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  1. The "private" islands are still controlled by the host country. Also, some are really just beaches on larger islands. They're not free-for-all zones. The host country's main concern would be that most are staffed with locals who come and go each day, so there is a big possibility of passengers infecting workers who spread it in the local population. These countries are also dealing with their own issues with the pandemic, so the reverse could be true, too.
  2. The purpose of having short cruises is to get people on and off the ships quickly so if they test positive, there is plausible deniability that it happened during the cruise. There will not be B2Bs allowed for a while for that reason.
  3. Reservations were encouraged the last time I sailed Reflection. It has more suites than the other older ships. Reservations were only available at 8:30 or later. We tried showing up early and they asked us to come back or made us wait until closer to our reservation time. Maybe it was that particular sailing, but I've seen others post similar experiences. I only sailed on Reflection that one time.
  4. I would be careful with the "detailed" letters you're starting to fire off. A customer service person is more likely to respond favorably to a short, concise communication than trying to weed through rants to figure out what you want. Give them sufficient time to address your issue or you may find yourself being purposely ignored, keeping in mind with the bank especially that they're dealing with lots more of these requests than usual. Hard to tell from your posts as to when you started the credit card dispute, but if it was just within the last week or two, it's too soon for you to be sending a letter about it. You also need to keep the emotion out of it and not make unreasonable demands (like banning Air Canada from the US, which just isn't going to happen) or you'll be written off as a crank.
  5. As long as we're talking about CDC orders and still worrying about overwhelming hospitals, then we're not at the point that "taking a risk" is unselfish. In the future? I agree that "taking a risk" should mean something different. You have people in this thread and others saying they'd gladly get on a ship today despite what is going on.
  6. This is a fine point in general, but it does not take into account that "accepting risk" inherently means causing a burden on the rest of society during what is still very much an unpredictable and unprecedented crisis. Medical caretakers are already overwhelmed and exhausted with treating the population that isn't necessarily actively tempting fate. The desire to be entertained shouldn't trump everything else that is having to be dealt with during a pandemic. This is especially true if you're in or planning to go to an area that has a high caseload currently. Treatments are better now than they were in the beginning, but it is still very much an evolving situation.
  7. FB is actively removing misinformation, but it can take a while for them to suss it out. There are lots of bad actors out there purposely & constantly pushing out bad information for various reasons. You have a couple on CC doing the same thing, either to get a rise out of people or because they're willfully ignorant & parroting the false info they found online. https://www.theverge.com/2020/7/28/21345674/facebook-covid-19-misinformation-breitbart-news-video-removal-response
  8. Today for lunch we stopped by a local sub shop where people line up at one end to order and then wait at the other end to pick it up. A man walked in past the "everyone must wear a mask to enter" sign not wearing a mask. After the manager took his order, she told him he would need to wait outside since he didn't have a mask. He hemmed and hawed and threw out a bunch of excuses for why he didn't have a mask. She told him to go outside, and they would bring his order out to him (she was being very polite). Instead, he came and stood in the area where everyone else was waiting to pick up and started going on and on about how ridiculous they were being. People started clearing out of that area real quick. He was the only person without a mask. We went outside with the others, and he finally came out to continue his nonsense. More than a few offered him their opinions on his choice to put everyone else at risk but of course he was convinced that he was right and that was that. No way do I want to deal with that type of mindset when I'm trying to relax because you know it's going to happen. It doesn't matter if it's posted in advance. Some people just cannot be reasoned with and even more people will try to push the limits to see what they can get away with without being caught.
  9. It's more embarrassing when one is parroting stuff that was debunked months ago. Even the talking points have moved on!
  10. The cleanliness of the planes is nice but something you could have reasonably dealt with on your own. Having to rely on other people to keep their distance and wear a mask is too fraught with uncertainty. Even with middle seats open, you still have people sitting less than three feet from you on all sides. Sitting in a confined space next to a potentially infected person breathing on me for hours? Doesn't sound safe or smart to me.
  11. Are these cruise lines letting the crew spread out, too? Or still stacking them like firewood in tiny rooms with shared bathrooms?
  12. Also risky to book a cruise with nonrefundable deposits, as this situation makes clear. Throwing what someone at the Florida AG's office said to you on the phone at them isn't going to resolve anything. Unfortunately, you escalated this to the legal department by throwing them into the mix, so they're more likely to hold you to the letter of the contract now. There are thousands of people in the same predicament as you. You are correct that they're doing everything in their power to hang on to your cash until they cancel your cruise. The contract gives them that right. Yes, they'll have to figure out circumstances related to no-travel orders when that situation actually occurs. Right now, it's a non-issue to them. They're pretending that the cruise is still happening so that they don't have to refund your money.
  13. Several people mentioned ensuring quarantine for a certain period of time for the crew. My only point is that will do nothing to protect the ship environment once people start coming on board. It doesn't matter if the crew start out uninfected. Good for them for not getting sick. How does that affect passengers when the first person is diagnosed with coronavirus, no matter the source? It's the same problem I have with the idea of pre-cruise testing for passengers. It doesn't matter if you test negative a day or two before, but then come in contact with someone on the way to the port and bring it on with you to spread it around. Same thing at any of the port stops along the way. I see all of those types of precautions as theater and not actual solutions. I would suspect that CDC regulators would as well unless there is some real science behind it.
  14. They did get 100% FCC. The "ripoff" is that they want 100% refund instead.
  15. Sorry, OP, but you're not going to find much sympathy on Cruise Critic. Tens of thousands of people across all cruise lines are in the exact same situation, and the cruise companies are not going to agree to refund everyone's money. Just the way it is, and it's not unique to Celebrity. Your FCC still has some value, and you will likely be able to find acceptable deals to use it once things become operational. Celebrity keeps extending the deadline for using the FCC with each extension of the no-sail date.
  16. Not every "opinion" is really an opinion when the "facts" underlying that opinion are clearly wrong. Someone who doubles-down on "objective facts" that are, in fact, not true, deserves to be corrected on this board or any other. If that person is still unwilling to learn the truth, then that's on them. I find it helpful when others dispel false information when it occurs. Many websites have been removing blatant misinformation surrounding COVID-19 altogether. This one doesn't, but the nature of discussion means that facts will be corrected.
  17. It is impossible to create a closed environment (a bubble) if new people are constantly entering it. Maybe you mean that the crew all have to test negative before cruising can resume, and they may currently be doing that by creating a closed environment for several weeks, but that's not the bubble I was referencing. As soon as passengers board, the closed environment has been breached, and the people who were in the closed environment will now be susceptible to whatever is brought on board. The only way to create a bubble would be to have passengers and crew on lockdown for weeks before the cruise. As I said, impossible.
  18. "Unpleasant heat" is only exhaled by those full of hot air.
  19. Impossible to have a bubble on a ship because the passengers change every sailing. The big unknown that no company has addressed is what happens when (not if) the first passenger or crew is diagnosed positive.
  20. This is a circular question that has already been answered. What do you want the answer to be since you won't believe what everyone has already said?
  21. As usual, it is the jerks pushing boundaries that are ruining it for the rest of us. The latest thing is to pretend you're eating and drinking for practically the whole flight so you don't have to wear the mask for long. Disney also just announced a change today to close the same type of loophole that some were exploiting in the theme parks: people were carrying food & drinks so they could walk around without their masks on, so now Disney clarified that you have to remain stationary when you're eating/drinking. Two more examples of why the U.S. is still in the first wave of the pandemic.
  22. Not liking the Nassau stop (and avoiding cruises that have it) pre-dates this, though. I've heard that in person and on these boards plenty, and it's based on the port itself, not Bahamian government policies.
  23. There is some gray area here on what they meant. The poster was actually quoting your original post poking fun of not being able to go to the Bahamas, a port you don't really care for to begin with. The poster replied "That's very true. I hope Celebrity will delete Bahamas in future cruises as a port stop." That's an innocuous sentiment absent other proof that it was meant the other way (as punishment).
  24. These types have always existed. They just have a platform to broadcast their stupidity more readily. Mask usage even in the holdout states continues to rise. It's unfortunate that the first wave will last twice as long as was necessary in the U.S., but hopefully we'll be where most of the rest of the world is in another month or so.
  25. Their hotel operations on ships are good for cruise ship standards. I don't think they can compete with a real hotelier when it comes to consistency.
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