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  1. Your argument holds water when the FCC expires and NCL has been unable to sail for the duration of the FCC validity period.... not a minute before. You are speculating NCL will not sail (which may very well be true). You accepted the terms associated with the cancelation offer and now must wait it out until you can use your FCC or are prevented from doing so by its expiration date.
  2. Absolutely false. You can’t just show up where you are not assigned.
  3. So your financial limitations to sail from ports that can accommodate a more varied itinerary equate to MSC not caring for you as a customer resulting in a foot-stomping tirade to hopefully get someone’s attention to completely restructure the company’s sailings to your specific narrow requirements? Maybe you should hold your breath until you get your way. By the time someone puts any effort into dealing with your type of customer, the problem will have solved itself.
  4. In my experience, this is when you book during a “bundle sale”. I have always been able to cancel a single excursion when booking several at the same time that wasn’t part of a “bundle sale” which understandably would negate the availability of a discount or sale applicable those that remain uncanceled.
  5. So the “scorched earth” approach of penalizing the one who didn’t cause the problem and couldn’t fix it just so you feel vindicated. Gotcha.
  6. Fear is the weapon CHOGS use to avert retribution for their behavior. I, for one, am not so wimpy as to cower away and hope someone else deals with it. If one doesn’t want their stuff touched, one shouldn’t leave it unattended for hours under the theory no one has the right to deal with intentionally abandoned stuff.
  7. I've gotten assignment as late as the day of departure. That's the risk of booking a guarantee.
  8. You will be challenged to find transport to accommodate a mobility scooter much less a wheelchair. None of the regular shuttles can even accommodate someone confined to a wheelchair (or someone who only uses a portable/collapsible wheelchair intermittently due to mobility issues) much less have the space to transport a mobility scooter. You would have to seek out "specialty carriage" well in advance of your arrival which would likely involve a cargo/passenger van that can handle your mobility scooter and a driver willing to load/unload it for you. Nassau is unfortunately not very friendly to those with mobility issues that require wheelchairs or scooters.
  9. Yeah, OP’s experience sounds disappointing. Nothing about it (or the recommendation to do so) would motivate me to avoid the Elation, Carnival as a brand or any other cruiseline.
  10. Having been on many Carnival cruises to Bermuda (which sail several times per year), the casino has always operated as mentioned by other posters while docked overnight or over the course of several days.
  11. As expired forms of identification don’t qualify as acceptable, don’t count on it being suddenly accepted in conjunction with an unexpired unacceptable form of identification. Its pretty clear an unexpired form of government issued photo identification is a primary requirement for boarding.
  12. While you may be able to indicate a connecting room choice when starting a booking for two cabins, as soon as you select "let RCI pick the stateroom" the connecting option goes poof. As other have said, you give up the option of selecting your stateroom(s) for the lower price and you could end up with staterooms quite a distance from each other. If you want to be near (or connecting to) others in your traveling circle, you'll have to choose the higher priced option to do so.
  13. I've had no issue carrying on empty plastic water bottles (the disposable retail-sale kind that used to have water in them).
  14. Contact the Special Needs Department prior to cruising and get written confirmation they have acknowledged the medical need for your liquid nutritional requirements. Based on personal experience of a family member requiring the same as yourself, you shouldn't have an issue if you heed this advice.
  15. It's not a new policy for any ship while its being refueled. Either you missed it, the ship wasn't being refueled or she wasn't Jonesing it before the ban during refueling was lifted.
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