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  1. Perhaps the cruise lines will invest in the Abbott Labs 15 minute test. After check in you will have to report for a test and wait 15 minutes for the results.
  2. I had the cruise insurance through RCL on my next cruise which was just cancelled. I booked my airfare (non refundable of course) directly with an airline. Royal cancelled the cruise. Will the cruise insurance pick up the airfare loss. It was to Dubai and back from Rome (changed to Greece already), so fairly expensive fare. The T&Cs talk about being reimbursed for traveler cancellations due illness, and other reasons. But they do not seem to address what happens if the cruise line cancels.
  3. I would expect all dry docks/refurbishments to be put on hold until the end of the virus problem. You have to remember this involves a lot of workers at the dock to do the retrofit. With all the travel being restricted in country after country how are these workers going to get to work? Plus all the workers would have to work in close quarters...
  4. https://www.citynews1130.com/2020/03/13/feds-announce-flight-restrictions-cruise-ship-ban-amid-covid-19-outbreak/ Canada ports now closed to ships with more than 500 passengers until July 1st. There goes the AK cruises...
  5. I have a feeling the price increases are automatic. People are cancelling their close in cruises and booking future ones. The computer sees the "brisk" sales of future cruises and automatically raises prices as the ship fills up. Just like with airlines, the faster the seats sell the more expensive they get. There are way too many ships, cabins, itineraries, etc to be manually priced. The base parameters are put in for a cruise and the computer takes care of pricing afterwards.
  6. RCL had almost 11 billion in revenue last year (page 37 of 10k). If you calculate about 72% of that from cruise fares (page 14) and the rest in on board spending (that is why they push drink/dining packages so much), it is 7.2 billion in fares. 60 days of fares is 7.92b/365*60 or about 1.3 billion dollars. ( https://fintel.io/doc/sec-rcl-royal-caribbean-cruises-10k-annual-report-2020-february-25-18317 ) 1.3 billion is a lot of cash. They ended 2019 with $244 million in cash (page F-6). They just borrowed another 550 million more. They need a lot of people to take a FCC.
  7. The easiest/best financial thing for RCL (and other cruise lines) to do now is delay. They all probably have plans now to close up shop for a period of time, but the longer they delay the announcement the more cash they can conserve. If at this moment they do the Princess/Viking policy, they will start having to refund cash. But, the phone lines are jammed with people voluntarily taking FCCs instead. The faster they can process these FCC for customers calling in the more cash they can conserve, plus they are assured of a lot of bookings once the problem clears up. This also has the added benefit not having to discount as much in the future since people will have to use these credits before they expire. I know it is a bit cynical thinking this way. Princess probably had so many cancellations with their bad press that they were probably at the point that cancelling did not cost them much actual cash. Once the other lines reach the same point of minimal cash outlay for cancelling they will probably make the same announcement.
  8. Viking also cancelled all cruises https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/03/12/coronavirus-viking-cruises-suspends-cruise-operations-until-may-1/5030006002/ What happened on Princess could have happened on any cruise line. It is only a matter of time if they keep sailing that it will break out on a Royal ship somewhere.
  9. They probably will not have a choice in the matter. If a bunch of popular cruise destinations close, they may not have enough itineraries to keep a reasonable schedule going. I do not think people would want to a bunch of cruises to nowhere...
  10. As I understand it once their contract is up they will go home. But, they have the option of starting a new contract as soon as they desire. They can start right after the last one ends if they wish. They can apply to different ships and could be transferred if accepted.
  11. One also has to remember that there is a flu vaccine, so a person with the flu is not as likely to infect as many because a lot of people have been vaccinated. Unfortunately the flu vaccine makes covid 19 death toll worse. Essentially all the vulnerable tend to get the flu shot saving their lives, only to face covid 19 which no one has been vaccinated. Yes, the flu would have killed them if they caught it, but since they had the vaccine they did not get the flu, now they get the corona virus which kills them. Hence the nursing home problem in Washington State, they probably all had a flu vaccine saving them from the flu only to have the corona virus come along and get them anyways.
  12. Your booking confirmation should show what your GTY is for XB-GTY is for an "external" balcony.
  13. I do not think that there will be any more at sea quarantines. Essentially they may be forced to return to home port to have an orderly evacuation of the ship like they are doing in CA now with passengers put into land based quarantine. Having a ship sit in the harbor for weeks where passengers and crew infect each other has been shown to be a bad idea.
  14. Royal did address the airline change fees in the email: If you purchased flights through our Air2Sea program, we’ll reschedule your flights home for you. There is no need for you to call in as we will be sending your new flight details via email no later than Wednesday, March 11th. If you booked your flights independently, you may reach out to your airline carrier to assist with the changes. If you re-book your flights on your own and incur a change fee, we’ll reimburse you up to $200 USD per guest for Domestic flights and up to $400 USD per guest for International flights, with proper documentation. Please submit your receipts to RoyalGuestRelations@rccl.com for review and reimbursement. If you need assistance accommodating your travel home, our Air2Sea Team is available to assist you at 888-372-9996 from the US or Canada or 019321834223 Internationally. If you’d like to re-book your flights through our Air2Sea Team, you’ll be booked in economy class flights at no additional cost. Please know, flights are at the discretion of our Air Sea Experts. And, if you booked airport transfers through us and are changing your flights through the airline directly, please contact us to provide the new flight details.
  15. I just got off the phone with American Airlines and changed my flight. They were nice enough to wave the change fee this time. They said however if it changes again I would have to pay both change fees. Hopefully it will not change again. I can just imagine the number of flight changes this virus is causing. A couple thousand airline seats just changed with this one cruise... The big highlight of the trip is Jordan, so hopefully it will still stop there.
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