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  1. I haven't been able to look this up for my upcoming cruise in November; however, a dummy booking for a cruise next December allows me to review rooms for selection. I usually use online sites - scan for cabins, for instance - to check which cabins are still available.
  2. Thanks all. So, collar is the key. Hideous is optional.
  3. I got a killer deal (only $1039.25 + shipping) on this (these?) Balenciaga designer shirt(s) and thought might come in handy for a quick switcharoo at 6p from casual to collared shirt. Just checking the collective wisdom of this forum before packing it in. Thanks
  4. Thank you all for the responses! Really appreciate it.
  5. Greetings, We are booked in the Sojourn for the Caribbean itinerary in November and have a few questions regarding the various bars on the ship. - What are the bar hours during port days and sea days? Which bar remains open late in the night? - Does the coffee bar serve mimosas, bloody mary's in the morning or is it strictly a beverage bar? Are there other bars open in the morning? - We've seen reviews of Champagne being delivered as part of room service. Does this extend to cocktails as well, for instance Martinis or Margaritas? - Is there a favorite bar where the crowd gravitates towards? - What are the must-try cocktails? Thank you
  6. Hello and greetings, We just booked our first Seabourn cruise for this fall; the 11/04 sailing out of Miami on the Sojourn. We are really looking forward to this cruise. We'd like to request a referral coupon to enjoy the onboard credit. Please PM me if you are interested in extended the invitation to us. Thank you!
  7. Yes, we sailed an Alaska itinerary way back in 2005. And yes, Princess Pizza stood out and we still talk about it. That said, our palate has evolved over time.
  8. We own a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and tequila trumps Jeep/4x4 tours in Mexico any day. You may want to check out "The Original Cozumel Bar Hop" for a fabulous day of tequila/Xtabentun tasting and yummy seafood lunch on the other coast of Cozumel. We are getting ready to do this for the third time during our upcoming cruise. Yea, he can be the DD, driving his Jeep/4X4 😂
  9. I take my pizza seriously as well but I just haven't found one serious enough on a cruise ship; the closest was the distant-second flat bread on The Lawn Club Grille, compared to a decent pizza joint landside. Sorrento's on Liberty OTS in 2016 was just horrible. We're going try it again on our upcoming trip. Maybe it's improved...
  10. Finally, a Liberty OTS review! Thank you so much. Glad to hear that you all really enjoyed the cruise. We are leaving this Sunday on the same itinerary and will be driving from Austin area to Galveston on Friday afternoon. I have a few questions - When did you arrive at the terminal for the check-in? - Sounds like the tender system in Grand Cayman is a real cluster, both getting off the boat as well as getting back on. What time do you recommend we stand in the tender ticket line if we want to leave the ship at 10a? - did you do self-disembarkation? Thanks!
  11. Good venue to practice for hot dog eating contest then...? Do you have to order one at a time or can you place an order for 100 hot dogs?
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