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  1. Thanks to OP for posting! It's good to see that they are working on getting this industry sailing again.
  2. We requested our pre-paid DSC be refunded on March 9th also (prior to cruise cancellation by NCL). We are still waiting....119 Days now!
  3. We stayed at Paris Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. We felt safer there than when we visit some of our local businesses. Our room had a sticker over the door saying it had been sanitized and no one else had entered. There was not regular house-keeping but we did grab some extra towels from a housekeeper in the hall one day. The slot machines were space out from each other. No one crowded in closer to us. Many machines had been moved to form 4 sided squares so that they could each be used without being close to the next one. (A ship wouldn't have room for that spacing without removing many machines😟) Paris also had large buckets of sanitizer wipes so you could ensure your machine and chair were clean before you started to play. Hand-sanitizer dispensers (like on ships) were everywhere. They also had employees everywhere with buffet-type tongs to hand you a mask if you needed one. The employees seemed to be keeping a good eye on those walking in off the strip. A day or so after we left the Governor of Nevada mandated mask wearing, but Paris & CET properties were mandating before that. Temperatures were checked when you went to check-in area, but I didn't notice the scanners anywhere else.
  4. Yes, Bermuda is definitely better with the 7 day itinerary. More time on the island🌞 I've been watching, but haven't seen new cruises posted yet for the period they cancelled.
  5. I am just using my already paid for Cruise Next certificates to hold cruises I'm hoping will sail in the future. No more cash out of pocket until sailings start. Just called and changed my October this year Joy cruise to January 2022. I found it's easier to just move that deposit to a new cruise than wait for it to be (probably) cancelled. I'll be watching my three 2021 cruises to see if I need to re-book those farther out.
  6. Confusing the way they have cancelled several cruises and yet expanded August 22nd from 5 days to 7.
  7. Can you tell us the date of your cancelled cruise? I'm starting to wonder what they are planning for The Joy
  8. Hmm....🤔 Makes me think they are moving Joy out of New York earlier rather than just changing itineraries out of NY. I wonder what other ships may be affected by 'Fleet redeployment"
  9. The Getaway has always been a favorite with us too! Thanks for your detailed and informative review. Great Pics!
  10. It's a better deal for a 9 or 11 day cruise. (15.50 per person per day for first two in cabin)
  11. Yes, I saw the cruise I was watching go up when this new promo went into effect. Balcony Cat A went up $150 over-night for 9 day cruise.
  12. My best guess is 'Yes'. They have been charging the 20% fee on Drink package and Specialty Dining on 'Free at Sea'. My very favorite promo is 'TaxFree Sale' as it pays your Port Fees and Gov Taxes. It's been a couple of year since they ran that one. I would love to see it again, but I could be happy with the Pre-paid Gratuities too! Let's hope something good pops up tomorrow 🤞
  13. It's already past June 24th, but we can hope 'Timing subject to change' would bring us this promo for the Fourth of July🤞
  14. They had an OBC credit promo running around Memorial Day in addition to the Free at Sea. We got $200 OBC for our Balcony and $280 OBC for our Club Balcony (former Mini-Suite). Maybe they'll add something for July 4th.
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