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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING WHO THE OFFICERS ARE! I'm really sorry that you had to jump through the hoops to make that happen though... seems pretty crazy to bury that information so deep in the TV menus. So excited to follow along on your TA!
  2. I may have missed it but did you post the "In The Spotlight" sheet with the list of current Edge Officers/Directors? If you haven't posted it could you? If you have posted it sorry that I missed it. Thanks!
  3. A few years ago on Equinox my wife and I would hit the pizza station late at night before going back to our room. We'd order a special pizza with our favorite toppings. They made it for us. We only did it a couple of times but they never said no so I would guess that if they're open and making pizzas that they would be willing to accommodate you. It was awesome to have fresh, hot pizza with only the toppings you wanted! Good luck!
  4. My wife and I did this this tour a couple of years ago and loved it! We saw so many cool beaches. Got to watch people jump off the cliff. Snorkeled a little bit. The bus we rode around in was fun. They had unlimited water, beer and rum punch for us to drink. We thought it was a really awesome way to see a lot of the island and many of its beaches. We'll be there again this fall and wish we could do it again but our ship isn't arriving until 3:30pm. Here are a couple of photos from some of the beaches we hit. Good luck with your decision!
  5. We usually get a 4 or 5 meal package which can save you quite a bit of money. You can only book one meal when you pre-purchase one of those packages... and your reservation has to be on either the first or second night. We really enjoy the menus in the MDR on those first two nights so that's where we like to eat. So... when we go to Murano when we first board we reschedule that first reservation and then make the other 3-4 reservations we need to make because of the package. And we do that first because we know that the specialty restaurants fill up quickly with the times we probably want to eat so we do it right away.
  6. The first thing we do when we get on board is go to Murano to make all of our specialty restaurant reservations. Then we head to the MDR to check on the location of our table if we are doing fixed dining. My wife and I don't prefer being at a 2 person table that's 4 inches from another 2 person table. After that we go to the Martini Bar for our first Decadence. Then we just sit and look at each other the biggest grins on our faces knowing what our lives are going to be like while we're cruising!!
  7. What was the name of the company you rented the car from? Thanks!
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