘entitlement’ gone to an awful level. Sometimes I despair of humanity.
  9. If it was a ship created issue then there would be compensation. Weather and such - stuff happens. On the current Oasis issue then simply being with family and potential friends onboard might be all that people need right now.
  10. I didn’t think there was anything there that needed the thread to be locked like that, and with no explanation either. I’ve read much worse that is allowed to continue. It isn’t directed at cruise lines though, maybe that’s the difference 🤨
  11. Agree about the media but others in the legal area must start with the probing evidence immediately before memories fade. And that will automatically result in people coming to their own conclusions. At this time I am sure the relatives and friends of those impacted couldn’t care less what others are saying as they try to work through the next torturous period for them. So sad to hear the 85 year old father of the SA man now declared dead to talk of his son.
  12. I don’t need to see or hear from the attendant as long as my cabin is neat and tidy and things are being done. They are incredibly busy and hard working people and quite obviously he or she is doing their job.
  13. Anger and blame are part of the natural grief process and everyone moves at a different pace and also dependent on how much the situation has had an impact on you.
  14. Adelaide Husband and teenage step daughter just confirmed as dead and wife/mother is fighting for her life in Hospital. Such a sad time. At least we seem able to confront reality in this thread.
  15. I agree. But getting back home from here would have been expensive, somewhat difficult and probably very stressful anyway. If it had been been berthed in Auckland then much easier to get back.
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