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  1. UPDATE— I received the rest of my refund today. So totally refunded on canceled cruise within 10 days. I’m very happy with that.
  2. I just got $1500 refunded on my credit card today for my canceled October cruise. I called as soon as I heard it was canceled on 8/5 and figured I’d be waiting forever for my refund but now I’m just waiting on about $350 and I’ll have all my $ back. Good job Carnival!
  3. How about the fact that the Governors in NY and NJ both signed executive orders that ordered Covid patients brought back into long term care facilities from hospitals? These idiot governor’s are responsible for about 40% of the deaths in NY and NJ. Are you going to deny that too?
  4. My October Pride sailing is gone. No sailings out of Baltimore showing to book until November 15th.
  5. It is, do your research before you reply with your untrue response
  6. Good thing these aren’t legitimate charges. You can’t charge for services not rendered.
  7. Yes but you can take steps to mitigate the worst case scenarios and with Covid-19 restricting certain age groups would help.
  8. 2/3 of all covid-19 deaths in NY were people 70 and older. In fact 90% were 50 and over so unfortunately complications with this virus go way up with age.
  9. Easy to say when you’re retired and not effected by unemployment. If I had $4000 hung up with a cruise line and was on employment I’d most definitely dispute the charge on my credit card. Shame on Carnival and all the other travel companies holding on to people’s money for services not rendered. And shame on all the posters who have posted any negative comments to the OP for using a legal recourse to get their money back from a company operating in bad faith. 90 days to process refunds is ridiculous and is just putting the companies financial troubles on their customers. How about tak
  10. and minus the dedicated dining room but the plus is kids under 12 can’t be booked into the cabins or use the pool area.
  11. The flu vaccine contains at least 3 strains of virus, sometimes more.
  12. This sounds like a real win for the doctor and the insurance companies and a big lose for the patient. How do they know if your blood pressure is elevated or you’re wheezing or you’re dehydrated..... Definitely not a good option if you’re sick.
  13. Thanks for the review! I’m excited to try the breakfast at Guys. I hope it goes fleet wide but maybe it has and I’ve missed it in all the mass hysteria.
  14. The site is working perfectly for me and has been all week. Try different browsers and clearing cookies and cache.
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