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  1. Very fun review! Really love seeing the boys reaction to boarding the ship. We took our 3 boys on a cruise many years ago so it's bringing back great memories for us. (Now they buy their own cruises!) Looking forward to more😊
  2. Nice to know those higher port fees are due to a good reason. I'm certainly going to make use of that casino on the Gem this summer! (And I agree with CasinoCompChick....it's best we don't mention this on the regular NCL page😉)
  3. There is always a desk set up when you board to make/change reservations. It will have all the menus too. Also, the touch screens located by the elevator lobbies will have the specialty menus on them plus that day's menu for the MDRs.
  4. Oh....I hadn't heard that explanation before. The number crunchers are seeing the benefit I guess. Still, I have to hope they change up these promos eventually!
  5. I'll still be watching .....maybe in vain....for the 'new' promo when current expires tomorrow night. I just can't believe how long they running with this 'free airfare'. It must be bringing them bookings but you have to think it's costing them $$ too!
  6. NCL must be getting a heck of a good deal on that airfare they keep pushing. I'm so tired of seeing that promo😒
  7. The show Velvet is showing under entertainment for our May 5 Breakaway cruise but when I try to select it to see more information the page isn't available. Tried this last week and again today.
  8. Fingers are crossed for you🤞 Last two years I have found lots of great cruises available on the TaxFree Port sale.
  9. That is possible. However, it's also a way to put some under-booked cruises 'on sale'. It's usually been ran for 'selected sailings'. They also included the Encore last year to get bookings long before we would know what would be onboard. (Well, we are still waiting for some of that info!)
  10. We agree, we like it for a nice open air complimentary breakfast. We've enjoyed the breakfasts there on Escape & Breakaway. Haven't paid yet for lunch there....and hardly see anyone else trying it. It has been reported you can sit at the bar area and order Nachos for a decent price. If you have the UBP you can get the Margaritas there as I believe they are all under $15.
  11. I love the dessert souffles in the MDR. Most recently had the awesome banana souffle with a whiskey sauce. In the past I've enjoyed an apple souffle with a cranberry sauce. I also love the new bruschetta appetizer in the MDRs.
  12. Can you let us know if they have some of the newer slot machines? Pictures I can find of their casino are pretty old.
  13. We haven't cruised on Carnival in the last 15 or so years and yet Carnival has been sending me emails 4 or 5 times a week. Offers like "Free Inside Cabin" , or "$500 Free play and $300 off Casino rates". I came here to read what recent cruisers think of Carnival and their casinos. I think I'll just stick with my free Spa Balcony or Large Balcony offers from NCL. They have been very consistent with what they give me. There is an Admin Fee of $20 per person/per day but we are OK with that. And since I've achieved Tier status in their casinos, each cruise I start with $400 of onboard credit, 250 minutes of wifi and some other perks. I like being able to count on what they will offer me. As soon as I get home from a cruise I just call and book another. (Currently have four future cruises booked.)
  14. We sail out of NOLA at least once a year. Great place to visit pre or post cruise. The cruise starts with several hours on the Mississippi before you reach the Gulf.
  15. Love those pictures! Counting the days now until I will be sitting on the Waterfront and enjoying my lobster roll on the Breakaway🛳️
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