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  1. Wow brillohead. I was unaware of all that info. Very enlightening. I had thought the royal up was based on availability. So royal gets free research info on the royal up. As far as exactly how much the customer is willing to pay. Interesting.
  2. Unfortunately, and I'm speaking ftom personal experience, monitoring the situation means the day your cruise sails they may give you an answer.
  3. Yes I was Offered Royal Up for the Feb 23 sailing. It came on Dec 26. three sailings are oversold Feb 16, Feb 23 and March 1 this is where rccl needs to suck it up and give free upgrades to better cabins.
  4. Big list. I will try yo help. Stay away from oasis,quantum, and freedom class ships. These are very family oriented, meaning lots of kids. I would suggest a vision class. The trade off of the big ships to small ships is the quality of the shows. The big ships have Broadway type shows, and the smaller ships.... well expect joke telling jugglers. Yes for real. You can always stay in a full suite (grand suite and higher) on the big ships and be seperate from the crowds. The big draw on diamond level is balcony discount, and cocktail hours every nite. There are a few other small perks. You have to decide itinary, and convienet port
  5. I would ask on the roll call page if anyone got a royal up email. I do not trust the web site. It does not show all available cabins
  6. Free upgrades would be an acceptable resolution. Any other suites available??
  7. You would not get double points with the royal up bid in your situation. You eould only get double points if uou originally booked a suite, and bid for a different suite. The booking web sites do not show all the rooms available. If you are interested in bidding for a suite go ahead and bid. And cross your fingers
  8. Sorry i respectfully disagree. I consider grandeur an older smaller ship. And now a sold ship. "I" picked this cruise for the ports. It was important to us to make port Canaveral. We were to see father and mother in law. Dad had a 5 times bypass a few months before. And we were anxious to see him. Just because "I" booked a cruise for itinary doesn't make it advertised that way. Alot of people book grandeur for the port. We all have our reasons for booking a certain cruise. But in essence all we booked was a room on a ship. Two years ago I had splurged and booked a grand suite on harmony. I picked the week by itinary. Because at labadee I would get special treatment at the suite beach. Northeasters made it impossible for us to dock. We had a sea day instead. Does royal owe me a suite experience at labadee. ?Of course not!It is part of cruising.
  9. I had a week on grandeur, three stops. Wound up being anchored up in Chesapeake bay 2 days. Only really made one stop, Coco cay. I say only really one stop because we stopped in nassau for 2 hours in the middle of the night. Just long enough to charge us port charges. There are no guarantees in cruising so you need to be flexible.
  10. I also do not own a computer. I do everything on my phone. I found cruise critic in the early 2,000's. When I did have a computer. Just googling about cruises.
  11. I've noticed on all my up coming cruises that the unlimited drink package is up by about ten bucks per person per day
  12. It is an electronic lock. Your attendant will give you your combo. We use a lock a bye bag. So we didnt need the locker. If i remember it will be big enough for phones and camara. I found chill island very secure. We kinda just left our stuff lying in cabana unless we left area to explore
  13. Bingo is pricey on the ships. And you only play 3 games. If there is a video package it is $69. That being said I've noticed a few things about bingo. That first bingo game of the cruise will have the biggest turnout. And the biggest prizes. If you are gonna play, hit that one. The last one of the cruise is for a free cruise. Translation, you will win a credit of $1200 for a cruise. There are restrictions, and time limits. So only you can decide if this free cruise is for you. Cause there are always costs. Actual price of cruise you pick,travel to said cruise,drink pkg etc. I'm not sure if you have to book within a year or travel within a year. Maybe someone who knows will chime in. I've found the time of the bingos are not thst good if you have early sitting gor dinner. And don't forget to bring a dabber, or crayon. They charge $3 for a tiny dabber. Gone are the days where they give away an empty suite, or have snowball prizes of $10,000.
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