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  1. You will get Elite tier benefits with the status match from Celebrity. This is a list of the amenities: https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/captains-club-tiers-and-benefits-chart.pdf The UK site has a page for Captain's Club, too, that includes the same information but in a different format.
  2. The toilet training thing is applicable to all cruise lines as it is a health regulation. No diapers (even "swim diapers") are allowed on splash pads or pools on most ships. That is definitely true for Royal, Carnival, HAL, and NCL. I think Disney is one of the few that allow them on some of the splash pads (but not the pools). The age limit for Royal's kids club also starts at 3 years old. They do have some scheduled activities for kids younger than that, but, like Celebrity, an adult has to be there with them. I don't know the policy for every cruise line but suspect it's similar. Just a fact of life that most cruise ships are not really geared to kids younger than 3. That doesn't mean you cannot go--just that expectations need to be set accordingly. When you decide on a line or two, read the specifics for their rules. There is also a forum here on Cruise Critic that should have some useful info related to family cruises: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/28-family-cruises/
  3. That email address is to ask for assistance, so they should reply back. In general, what's on offer is what is on offer. I've never noticed "within category" upgrades.
  4. There is an age limit posted to take the guesswork out of it. What other rules are ok to break because you want to break them?
  5. You should still ask on board the ship. The people on the phone are reading from a script or may have misunderstood what you're trying to do.
  6. You should be able to change to the lower price but if the lower price doesn't include the perks, you won't get those. You'll only keep whatever the onboard booking bonus was. So if you booked something that included $350 OBC for booking onboard and another $300 OBC as part of a perks package, the only thing you'd keep for sure would be the $350 OBC for booking onboard. Lots of caveats to that. The only real way to know is to call and ask. Make sure to tell them that you just want to change the existing booking and not create a new one (creating a new one would make you lose the onboard OBC bonus).
  7. Loyalty programs only need to be generous when the company is in a slump. They'll probably revamp the program when the next recession rolls around, if it's affecting bookings. Otherwise, there is no real incentive for them to do anything extra for now.
  8. It's really poor form that they do it when you're past final payment, too. I would send a complaint letter to the corporate office. It may get you some additional consideration. They don't legally owe you anything other than the refund, but it's a very cheap move on their part since this is a change they decided to institute at the last minute.
  9. Was this booked as part of a group? Sometimes TAs can offer better pricing that way, in which case your options to move may be more limited. It's definitely worth finding out if you can move and then having a list of cabins that you'd prefer.
  10. This recent thread has more info on using multiple devices on a single account, which is apparently something new they're doing. Previously, you could use different devices but only one at a time could be logged in.
  11. The navigator app connects to the ship's network for free. You can only use the functions of the app, which includes a texting feature built in. If you want to use your phone's text or call features, you need to pay for internet to do so. You can sign in and out of that paid account when you need to use it. All of this is Wi-Fi based, but you're limited to what you can do unless you pay for access.
  12. In ports in Alaska, your AT&T service should work like it does at home. I used T-mobile on my Alaska trip last year and coverage was good most everywhere in and just outside the cities (Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway). On the ship, your phone will not be able to connect to AT&T's network once you're a few miles from shore. Your phone will try to connect with the ship's cellular network if you leave it on. AT&T will charge you a high roaming rate for all texts, calls, and data usage if you use your phone on the ship's network. AT&T offers a separate package that you can buy for use on cruise ships. Link is below with details. Many people put their phones in airplane mode and connect to Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi Calling enabled, you can then use your phone like you would anywhere else (although internet speeds on the ship will generally be slower than you're used to at home). If you're not sure if you have Wi-Fi Calling capability, check with AT&T. iPhones have it but not sure if you need to do anything else with AT&T to enable it. Or if you have Wi-Fi at home, put your phone in airplane mode and then try to make a call once you're only connected to Wi-Fi. If it goes through, you're all set! https://www.att.com/offers/international-plans/cruise-packages.html
  13. Not unusual for TAs to have different due dates. They want to make sure that everything goes through before Celebrity's due date so Celebrity doesn't cancel your booking.
  14. Why wouldn't fans of a particular cruise line discuss its status program? It can have a direct affect on shipboard experience, especially if there are a lot of people with status sailing. If there were several hundred Zenith people on one cruise, it could affect suite lounge service, for a theoretical example. The reciprocity with Royal can cause crowding at some of the loyalty events because there are a lot more Royal cruisers who have status to match.
  15. S-Class are larger and have more venues. More similar to HAL's Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam. There are several hundred more passengers on S-Class versus M-Class, though they do a good job of keeping it from feeling crowded. M-Class are similar to HAL's Vista- and Signature-class ships. Midsize, more compact. If OP liked Zuiderdam, it is very similar to Summit in that regard. HAL's styling is just a little more traditional.
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