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  1. https://www.crikey.com.au/2020/04/02/ruby-princess-coronavirus-inadequate-docking/?utm_campaign=Covid19Watch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter First article I've seen documenting the disembarkation of a very ill passenger (who later died) at 2.30am.
  2. Planes are still flying in and out. Some cruiselines and Governments have paid for a charter flight. There is a plan just that the cruiselines don't like it and don't want to pay the costs of flying their crew back home to their local countries. We only have 2229 ICU beds Australia wide and we need double that just to cope with the expected need based on Australian population demographics.
  3. And I understand more crew members just been taken ashore. Without proof it's likely a passenger from US brought this onboard or possibly it had been amongst the crew from the previous cruise although I don't think any reports have come from that cruise. Not sure it matters anymore.
  4. It is where they are now. At anchor. No plan. How is that looking after them?
  5. In getting the crew checked for health, treating those medically who need it, then repatriating them home and the ships returned to NH base then how is this not taking care of them as opposed to them just sitting aimlessly at sea wondering who might get sick?
  6. If you read between the lines it was always going to take 6 months.
  7. The difference being that these ships are bringing much needed goods into Australia and out again. Medical supplies, tools, equipment, foods etc. Cruises bring in local money but not to the extent our export market does. That is our entire economy. You don't have to do a cruise to enjoy Australia and land based tourism will be the go to for a while. The main people making money from cruises in Australia is most certainly not Australia but the cruiseline companies and that profit doesn't stay here. Australia can well afford to go very slow on cruises for a while and not suffer.
  8. Ah, that's interesting. I hope they connect the dots and test all cruise passengers then. Not sure if you know about Ruby Princess in Sydney last week but it's been awful with over 400 passengers here in Oz being positive and sadly poor outcomes.
  9. Celebrity Eclipse is escalating rapidly. A passenger who is now back in hotel isolation in Australia Sydney has tested positive. And she said other Aussies had similar symptoms to her.
  10. Australia now puts everyone arriving internationally into a quarantine hotel for 14 days. All the Australians will get tested. The results will be interesting and made publically known here.
  11. Im so sorry to hear that. No doubt we will hear about it in the media. From last Saturday, everyone arriving into Australia is being put up at a hotel for 14 days so all suspects will be tested. Best wishes.
  12. Thisn isnt relevant anymore! Never was. The Federal Government has taken over.
  13. I understand it is all ships. Thats what the Intervew on TV mentioned.
  14. As I said, The Armed Services are only commanded by the Federal Government and it is no longer a State matter but a Federal matter. The Police and NSW Police Commissioner are likely no longer involved. It has gone up to the highest level. Australias Defence Force will make any appropriate moves.
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