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  1. If this is likely to be your only visit to the area then the Giants Causeway is certainly the more iconic sight and you will get to see lots of beautiful scenery along the way. Our daughter is currently studying at Queens university in Belfast so we have been trying to make the most of dropping off and picking up trips to explore the area a bit. This summer went to Fermanagh which is equally beautiful and next year hope to visit the Mourne mountains. But for a first visit with limited time the Giants Causeway and Antrim coast is probably your best bet.
  2. We walked the Gobbins in June 2017. It is not a difficult walk apart from the climb back up at the end, that's not difficult just steep. It is really scenic and something different but I don't know if it's a must see for a first visit. And we didn't see any puffins as their nests were a bit distant. We just turned up and found they were fully booked but we were able to book for a few days later. But you do need to pay in full when you book so be prepared to lose your money if any issues with ship.
  3. If the weather is nice we Brits can be as brightly dressed as any other nationality. Check (plaid) shirts and muted colours are more for autumn/ winter. The big if is of course if the weather is nice. My daughter's Birthday is beginning of June and thinking back over the years the weather has ranged from heatwave to torrential rains to unseasonably cold. So as always the advice is layers but you can make the layers any colour you like.
  4. Is your daughter and her friends happy with lots of nature and scenic views because that's pretty much what the tour will be. We are very proud of our beautiful countryside but don't know if there's much to appeal to early 20s. Monkey World is great for all ages and if they are at all interested in fossils then Lyme Regis is nice. Or if the sun is shining which it occasionally does then just enjoying the beach at Weymouth is nice. I'm sure you'll enjoy whatever you do.
  5. Last time we were on Aurora we met Cruiser Bruiser who like you was sailing as a solo American. Hopefully he will see this thread and add his thoughts. I'm sure you've done your research so you know that Aurora is the oldest and smallest ship currently in the fleet and probably the most traditional. She is our favourite with her beautiful tiered stern and we find she has a good flow. She is of course adult only now so no small children to worry about. Being older and smaller you may find there's not much going on if you don't get off on a port day but then if you like a good book you can relax in the crows Nest and just enjoy the view. What time of year are you sailing and is it a warm weather cruise or one going north as these things can affect the vibes on board.
  6. A recent thread on here by modernscarlett gives a link to dorsetdaytrips who provide cruise ship tours. I know nothing about them but they seem to provide a good overview of the area. I think John Bull has listed all the main attractions. Dorset is a rural county with the Purbecks being an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), also part of the Jurassic coast due to the unique geology of the area. So please don't come looking for big cities and culture but enjoy our stunning landscapes and coastline. We're not talking mountains and grandeur but rolling hills and thatched cottages. The tank museum is world class and not just for tank enthusiasts, Monkey World is lovely and good on conservation and rescue and the Swannery at Abbotsbury is unique and at its best in the spring when it's full of cygnets but interesting at any time of year and right on Chesil Beach.
  7. I hope not before October next year as we've got 3 weeks on her. She's not our favourite but has much that we like, particularly Cafe Jardin which is a great spot.
  8. You are quite right John Bull, as far as I know the RAF didn't bomb the Navy, well not intentionally. Chesil Beach is such a beautiful area and geologically interesting as you can see the difference in size of the pebbles along the beach from really big pebbles at one end to almost sand at the other. The tour that modernscarlett has found will give her a really good overview of our beautiful county with all the main scenic points but sometimes its nice just to focus on one place and for me the swannery is really special. (But then so is Corfe Castle, not specatcular as a castle but beautiful views and such a scenic setting) Choices, choices
  9. I looked at the link for Dorset day tours and it covers all the main sites of our beautiful country. I don't know how old/mobile you are but Durdle door is quite a steep walk down from the car park, there are no view points unless you do the walk and it can be a trek back up. Nothing a person with normal level of fitness can't manage. I don't know how old your daughter is but as you are visiting in May I would highly recommend visiting the swannery at Abbotsbury as it is absolutely amazing when the cygnets are hatching and you can walk amongst them. For the WW2 geeks amongst us they also have a bouncing bomb there as they were tested on the fleet. Read Moonfleet or On Chesil Beach for inspiration.
  10. Arcadia is a stylish, elegant ship with beautiful glass artwork throughout and the nicest (balcony) cabin we have had. We didn't like the flow of the public rooms as much as on Aurora and the theatre looks really stylish but has terrible sight lines. Aurora will always be our favourite too but there is much to like about Arcadia and I'm sure you will have a great time on her.
  11. I thought there was a similar discussion recently and found a thread from 6th June from an American but with similar questions. I tried to paste a link but it didn't work so apologies. I know on the P&O website if you started the booking process then put in an overseas address it would give a phone number to call so that you could make your booking direct. the new website is so tortuous but I assume it does the same. We have met plenty of Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders and Australians (a big party of Australians on our last cruise) and everyone seems to get along fine. Yes, the ship is predominantly British but that's not to say there aren't others onboard. In October there is likely to be an older age range but again, it's not like you want to talk to everyone and there will be enough of your own age or similar. Just keep away from politics.
  12. We were on Oriana 4 years ago and they showed all the matches in the Lord's Tavern and brought round trays of snacks, no sea screen of course. The final was shown on a big screen in the show lounge and had a great atmosphere.
  13. We were on Oriana 4 years ago and they showed all the matches in the Lord's Tavern and brought round trays of snacks, no sea screen of course. The final was shown on a big screen in the show lounge and had a great atmosphere.
  14. If they have a porthole it should be marked. I don't think, looking at the plans, that any of the current ships have portholes. Oriana had a few at the front but not the ships you are looking at.
  15. I don't know what you consider moderately priced but 71 Nyhavn is a very nice hotel in a good location. I have stayed there 3 or 4 times and it was always good with a very nice breakfast too.
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