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  1. That would be great. I haven't sailed Carnival since 2007 and don't remember much about disembarkation. But I've sailed on 2 other cruise lines in the past year and they basically herded us into a designated area and kicked us off as soon as our group was called. It was as strict as muster. They had people stationed in all the hallways and wouldn't even let you enter different areas unless it was for your zone.
  2. Does this really work at check in? I never heard of anyone trying it at that stage. And what would happen to your luggage? Since the luggage tags would already be on and the bags handed off to the porters.
  3. I won't know for awhile! My cruise is in May.
  4. That moment when you realize that the cruise that's 'later in the month' is suddenly next week, and completely snuck up on you! 😮
  5. Yeesh, the questions about work are worrying. I have a really bizarre job where I work from home as an independent contractor for a video game company. Entirely remote, and most of what I do pertains to inside the game itself. (Content creation and customer service, I guess you could say.) I struggle to explain my job to my own family, much less customs. I hope no one ever asks! 😄
  6. I'm hoping someone has stayed in this room. I just booked it and trying to figure out if it's a good location, but I can't find any pictures of video of the room. From the map, it looks pretty good. Corner aft end of the ship without being a full wake view.. but I have no idea if the balcony is covered, if it looks down at the water or into other balconies, if the view is at all obstructed, etc.
  7. No, I booked a gty so I'll accept any cabin they put me in- but if they have a lot of empty in my category, I'd be happier pretty much anywhere mid ship or aft. I've been watching the pricing on the website and it fluctuates between $169pp (roughly what I booked it for) and $154pp (what it is right now.) It's been holding pretty steady at $154 for the most part. I'm going to watch the availability daily and if it looks like the standard interiors are running low then I'll call. But this is my first time booking Carnival so I didn't know if it was common to get multiple upgrade offers before a sailing.
  8. I'm sailing in about 30 days, and currently booked in an interior cabin at the very front of the ship. A week or so ago, I noticed an upgrade offer somewhere in my cruise planner on the website. I didn't think I was interested at the time so I ignored it, and it dropped off after a day or two. I never got any email or phonecall, just happened to see it when looking up something else. Now I can't even remember what section I saw it in. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm very interested in an upgrade of any kind. When I do a mock booking, I see there is a huge amount of cabins still available in every category. I'd reckon at least 20+ cabins for interior on all parts of the ship, 10+ portholes, 10+ ocean view, 1 junior suite and 10 grand suites. So it seems there is still a lot of spots for Carnival to shuffle people around. Is there a chance I might get another upgrade offer, or did I miss the boat on that? 😋How close before sailing day will they still of send out upgrade offers? Absolute worst case scenario- do you suppose it might be possible for me to call Carnival a day or two before the sailing and ask for a (free) lateral move to a standard interior in a better location? has anyone done that before?
  9. Wow, upsell offers a full year away? I thought they only did that a few months out.
  10. Could you tell me where you saw the upgrade offer appear? I have a cruise coming up end of January. One day I was poking around my cruise planner on the website and saw an upgrade offer, but ignored it at the time. Now I'm kicking myself because it's gone. I can't remember where on the website I saw it. Do they list it under cruise planner, cruise manager or booking/order details? I keep checking back hoping for another one. I did not receive any email or phone call, it just appeared on the website one day and then went away on it's own. My sailing has a massive amount of empty cabins available right now in every category, including about 10 grand suites! So I'm hoping that I'll get the opportunity to bid for an ocean view or at *least* a porthole, instead of the absolute forward interior I have now.
  11. To answer some questions- I'm in Las Vegas. The way our tourist season works is that spring and summer months generally are MUCH higher priced and fall/winter is pretty cheap, when it comes to hotels. But I know that Vegas and NYC are vastly different, so I don't know if there are similar trends. I hoped that a local or someone who travels to NY often might be able to give me some insight on that. The exact date would be an April 16, 2021 sailing. So we'd probably look to get there at least on the 14th. I did find a really great listing on a hotel booking site for April 14, 2020.. Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Terminal.. $281 per night on some sort of sale, the website says it's about a 12 minute walk to Times Square. That would be a fantastic price and location if we're lucky enough to find a price like that 1 year later. Bed size requirements, we'd prefer 2 beds. Could even be a single or double, doesn't have to be anything crazy like a king or a queen. Or even 1 bed and 1 pull out sofa. We could share 1 queen or king in a pinch if we had to but we'd both rather have our own bed. I have my eye on the Library Hotel also, but it seems like we'd be sharing a bed there.
  12. I hope everything is ok. Edit: Oh, we posted at the same time! Glad all is well. Loving this review! I'm sailing on the Escape (and NCL for the first time) in 2021 so I get to live vicariously through the rest of you in the meantime. 😉
  13. Thanks NJhorseman. 🙂 My thought process was just that I wondered if it would be cheaper overall to fly into Newark and stay a night in NJ if the savings would be significant. I see now that LaGuardia is much closer to the cruise port! For some reason I thought LaGuardia was a considerable distance away. You're right, it's entirely too early to book any flights or hotels. But half the joy of cruising for me is all the research and planning, so by the time I actually can start booking things, I'll have everything all organized and planned out. Helps a lot with figuring out the budget, too. 😉 (Right now I'm just looking at prices for April 2020 to get a ballpark idea.)
  14. Hi there, I have so many questions I'm completely overwhelmed and not sure where to even begin looking! (This is a fun problem to have, however.) 😉 In April 2021, I'll be sailing on Norwegian Escape out of New York. I know nothing about NYC or the boroughs and proximity to airports, etc. After googling, I see that it appears the NCL cruise port is in Manhattan. We have some flexibility and would love to arrive about 2 days ahead of the cruise. We'll be flying, so we don't need hotel parking. IF we fly into NY, should we be flying into JFK or LaGuardia? Alternatively, I'm considering flying into Newark, NJ and staying the first night in North Jersey, since we'll be getting in extremely late, probably after 10pm-11pm. My step Mom is on a cane with some mobility issues, so doing a huge amount of walking is not a great idea. But I'd love to see Times Square and/or Broadway the day before the cruise. Would we be better off flying to Newark, checking in somewhere near Lyndhurst/Rutherford/Jersey City and then transferring to a new hotel in Manhattan the next day? Would it be better to fly straight to JFK or LaGuardia and stay 2 nights in Manhattan? Price is kind of a factor.. $300 or so for one night hurts, but is manageable. Two might be more difficult. I'm also not sure about transportation. Would rather not drag suitcases, carry on's and my 60+ year old stepmom on a cane through the subways or buses. Lyft or Uber would be better, but I have no idea how pricey that might be from North Jersey into Manhattan. (Not to mention from Newark airport to North Jersey.) Which do you think would be our better option? Once I at least have the correct airport narrowed down I can at least start pricing out hotel options.
  15. I'm really sorry that this upset you so much! But when I read this, I burst out laughing. It's so over the top rude that it's absurd. If this happened to me I think I'd start laughing at them!
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