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  1. Had a price drop march 16 for an oct cruise. Still have not recieved that refund for that yet.
  2. Very small ship. You have the pool deck, and you have entertainment in centrum.
  3. My canceled cruises don't start til april 19th. They still show up on my royal account, and I'm still able to access the cruise planner. It will be interesting to see if we get the points. Eventually they might sort ot out. Won't affect us too much since we just made diamond. Not much difference between diamond and diamond plus. And pinnacle will never happen for me.
  4. I plan on using fcc to help pay off a cruise slated for next year.
  5. Nov is a nice time to cruise. Hurricane season is over. It is also a cheaper time of year. You could always leave from Baltimore. And to make sure it's warm water hit western or southern routes.
  6. Thank you ourusualbeach. Is allianz the royal caribbean insurence?? I have 2 cruises booked all with insurence. I plan to use my fcc for my 2021 cruise, and do not plan to book any other cruises. But thank you anyway.
  7. So my cruises were canceled yesterday. I am taking an fcc for one cruise. If i understand correctly I will recieve 125% on my cruise fare portion only. Taxes,fees,prepaid grats. And purchases will be refunded. Royal insurence is a loss. On the second cruise I opted for a refund. So i will recieve it all back minus insurence.
  8. Thank you. But return customers only paid $100. Really not that big a deal
  9. Yup got the email from my TA. My first B2B ,also my first diamond. April 19-may 3rd. Canceled. Heavy sigh. We were gonna fly delta. Splurged on first class. Will deal with that tomorrow. One of our stops was costa maya. We were gonna return to maya chan. Love that place and people. They contacted us when first round of cruises canceled. Telling us if our cruise was canceled they would automatically refund us. Well i sent them a message today to keep the money. Pay your workers and keep safe. That money won't make or break me. But to them it might make a difference. Play it foward i say. On a more serious note....gosh darn i had the $18 dollar drink package. And a tee shirt too.
  10. Just got an email our b2b leaving april 19 is cancelled. Canceling up to may 12 When everyone was buying tp, i bought the essentials for hubby
  11. There is no reason to flee. Follow the guidelines. Stay at home. Places have delivery, and curb side pickup. There is no reason to go into a store.
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