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  1. It is very surprising that the OP first cruise on Azamara will be a long transatlantic with few ports. Our first trip was a Cuban one with quite a few ports and was a good introduction to all of Azamara’s qualities. You will miss some on this voyage including the Azamazing Evening and the lengthy port visits. She is a small ship and probably won’t have a Casino.
  2. His crossing is in April. I would assume it is on the Quest as it leaves Miami on 4/20 traveling right now to Barcelona. Luckily she has been in South America all winter so I would guess our sailing will not be impacted. Of course changes could occur as there is now one case in Brazil. I am glad I used Seabourn for our flights home so even if we do have changes, they will get us back.
  3. On our last transatlantic, transpacific I did not see Yoga pants except on those going to or coming from exercising. It could be that many of us don’t have the figure for skin tight pants of any sort. I would not recommend pizza on Seabourn unless you are not picky about pizza. They don’t have the right ovens for pizza but everything else they serve is excellent.
  4. Wonder if they will be handicap accessible? Will the electric scooters fit in the stateroom? Guess these folks will stay withnCelebrity.
  5. My husband was also one of the, never a Kindle, people. We have taken cruises on “sick” ships where the library was closed for two weeks! We read that bedbugs have been found in the spines of library books and used books. We both now use Kindles and even my husband is happy. I know the IPAD has the capability but I don’t like reading from a shiny surface.
  6. Some lines charge differently for different internet use. Those who stream, upload pictures and otherwise need a lot of bandwidth can pay an additional fee. The number of these users should be limited so they can actually use the internet for what they need. The other passengers requiring a more limited plan would pay less if they are just reading emails, answering emails etc. As more of us demand internet speeds in areas with little or limited satellite coverage something needs to be changed.
  7. The OP should double check and see if a beverage package is included with his stateroom. The Ultimate was included with our last bookings. We never had trouble with the wines. If the listed wine was not available an equal or more often a better wine was provided. Does Oceana include the liquor and wines you want with a stateroom?
  8. You can, however, receive the OBC on Azamara. Hopefully SS will be included in the future.
  9. We have almost always experienced changes on United and their code share partners especially when booking a year or almost a year ahead. Flights are constantly being changed, routes dropped, flights cancelled etc. At least booking through SS or Seabourn they take care of all changes and keep you in the correct class. I hope they change my Lufthansa flight to Swissair. I would love to try them again.
  10. I am surprised this law applies when the change of ports is due to a pandemic or something else that is not the fault of the cruise line. If the cruise line instead would intentionally expose passengers to the corona virus, what would then be the liability of the cruise line? Shouldn’t the cruise line do it’s best to keep its current and future passengers from danger? Cruises have been drastically changed because of storms, New England cruises taken instead of Caribbean because of dangerous storms. I only hope the cruise lines will continue to protect their passengers even if UK law penalizes them for doing so.
  11. The laundry bag you get through Discoverer benefits will get you cleaned and pressed clothes. Doing laundry in the self service laundry will require pressing unless you don’t normally press your clothes. We normally used the laundry bag for clothes requiring pressing.
  12. I remember NZ officials on board to check all the passengers. If you had been to a winery or a farm in Australia you had further questions and they cleaned any shoes that were used. When they say don’t take any food off of the ship they are serious. They have very smart beagles that greet you as you leave the ship. Many passengers were stopped by the beagles as they found apples, cookies, etc.
  13. I would suggest a hot water bottle. You will have no problems bringing it onboard. The water onboard is hot enough for filling it.
  14. End Suites have a wrap around balcony and windows in two sides of the cabin. The middle suites are also wonderful, large with huge balconies. Be aware that there is no elevator to the four Spa Suite cabins. The stairway is curved and a bit of a challenge especially in rough weather. There is a chair lift, when it’s in use you can’t use the stairs. It normally isn’t but a woman in a Spa cabin broke her ankle on board and that was the only way she could get to or from her cabin.
  15. You will have no problem in the baggage area if you snag a porter. For a tip they will pick up your bags, guide you through immigration and customs, onto your chosen method of transport. Highly recommend them. We also use porters in the train station, very worthwhile.
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