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  1. I confess that I like the bad reviews...because they keep people away. "Stay with Carnival...." is the best way for a bad review to end.
  2. Costa and Carnival are a bit more "love it or hate it" but MSC is up there, too.
  3. The Sanctuary Collection section does look nice. Princess also does the slow-motion walking, laughing, eating, dancing, and stretching scenes in their advertisements like MSC does with the Yacht Club, NCL does with the Haven, and Celebrity does with the Retreat. Maybe that's why dinner service is so slow....😲
  4. Kipland Ronald Dynamite aka Kip aka LaFawnduh's husband. "Peace out"
  5. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/msc-promo/homepage M-F someone will contact you. They're pretty good at calling you at the time/day that you select.
  6. I've noticed some strange things like you describe. When doing some mock bookings, certain decks are unable to be selected. This could be due to MSC making different things available to different markets/countries at different times. It could also be that MSC wants to fill 3 decks before opening up the other 3. I don't know if we're seeing what is left or if we're seeing what MSC wants to fill first. It could also be website issues in some countries but not others. For example, one time a certain Royal Suite was available if booking from the U.K. but was unavailable if booking from the U.S.. A call to the MSC "concierge service" solved the problem and allowed me to book when the website did not. My suspicion is that MSC wants to fill the 3 decks before allowing people to book the next 3 decks. EDIT: I checked a popular travel agency site and they have plenty available on 15, 16, and 18 (no deck 17). If you want a lower deck than what the MSC site shows, contact either the concierge (request a call) or call regular MSC customer service.
  7. I also have the same itinerary booked so I will be very interested in your review. I've never been to DR nor PR at all whether by plane or by ship.
  8. I can't speak for others but most of the time on the forum, using the word "steerage" is meant as a humorous throwback to the movie "Titanic" and the over the top class distinctions... ...and isn't meant to insult anyone. Just because someone is sailing "Bella" doesn't mean that they are prettier than others, either. 😜
  9. I book early...very early and have seen rates go up from the time that I booked until sail date. Surprisingly, I've always been charged the rate that was in effect on the day that I booked. I've never had to have anything adjusted. Having the FAQ printed is a good idea since it clearly shows what the rates are for the dates in question.
  10. Deck plans aren't always 100% accurate. MSC deck plans aren't always 100% complete. For stateroom numbers and locations, there are a few differences that I have found between World Europa and World America deck plans but until the ship is completed, no one will know for sure. I suspect that they will be the same for things like staterooms. Anything is possible (good or bad) when new ships are being built. May would be a bit early for me even if the ship is 100% complete in April. The crew would also need time to get organized (MSC doesn't have a standard operating procedure for...anything) so when I book a new ship, I give the crew time to gel. Some people like to be one of the first to sail a new ship so for those people, new ship/new crew is a non-issue. With MSC, early cruises tend to be bit more problematic compared to new RCCL, NCL, Carnival cruises because those companies (and others) follow a SOP. On MSC, things can be very different from one ship to the next. With the World Class being the largest MSC ship in North America and having more people than MSC usually has, I expect the crew to be a bit overwhelmed early on.
  11. It was a good show but was cancelled after 2 seasons...☚ī¸
  12. Every Aerosmith fan knows to double-check before...😲
  13. Other than the older threads that you've already seen, there's nothing new to report. Overlooking the sofa at the foot of the bed (a non-issue for some people), most people who have stayed there seem to like it.
  14. You can sit in any available seat. You aren't forced to sit in the Haven section.
  15. Just based on pictures/video that I've seen, 19015 looks a small amount wider. The space from the foot of the bed to the dresser looks wider. The camera angles don't help since some people focus their video on drawer space and contents. From what I can see, none of the differences are as big as the differences with the Grands on Seashore/Seascape.
  16. I haven't noticed anything exceptionality larger but maybe 19015/19016 are a bit wider.
  17. I believe that they are built the same as far as pools. The Infinity pool is a step-down layout as it gets deeper so that could work. The Long Island pool has steps and a railing. IIRC, the Jungle Pool is only jump in or ladder.
  18. I noticed the same things that you noticed....but I decided to go in a different direction. 😎
  19. That wasn't the case on our last 2 trips there. There was a separate line for Yacht Club both times. NCL has one line there but NCL Haven guests get to just walk to the front of the line. If MSC has only one line, I would just walk to the front.
  20. I can't 100% confirm but plans were announced last year.... https://www.portcanaveral.com/About/Recent-News/Port-Canaveral-Expands-Electric-Vehicle-Charging-I
  21. The title... "MSC Seashore Review - 6-9-24 to 9-16-24" ...will this be a review of a 3 month cruise? 😉
  22. Or.... The 4 families go to Disneyworld but family D purchases Genie+ which allows family D to enjoy the attractions sooner while families A, B, & C wait in line.
  23. Stay right in your case. You'll be on that curved road as you enter the area.
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