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  1. We were on Oriana 4 years ago and they showed all the matches in the Lord's Tavern and brought round trays of snacks, no sea screen of course. The final was shown on a big screen in the show lounge and had a great atmosphere.
  2. We were on Oriana 4 years ago and they showed all the matches in the Lord's Tavern and brought round trays of snacks, no sea screen of course. The final was shown on a big screen in the show lounge and had a great atmosphere.
  3. If they have a porthole it should be marked. I don't think, looking at the plans, that any of the current ships have portholes. Oriana had a few at the front but not the ships you are looking at.
  4. I don't know what you consider moderately priced but 71 Nyhavn is a very nice hotel in a good location. I have stayed there 3 or 4 times and it was always good with a very nice breakfast too.
  5. We hired earlier this summer with Europecar and it was really straightforward. But their office next to the port shop wasn't staffed even though they knew we were arriving. This created a mild panic but a quick phone call later and someone arrived quickly to do the paperwork. As already said, parking is easy next to the port and we were really pleased with how well it all went. We noticed when we got to Akuyreri that they had an office there as well and wished we'd done the same thing there.
  6. We had soup and salmon, loads of really nice bread and help yourself to tea and coffee at a hotel overlooking lake Myvatn on the Jewels of the North tour. Some who had the Golden Triangle tour and enjoyed a very extensive buffet complained that there wasn't enough food but it was plenty and as the guide said, we were about to go swimming and it's not good to eat too much before a swim. We arrived into Akuyreri 4 hours late due to a medical emergency and all the tours had been re-arranged for us. I'm sure private companies who are used to dealing with cruise ships would do the same but it did take the pressure off.
  7. Yes, you can book on board at the shore excursions desk and some people like to see the port presentations on board before they make a decision. And if you want to use on board credit to pay for your excursions then you must wait until you board. But do be aware that some trips sell out before you set sail. We learnt this the hard way and then felt very smug on our next cruise that we had secured tickets beforehand. Equally though, we've booked on tours that haven't made minimum numbers and have been cancelled. Of course you get a full refund but it's frustrating. If you're not too fussed and there are plenty of alternatives then wait, if it's somewhere remote with nothing else you like then book early. There is always an option to cancel although it has to be 24 or 48 hrs in advance ( please check this as don't want to give wrong information).
  8. We visited your Iceland ports on Oriana last month. Reykjavik, I took advice from the Cruise Critic forum and we hired a car from Europecar as they have a pick up point at the port. It worked really well for us as we were able to do the Golden Circle at our own pace and as husband is a geologist he wanted to take his time. I think the ship tour was around £100 each and those who did it said the lunch was very good. Isafjordur we went kayaking in the morning then to the abandoned village of Hesteryeri in the afternoon. It was a beautiful sail across the fjord and a beautiful place to visit if you like natural beauty with not much there. In Isafjordur there is a company called Borea tours, you can look at their website and they have some interesting trips but being a tender port we were worried about timings. Borea tours provided the kayaking but we booked through P&O. Akuyreri we did the Jewels of the North with the swim in the Nature Baths which was £130 each. You can do the same tour without the swim. We loved the nature Baths, fantastic views and our skin felt lovely (albeit smelly) but we did feel we wasted alot of time getting on and off buses and waiting for people. It would be difficult to do this independently although there are private tours that offer the same. In Reykjavik there were tour operators touting for business at the port so you can probably pick something on the day but we prefer to know in advance. We noticed at Akuyreri there was also a Europecar office so if we went again we'd probably do our own thing. The best whale watching trip was on the ribs out of Isafjordur but it may just have been luck on day. I still have the excursion brochure so if you want me to check any information I can do so.
  9. Mr and Mrs. Coz, what a lovely, refreshing attitude you have. Do hope it all works out but I'm sure you will have a great time regardless.
  10. Not only did I get my booking confirmation through this afternoon but also a separate notification listing the restrictions on Saver fare. I don't know how long they have issued those but presumably it would have been received by TA who should have passed on the information.
  11. I have just got off the phone to P&O as I wanted to add an extension to a cruise that we have booked for next year. The original part is on a select fare but I was happy to take a chance with the new bit. The sales Assistant went through the differences in the fares really thoroughly to make sure I understood what I was getting and before taking a deposit payment she again read through the terms, particularly the bits about shuttle buses and the part about choosing a dining option, and asked for my agreement. I'm sure if a TA was calling P&O then the same terms and conditions would be carefully read through. Of course whether the TA made it clear to the poster's M in Law or whether she just failed to take on board what they were saying is impossible to know. P&O will certainly do their best to accommodate dining choices and won't be difficult for the sake of it but they do have to work within the constraints they have and they can't make a space where there isn't one.
  12. I assume you know the cliche about British people talking about weather all the time. Well that's because we never know what it's going to do. September is often a lovely month but nothing is guaranteed, weather could be doing pretty much anything. The usual advice, layers, waterproof and sea sickness med and hope you won't need any of them.
  13. How long is a piece of string? Weather could be pretty much anything so usual advice of layers and a raincoat. You may be wearing everything at the same time or you may be basking in glorious sunshine or pretty much anything in between.
  14. Have only done one mini cruise and that was to Guernsey but I assume it's the same for the Zebrugge cruises. The formal was on the second night and very nice it was too. There were alot of party groups on board, stags and hens but also significant Birthdays and Anniversaries and every one had made an effort and looked great.
  15. Give P&O a call, they have always been really helpful when I've spoken to them and will tell you exactly what you've booked and if it's not what you wanted then what the difference would be to change.
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