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  1. Loved reading your review! I'm planning on doing this very cruise, as a first time solo cruiser! I'm just waiting until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to see if any prices drop between Carnival and NCL, but most likely doing the cruise in January or February. I'm fascinated by the idea of doing a solo cruise and very excited for that adventure. One thing I'm curious about- you mentioned being detained by customs for being a solo traveler. Why? Can you detail that process a little bit, so I know what to expect if it happens to me? And did it happen on embarkation or debarkation? I really enjoyed your blog style of writing.
  2. Interesting. The Cruise I've been tracking has stayed pretty close to what it was earlier this week.. the interior cabin is still up from the original price I saw, which was somewhere around $329 per person... I wish I had written it down, but I DID write down the grand total cost which was $667 for a solo, sail away interior. Current cost is $742. I need to see it go back down to $667 or lower, or I'll just go with Carnival this time around. (Incidentally, Carnival prices are also up this week by about $30-50 per person on interiors.)
  3. Thanks. I'll be sailing on the Panorama in May. I'm not actually interested in streaming any tv, but the reason I ask is because I have an usual job in the video game industry, and my job involves being logged in to the actual game. When I sailed on Ruby Princess earlier this year, I had the premium package and was able to get in an hour or two of work in the early mornings- sitting out by the pool on the lido deck with coffee and my laptop. Nice way to kill a few hours before the day really starts, and get paid for it to boot. 😉 I also enjoyed doing a lot of Facebook Live videos from the ship. I'm hoping the premium package on Panorama will allow me to do the same.
  4. How do you stream tv? I'm confused by the internet packages because even the premium package specifies that it doesn't allow streaming services like netflix or hulu.
  5. Thanks, that's what I'm hoping. I work from home/self employed, so I have the flexibility to wait til very last minute. I'm trying to wait this one out and see if it lowers, because I really want to try out NCL and it looks like a great ship.
  6. Is this free? You don't have to pay for the cost of supplies?
  7. No, just me. This would be a solo cruise. And speaking of - I could swear when I did the original mock booking, it was giving me a solo rate discount. But now when I do a mock booking it's charging the full double (but just port fees/taxes for one of course.) My original mock booking came to $667. Today, the same mock booking is $742.
  8. Hi all, I've been closely tracking a particular cruise I'm very interested in booking, but I've been waiting to see if the price might drop a little bit during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. However, I noticed an unusual price shift on this cruise. The interior rooms, which started at I think around $359 per person, has gone up to match the price of the balcony cabin. This this common with NCL? I've never cruised this cruise line before, but I've never seen this with any other line. My speculation is that they have an abundance of balcony cabins still available and they're trying to entice people to book those first before they have to lower them further. And once more of the balconies are filled, the price on the interior will drop again. Am I on the right track with that?
  9. Yes, we stayed at the Maya twice, back in 2005 and 2007. I LOVED it, beautiful hotel. I'm over the moon that we're staying there again. I already asked about the free shuttle to the cruise in the morning, so that's covered. (I could make the walk, but Ellen is on a cane so it would be too much for her with luggage in tow.) Very curious about the Passport Shuttle though, I don't know what that is but going to google and have a look. It would be fantastic to go over to Pike/Shoreline if it's easy to get there.
  10. Well, you were close- but we're flying in on May 8th and sailing on May 9th. Maybe it's because of being so close to Mothers Day, but for some reason when I checked the price for the Westin, it showed closer to $300 for that night. However, I saw what you mentioned about calling the Maya about the Carnival rate. I had heard that mentioned before, but the price for that night is $283 and while I thought the Carnival rate might drop it down a little bit, I doubted it would be enough to make it work. But since you mentioned again, I thought it wouldn't hurt to call and just see. Turns out, the Carnival rate did in fact drop the price well over $100! I can't believe it! New rate with taxes and everything was only $175! I booked immediately. I am so happy because that was my #1 choice but I thought it was a pipe dream. Thank you very much for taking so much time to help me out with this and answer my questions. It's very appreciated. 🙂
  11. Thanks, it's possible all the reviews are exaggerations. But I've heard multiple times that you can't go more than 5 minutes, and one review said they were approached 12 times in 15 minutes. I don't mind saying a polite no thank you, but that seems excessive to the point where you can't even relax and enjoy yourself.
  12. Well, we will be flying into Long Beach airport the afternoon before our Carnival Cruise out of Long Beach. We're hoping to spend under $150 for the night, or at least under $200, which takes nearly every hotel out there out of the running. I know someone who stayed at Golden Seals earlier this year and she had posted some really cute pictures of them having drinks overlooking the marina outside. From those pictures, it looked really pretty. According to Uber, it's only a 5-7 minute drive from Long Beach Airport to Golden Sails, at a cost of $13.12. Then another $20 or so from Golden Sails to Long Beach cruise terminal. Looks like that's another 25 minutes which admittedly is pretty long, but I haven't had a lot of luck finding something in our price range, near the Long Beach Cruise terminal, that doesn't look really crappy. There is the 'maybe' of staying at the Queen Mary.. which my family stayed at this past spring and absolutely adored. The only problem there is that my Dad particularly loved the Queen Mary.. and I'm sorry to say that he just passed away a little over a month ago. My Stepmom and I are afraid that staying at the Queen Mary might be too painful for us. It's on the table as an option but kind of a last resort. We would love to stay in that area but I just am not having a lot of luck finding anything affordable. To be completely honest, I really want to stay at Hotel Maya more than anything. We stayed there back in 2005 and 2007 on our last Carnival Cruises, and it was beautiful. It's out of the price range we wanted to stay under, but at some point I might just bite the bullet and accept that we're going to have to pay more. It's not a deal breaker, we'd just rather spend the extra money on our actual cruise. If you have any good suggestions that might be closer to $150-200 without being a Motel 6 quality stay or one of those boutique hotels with no elevator (My Mom is on a cane and can't do stairs), I'd love to hear some options. Editing to add: We arrive in Long Beach around 1:30 PM, which does leave a huge amount of time for fun things. So a location near some of the touristy stuff you mentioned would be ideal. I'm just not familiar at all with Long Beach, so trying to figure things out via google maps was a bit overwhelming.
  13. I'm going to be sailing to Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta in May. One of the main things we want to do is have some beach time for swimming. But from everything I read, it's just not possible to go more than 5 minutes without all the vendors coming up to you and trying to sell you things. I understand on the public beaches, there of course would be no way to mitigate this. So I hoped that by booking an excursion for a private beach area, we'd be able to enjoy our time there without being mobbed by vendors constantly. I've looked at the reviews for every single exclusive beach resort package on the website. But it seems like even if the resort has a section of the beach roped off, the vendors just stand at the rope and yell at you from there. One review even said that they couldn't even see the water from their loungers because all the vendors were lined up at the rope just a few feet away. They felt so uncomfortable they gave up and left the beach and just went back to the pool at the resort. Is the beach just a lost cause? Or are there any excursions where you really can enjoy the beach time without being hassled?
  14. I'm trying to decide on a hotel to stay the night before our cruise in May. I can't seem to get away from Golden Sails, which keeps popping up for me constantly. But I've never heard anyone mention anything about it here. Does anyone know if it's decent, or should I pass?
  15. I'm noticing lots of new excursions everytime I check the website. And yesterday when I looked, there were 0 excursions listed for the 7 day cruise I have booked in may, so they're definitely doing things to the website. Just check back every day. I notice the option to favorite excurions is gone and my favorites list is missing, but it'll probably be back eventually.
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