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  1. Sand and Seas

    bliss tips feel free to chime in

    We enjoyed the light lunch available at the Observation Lounge and never found it crowded up there (maybe because it was a warm weather cruise?) Also enjoyed Los Lobos and Q. Different than our regular NCL specialty restaurants. Shows Havanna and Jersey Boys were fun too. We didn't find the $Million$ slot machine but had a lot of fun in that casino. Lots of new machines and a good selection. We heard several jackpots announced which was encouraging. The casino hosts were great, too. A very lively casino that gave us some nice amounts back to continue to play with. Didn't come out ahead, but didn't expect to!
  2. Sand and Seas

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    I have read of this happening before. This is another good example why it can be best to just call and upgrade to the cabin of your choosing. Thanks for sharing. This is good information for others to learn from.
  3. Sand and Seas

    Just of the Escape yesterday 3/17/19

    Does anyone remember when the menu changed at Bayamo? We were on the Escape four times and loved Bayamo for our first three cruises. Our fourth Escape cruise was one of the last cruises Escape made from Miami. On that cruise Bayamo was a huge disappointment. New menu, and perhaps it was too new for the chef. Even the salad was bland. However, we still loved Pincho Tapas .
  4. The M6s have the largest balconies (except for HC Aft). They are also all on deck 8 which makes it easy to get to the venues on 6/7/8. The Aft balconies have differing sizes of balconies but most are smaller than the M6s. Some do not like that more cabins above can look down at your balcony in a M6....but balcony envy is THEIR problem Minis have nicer showers too, but we like both kinds of cabins. I would suggest you look where they are on the ship and what decks you will be visiting the most and would like to be close to. Are you OK with using stairs & elevators more? Both are great cabins to have on a warm weather cruise.
  5. That's just what we do! Have a tip folded ready to go with your keycard.
  6. Sand and Seas

    No Straws but still Bottled Water

    Just off the Bliss earlier this month. They are not handing out those paper straws freely. We had a couple seated next to us in a restaurant that asked for a straw and were denied. They were not drinking frozen drinks. We ordered a couple of frozen drinks during the week but only once did they come with the paper straws. We didn't ask for them as we had brought our own along. Just surprised they denied someone who had asked as they clearly had those new paper straws onboard. Moral of this story--- bring your own if you really want a straw.
  7. Promos have been pretty much the same for quite awhile. Sometimes they add some OBC in addition to current promos for particular cruises and dates. Last April they ran a 'Taxfree Port & Gov Fees' promo for oceanview and above on select cruises. That's a really good promo!
  8. Sand and Seas

    just off the Gem 10 day--3/8-3/18

    Strange that La Cucina had trouble with over-cooked pasta! Must be more new servers. I wonder if they moved some of the crew from the Joy to this ship? Hopefully the language issues will improve as they spend more time on the Gem. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We will be on the Gem late August out of Boston.
  9. Sand and Seas

    Just of the Escape yesterday 3/17/19

    We agree with you about Bayamo. Used to be good, but has gone down hill. Very strange about the limitations they told you! It's supposed to be upscale and you pay the upcharge. We will not be booking it in the future without hearing they have changed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!
  10. Sand and Seas

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    One thing to remember when you are checking categories on NCL site is that it will only display a maximum of 15 cabin numbers and more are probably available. So if you see less than 15 in category MA (top Mini) for example, that is all that is available. You would then want to check MB, MC, etc to see how many total mini-suites are available.
  11. Sand and Seas

    New NCL Terminal at PortMiami

    Hmmm.....my Encore cruise disembarks 2/2/2020. Maybe??? But I guess the true test is for the first embarkation 🙂
  12. Sand and Seas

    Spring BREAKAWAY Live! 3/10/19

    No, I have never seen drinks allowed at muster. Usually a table as you walk in were they have you leave them.
  13. Sand and Seas

    Harvest Caye Charges???

    We have enjoyed our three visits to HC as a very laid back beach/pool day. Easy to walk around and easy to get a lounger. Great Stirrup Caye we found rocky, uneven terrain and very difficult to find a lounger as we weren't the first off the ship. We enjoyed having the complimentary lunch at GSC but have no problem walking back to the ship at HC for lunch.
  14. Sand and Seas

    Spring BREAKAWAY Live! 3/10/19

    Sorry your cruise is over. Looking forward to your final thoughts.
  15. Sand and Seas

    Live from the Bliss 3/9-16

    Thanks for sharing your review with us! We were on the Bliss a couple of weeks before you. If you can't squeeze into the Cavern to see the Beatles group they do a show in the main theater one night. We really enjoyed them. Now I'm sorry we missed the Nashville group in Q.
  16. Sand and Seas

    Magens Bay after hurricane

    Great news! We are so excited to get back to St Thomas. How much cash would you suggest we take? Can we rent chairs & umbrella?
  17. Sand and Seas

    Cost of taxi and getting into magens bay?

    How long was it to get to the beach? Were the stops just photo opps on the way? I do like using ships tours as we have credit to pay for plus they will get us back on time. Our day in St Thomas is a short one.
  18. Sand and Seas

    Orlando/Cocoa Beach Hotels

    Can you tell us more about the shuttle to port? How long was it by shuttle?
  19. My best guess is no. We heard an adult at the table next to us on the Bliss 2 weeks ago ask for a straw and get denied. I would think if the restaurant would have a straw for kids they wouldn't deny an adult who asked for one. (Age discrimination???) We were only offered one straw all week and that was with a frozen drink at a bar. Other times we ordered frozen drinks we weren't offered the straw (but we had our own).
  20. Sand and Seas

    miami airport hotels

    Another vote for Blue Lagoon area. I l love the sweet plantains (maduros) at Casa Juan. Very safe feeling and walkable area, and we love going to the Publix too. They have a great deli counter and make great sandwiches.
  21. Sand and Seas

    Boston 1 day

    We found the SeaPort area to be very walkable. We were staying at the Aloft. After walking around and exploring the day before our cruise we just decided to roll our luggage to the port the next day. Might not work for everyone but we enjoyed the walk over.
  22. Sand and Seas

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Have you checked your credit card? Maybe you are processing🤞
  23. Sand and Seas

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    When people get a chance to bid on Joy upgrades, it will be interesting to see how the Concierge class comes into play. Will the two Category upgrades restrict balconies to bidding on MiniSuite and Concierge? Or will they also get to bid on Haven?
  24. Sand and Seas

    Royalist Defects

    We have cruised Royal, Carnival & a couple of other lines years ago. We now stick with NCL. DH no longer has to bring a suit (even though he looked great in a Tux!) Now we still dress up a little most nights and enjoy going 'out' for dinner, but we really do enjoy not being locked in to a certain time to eat. NCL's night life is great and reminds me of when we go to Vegas (Yes, we love the casino too!)
  25. Yeah, we tried a BBC and a Mudslide with the paper straw from NCL. Tastes a little different and doesn't hold up for the whole drink. Definitely detracts from the experience