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  1. The one thing I dislike about eating in a suite is the food smell that lingers after your dinner. I bring spray disinfectant but it still lingers. We have enjoyed the specialty lunches in the Porch and Lawn Club. If the weather is bad they serve the Lawn Club lunch in the Tuscan.
  2. We have also noticed a larger proportion of jackets on this cruise in the Specialties. My husband said he is comfortable wearing a jacket and hasn’t felt too warm. Last night was the “Best of the Best” dinner in the Drawing Room. There were quite a few ties in addition to the jackets and my husband wished he had worn his tie. That will probably be his last night to wear a tie this cruise.
  3. We enjoyed Tuscan on our Silhouette cruise in Nov 18. Portions were too large but that is the norm except for LPC. We always enjoy the view outside when it is still light. Milano is a little claustrophobic for our taste.
  4. Where do you folks live so that you can get Whispering Angel ($27) a bottle in D.C. for $12? I have also liked the New Zealand white wines that are over $30 per bottle at home are they also cheaper where you live? I have priced the Whispering Angel in Clearwater and it is over $30 and not in a tourist spot. We will be in Florida in January so please give me the names of the shops so we can stock up.
  5. The noise level will depend on those in the suite next to yours. We were in a Spa Suite and our neighbors kept different hours so we always heard them when they came back in the early AM. They may have been hard of hearing because we heard everything that was said in their cabin. Bring earplugs and you should be okay. I will be disappointed if our next suite is a connecting suite.
  6. If you believe the Celebrity wine list is better you should certainly stick with them! We went to book another voyage in a suite and our first five were sold out!! Folks that better appreciate Celebrity should stick with them and leave Azamara to us. If you really enjoy a good wine list look at the one n QM2. I believe it’s 35 pages or more long and all that is available is not in the list. There is a copy on the Cunard Board so read and weep. Wines included in the fare are not the best but are not much worse than Seabourn. You do have to pay extra for the better wines and we pay for what we enjoy.
  7. I was glad that Eric did some songs from recent history, as apprised to the “big band” numbers that seem to be the orchestra’s favs. I don’t care for the era and it is much too loud in the cabaret venue.
  8. What did everyone think of the old Celebrity Mercury, now named Mein Schaffer’s Herz? I can still see the Celebrity lines. The balconies were added by Celebrity during a refit drydock. I remember we had a very deep balcony but at least they added balconies. Guess the Galaxy became another Mein Schaffer’s.
  9. We had a tour but decided to pick up some essentials in town. The shuttle worked the same way all shuttles for Funchal have worked. They all drop you off across from the main park on the main shopping street. They also pick you up there. You do have to watch and not get on a Mein Schaffer’s shuttle. The walk from town to the ship is about 20-25 minutes if you walk slowly. We did have to wait for the bus driver to finish his cigarette (guess this is very important) before he took our nearly full shuttle to the ship. Did we miss some confusion with the shuttle?
  10. We have asked for a clock and said there was an unauthorized clock in an Ocean View Cabin. We do have a travel clock but it does not light up at night.
  11. I don’t believe it’s a cost cutting measure to dock other than at the WTC in Barcelona. what gave you the idea that the port charges less fir the beautiful terminal where we did embark? Give us the WEB page where you found this to be a cheaper alternative.
  12. What do you think of your cabin? It’s an exact match to our suite (different deck). It has been too cold to use the nice balcony and there are no steamship blankets available. We find the tile in the bathroom is too busy for our eyes and miss the storage space available in the bathroom of suites on other ships. Do you also have only one full length mirror?
  13. Celebrity should definitely refund you the cost of your drink package for the two days missed. The loss of the two days passage is not something they would legally have to do but it sounds like they are making an effort to give back a portion of the cruise fare. We definitely rely on cruise insurance for these types of situations especially during hurricane or typhoon seasons. If this was due to the fault of Celebrity it would be an entirely different matter.
  14. Saw you in Prime C last night, hope you enjoyed your dinner. We both had the fillet and it was wonderful, not European beef. Hubby enjoyed the Pumpkin Soup but the onion soup was not as good as I have had, but maybe I am thinking of Seabourn or Cunard. Sides also received mixed reviews as the spinach was great but hubby would not repeat the spaetzle. We will try Prime C again after we dine again at Aqualina. Dover sole has been requested tonight.
  15. I would also suggest the Ultimate package if you are picky about wines. It’s about $21 a day and includes better wine by the glass. They also offer deals on this package after you board so it could be much less expensive. When you order mixed drinks you will still get the regular brand unless you request a better brand. Guess they will always use the default unless directed.
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