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  1. Has anyone seen Velvet on the Breakaway yet, leaving in 10 days and trying to figure out if I want to go to the show and if my kids (13, 16, 18) would enjoy it at all. Also I know in the past if you had a dinning package you could use that to bring down the cost, but online is not showing that option. Do they still do that, or is it just pay the $30? thanks,
  2. @PJDH4 can get get photos of the dailies? I am taking that cruise a bit after you and would like to see them... Thanks!!! John
  3. Thats a bummer on the Tortola, but probably a blessing for Nassau, last time I was there I regretting getting off the ship..
  4. are they replacing it with something else? When I booked my June cruise it was there as an option, but now it is gone, I was wondering what happened to it. UGH..
  5. Love the cruises, but so tired of this show, would really like something new this summer as they have been running burn the floor for years now.
  6. I had a great Game of Thrones tour from Tom at http://www.tourthegameofthrones.com/ He also does history tours.. was really great, well worth it and was inexpensive and private.
  7. Sorry about the rotation, hope they are helpful to someone.
  8. It has been hit or miss for me, on the Getaway they would not do it one year, but the next year had no problem with it and then on the Escape they allowed it as well.
  9. The other option (because they only release like 25% of the seatings prior to embarkation) is to first thing on board make all the reservations, you will find a lot more dining options and they usually have lots of staff ready to help make them all for you. They usually have something setup in the atrium for it, we always board as fast as we can to get the reservations we wanted.
  10. Anyone have any from this summer? thanks!
  11. Looked in to this the day they made them available, but only times for a table that would fit us were like 8pm at night each day, was excited when I got the letter that said they would do if for me and to call or email, then really bummed out when they said they could not do it. Not sure what the point of the letter was :-)
  12. I have a family suite on the Star and got a letter in the mail saying that I could call or email the concierge to book my restaurants, but when I emailed the email address provided I was told I had to book all my dining on board? I know I can book via the webpage, but I am a party of 5 and there are NO options for 5 people for any of the restaurant's. Did I just misunderstand the letter or is there a way for Suite customers to take care or this ahead of time? thanks
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