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  1. Johnny Rockets on Anthem is a counter service venue. No waiters.
  2. Patty looks like she’s lost even more weight! She looks fantastic. Looking forward to more of your review. Thanks for taking the time to do it 😊
  3. I’d feel comfortable booking 11am or later. Chances are so much greater that your flight will be delayed than the ship delayed. I too was at my gate by 9am and then my 12:20 flight was delayed until 3:00.
  4. I booked an 8E balcony on 14 that looks to have a huge balcony compared to the other 8E’s. I figure I’ll book a week Loft 19 pass. It will probably end up cheaper than booking a Havana balcony and get basically what the Havana area offers but a private balcony. If the Havana area offered a private dining room I may think differently but yeah it doesn’t look like it’s worth the premium to me at this time. I’m also not happy with what they did with the spa and the spa rooms but aside from that I think the ship looks great.
  5. I moved our Christmas cruise to a different ship and they charged $50 administration fee per person on our new cruise invoice. They wouldn’t wave the fee but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Good luck!
  6. That’s my experience too. $50 per person penalty and the rest back in a future cruise credit. So if you’ve got 6 people with $100 deposit on each you’ll lose $300 and get $300 future cruise credit.
  7. I had the value plan on the Breeze and had no problem with getting and sending emails. I was able to text, WiFi call and access any websites I wanted.
  8. In my cruise manager for my Christmas Breeze cruise, specialty restaurants have to be reserved and paid for now. I’m hoping they still honor my reservation I made months ago the old way.
  9. I met a couple in Cozumel who said they went to guest services and pleaded their case of the wife being pregnant but the husband wanted to purchase cheers and they allowed it. The OP shouldn’t purchase it ahead but once on board go to guest services and ask.
  10. We rent a car at the airport that we drop the next morning at the rental agency close to the port and take their free shuttle to the ship. This way we can go to the drugstore for stuff like sunscreen since we carry on luggage on the plane.
  11. That’s what we always used on the kids when they were little leaving the beach. Definitely works.
  12. What a beautiful place to be on your 50th birthday! Happy Birthday 🎁🎂🎈
  13. If you have a Citibank credit card that’s part of the citi easy deals program, you can get the same Carnival discounted gift cards. $90 for $100 and $450 for $500. It’s so much easier than taking those quizzes and no shipping charges. I just ordered some cards Sunday night and had them on Thursday.
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