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  1. I hope Dwayne has been evaluated by a cardiologist. Having heart problems after a vaccination for COVID would show a very increased risk for heart issues should you actually catch COVID.
  2. When we traveled through Germany in early July, the six month rule was in place, however, we didn’t need a COVID test. Now you need the COVID test even with the vaccine.
  3. When we passed through Germany on our way to Greece we were told our 2nd vaccination could be no older than six months. There are loads of immunocompromised individuals on the cruise critic board and they have received their boosters.
  4. Actually the mortality rate for 40 year olds is much less than for 70 year olds. We think we are healthy but our immune systems are crashing and our heart and lungs are not what there were at 40 even if we lived a healthy life style. Add smoking and alcohol to the mix and your body is reallly suffering.
  5. Since the OP cabin is almost free, they should upgrade the parents cabin then they all can eat at any restaurant on the ship.
  6. Seabourn is doing 14 dAY Caribbean cruise all winter. Prices are about the same as Celebrity Suites. All inclusive, no premium beverage upgrades. Champagne and caviar is always available.
  7. Ours is in a sealed packet and is labeled. We carried them through TSA, Germany and Greece security with no problem. We check our clothing bags but always carry on essentials including all meds.
  8. Hopefully anyone who should not be traveling, immune compromised and all conditions making you much more likely to get sick from COVID, are using common sense and are not traveling.
  9. I don’t like crowded cruise ports but your pictures are spooky with no people in town areas. It looks like the Caribbean is a disaster area unlike the Greek Islands this summer. They were not crowded (we were the only ship in most ports) but there were happy vacationers all over eating in outside cafes, strolling about and using the beaches. Your ports look very different.
  10. For all those “soon to be passengers”, you have decided to cruise during a pandemic. Now is the time to step back and take a different vacation if you are stressed about social distancing. Even if you have your booster shot, if you are immune compromised cruising is not a safe vacation. Depending on the causes for being immune compromised, only a few will get excellent safety from the booster. A friend of mine had to discontinue her prescription for RA for several days before and after receiving a COVID vaccine to give her body time to react correctly to the vaccine.
  11. My husband does not have trouble packing a blazer and a tux. There is a passenger laundry where it is easy to was a permanent press shirt. He loves the transatlantic crossings as he wear his tux every evening except the first and last. He likes not having to make decisions regarding what to wear.
  12. Can’t imagine doing this but look at the posts on the Celebrity CC Site. Guess Igrew up in a different time.
  13. Bing the crew cash, they have a small store onboard to buy necessities. I have also seen quite a few Amazon packages at our ports, supposedly for the crew.
  14. Internet quality will never improve because of the bandwidth hogs. Folks take cruises and spend their days streaming video (YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime or whatever). Passengers actually used to be “present” on their cruises and were not tied to their phones or TVs. Guess this is the new generation.
  15. Airlines have changed their loyalty programs much more than the cruise lines. Every year more miles are required for travel and upgrades. They do that every year. Celebrity has upgraded their onboard experience so if upgrading most passengers experience hurts your Celebrity benefits so be it. There are many other cruise lines to disappoint you.
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