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  1. Thank you. I thought about that but would rather have the large overhang than almost none on the side cabins on 11.
  2. We were in 1138 for a couple of weeks on the Summit. I loved the location but did not like hearing the movies and football playoff games above us. The music from the Sunset Bar was enjoyable unless it was competing with the big screen upstairs. For the third week we moved to a C1 on deck 8 which is so much quieter but we missed eating in Blu. With that being said, I would book the A1 aft again for the view and location.
  3. Since it's moving day, would you mind telling me which Aqua cabin you were in and how you liked the location? I've only been in the aft facing ones on deck 11 but they're taken for a cruise I want to book so I'm trying to decide where I want to go on deck 9. Sue
  4. This makes sense but they could at least offer some higher end wines for those who have the premium package and want to try different wines.
  5. For ships without Cellar Masters, it would make sense to have one bar with a more extensive selection of wines by the glass. It would also be nice to have a sommelier there but now I'm really dreaming.
  6. Nice. On the Equinox they only gave me one slice with a lot of berries on top. I'm sure they would have given me another if I wanted it. I really miss Blu! Sue
  7. My favorite breakfast in Blu was the French toast with fresh berries on top.
  8. When I was on the Equinox last month I asked a sommelier who was coming out of Craft Social about where I could get a nice selection of wines by the glass since Cellar Masters was no longer there. He told me that the better selections were only available in the dining rooms. They did have a decent selection in Blu but that didn't help during the day when I wanted to try something different. Someone on CC thought they had a better selection at the Passport Bar so I'll look into that when we're back onboard next month.
  9. Thank you for the great information! I had no idea this could happen so I canceled the extra flight so we wouldn't lose our original ones.
  10. Has this happened to you? I did this yesterday and both of my flights are still showing under my account.
  11. We're scheduled on SW the day after Thanksgiving which gets us to FLL two days before our cruise. After this past weekend I decided to book an extra flight down later in the day as a back up in case something goes wrong with our original flight. Once we start boarding, I can cancel the extra flight. We fly out of Baltimore which has a lot of SW flights so there are plenty of options.
  12. We also love the LeMeridien but were disappointed that Toro and the Tequila Library were closed on Sundays. The pool area is so relaxing.
  13. Every time we've been in Aqua our reservation shows Select Dining which I think they use as a default selection. On the first day you will have a card in your cabin showing a suggested time to eat in Blu but you do not have to go at that time.
  14. In Sept we had the Summit booked out of POM followed by the Equinox in PEV and had made arrangements with SAS Transportation for $15 per person. Since we had a day in between sailings they were going to take us directly to our hotel in FLL but they also go directly to the port. We had used them years ago and it went very well. Unfortunately the Summit was cancelled so we didn't use them this time.
  15. We were on the same cruise as Jim and did this also. One of us is over 70 and he had no problem driving the cart unless I sent him in the wrong direction. We took the southern route and saw some donkeys, flamingos and wind surfers. It was nice to be able to stop when we wanted without getting off and back on a bus. We did stop at a beach near the end but it wasn't that great. It didn't take long and we were back onboard for lunch. The next time we may do the northern route. I still remember being on Woodwind in Bonaire with you when you did you first snorkel trip. 😊 Sue
  16. Thanks for the memories! We enjoyed seeing you again. I really need to get up earlier next time to see some sunrises. Do you recommend Arashi Beach for snorkeling? We'll be spending Feb in Aruba so I'm looking for places to go. Sue
  17. We also really enjoyed spending time with you, Russ, Toni and Jim. Finding seats at the bar during the downpour was perfect! I can't think of a better place to get "trapped". lol
  18. Some passengers did wear masks but it was not required. I felt more safe on the ship not wearing one than I do going to the grocery store with one on.
  19. We were in Blu and they seemed to have a nice selection of reds. There are more than what's listed on the app.
  20. Good to know. I'll check it out in November. The sommelier I spoke with didn't think any of the bars had premium choices but I should have checked for myself.
  21. Martinis before dinner and wine with dinner. 😉 We're doing well and hope to see you sometime again!
  22. We were on the 9/17 sailing of the Equinox and I was disappointed with the selection of wines if you weren't in a dining venue. Since Cellar Masters is no longer there, I was told that there is no other place to get a premium wine during the day.
  23. The emed account already had both our names on it because I listed them when I first ordered the sets so there was just one log on. I wasn't able to set up the Navica app on my laptop so we each set up our individual accounts on our phones. When we each logged onto emed, we were directed to Navica where we could enter our own logins. Hope this helps.
  24. After logging on to emed, I was transferred to Navica so very easy since I had already set up my account on Navica.
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