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  1. Both Celebrity and HAL have (had?) pretty well-regarded kid programs, though. Not all children want climbing walls, water parks, or cartoon characters 24/7. I have always wondered how the brochure promises stack up to reality, though, especially if there aren't a lot of kids on the ship during off-peak times. On one of my HAL cruises, there was a kids group crawling around the floor in the elevator vestibule outside the club. They had counselors with them, but it seemed like an odd adventure to be having. The main point is that it was a wide range of ages, and I suspected that I was seeing the entire group that day as the main room was empty, and there were no more than 10 kids there. On one of my Celebrity cruises, every time I passed by the entrance to the kids club, there was a sign up saying that hours were curtailed due to lack of participation. Both were February sailings.
  2. Two critiques: --They're not going to give you a full refund. You took the cruise. It is unreasonable to expect 100% back for this. Their argument will be that they fulfilled their obligations by offering a program staffed with employees. Think of a reasonable solution ("rather than the future cruise credit, I would like that offer as a direct refund instead") and negotiate from there. --Telling them you'll never sail with them again is cutting off your nose to spite your face. They have zero incentive to try anything else if that's you're response. I understand your anger and would be mad, too, but your communications with them will have to change if you want a solution. What you've posted so far is going to start being ignored because your legitimate complaint is being overshadowed by the over-the-top language you're using and the demands you're making.
  3. There were five of us growing up in a house that had a single bathroom. If you're used to it, it can work. It just takes a little planning to make sure everyone is up and ready on time.
  4. I would take the 11:30a departure with the longer connection if you have to connect in Toronto. It's only an hour longer in total travel time versus the other flight departing that day, but you'd get a chance to stretch your legs and maybe have time to get a bite of food, too. You will have plenty of time to get from the ship to the airport for either flight. It's only half an hour away if you take the airport train. The reason I would do the Saturday morning flights is that, even if you're a little later in getting home that night, you at least have Sunday to recuperate in your own home.
  5. If it's a card benefit, isn't AMEX the one who would be providing it? I've pretty much stopped using my AMEX because they've gone way downhill in their customer service, and I get better return on other cards. However, their T&Cs do note that there are category & fare restrictions. Sounds like you're running into that for this specific trip. Sometimes the answer is "no" and they cannot do anything about it.
  6. Not unusual for full ship charters to run differently than regular public sailings. When they're renting the entire ship, they can pretty much do whatever they want. One music charter I was reading about let you pay to dine in what is normally the suites-only restaurant on one line, for example (and the suites were relegated to the MDR otherwise). The brochure even said that although you would get loyalty club points for the sailing, that was it as far as loyalty program perks.
  7. Most Neptune suites have a sofa bed for 2 people. The ones listed as triples have a sofa bed that only sleeps 1 person. To the OP: I guess whether you all will "fit" depends on whether or not 2 people want to stay on a sofa bed for that many nights and how good you are at sharing the space. The cabin itself is pretty spacious. It would be doable if you're used to bunking together, I think, but I don't know that I'd want to do it for 12 days. It's a pretty port intensive itinerary, though, so if you plan to not be in your room much, that could make a difference. I personally like the suggestion to get two rooms: either the one SB and a category lower than the SS or just go with two lower category rooms if you don't want to deal with "suite" versus "non-suite" differences. Neptune and Pinnacle suites get the suite amenities. The Signature Suite is just a bigger room.
  8. The general advice for consumer issues is to not invoke anything that suggests you may be intending to sue. Most corporations will refer your case to their general counsel from then on out, and the general counsel's office is not going to provide any customer service. Basically: do you want to exhaust your other options first and possibly get a resolution you like or do you go nuclear from the beginning & end up with nothing? That's why I cautioned the OP to leave her career out of the complaint to the VP. Tangentially, as a customer service rep, would you really want to go the extra mile to help someone who was threatening you with legal action, especially if your hands were tied on the matter?
  9. The cabin itself is a standard veranda cabin on S-Class ships (M-Class, there is a slight size difference). It will not be comparable in size to a junior suite or suite on the other lines. The general agreement on here is that concierge is good if you want the extra loyalty club points or really like the location of the cabin. Aqua Class offers a better experience in that you get a dedicated restaurant. There is a 2-person limit in those cabins, though. Suite class gets you more. The lowest level suite is a bigger room but not a true suite. Lots of perks, though.
  10. To find out "why," you'd have to ask Celebrity. I'd contact the butterfly place directly and ask them if there is something happening on that date. Could be that they're closed for some reason. If not, X sometimes cancels things and then re-posts them. Hard to tell, which is why you should ask them.
  11. Seeing the prices for this and other bookings, I agree that the OP has a right to be angry. Those are well within the realm of reasonable fares for a 7-day cruise in the lowest suite category, even on the newest ship. Having a confirmation in hand strengthens the case. If the VP responds and doesn't agree to honor the fare, I'd then send a letter to the President asking for reconsideration. They surely have call logs to go back and see what happened on their end.
  12. They do not have to honor mistake fares. If the price is too good to be true, then that's probably part of the issue, especially at the suite level. What was the price and for how many people? The VP may make them honor the fare but more likely they'll offer some additional OBC if you book. If you had booked airfare, you'd have more of a case to get additional money back but at this point you're out nothing but your time. I would also not throw out the "I'm an attorney" card when you write to the VP. Most companies will send you straight to their legal department when you do that, and you stop getting responses.
  13. Well, that cruise does depart at 3:30, so I would wonder if the OP has all their other facts straight
  14. Average daytime temps in VA and NC are 60s & 70s during that part of the year. It really is too hard to predict as of course there will be variances, but I wouldn't think it would be too cool, especially during the daylight hours.
  15. Dining services are part of your daily gratuities fee. If you want to tip extra as you go, it would be easiest to just give them cash. You can ask to be assigned to the same service team every night, and they'll do their best to accommodate you. You're paying a premium for access to Blu, so if you're not going to eat there more often than not, I'd look into downgrading to a regular balcony room instead. Blu and the Persian Gardens access are the two big Aqua Class amenities. The Persian Gardens on the M-Class ships are really not much to write home about, IMO. They're interior rooms (no sea views). If you're really into thermal spa therapies, it is ok for that. It's not what I would consider an oasis to hang out in for several hours, though. This thread gives lots of opinions about Aqua Class. Just keep in mind that you're on a M-Class ship. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2676415-is-aqua-class-worth-it/
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