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  1. We had dinner with the captain on Infinity a few years ago. It was 4-5 couples and held in Tuscan Grill. We met first for champagne and introductions in one of the lounges then went to dinner together. The captain ordered group appetizers and we each were able to order our own entrees. We had group photos and individual photos with the captain. everything was complimentary. It was a nice experience. we were invited to an officer lunch on Equinox last month but declined because we didn’t feel like dressing up during the day unless it was specifically with the captain.
  2. Lobster was served on the second chic night. We did the same thing and skipped specialty dining that night.
  3. Enjoying your posts! We were in an Edge villa last year on one of the 3 day preview cruises. It was so luxurious. enjoy the rest of the cruise. Looking forward to hearing more about it. I would love to do a movable feast cruise sometime.
  4. I am so saddened by this post. I first “met” vtcruiser about a year ago before our Edge preview cruise. I so enjoyed her insight and willingness to share with fellow cruisers. Whether it was a full blown review or a whimsical survey, she really kept us in the loop of all things Celebrity.
  5. Visit the host once the casino opens. They will give you the code for the internet (it won’t be automatic over your elite perk). They will also put a sticker on your seapass card indicating the drink package. I don’t know about the cruise benefit - I think it’s just when you book a cruise some discount is applied based on previous play. But it’s not like the old days where you get a certificate. You should be able to call Blue Chip and see what you are eligible for.
  6. Thanks for this info-I was literally just looking for it the either day. Glad that they are making some changes but they do seem pretty sparse. One of favorites is actually gone - the braised beef gnocchi appetizer. We ended up special ordering it another night. A little secret that I’m not sure is well known - with 24 hours notice you can special order a regular menu item from a different night. It’s not guaranteed and I wouldn’t do it often but once per cruise it’s a treat.
  7. We sailed last year on Equinox with Avaleine (not sure about spelling) as the Michaels club concierge and she was one of the best. She was leaving after that cruise and not sure if it was for vacation or for good. We always do the self carry disembarkation and she was completely on top of it. Our ship came in on time but must not have been cleared for some reason because we were about 40 minutes behind schedule. She was in constant contact on her radio getting updates while we enjoyed the comforts of the lounge. When it was finally time to go she led us out a “back door” to disembark first
  8. This is exactly why we love Celebrity - while we sail in suites we still enjoy the entire ship. It seems like other cruise lines have such opposite experiences between suite areas and non-suite areas.
  9. This thread has so much useful information! Regarding the robes, I can see that some were getting wasted but perhaps Celebrity should put a note in the suite saying they are available on request. We shouldn’t have to chase them down. And only Cruise Critic readers would actually even know to do this. This system will work for us as I am looking forward to mine but my husband could care less. what a wonderful idea to get the Murano cheese plate to go. We will definitely being doing this in December.
  10. The attached post has pictures of the new penthouse balcony furniture. One of the responses posted some pics of the Royal and Celebrity balcony furniture next door so you can really see the difference. The Penthouse furniture looks classy and comfortable. I can’t imagine why Celebrity would not have splurged to put the same in the Royal suite-there really aren’t that many. My thought too was that those planters would impede rearranging the furniture which I have a tendency to do.
  11. I think Key West is just hard place to dock in general. We sailed on Equinox twice last year with scheduled stops in Key West. During our January sailing we skipped the port (just an extra sea day for us) because they couldn’t get into port. Our September sailing during hurricane season was fine to dock. I recall it was either winds or fog that caused the problem.
  12. Looking forward to following your trip. We will be on Equinox in RS December. This will be our 3rd time on Equinox and we’re curious to see the mini revolution.
  13. Follow up question for those who have done an MSC cruise out of Florida - what is the smoking policy in the casino? One of the biggest reasons we love Celebrity is that the casino is non-smoking since we spend a good deal of time there. It sounds like Wonderman’s casino has a smoking and non-smoking section but I thought maybe that’s just because it’s a European itinerary. That is actually a make or break situation for us. We did a Royal Caribbean sail on Symphony last year after mostly Celebrity cruises and it was awful (the smoke, not the cruise).
  14. Gordoncruickshank - Good idea on looking at late bookings. We've lucked out in the same manner with some of our Celebrity cruises. CGTNormandie - I agree the rooms look very comparable to a Sky suite although the bathroom looks a little more cramped on the floorplan. I'll have to ask Wonderman about that. SempreMare - those 2 Royal suites on MSC offer much more space. We like the separate bed area - its not a deal breaker, but some separation is nice. The main things we like are the larger bathroom and a "work" area. My husband often ends up working on our cruises (a small trade
  15. Thanks for the link-I’ve enjoyed the initial posts so far. We have been mulling a sail on MSC but the thing that holds us back is the YC rooms. They seem to be glorified balcony staterooms. There are 2 true suites but I can search a 6 month period and not ever find those as available. I know many people sail in suites for the added perks and the room isn’t the main draw. It seems like MSC is catering to those cruisers. But we’ve gotten spoiled with all the extra space and large balconies on Celebrity. Look forward to reading more of the review.
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