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  1. OBC is spent on the ship. Some cruiselines allow OBC to be used before boarding but NCL does not. Note: Onboard credit has no monetary value and is non-transferable. It may not be used toward onboard service charges or pre-purchased activities. Restrictions may apply. - NCL
  2. Because buying a 10SDP and splitting it is less expensive than buying 2 5SDPs, NCL will have you buy 2 5SDPs.
  3. No. Your only hope is if the staff looks the other way and doesn't care.
  4. "Clearly, the cruiseline is at fault. If the ship had an adequate-sized pool for the thousands of paying guests, my client never would have jumped..." - statement from her attorney.
  5. The grandfather is 51 years-old and works in Information Technology. Dementia won't be mentioned by anyone, not even by his attorney.
  6. I didn't stay in a Deluxe Suite but another option is to have them make the sofa-bed in the evening, watch TV, and fall asleep there...
  7. Adults (12 and older) - $12.50pppd Kids (2-11) - $6.25pppd Under 2 - No charge per day New rates coming Summer 2021 Caribbean ... Adults (12 and older) - $14.00pppd Kids (2-11) - $7.00pppd Under 2 - No charge per day
  8. It seems that they charged you the old $10pp upcharge ($10 + 20%). It is no longer charged. The NCL rep should know that by now.
  9. For the OP, Find the worst stateroom in your particular category (location, view, etc) and if you would be happy with that, take the guarantee. Deck 13 has the smallest aft-facing balconies. Deck 12 has the 2nd largest aft-facing balconies.
  10. Long pants required for newest ships.... Joy - Ocean Blue and Le Bistro Bliss - Ocean Blue and Le Bistro Encore - Ocean Blue and Le Bistro True. When people ask for info, they should be given the correct info. If the staff looks the other way, so be it.
  11. Escape allows shorts in the Manhattan Room no matter where the ship is sailing. It's been that way for years.
  12. The 3rd person doesn't "have to" buy a package if the first 2 guests get the promo. The 3rd guest can buy drinks a la carte.
  13. I've read about it happening. If it happens on my next cruise, I'll record it with my phone and post it (unless someone else records/posts it before I do).
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