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  1. And we are on the Edge in July, round trip Rome. We don’t have to make payment until May so hopefully we will know something by then. If the cruiseline cancels then obviously money will be refunded. For us I think Malta and Greece may refuse. I do wonder how cruise lines that are rapidly expanding with new builds will work through this.
  2. I suspect we won’t have any choice and that things will be taken out of our hands.
  3. That’s a very big headline. Qantas was down 6.5% today in Australia.
  4. Raised on another forum. Did one of the Quarantine officers testing positive develop the illness between Feb 3 and 6 then take it back onboard from the 19th onwards. Sorry, no source other than the poster seems to have interesting and Accurate info so far.
  5. And being stuck on a ship for 14 days after the cruise. Then have to serve another 14 days before being allowed back home.
  6. I think it will only take 2 weeks for this issue to become clearer. Especially now that Italy is involved, and Venice in particular. I can totally understand why the Pacific Islands are reacting as they are given the recent measles outbreak. Although I also agree that the very low uptake there of the vaccine was a major contributing factor. I think all of us must be prepared for, well, disruption!
  7. The only issue I see with people wearing them thinking they are protected is that they may think they are then safe and venture into risk areas that they may not otherwise do without them. False sense of security.
  8. Italy now seems to be problematic. Especially Venice. If the cruises stop porting there then while the locals might initially be pleased with that outcome the effect of the tourist dollar loss may surprise them. On the other hand if that does happen, then the cruise world will be turned inside out. But part of me looks at the demographic of deaths and in the main, but not always, it is people in their ‘80s and with co-morbidities (in Italy the lady in her 80’s had cancer) when the pneumonia overwhelms them.
  9. And being packed up ready to board the bus to come back to home country then being refused the flight is exactly what happened to an Australian family when their daughter tested positive just before departure. On the other hand at least one person developed the virus on the flight.
  10. These masks are designed to stop people with infections from spreading it to others. In reality unless replaced every couple of hours and a perfect fit they are pretty much useless.
  11. Ok, I thought you might be suggesting that when it gets warmer the situation will improve as opposed to a time reference.
  12. It is summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Strangely the planet has two halves. So this area will be moving into winter in May.
  13. It’s quite isolated. But to be honest I think the whole concept of isolation will be gone in a few weeks and it will be one of those Viri that people catch and some sadly die.
  14. But I think that is entrenched so much in society these days that it’s accepted as normal.
  15. I found them really hard to listen to - I know he is under incredible stress but only when his wife/partner talked did I get a handle on what is happening so I gave up listening a few days ago.
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