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  1. In your situation, I'd vote for the 2 2BR on deck 17. Parents have their own bedroom/bathroom. Little kids have their own bedroom/bathroom. Adult kids/couple have their own bedroom/bathroom. Solo adult has their own bedroom/bathroom. I travel as 4 with 2 young kids so the aft-facing suite is my choice but if we were a family of 5, we wouldn't have that option.
  2. I can show you these.... (2BR Villa - the balconies on deck 17 are deeper than those on deck 18) vs. (Aft-facing Suite - Balcony depth differs by deck and decks 11 and 14 have a different configuration than the other decks) Click HERE for info on the configurations and balcony sizes for aft-facing suites on this class) It depends on the individual. The walk doesn't bother me but some people feel like "outsiders" even though they have full Haven access/amenities. Butler service depends on the butler (they rotate assigned areas about every 2 weeks) so you may or may not get a great butler. Whichever butler is assigned to your aft-facing suite will also serve the other aft-facing suites. See HERE link above. In my experience, no BUT some people are uncomfortable with the occasional "azipod shimmy" that you might feel in the aft section. Well, configuration A in the aft might feel uncomfortable in both bathrooms but configuration B has natural light/windows in the master bathroom and is larger than configuration A's master bathroom. The 2 BR Villa also has natural light/windows in the master bathroom. This is more "front vs. back" as far as what you feel. The front (where the Haven is) might have more movement than the aft. Large modern ships tend to be comfortable no matter where you are but some people feel the movement more than others. I've stayed at the very aft and the very front of ships and I've never had an issue. I have a few questions though... Will the 3 adult children also be staying in a Haven stateroom? Only those booked in a Haven stateroom will have Haven access. Is it important for everyone to stay near each other? Could the 5 younger people (26 w/fiance in master bedroom, 27 on sofa-bed in living room, young kids in 2nd bedroom) book the 2BR while the parents stay in the Courtyard Penthouse suite (sleeps 3)?
  3. Are the 12 and 11 year-olds willing to share a double sofa-bed? They would have to share if the 4 of you are in the aft-facing suite.
  4. Have they (will they?) added a table to the balcony like they did with Seaside? They have plenty of time to make improvements. I actually got a decent price on a Meraviglia RS when I booked ($7K less than what MSC was asking for the Seaside RS just a few months earlier). It will be my first time on Meraviglia so I'm hoping that any tweaks needed will be done by then. So did we. I'm waiting for Seashore dates to mesh with school schedules but I look forward to your review. The Owner's Suite doesn't seem worth the asking price on Seashore but if I can somehow find a great deal......😁
  5. The aft-facing balconies on Joy differ in depth by deck, and by width. The staterooms differ by bed location (near the closet vs near the balcony). Deck 9 is the deepest deck. Deck 13 is the least deep deck.
  6. For Bliss and the other Breakaway Plus Class/Breakaway Class ships, a standard balcony/mini-suite/club balcony stateroom that sleeps 4 will have a pullman bed above the sofa which is near the bathroom. The same is true for the "family balcony" staterooms. It does not apply to all suites, however. 13300 connects to 13298 (if that matters).
  7. They kept Seaside info/top deck info from us, too. Frustrating but not a dealbreaker. Now, does anyone have any Europa info. 🤫
  8. Generally, unpacking service requires that at least 1 guest is in the stateroom. The guest can direct where items go and the butler won't be accused of stealing anything. As for touching personal items, the laundry service handles dirty items. Unpacking (I hope) is clean items. 😛 I've never used the service but it's listed on the NCL site... 24-hour trained and certified suite butler. From unpacking your suitcase to pouring your champagne our butlers are at your service ...and MSC also offers the service in the Yacht Club.... • Complimentary luggage packing/unpacking service
  9. For us, the snacks & meals are the same as Bird's pictures. The only difference is the clear plastic wrap that covers everything (probably removed for photos). The meals have the hard clear plastic covers. We usually have meals setup on the balcony. That's one of the reasons why balcony size is important to us. I might have made one or two posts about balcony size on the forum...😁
  10. By the time that they met the butler, it was too late for him to unpack (I guess).
  11. A couple of questions....(for anyone to answer) 1. Are the port side interior staterooms (12529/12531/12537/12541) larger than the starboard side interior staterooms (12527/12533/12535/12539)? Is it just the way that the deck-plan is drawn? NCL uses this... ...but that is shaped like 12537 on the port side. 2. Will these suites no longer have concierge/private restaurant service after Sept. 2020 (going from CF to SP)? 3. Will these suites still get the higher DSC? 4. Where does guest #6 sleep? Is there a pullman above the child bed?
  12. I've done the same and that was for a Royal Suite. I have 2 other YC bookings and one was $99pp and the other was $199pp (another Royal Suite). In other words, it varies.
  13. It's better than what you would have gotten if you would have cancelled 48 hours in advance back in 2019.
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