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  1. Deck 13 also has the least deep aft-facing balcony. The other decks are deeper. There are also differences in balcony width. The balcony on the port side directly next to the HC stateroom is the most narrow balcony for all decks except for deck 10.
  2. Escape, Joy, Bliss, and Encore have the same aft-facing Haven configurations. You want 11 or 14.
  3. One of the big differences between MSC butler service and NCL butler service is that during the day, MSC butlers can easily be found. Even if "your" butler isn't available on the sundeck or in the lounge, another butler who serves another stateroom will gladly fulfill your wishes.
  4. Vishnu was our butler on Seaside. He was great. We also had great service in the Yacht Club restaurant and requested our waiter by name (Dexter) for the remainder of the cruise.
  5. The only PrivaSea balconies on Breakaway are the Haven suites directly under the bridge (13106/13706).
  6. NCL policy is that balcony dividers are not to be opened except for maintenance or emergency. A room steward may do it (expectation of a tip) but it isn't allowed nor should it be expected.
  7. Escape, Joy, Bliss, and Encore are all the same class. The last 3 are more similar to each other while Escape is the most different (no forward-facing lounge, no go-karts, etc.).
  8. No, in my opinion. I've tried saving a few times but even with the recent on-site price increase, it isn't worth it.
  9. If guests 1 & 2 have the promo, guest 3 isn't forced to buy a package. Guest 3 will pay for drinks a la carte. If guests 1 & 2 BUY an alcohol package, guest 3 (over 21) would have to buy the same package.
  10. The benefit is that late arriving Haven guests can easily find a seat. It's also nice to have an entire row for just the two of you while the rest of the theater is packed. Drink service is also better.
  11. The bid if for each of the the first 2 guests... Is the offer amount per person per day or for the entire duration of the cruise?The offer amount is per person for the entire duration of the cruise. Offers are based on two occupants per stateroom - only the first and second guest will be charged. - FAQ
  12. TBH, I don't remember. I usually try different things and just pick whatever item catches my eye on the screen. I don't even remember the name of the items....they taste good, though.
  13. Don't trust the website for square footage measurements for balconies. The angled balconies are larger than standard balconies even though both are the same price. Another option that is the same price as a standard balcony on Escape is the last balcony aft that is next to the H6 (the front doors are next to each other). These "last balcony on the side" balconies differ in width depending on deck but are larger than the standard balcony that is next to them.... Click HERE ...the last balcony has a slanted roof/wall but that is on the extra part of the balcony. The guy in red is on deck 14. My mom had 12304 (2 decks below the red guy) and it is one of the largest/widest balconies but the same price as the standard balcony next to it. The balcony could easily fit a lounger and the lounger still didn't block the view from inside of the balcony since there was so much space away from the door. The aft-facing balconies (B1) are also a good option but they will likely cost a bit more than standard (balcony depth and width differ depending on deck and stateroom configuration). There is also the large balcony category (B6) and the large balcony mini-suite (M6) but you'd have to check prices/availability for your particular cruise.
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