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  1. Thanks! I ended up booking it for the evening we'll be at Dawes Glacier/Endicott arm, since we leave there at noon and the next day is a sea day. Should be a relaxing day! My Mom and I are both very excited because we love trying new and unusual food, so this is right up our alley. All the pictures and videos I've seen look fantastic! We are adventurous diners, so this should be fun. I'm curious about the mushrooms I'm seeing in the dessert picture. I don't recall seeing any pictures of that before today, nor do I remember seeing anything like that on the menu. Which dish is that, and what's it made of? It's very pretty!
  2. Thanks. It's kind of hard to know in advance what day or time we're going to want to try Wonderland. I wonder if I reserve it in the cruise planner if it's possible to change the day/time after we get onboard, pending availability.
  3. Drusierdmd, what port is this? I'm sure it was mentioned, but I missed it. Are these pictures from right by the ship? It almost looks like you can walk down that gang plank and there's a walking trail right at the end? Or is this from an excursion somewhere? I'd LOVE to be able to step off the ship and have a little hiking trail just feet away. My trip will stop in Skagway and Juneau.
  4. I'll be traveling with my Mother on a 7 days cruise to Alaska later this summer. The only specialty dining we're interested in is Wonderland, which we want to try once during our trip. I can't decide if I should make a reservation in advance through my cruise planner, or if I should wait til we get on the ship. On one hand, I've heard that sometimes there are discounts or special deals on specialty dining on Embarkation day. On the other hand, I'm worried that it'll be completely booked solid for the trip, and we'll miss our opportunity. This is my first time sailing on Royal Caribbean, so I don't know if Wonderland sells out or not. If it matters, it'll be Ovation of the Seas, and we just need a table for 2.
  5. Thanks so much! It's so beautiful, I can't wait. The only thing that baffles me about the Solarium though- in all the pictures I've seen, I almost never see anyone in any of the pools. Now and then I might see one or two people in a hot tub, but NEVER in the tiered pools. I can't figure out why that is.
  6. At some point, if one of you can post some pictures from around the Solarium, I'd love to see those. 🙂 I think I'll be spending almost all of my time there.
  7. I see. I know some ports in the US have live cams so you can see the ships coming in and out, I thought maybe the bridge had something similar.
  8. Is there somewhere to watch the passing under the bridge live?
  9. Can't wait to read everything. I'm on the August 30th sailing. I'm curious to see pictures or scans of the cruise compass for day 1. I just got off another cruise last month and missed out on several activities because of day 1 sign ups or events that happened the first day while I was still getting familiar with the ship and feeling a bit overwhelmed! (Scavenger hunts, a show in the theatre I really wanted to see, etc.) I don't want to miss out this time, and day 1 is pretty overwhelming, especially on a new ship! Maybe if I can get a sneak peek I'll be better prepared.
  10. This is incredible, thanks for sharing. I just dealt with calling an uber during disembarkation in Los Angeles and believe me, it was a literal nightmare that involved me standing in the middle of the traffic jam, frantically waving my arms until the driver could find me, haha. The pictures and detailed description is brilliant as well, so I know what to expect later this summer.
  11. All this talk of cabs and shuttles- are Uber and Lyft not very popular in Seattle? I'm traveling in late August and was going to just use either Uber or Lyft to get around. (We're staying a night early and leaving a night late, so we want to do some sight seeing in Seattle before and after the cruise.)
  12. I'm going to be sailing on Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas this summer. For our stop in Victoria, I've been doing some research on what I want to do. We want to see and experience some of the city, specifically Fisherman's Wharf and Downtown/China Town. I understand we can take a water taxi from Fishermans Wharf to the China Town area, but what is the best way to get from the cruise pier? Will there be shuttles or city buses readily available? I'll be with my Mom who can't walk long distances without sitting to rest, so I'm looking to keep the walk within a block of the cruise ship. Also, is Lyft and Uber available in Victoria? I have no idea if that's available in Canada at all, or if it's US only.
  13. I've always wondered what happens to people that end up on a cruise ship unexpectedly, such as this couple, as well as people rescued from the water as mentioned earlier in the thread. Do they stay in an empty passenger stateroom? What if the ship is sold out, where do they sleep? Are they allowed to eat in the main dining room, or are they restricted to buffet and room service? Can they buy drinks at the bar with cash or credit card, since they wouldn't have a cruise card?
  14. I'm going to be sailing on Ovation for the last Alaska cruise of the season. (August 30-Sept 6th.) I know the pool in the Solarium is covered, and according to google, it looks like at least one other pool is indoors as well. How many pools are indoors? Are they heated? I'm hoping it'll be warm enough to swim, especially being that they're inside. But my main question is about the sun protection in the covered pools. Is the glass tinted or does it offer protection/shade from the sun, or is it possible to burn in there? I just got off a Hawaii cruise last month on another cruise line. All of the pools were outdoors and I'm extremely sensitive to the sun. Even with 2 layers of SPF 50 sunblock, after only 15 minutes in the pool I started getting a burn that I'm still recovering from. Due to my sensitivity, I had to wait until night time to enjoy the pools. I'm wondering if I'll have better luck in the Solarium or if I'll burn in there as well, lol.
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