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  1. Just checked and I booked on 4th June. Ours is a 7 day cruise, we also have found CPS cheaper for shorter breaks. We used CPS for a 2 nighter once and self parked next to the terminal.
  2. Maybe they just have a glitch today. We are booked with them for our August cruise and the site was working fine.
  3. You sound like a good fit for P & O. If you have cruised with HAL then you may well have been on a sister ship of Arcadia so you know roughly what the ship will be like. She does have a nice promenade deck and sun decks and some lovely public rooms. Daytime activities are talks, quizes, art classes etc. No doubt a lot more is put on for World cruises. And although the menus are designed for British tastes they are all pretty international- anyway I guess if you are looking at P&O then you are happy to try something different. Lots of live music. The ship is not glitzy like Princess but
  4. I didn't think you were supposed to take your own hair dryer. Doesn't it overload the system or something?
  5. This must be really frustrating for you when you have booked flights so are committed to the dates. But trying to be positive, if you can't change the flights then there are worse places to try and fill time. You could enjoy a few days in the New Forest or the Purbecks or head the other way to the South Downs/Arundel direction. Hope you find something to do.
  6. I saw that report too but I'm waiting for a haircut before I get mine renewed otherwise I will be unrecognisable in the new passport
  7. My favourite port is usually the one I'm in, it's so hard to chose a favourite when they are all so different. Possibly some of the Northern ones are favourites as they are really appreciated from the sea - Isafjordur in Iceland and Klaksvik in the Faroes plus any Norwegian fjord. We really liked Killybegs as well, Valetta is beautiful and lots to see and we were fascinated by St.Nazaire, not pretty in any sense but like a bit of industrial architecture and the U boat pens are incredible.
  8. I think the £40 is what is standard for the select fare for that booking and is often an option that you can chose - it's usually either the money or parking or coach travel. Then the £150 is additional onboard credit which is being offered for this particular deal. Note the £150 is per cabin and the £40 is per person so if you went through the booking process you should have onboard credit of £230 in total. Hope that helps
  9. Are you sure that there won't be any port stops? The message does say they will be releasing itineraries which seems to mean to me that they are going to be calling at ports.
  10. We turned right on Oriana a few years ago. Captain announced that was what we were doing so we stayed out on deck to watch and it was very scenic.
  11. Lovely way to spend a cold winter's afternoon. A fascinating programme and I wish I had had a chance to sail on her.
  12. Eddie said had legitimate reasons for being there and our trip was pre-lockdown
  13. Sorry, auto spell changed Marella to marriage!
  14. I know, we thought it was a very large Marriage until we looked it up
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