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  1. Thanks for this link. That is quite a sight with so many ships. We were supposed to be on the Encore now😕
  2. A CN redeposited for just 200 of the 250? Very strange! Yes, I think you are right. They should be able to send some sort of generic email to let us know they are working on things. I don't want to call and question the CAS agents as I don't think they have any control over this part. Meanwhile, my DH's account has too much FCC listed and my account is ignored. Using our two CN deposits, we were just waiting for a little over $200 of FCC. They listed $330 for him plus another 80 something for the 25% bonus.
  3. It is looking like they are having greater difficulty refunding CN deposits for those of us who booked comped cruises through Casinos at Sea. Still waiting.....
  4. I'm still waiting for the return of my 2 CN deposits. Booked through CAS, and my DH has received a FCC email but I have not received an email.
  5. We booked an April 5th CAS comped cruise that NCL cancelled. On April 3rd my DH received the FCC email for the full total listed under his 'Guest Two' on our confirmation. I haven't received anything from them. Mine should include return of two Cruise Next deposits for a total of $500. My 'Guest One' half of our combined cost is less than $500. As the two Cruise Next deposits were under my name, I am guessing the computer can't figure out as my half would be less than that $500 deposit.
  6. I'm still waiting for my FCC email. My DH received his early on April 3rd. I'm mainly concerned about the return of my two Cruise Next certificates. Our cruise was to start yesterday so I was hopeful they would finally be put back in MYNCL today. Is anyone else still waiting to receive their Cruise Next deposits back?
  7. We loved Onda on our January cruise. We enjoyed it so much that we had it booked twice for the cruise we were supposed to be on this week. Well worth using a dining credit. Also enjoyed Los Lobos and Ocean Blue. Suggest you look for the menus and see what interests you.
  8. My DH received his FCC email early this morning. His MYNCL is showing the FCC and bonus 25% FCC amounts. I haven't received the email yet and there is nothing under MYNCL yet for me. His FCC is for the entire amount of $330 that is listed under his name. Also another $82 of bonus FCC. Great, right? And now here is where it gets strange.... Two CruiseNext certificates ($500) were under my name (still waiting for them to post back to me) The grand total under my name is another $330, how do they compute mine? Total of $330, minus 500 for CN.....and that equals a negative 170🤔
  9. I hope so🤞 I keep checking but nothing yet for our April 5th Encore they cancelled.
  10. Not much of a surprise update, but Nevada governor says to keep the casinos closed to April 30th. Here is an interesting link to pictures and a Las Vegas news report about what it's like inside the closed Caesar's resort: https://news3lv.com/news/local/lights-out-a-look-inside-caesars-palace-as-it-waits-to-reopen
  11. NCL seems to be working on other groups before getting to us that booked through CAS. I imagine the CAS agents are having an easy time waiting either. And still waiting.....
  12. Have you seen your FCC yet? (Your cruise was the week before mine)
  13. Were you on a CAS comped cruise? We still haven't received any emails from NCL for our cancelled 4/5 cruise. I'm glad to see this email, but why aren't they sending it to all of us? Others on my cruise booked through other channels have already received their FCC email and Cruise Next Deposits back. Our booking was through CAS and we haven't received any FCC emails plus still waiting for our CN deposits to show up on MYNCL.
  14. Are you calling directly to CAS? We haven't received anything yet. Please let us know what they tell you.
  15. And another day with nothing from NCL about the April 5th Encore they cancelled. Others on my cruise reported receiving their FCC email on March 19th. I was thinking I would immediately re-book, but now I think I'll be waiting.
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