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  1. Look at Azamara, I believe they are offering South Africa in 2020. Maybe Royal corporate is testing the market.
  2. Tried the powder once. It took a while to apply it and even longer to remove it. The CND Shellac take 5 minutes at most to remove and required no drilling or filing. My nails grow too quickly not to have a manicure at least every 10 to 14 days. I am very pleased they use CND in Steiner and Canyon Ranch spas aboard ships.
  3. Never seen that sign on airplanes, at least not on United, Lufthansa or JAL. I may be traveling on the wrong airlines.
  4. According to our Butler on our last November cruise. Nut have been discontinued because of possible allergies. If you enjoy nuts with your beverages bring your own.
  5. I’ be never flushed the toilet on a ship or airplane with the lid up, does this even work? Also never flush the toilet while you are on it. It may be a legend but I heard that on an plane once a passenger was stuck to the toilet and couldn’t be removed until they landed and the ground maintenance crew freed her.
  6. Too bad you are disappointed in the Le Voyage Club. All regular drinks and coffee are already included with any stateroom so they don’t over Elite happy hours. We sailed for two weeks and received two laundries. We also made use of the convenient self service laundry and this really cut down on our need to send items out. I much prefer this to hand washing and having to hang clothing to dry. We probably spent 5 minutes total in the laundry, putting clothes in the washer and drier and then returning them to our stateroom.
  7. I stopped booking Celebrity when they offered “Kids sail Free”. They have encouraged everyone to take their children on those cruises. If I want a cruise heavy with children, I would prefer Disney where they know how to keep them entertained. They also have adult areas and folks are usually compliment. Celebrity needs to learn to better deal with children.
  8. Yes, it seems we must always carry nuts with us if we want to enjoy them with drinks. Luckily they don’t take up much room and you can legally pack them in your carry on so you can enjoy them on your flight.
  9. Remember that most of the perks are already included on Azamara and they have a self service laundry. You will have gratuities and the equivalence of the standard alcohol package with any stateroom. Most times you will also receive internet minutes and on board credit. If you are not in a suite the Specialty restaurants are $30 each and include an Italian and a Steak optio .
  10. I don’t see my stand by favorite, Whispering Angel. I am glad Azamara has it although they ran out towards the end of our last cruise.
  11. I also bring my own pillow (vacuum packed). It weighs almost nothing as it s down. I have enough trouble sleeping at night and the right pillow helps. We also bring almonds and cashews. We were in a RS last November and the Butler would not bring any nuts to our suite, said they were not on the ship because of nut allergies. We bring our own toiletries so we won’t have any skin problems on the ship.
  12. The Journey library is wonderful for a small ship. It is also a lovely area.
  13. Checked in today for a November cruise and had no problem. I have our boarding passes on our phones and also made a paper printout. No glitches at all.
  14. On our last five cruises in Luminae we saw many jackets (mostly Navy sport oats) I. Luminae and in Milano. We have no luggage restrictions on United. Flying Business you can check two 70 lb bags each as it is included in the fare. Southwest always allows two checked bags. If you purchase a discount fare you can pay for checked baggage 1, 2 or more. When we have purchased a suite cabin we usually don’t worry that much about the airfare. If we could only afford the budget air fare, we probably would not have purchased a suite. If you don’t want to dress for dinner, don’t use airline luggage policy as an excuse.
  15. Th e OP travel agent is mis informed and I am very surprised that a travel professional would spread rumors of this sort. Per Celebrity, there has been no change to their policies.
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