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  1. I've been watching Carnival Panorama out of Long Beach. When this thread was started, ALL November cruises were removed from the website, and the first sailing out of Long Beach was mid December. I want to say the 19th, or somewhere around there. Interestingly, November 14th has been put BACK. But then nothing else for the month of November. Weird.
  2. I'm so thrilled to hear that the 3-4 day cruises will return to Long Beach. I live in Vegas and want that option for a very cheap, last minute cruise if I see a good deal. I did my very first solo cruise on Imagination just before covid happened, and was bummed to see the ships leave Long Beach. Someday when things are normal again, I'd love to do another last minute solo cruise.
  3. Well, that's it for me. I'm just going to let my FCC sit there until I see cruising actually start up again, and keep going for at least awhile. I'm not playing the guessing game anymore.
  4. Not really. But I have a tiny bit more hope than before when Carnival cancelled almost all of it's cruises a week or so ago, but Panorama was still intact. It makes me feel like they were hoping to continue with the October Panorama cruises, at least as of last week. Otherwise, they would have just cancelled those like all of the other sailings.
  5. Well, October is still bookable on the website, and that's usually the first indicator. In the past, they've unlisted the bookings several days before any official announcement. As of right now, you can still book my Oct. 3rd cruse on Panorama. We're 65 days out...
  6. How long are they giving you to rebook? Through 2022?
  7. I wish if they were going to cancel other cruises this year, they would have done it in this announcement. Because now I'm sitting here with my Oct 3rd Panorama booking looking stupid. It's like when that one person in the office is about to get laid off and EVERYONE knows it and no one can make eye contact.
  8. *Sits over here with my Oct. 3rd booking, looking awkward as hell.*
  9. This is something that probably happens once or twice a year at best. You have a WAY higher chance of being pooped on by a seagull.
  10. I called sometime in March and opted for the FCC, but my new booking was almost $800 less so I was told the balance would be refunded to my credit card, along with shore excursions, internet package, spa package etc. I was told it would be about 90 days. So I waited patiently, no need to fret and stew, file chargebacks or get frustrated. I got all my refunds now and everything is accounted for, well within the window they told everyone at the beginning of this. Patience is a virtue. 😉
  11. I just find it really hard to believe that every cruise out of every port is sold out/unavailable through September.. this feels like what happened both times before when they cancelled cruises. I think the 'inventory control' story is just that- a story to buy time until Carnival is able to release an official announcement, maybe on Monday. Definitely not trying to be a pessimist. I have a cruise booked for October (rescheduled from cancelled May 9th cruise). I hope I'm wrong! I'm dying to cruise again and I want to see the ships sail and things go back to normal. I want to live vicariously through all of you until it's my turn! I'm dying to read all the trip reports and see pictures and "live from" threads again. But just in case I'm right, I went ahead and booked my spa pass and will probably pull the trigger on my excursions before Monday. Because if they do cancel through September, all those people are probably going to reschedule for fall and I don't want to miss the chance on booking things before they sell out. Anyone who has cruises booked for this fall/winter might want to consider doing the same. Especially with reduced capacity rules.
  12. They probably are marking every other cabin as 'sold' to ensure they sail at 50% capacity and to make sure people don't book cabins next to each other- which will make the ship look full when it really isn't.
  13. But what about the 100 day No Sail order that lasts til nearly August?
  14. It took about 7-10 days for everything to transfer over and show up in the booking. But yes, now I'm showing a $0 balance due and $650 OBC (the other $50 came with the new booking.) I don't deal with travel agents, I do all my bookings direct with Carnival. For the refunds, they said that would take about 90 days, so I'm not looking for that anytime soon.
  15. I rebooked my cruise for October 2020. It was hundreds of $ less than the original booking. I got a new cruise set up in the same category, near my original room, $750 being refunded to my credit card for the overage and $600 OBC.
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