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  1. Making a generalization about millions of people is.....(right or wrong)?
  2. Does anyone else see it? Grouping a whole continent is one thing but grouping "the rest of the world"....?
  3. It's small.. ...but for one person, it's great since they will have their own bathroom. The pullman would be folded up into the ceiling if not needed. Yes, mainly for all of the extra things that the Haven includes. Probably... Speak to the concierge and he/she will probably allow it. Not guaranteed but probable.
  4. They (MSC, RCCL, Disney, Carnival) have been trying to get a port/pier built on Grand Cayman but there are.....complications... LINK
  5. It isn't just any stateroom. There are YC interior staterooms but they are only certain ones.
  6. Book your 3 (or even 2), find a "sleeps 4" that you would prefer, call NCL and have them move you to that stateroom if it is available. I've done it more than once.
  7. I understand but the thing is that the cost of the connecting balcony stateroom is the same as a non-connected balcony stateroom. NCL isn't going to guarantee Haven access for that stateroom without a price increase. IF NCL gave a price for that stateroom with access and a price without Haven access, it would be more clear. I've suggested that before but NCL doesn't care what I or anyone else thinks is a good idea. That could work against your plan. In the past, getting minors in a connecting room made it easier for those minors to have Haven access. 2 adults in suite, 2 minors in connecting wasn't a problem. Unfortunately, what would happen is that a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids) and their family friends (2 adults, 2 kids) would book the 4 adults in the Haven and the 4 kids in the connecting. All 8 would get Haven access for much less than booking 2 suites. NCL has done different things to prevent/lessen that from happening. Things aren't consistent with NCL and different concierges will give different results. The phone reps are (mostly) useless. They could tell you "yes" and the concierge on the ship can tell you "no". They could tell you "no" and the concierge on the ship can tell you "yes". If NCL did institute a different price for connecting with access, I'd support that. Give people the option. However, if total strangers are in the connecting, they might knock on your door and ask for you to "hook them up" and even offer you $$ to ask the concierge. It's just messy.
  8. That is why people should always check the dailies for the correct info for their cruise. On one ship for a particular sailing, I've seen 30 minutes. On the same ship for a different sailing, I've seen 60 minutes. I'd hate for someone to think it's 30 minutes when it really is 60. I'd hate for someone to think it's 60 minutes when it really is 30.
  9. Probably not. NCL has gotten more strict as far as allowing staterooms connected to a Haven suite to have Haven privileges. It isn't even guaranteed that the minors will be allowed to stay in the connecting stateroom (some have done it, some could not). To guarantee Haven access, book all guests in a Haven suite or two. NCL would rather have 4 people in the suite (your group) and book 3 or 4 other people in the connecting stateroom.
  10. I don't know the exact number (chengkp does, I'm sure), but each lifeboat on Breakaway holds over 300-something people.
  11. That's what they get for wearing shorts to dinner...
  12. Did they ever fully explain what was going on in the Haven restaurant that caused the closure?
  13. The "after Aug. 2020" deckplans are the old/incorrect ones that show port side as public. I don't expect it to be. (VIBE isn't even shown).
  14. Check your dailies. I've noticed that the dailies sometimes list 30 minutes instead of 60 (newer ships especially). With the limited space, Encore might/probably will have 30 minutes listed.
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