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  1. I was on the Breakaway twice in the last 10 months and both times we got the itemized bill early in the morning. It's always been stuck in the 'mail' holder to the side of the door. Same thing for our Bliss cruise a few months ago. Like the others have said, I always check the bill a couple of times during the cruise. The last night I am always waiting for CAS to comp a few things off my bill. This has occasionally caused a credit balance problem that looks like 'Unused non-refundable OBC". I have been in that early morning line before, but once I just called the post cruise guest services line and it was fixed for us. Last cruise I just checked the TV bill a couple of times that last night/early morning. It was interesting to watch it go from left-over OBC to finally being correct. My DH woke up to see me taking a photo of the TV screen, but he's used to me obsessing about that last bill now😏
  2. They award something like $25 in freeplay to someone playing a machine or at a table game. I believe you need to have your players card inserted in machine or checked in at your table to be eligible. I won the freeplay once.
  3. Interesting! It makes me wonder if it's somewhat like the notifications that reset themselves and we had to change back to what they were originally. I wonder somehow if you could then change it back to your original email and it would see it as a 'new' address and work with that one. CC Help didn't tell me that they had specific trouble with my Yahoo mail or my Chrome browser.
  4. What a fun start to your review! Can't wait to read more😎
  5. Yes, I have read all of those and written in a couple of them. There can be a difference between notifications (the bell symbol) and emails so I decided to start this thread. Sorry for starting the new thread, it's just that I'm just so frustrated that they can't seem to get an email to me that I decided to ask this question specifically rather than piggy-backing on the other threads again. Just wondering if it's only me or if there is a number of us with this problem.
  6. Suggest you search for a spreadsheet that was on CruiseCritic a couple of years ago with good info on Breakaway/Getaway cabins & balconies. Decks 9 & 12 are deepest, but we like these Aft Balconies because we have some shade for our loungers. For more sun, you might want to look at the large balconies forward on Deck 9, or the mini-suites with large balconies forward on Deck 8.
  7. Is anyone else still having this problem? It started in late May. (I was gone on a cruise and do not know the exact day emails from Cruise Critic stopped). Yes, I have rechecked/reset and saved my notifications preferences. Yes, I have checked and emails are not going to spam. Yes, I contacted CC Help and was unable to receive a 'Test' email they had the system send. I am able to receive emails from the Help desk, but none from the forums or the CC information emails they periodically send with news.
  8. By chance, do you have pictures of the Main Dining Room menus for nights 8 & 9? We will be doing a 9 day cruise and want to plan our reservations. Although we know they can mix the menus up, most reviews have the same menus for nights 1-7 so we have a pretty good idea of those. We really love your review and these beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing with us😎
  9. We loved our barefoot cruises on Flying Cloud, Yankee Clipper and Legacy. We first saw a WJ ship in Antigua and chatted with a nice guy on Amazing Grace. He invited us onboard to check out the ship and showed us how he was updating the Captains cabin. Such a nice guy.....took us a little while to figure out he was the owner of those ships😎 After that, we researched and booked our first WJ cruise. It was fun to do back-to-backs and 'Stowaway' during the week-end hanging out with the crew. So sad the way his kids ruined the company.
  10. We enjoyed our Haven experience a couple of years ago, but will not pay to repeat it. While it was nice and the restaurant and Haven Bar were great, we never could enjoy the Haven 'pool' area as some kids had the area taken over. Since then, we have happily cruised 8 or 9 times in Balconies and Mini-Suites. We would rather cruise more often and not have our experience determined by who shared the Haven with us.
  11. Will be looking forward to hearing more about this new restaurant from those of you sailing before us. I wonder if it will be listed for one of our Platinum dinners in place of La Cucina. We will be onboard in late January.
  12. We use magnetic hooks from Walmart and they have worked well for us. We also take along a S shaped flower pot hanger or door hanger for a wreath. Inexpensive and lightweight to throw in your suitcases. There are a couple of spots in a NCL cabin you can hook one of these over and each can hold a couple of jackets or other heavy items. We hook them over the top of the cabins TV cabinet or by the mirror.
  13. Odds are they will keep extending the Double Up promo. I have been using two certificates per cruise since at least Feb 2017 and booking four cruises each year. I noticed that the information that CruiseNext team hands out on board refers to using two certificates and doesn't state an end date.
  14. Loving your review and pictures! Thanks for taking us along😊
  15. Looks like the larger balconies are on Deck 9 only?
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