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  1. The surveillance video was broadcast last month on a PR television show. It was on the internet soon after.
  2. The H5 is wider than a standard balcony. The H5 balconies on deck 17 are deeper than the H5 balconies on deck 18 for Bliss. The H7 can be deck 9,10,11,12, or 13 for Bliss. The balcony is small but the deck 13 balcony is partially enclosed and one of them is wheelchair accessible. For 2 people, I'd take the H5 on 17.
  3. The thing is....the same attorney showed an altered version of the video to CBS news which was less damning in order to push the false narrative. CBS later admitted that the video that the reporter commented on wasn't accurate. Now that the full video has been shown, the attorney wants it excluded.
  4. Spice H2O Photos... VIBE Beach Club Photos... (Breakaway)
  5. My opinion is that the lawyer convinced the family that a quick "make it go away" settlement would have been reached before the trial got underway. Also my opinion(s), if the civil case is thrown out, Anello should take the plea deal. Even if the civil case continues, Anello should take the plea deal.
  6. The lawyer claims that the parents haven't watched it. I agree that someone should have told them the truth...as long as it isn't the lawyer's version of "the truth".
  7. I think that you'll have a great cruise. Some people are looking for things to complain about or are uninformed about what to expect on the ship. You have months to prepare yourself before the cruise. The more you know, the better your cruise will be.
  8. Brand new Ducati leaving the dealership for the first time....dealer didn't give him a new Ducati.
  9. Video was broadcast on a PR television show last month. The video was on the internet shortly after that. The video with Spanish commentary is 130MB. I think that the mods do not want the video posted/linked here (deleted post from yesterday).
  10. He's been charged with negligent homicide. He's been offered a plea deal that would have no jail time and just probation. From what his defense attorney stated, Anello doesn't want to take the plea and wants to prove his innocence in court. With the surveillance video being shown on broadcast TV last month, I doubt that an impartial jury can be found. His statements to police shortly after the death were closer to what was seen on the video. It wasn't until after the family got the attorney did the "...bang on the glass...I didn't know that the window was open..." story materialize. See above. Anello's initial statement was that he was holding the child outside of the window and he lost his grip. What was reported by a PR Port Authority spokesperson (Jose Carmona) matches what was seen in the video. Carmona's statements were reported the day of the incident.
  11. Norwegian Cruise Line's Premium Beverage Package (formerly known as the Ultimate Beverage Package) includes a variety of spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer up to and including $15 USD and unlimited fountain soda and juices at all bars, lounges, restaurants and Great Stirrup Cay. - NCL Simply put, drinks $15 and under are covered. Drinks over $15, you pay the difference above $15 plus 20% on that difference. A $20 drink would cost you $5+$1 on your account. When you paid for the cruise, the 20% service charge for your package was added automatically. You do not have to pay the 20% service charge on each drink.
  12. Spice H2O - complimentary, unlimited number of adults. VIBE - cost extra, limited number of passes sold.
  13. The ironic thing is, he told the truth in the beginning.... Police said Monday that the grandfather of the 1-year-old girl from Indiana told officers he lost his grip while holding her outside a window on the 11th story of the Freedom of the Seas. He was identified as Salvatorre Anello. - July 8th ....he later changed his story after the family got the lawyer.
  14. "Had Royal Caribbean simply abided by industry standards designed to protect toddlers, this tragedy would not have occurred." - statement from he Wiegands' attorney, Michael Winkleman. Sorry, Mike. The ship DOES meet/exceed industry standards. The window is high enough above the ground. There is a railing between the guests and the window. Your client's step-grandfather is the one who violated the Guest Conduct Policy.... Unsafe Behavior Sitting, standing, lying or climbing on, over or across any exterior or interior railings or other protective barriers, or tampering with ship’s equipment, facilities or systems designed for guest safety is not permitted. - Guest Conduct Policy Of course, the attorney will probably claim that grandpa didn't sit, stand, lay, or climb on or over anything.....
  15. From what I've seen (not much) the only difference appears to be the size. I don't know how accurate the deckplan is (no surprise) but I'm not seeing those Grand suites as having a pullman for a 5th guest as some of the Deluxe Suites have. I would think that the larger suites would be better suited for 5 vs. the standard Deluxe Suites.
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