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  1. I guess my report on the website worked. You can now download the handouts again. The link to them is on this page: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/onboard-activities/cruise-activities/digital-workshop.html
  2. People make that journey all the time so it's not impossible. The advice to leave the ship as early as possible is good. I wouldn't wait around for a shared shuttle unless you can get a guaranteed departure time. Lots of advice can also be found on the Florida Departures board https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/
  3. Several of the above posts are "War on Christmas!" nonsense. There are several holidays during that period and not all of them are Christmas, and I'm not sure why it's so controversial in some corners to acknowledge that. However, if you go to the Home Depot website right now, they are advertising "Christmas lights" as being on sale. Ditto Lowe's and Walmart. Hey, look at Target! https://www.target.com/c/christmas-lights/-/N-5xt2w
  4. Sometimes the comments are about the way the process works, though. A single bar server in the dining room on our first X cruise is an example. Not his fault that he was being run ragged but nothing management on the ship tried to fix even with complaints. That, to me, rises to the level of something that should go on the survey. I've rarely had a service issue that couldn't be dealt with in the moment but why punish the employee if you're offering feedback on how they can make things better overall?
  5. These two more closely resemble Celebrity's M-Class ships, to me. S-Class are larger and hold more people. They also have more specialty restaurants. I've been on Nieuw Amsterdam twice in the last year and love it.
  6. Everyone crosses the threshold during a cruise. What's the point of having a minimum if you're going to let people get the benefits before they achieve it?
  7. The whole scoring system is absurd. Do you want the truth or do you want grade inflation? If the latter, then they (the company, NOT the employee) need to explain that up front.
  8. This is on the prohibited items list in the FAQ on their website: Hookah and Water Hookah Pipes, candles and incense, strike-anywhere matches, clothing irons, heating pads, hot plates, kettles, coffee makers, toasters and other electronic cooking appliances. The Know Before You Go document says this in two different places: For safety reasons, travel irons, and electric water heaters/ kettles may not be used in your stateroom. The full list of prohibited items is on the Safety and Security section of their FAQ: https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/faq.html This prohibition on items with heating elements that could cause a fire is not unique to HAL.
  9. The link on the website is broken, though. I reported the broken link on their feedback mechanism. I would contact them directly and ask them to email them to you, OP.
  10. I could have sworn this was announced a few years ago when they first started talking about Edge and how some suites could be configured with connecting cabins to create larger suites. Am I making that up?
  11. There's a lot of walking involved with seeing all of these sites. If you're having back issues, I would think that might be an impediment to seeing some of these ideas in a short amount of time because even if you can get close via car, you still have to do a fair amount of walking to and through them (unless you're using a wheelchair). Would it be possible to disembark in Rome and join the ship at the next stop? You could take a small bag and spend the night in a hotel in Rome and give yourself more time to get around. Downline embarkation has to be requested and approved in advance. I don't know if Italy has cabotage laws that would prevent this. Just an idea to research.
  12. Haven't they been doing a bunch of construction at Coco Cay? They have upcoming sailings that go to Labadee, so they haven't given up on private islands altogether.
  13. There is a thread about this on the NCL board that gives more details (& doesn't support the bad food/plumbing allegations). I'm not inclined to believe those who would act like children because they weren't getting their way, particularly since the cruise line was dealing with a record-breaking storm.
  14. The question was answered in Post #3 and reaffirmed several times by others: they DO go to private islands on some itineraries.
  15. The most I'd pay for a Sky Suite would be about $7K, and that's really stretching it. There is no way in any universe that it's worth the prices you're quoting. I've stayed in Neptune Suites as well. Celebrity's product overall is nice but it's not THAT nice. They do include additional perks that HAL doesn't, but the value of those perks is not worth what they're charging.
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