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  1. The 6 most recent NCL ships have the Waterfront and the next 6 NCL ships (Project Leonardo) will have an even larger Waterfront. Even with the reduction of public upper deck space, there are/will be ways to see the ocean without an additional charge.
  2. They usually just leave it "as is" and adjust if needed. If there is a request made before boarding, it's probably 50/50 if the steward even gets the message.
  3. The Spa is on deck 16, the Haven is decks 17-19, and VIBE is on deck 19. Not a factor as far as your location. You are surrounded by staterooms above, below, and to the sides. Your neighbors will be either loud or not loud. The 2 staterooms beside yours (1 forward/1 aft) are bed near balcony. Yours is not.
  4. The stateroom itself is the same as a standard balcony. Yours happens to be a connecting stateroom (with 9730) and the bed is near the closet. Those factors can be considered a "con" but the larger balcony is a "pro". You will look down to the larger M6 balcony then look down to the water. Overall, a nice stateroom.
  5. It depends on what bids others have on each category. If you are the only person bidding on a particular category, you'll win. If many others bid against you and their bids are higher, you'll lose.
  6. Except for a few slightly wider (17128/17728) balconies, the H4 & H5 balconies match between decks 17 and 18 for Escape. 17126 is HC so I'm not including that one. I'm not sure if 18128 is wider than the typical H5 (it probably is). For the H2 & H3, deck 17 is deeper than deck 18.
  7. For Encore, the largest non-Haven balconies would be the M6s.
  8. I agree. Most people wouldn't want to put their face there. Seeing pictures (a good thing) should decrease the likelihood of it happening. If the people in the posted pictures had seen similar pictures (and the accompanying comments) before cruising, maybe the people in the pictures wouldn't have done the same on their cruise. I have no problem with the photographer. I have no problem with the photos being posted. I have no problem with people posting their opinion. By bringing a problem to light, hopefully some people who had never previously thought about it will abstain from the behavior.
  9. Personally, I don't think that it is OK. My first reaction is that it is inconsiderate. On the sundeck, sleeping is not a problem since (contrary to popular belief) there are plenty of loungers. In the Observation Lounge or on the Waterfront, seating is more limited. The "plastic vs upholstery" is a separate issue in my opinion. Seeing others sleeping/drooling should make others NOT want to put their face on a public sofa. Seeing others sleeping on a plastic lounger isn't a problem.
  10. If it is their "normal", then having it posted on the forum shouldn't bother them. Maybe it doesn't bother them and they are having a good laugh about it (which is fine, too).
  11. Your post is an indication that you are also concerned with what others do. Someone sees something that they don't like and they post their opinion on it. You see something that you don't like and you post your opinion on it. Both are equally valid.
  12. Having the knowledge that someone is likely to take a picture/video and post it could be seen as an incentive for people to NOT behave in public in a manner that would be embarrassing. As far as others "laughing and poking fun", doesn't the "if it is not personally affecting you...then just move on" apply to you? If other posters are laughing at the sleepers and you "don't like something that someone else is doing", how does that personally affect you?...unless you're one of the people that is sleeping in the picture. 😔
  13. None of those people are actually observing anything that is outside of the ship.
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