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  1. I didn't feel confident enough about our 9/25/20 cruise to the ABC islands so yesterday I changed it to next Sept. We had a reservation for a golf cart rental in Bonaire so I let them know that we wouldn't be there. She replied that they don't believe ships will cruise to Bonaire this September. I'm still holding out some hope for the end of November but we'll see.
  2. This morning I changed from 9/22/20 to 9/17/21 on the Equinox. Because it went from 10 nights to 9, the Celebrity rep had to get a supervisor's approval so it took a while but they sent a corrected confirmation within 15 minutes after I got off.
  3. Celebrity cancelled our 3/23 cruise on 3/13 and I requested a refund by phone on 3/20 due to the "70 and over" doctor's note required at that time. The rep told me to expect a refund within 7 days which I know now was not possible. I followed up on this a month later and was told that it was in the process but it would take 30 days. Today I called about something else and asked them to check on the refund while I was on the phone. She told me the port fees and taxes were credited but the initial request was entered incorrectly so she had to get Resolutions on the line to correct it. It w
  4. Last November we heard a creaking sound in our cabin only when the ship was moving. The next day they opened up either the wall or ceiling to reattach a loose cable which took care of the noise.
  5. We had Yoga mats in our Aqua cabin on the Summit last November. Having an extra large balcony is perfect for Yoga!
  6. We spent 3 weeks on the Summit in November with the first two weeks in 1138 and I agree about the noise. At times it was difficult to sit out on the veranda and read and there were times when I could hear it inside the cabin with the door closed. I think some of that may have been when football games were playing. The third week we were in a C1 aft on deck 8 which I prefer but missed the service and food in Blu. The location of 1138 is great if you aren't sensitive to the background noise.
  7. I am really enjoying your review of the cruise and the wines! I feel terrible about asking you to try another bar 😁 but if you make it to the World Class Bar, would mind asking Santos whether he'll be there at the end of March? A few years ago we did the Mixology Class with him and had a great time so we would love to see him again. Other bartenders told us that he is the best. Enjoy the rest of the cruise!
  8. Thank you for taking the time to post this info. We've been on Woodwind a couple of times and can't say enough about them but after reading this, I reserved a golf cart for September. We'll be there from 8 AM to 8 PM so there will be plenty of time to explore the island. What were the best spots for snorkeling and did you need fins?
  9. We have 3112 booked on the Connie for 2021 because it looks like there is a little extra room due to the position of the doorway although I haven't seen the cabin. Is it much different than the other cabins in this area?
  10. We were also on this sailing along with the two prior to it. I never get tired of sailing out of San Juan in the evening so we always make sure that we have dinner before sail away so we can be on our veranda or at the Sunset Bar. Set dining at 8:30 makes this impossible unless you eat at a specialty restaurant or the buffet that evening. The pool party for sail away is not a big deal to us. Either way I'm sure you'll have a wonderful cruise!
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