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  1. $50 USD Shore Excursion CreditOffer is applicable to first guest on the cruise reservation.The first guest shall receive free shore excursions priced at $50 or less (“the promotion”)In the alternative, first guest will receive $50 in Shore Excursion Credits to apply against shore excursions priced greater than $50. Specialty Dining Package Sail Length # Of Dining Package Meals Retail Value 20% Gratuities 3-5 Nights 1 $44.95 per person $8.99 per package 6-8 Nights 2 $79 per person $15.80 per package 9-10 Nights 3 $99 per person $19.80 per package 11-14 Nights 4 $114 per person $22.80 per package 15+ Nights 5 $129 per person $25.80 per package Applicable to guests 1-2 on the reservation.Dining package is applicable to guest ages 2 and older.
  2. Does anyone have an exact count for the number of staterooms that will have Haven access on Joy? Just eye-balling the deck-plans gives me 118 but I might have missed a few with the colors being so similar (and me counting in my head).
  3. The old "Norwegian Rate" was what you are looking for.
  4. There have been rumors/attempts at building a cruise ship dock for years. The various lines were willing to work together for it.... https://www.cruisehive.com/fourth-cruise-line-provides-funding-for-grand-cayman-cruise-port/31748 ...but there have been issues... https://cnsbusiness.com/2015/06/watersports-business-warns-against-cruise-dock-proposal/ ...and with the financial hit that all of the lines have taken, who knows what will happen (if anything).
  5. So.........Does anyone have any ideas for hull art? After Encore, anything is possible.
  6. From what I've seen, the OS will have floor to ceiling windows ("Panoramic glass wall") facing-forward and the balcony with hot tub on the side (with a Plexiglas shield near the hot tub). It would be cool if there was a forward-facing balcony. I haven't seen a rendering to show one for either the OS or the Deluxe Suite that is sandwiched between them.
  7. It looks to be similar to the water feature on Seaside. Ankle deep water to sit and cool your feet.
  8. BA, GA, and Escape have the H2 and H3 which have a forward facing balcony and Joy, Bliss, and Encore have the H2 which has a forward facing balcony.
  9. Part of the confusion is from the name change that NCL is doing for certain staterooms. For Breakaway.... 16102/16702 used to be "H2 - The Haven Deluxe Owner's Suite with Large Balcony" aka DOS 16100/16700 used to be "H3 - The Haven Owner's Suite with Large Balcony" aka OS sailings after Oct. 2020 for Breakaway... 16102/16702 will be "H2 - The Haven Deluxe Owner's Suite with Large Balcony" 16100/16700 will be "H3 - The Haven DELUXE Owner's Suite with Balcony" In the past, a DOS on Breakaway was a H2. Now, a DOS on Breakaway can be either a H2 or a H3 even though the actual staterooms are very different between the two. Unless you have a time machine, you won't.
  10. I've done one RS and have 2 others booked. I'd only book the RS if the asking price is realistic. If it is 30%-45% higher than the Deluxe Suite, I'll take the RS. When MSC wants double (or more) than the Deluxe, the RS isn't worth it. We're a family of 4 so the extra space is worth it (only 1 bathroom, though) and so far we've been lucky to catch prices before they climb. We considered the Duplex for the extra bathroom but the balcony, even with the hot tub, isn't great.
  11. The curves at the bump-out (1:20) are so much nicer than the angles on Seaside/Seaview.
  12. Could it be a movable floor that covers the pool when not in use?
  13. My situation is a bit different as a family of 4. I understand that what applies to me may not apply to others. My MSC experience is only with Seaside but I have Meraviglia and Seashore booked. On NCL, there are many more options for 4 in the Haven than in the Yacht Club. Using Breakaway, Getaway, or Escape, there is the Deluxe Owner's Suite, the Owner's Suite, the 2BR Family Villa, the Forward-Facing Penthouse, and the Aft-Facing Penthouse for 4. On Bliss, Encore, and Joy, the options are mostly the same (no Owner's Suite) but now, Joy has even more (former Concierge Suites turned into Haven Suites). On MSC, the choices are much more limited. There are fewer stateroom types to choose from and since parties of 2 and 4 are fighting for the same staterooms, it's harder to get exactly what you want. I was forced to take the Royal Suite on Meraviglia because that was the only stateroom that was available. I booked before the Duplex Suites were converted to Yacht Club and I even considered switching but by that time, the price had risen to the point that it wasn't worth it. Even though neither stateroom has a great balcony view and both have a whirlpool on the balcony, I decided to stay where I was and keep the one bathroom vs. having two in the Duplex. I think I prefer the forward facing lounge on Seaside vs the BA Plus ships because you can walk outside from the lounge on Seaside. For forward-facing sundeck, some of NCL's (BA/GA/Escape) are rather small for the Haven. On some ships, the entire forward-facing sundeck is Haven and NCL might expand the Haven sundeck in some cases but on Getaway (for ex.) they kept the small Haven sundeck and expanded VIBE's area to include the larger front-facing area and port side in addition to the starboard side that it already had. Personally, I would have expanded the Haven sundeck to include the front section while giving the port side to VIBE (the way that Encore is). Even better would be to split the Haven sundeck into all ages on one side and adult-only on the other side. No real complaints about MSC's sundeck. Some people don't like the lack of shade but it's not a problem for us. The food and drink options by the pool are easily better than NCL. I think that NCL concierges have more "power" to get things done vs MSC concierges.. On the flip-side, MSC's butler service is much better than NCL's. I've never had a bad butler but I read more complaints about NCL butlers than MSC butlers. Maybe I've just been lucky with both. In suite dining is much better on NCL. Any meal from nearly any restaurant can be served in suite or on the balcony with NCL. For MSC, the options are very limited in comparison. Sorry for the long answer but since I enjoy both, I started remembering things that I enjoy about both lines. Anyway, back to the OP.... Have you looked at "The Retreat" on Celebrity? It's basically Celebrity's version of the Haven without calling it a "ship within a ship". It started on EDGE and APEX and is being added to some older ships in the fleet.
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