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  1. You know that Haven guests aren't used to having to "wait". 😉
  2. I saw those (looked after reading Jamie's thread) but we can't go at that time. Actually, with the kids doing online/virtual school, we could sail and they could still be "in school" (if NCL's Wi-Fi was better). 😁
  3. Same for me. There are some relatively good Haven deals out there but they aren't for weeks that we can sail. For 1 week that I currently have booked on MSC Seashore (newest ship) in the Royal Suite, the aft-facing suite on Breakaway (8 years old) is $2K more. The price for the brand new Prima?.....🙄
  4. So far, I like what I see. If NCL prices the largest Haven suites like Celebrity prices the Iconic Suites.....I won't be happy. We might have to squeeze into one of those aft-facing suites between the large ones (deck 10-14).
  5. Does anyone else think that those large forward-facing staterooms will have Haven access?
  6. My thinking is that the video has one section "open" and the section closer to the ship is covered. The background shows the awning extended all the way to the railing.
  7. It looks like it. Does that section have retractable awnings?
  8. It's the weird way that MSC does things... I did the same. What happens is that the old confirmation number with the FCC becomes the new confirmation number for the new cruise. Whatever the confirmation number is for the cruise that you later booked will disappear. The problem is when the current price is higher than the price that you booked (and received a confirmation number for). MSC will then forward the new confirmation number to another department who will match the lower price if needed. Give them 10 business days. What could also happen (it
  9. Under normal times, a cruise had to be completed within 3 years to maintain your status... 1.5 Length of Membership MSC Voyagers Club Membership is subject to a minimum of one cruise every 3 years. If the last cruise disembarkation date is over 3 years (36 months) or no cruise has been completed in 3 years after the enrollment date, membership to the MSC Voyagers Club program will expire. ...but MSC did the following.... MSC VOYAGERS CLUB MEMBERSHIP EXTENDED One extra year of privilege and benefits! During these difficult times and the unfortunat
  10. With the taxi missing the tent, just tell the porter that takes the bags that you are in the Yacht Club. The porter will lead you to the right location and the MSC staff will take care of you from there.
  11. It's a good idea to call. Sometimes, the FCC is "there" months before you receive the email. It can be tricky as the rep might mix up the confirmation numbers and you might get booked twice on the same cruise (it happened to me). Eventually, everything worked out fine.
  12. In addition, I would avoid the lower decks since the view forward (from the bedroom) isn't very good and the walk to the elevator is longer. I'd also avoid the 1 wheelchair accessible stateroom on deck 13 because it is 1 large room and a large bathroom (not a separate living room/bedroom like the others). Of course, that suite should be booked by someone who needs it but it can also be won via bid if it is available. Winning an upgrade for that category can be risky if the accessible stateroom is the only one available just as if deck 13 is the only available aft-facing suite. Ye
  13. The alphanumeric codes have changed with NCL charging more for the larger balconies but the info is still the same.
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