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  1. One of the Main Dining Rooms is usually available for lunch. Also, you can go to the buffet or O'Sheehan's. These are all complimentary venues. There is also Shanghai Noodle bar (also free) that could be open for lunch but I think you may need a reservation. (On the sister ship Breakaway a few months ago we got a reservation for lunch.) Margaritaville (up one deck from the buffet) is open for lunch but there is a fee and many who go there do not find it worth the set cost. (Search for Margaritaville threads for more info). There is one more option available on 'At Sea' days. Ocean Blue has a walk-up window on the Waterfront deck. We love the Lobster rolls there (about $10 each). It also has a couple of other options like Crab Tostadas. Getaway is a great ship! Have fun and enjoy your cruise😎
  2. The rooms at Harrah's are some of the nicest we have stayed at with CET. We cruise out of NOLA at least once a year. The actual hotel is across the street from the casino. There is a covered walkway that goes under the street if you have to avoid some rain. Sometimes we just take a trip to Harrah's there without a cruise😉 The hotel is in a great area, lots of good food, and the people are super nice. Easy to jump on a streetcar and explore NOLA. The hotel desk usually has an easy to read street map to help you explore. (Just be careful where you walk at night.) The casino is smoke-free due to local regulations. We absolutely love playing at the casino there. Some nights they have a live parade band walking through. Always fun there! We usually play in Las Vegas and are comped suites there. The 'regular' rooms at Harrah's are great and we are happy with them. Usually they give us a two room corner suite that has a dining table, large couch and TV area. Both types of rooms have large bathrooms with bathtubs, double sinks and separate large showers. No jetted tubs unless they are on the top floor. (Never had a top floor room....maybe someday!) The higher floors all have good views of the city or river. It's fun to wake up and see your cruise ship sitting there! It's really our favorite casino & hotel so we use our annual SevenStar trip for this property. I haven't heard of a Harrah's specific shuttle. (They send a car for us.) My DS has used a airport shuttle that goes to several hotels. If they are booked solid at the Harrah's hotel they can comp you a room at other hotels that are very close. My DS was comped a great room at Le Meridian (across street) and another time at the Hilton Riverside a block away. The Hilton Riverside is at one end of the Riverwalk shopping mall and the port is at the other. We roll our bags from the Harrah's hotel over to the port. Takes just a few minutes. You walk towards the end of the Riverwalk shopping mall and through the parking lot there. Then you cross the streetcar tracks and you are at the port building. Usually you run into the porters who can load your bags before you cross the streetcar tracks. We have been retired for a couple of years and find it easy for us to walk there. Those that need to take a taxi or car service will find it may take longer to get to port as they direct the traffic one-way around the convention center and some construction in the area. When walking you are cutting directly through to the port. Police are there directing traffic. We love that NCL is now scheduling larger ships out of NOLA. More cabins available for us☺️
  3. We were on the Gem about a month ago. We really enjoyed two of their production shows "Swing" and "Blazing Boots". Very talented singers & dancers. I know they were in a couple of other shows during the week and I regret me missed them.
  4. It usually opens about 35 or 45 minutes after sail away from New Orleans. It does open several hours before you actually leave the Mississippi and enter the Gulf. Not sure what law covers it, but there are casinos in the New Orleans area. (We always stay at Harrah's before & after the cruise. Walking distance to the port.)
  5. We've never had a problem changing a reservation to a different date or time on embarkation day. Later in the week it can be almost impossible to get a preferred dining time. If you decide to not use a reservation, please be sure to cancel so that someone else has a chance at that day & time.
  6. Yes, my DH goes to buffet and loads one plate with bagels, cream cheese and bacon. Then he throws a 2nd plate over the top to carry it back to the room. I use 2nd plate for my bagel breakfast. Don't forget to grab the utensils wrapped in a cloth napkin. And as Bird Travels has noted, do not throw those dishes in the hallway. Just stack them on your counter and the room steward clears them. We usually ask for dessert 'to go' from Cagney's or other specialties. They have sometimes offered to deliver to our room for us and other times they add a plate cover and hand it to us. Since we eat earlier in the evening and then go to a show or the casino, it's nice to eat dessert in our room later.
  7. On our last 7 or 8 seven day cruises (in past two years) I have noticed that day Six of the cruise has had the same menu on each ship. (I like the dessert menu for day Six!) We usually have made reservations ahead of time for our 5 specialty dinners per week and I have been leaving Day 6 open for a Main Dining Room night. So based on my observations I think most ships do the days 1 to 7 menus in exactly that order, but they can change it up if they choose to based on various reasons. These have been Eastern & Western Caribbean and also Bermuda cruises. Perhaps if your cruise is a transatlantic or other cruise the menus could be re-ordered due to supply issues.
  8. Sorry your first meal on board didn't work out! We always have our embarkation lunch at a Main Dining Room to avoid the crowds at the buffet or O'Sheehans. Nice to hear that Breakaway still has the breakfast buffet at Moderno. When we were last on Breakaway they also had a great themed lunch buffet in Moderno on 'At Sea' days. Did you happen to try that? (I hope they still have it). Thanks for sharing your review with us☺️
  9. Yes, last time I saw the 'Tax Free' sale was in April of 2018. I booked two cruises under that one and I've been watching for something that good since..........still waiting......and waiting........and waiting......sigh.....
  10. The Local on Bliss (Feb cruise) has a different, but similar menu than O'Sheehan's on our Gem & Breakaway cruises this last year. Just off the Gem earlier this month and I would bet that Jewel will have the same menu. Sorry I don't have a photo of it, but if you search for recent menus (2019) you should be able to find it. O'Sheehan's items that I don't recall being at Bliss are things like Shepards Pie, Bangers & Mash, Fajitas, etc. All were pretty good 'bar' food. They both had hamburgers & hot dogs and I think both had Wings. (I know O'Sheehan's has Wings.)
  11. Easiest to take your own. They usually add one of those paper straws to a frozen drink but you can't count on it. Plus, the paper ones add a strange taste to your Mudslide!
  12. I do not add my credit card to the on-line check in. I'm trying to somewhat limit how many times that card number is in somebody's online database. I just say 'cash' during the online process. Then I add the card I want to use when at the pier.
  13. When we were in Moderno on the Gem earlier this month a man in a tank top was sent to change to a t-shirt. He wasn't happy about it. He continued to wear his baseball cap🙄
  14. The Platinum meal entree limit was $35 earlier this month
  15. I hope it is so. Just wanted you to be aware that I have read here on the boards more than once that only the first two get the pass. Good luck on your bidding🤞
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