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  1. Helps with ensuring I don’t get dehydrated and that helps maintain good blood flow. Dehydration causes issues with blood flow and makes you more at risk of clotting.
  2. Understandably so. I experienced a DVT in my neck just before we flew out for a cruise to Alaska a few years ago. I’m a little concerned about flying and drink so much water these days.
  3. Its an Australia thing. All our bookings include Tips and we booked direct through Viking.
  4. Oh wow, yes it is a perfect fit. Thanks for that, I’d have thought the pouch was much smaller. I received the Einstein quote. Seems to be a bit of a cat fur magnet! 😂
  5. And just like that, they have arrived by courier. The package is the best I’ve received from any cruise line. And I like my first Viking pouch. Also included a card to say we’d pre paid gratuities - part of the price in Australian bookings plus the SSP. The usual tags and baggage labels plus our booklet. It must really be happening now! We are 5 weeks from the cruise in Alaska and 3 weeks from leaving Australia for the US.
  6. Thankyou Rod. I’ll be following your cruise on the Orion web camera! Bon Voyage, you will be in for a fabulous time. Next Friday (week) after Anzac hopefully they will arrive with 2 weeks before we leave. We booked through Viking direct. I’m on the lookout!
  7. I’m pleased to see the staff involved in dishing out the chocolate. On a Celebrity cruise the kids handling the chocolate made me walk away even though I love chocolate. We were on a Cunard cruise on Easter Sunday. Oh my. The number of Easter chocolate and eggs onboard was amazing.
  8. And this is what concerns me as I’ve read others had to do the same in the various ports. We are departing from Vancouver next month and have to do US customs entry at the same time and it might be exactly when we need them. It’s the first cruise ever Viking has done out of Vancouver so I’d rather not be the experimental failure.
  9. We need ours early too but all we’ve been told is that we can download it if it doesn’t arrive in time. Not quite the same really. Being in Aust we have to wait even longer than US people as they are sent to Viking Australia in Sydney and despatched from there. We leave 2 weeks before our May cruise.
  10. It’s all about the way the photographer sees the world rather than the camera they use. And you see it beautifully.
  11. How soon are you travelling? I’m hoping for mine any day now but being in Australia it takes longer. Others on our roll call have received them already.
  12. And this ad appears on the top of this CC post
  13. I love this part about Viking being able to check just in case. On Celebrity there is an automatic door that blocks access to all cabins until the announcement. On Cunard you board at 12 and have immediate access. I think I’ll be doing laundry pretty much straightaway after 2 weeks already in the USA and Canada.
  14. Yes, that makes better sense. I’ve always thought of the Zinfandel as Rose because here white is white wine and pink is rose or blush wine or sparkling.
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