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  1. There is no question that we have a lot to grumble about with two fully paid cruises hanging out there and a $2K deposit thru thee separate lines. I have seen no difference in the way Celebrity has handled the Pandemic as all are holding off cancelling cruises until they know they certainly can’t cruise. The all inclusive change does not impact us as we sail in Suites. We are happy about the changes to the Retreat as that will cut down on crowded and improve service.
  2. We have always upgraded our beverage package with our onboard credit. We don’t use the spa or take excursions so it’s a good way to utilize OBC.
  3. For the 7 day Caribbean cruises next June only the Suite Class are “All Inclusive”. Any cabin below the SS are not all inclusive. Folks that don’t want an all inclusive cruise have options next summer. This was on the 7 day Equinox cruises from Port Lauderdale in June.
  4. Unfortunately our insurance (Federal BCBS) will only cover one knee injection a year and that’s after you jump thru hoops to get approvals. My husband gave up and had a TKR 12 days ago and the insurance had no problems covering that even as an outpatient. Husband has walked up two flights of steps to bed on the first night and has never stopped. He has been able to drive and use his tractor. He is no fan of the pain especially when putting the compression stockings on but has been going to therapy two to thee times a week. He has not been offered pool therapy although he said he had
  5. From the studies released, the Moderna vaccine has shown it is especially effective for older folks. I hope I can get the Moderna instead of the Pfizer vaccine.
  6. Silver Seas won’t be a good substitute for Celebrity or Azamara. I understand they do have a dress code and expect you to come to dinner in something other than jeans. Check the dress code especially if you don’t want to dress for dinner before you book. RCI has also not allowed us to carry our points to Silver Seas.
  7. If Celebrity has priced you out of their cruises by being all inclusive, you can sail with other cruise lines. Many lines offer a cheaper product and they may be within your budget. All travel programs are consistently changed and never in your favor so we might as well get used to it.
  8. Remember that wearing a mask is to protect everyone from you not so much to protect you. If you cannot wear a mask a cruise or any mode of public transportation will not be able to accept you as a passenger. I certainly would not want to be near anyone without a mask in an interior space. If everyone has been vaccinated by Oct 21 you may be allowed to sail.
  9. You must not have been an a TA on Celebrity. The Captains Club cocktail hour is anything but quiet. It’s also difficult to get a seat or the waiters attention. Because of this they began changing the benefits to give you drink coupons to use at different bars during the time frame. The percentage of CC members on the cruises have really increased. There were also quite a few Zeniths and Blue Chip members crowding Michael’s Club. I am glad Celebrity is changing the benefits especially when it will avoid overcrowding.
  10. I doubt the cruise lines will visit many “ not to be missed” ports on their 7 day cruises. The private ports and islands will be accessible without a tour.
  11. I hope the OP notified the resort and airline. Did they have the contact tracing on their phone so at least the folks around them will be notified that the virus was near. I hope their trip was “essential” as they have exposed many to the virus.
  12. Perhaps they can set up a “Zenith’s Retreat.” to keep all of the Z’s happy. Did they also take away the free cruise? You can still get the benefits of the retreat if you book a minimum level of SS.
  13. Could it be that the conditions requiring you to need breathing assistance while sleeping would be a contraindication for traveling by ship while COVID is still around.
  14. “We hear it will begin after Thanksgiving for medical personnel in Maryland.
  15. Has anyone ever been a member of a Loyalty program that has not reduced benefits? The airline programs are always increasing the mileage needed for upgrades or free flights. I also remember when there were no loyalty programs so I guess we will return to those times. At least you will still get the benefits that come with certain room classes, Aqua and Suite.
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