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  1. I will be one of those who wear a mask, at least inside,like the theater. When cruising resumes. Required or not.
  2. My big problem is i can't get royal to apply fcc to march 2021 cruise. TA says be patient. I am gonna dump it all for refunds if royal can't apply by final payment date.
  3. Canceled item june 23, refund july 4. Lifted and shifted cruise just before holiday weekend.
  4. I'm with you,partially. I do not plan on booking anything til cruising starts again. I am frustrated by the refund policy, or lack of. I can not understand all this piece meal refunds. I have multiple refunds of $11.80. And the lack of them applying my fcc to a future cruise. Why couldn't they just refund everything in one shot. Go one by one and do refunds. Completely. How can it be time saving and cost effective to give me 10 refunds(on 2 cruises) and still owe me a balance. If they they did it one by one completely, the hot topic would be what date are they on for refunds. And you could almost guess when you were gonna get hour money.
  5. Oh gosh, if they cancel all the way to march 21. What a personal mess that will be for me. That cruise will have payments from 3 diff fcc's. Not all covid related.
  6. I recently received a letter from Mohegan Sun in CT. Part of their re-opening is no smoking inside the property at all. They always had a small no smoking section, but this is big. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Now the big question is will cruise lines follow this. Me for one hope so. For everyones safety and health.
  7. My personal problem is they have not refunded all my money ftom my april b2b. And they have not applied my fcc to one of my cruises. And its been a month. Does not matter to me who I sail with. When I sail. So til they get their act together.......
  8. I have a medical procedure scheduled for end of month at surgery clinic. 72 hours before i must get a covid test, then self quarenteen for the 72 hours. It's the new world.
  9. Ok so they are delayed. But when they get to your reservation, answer me why i am getting it in piece meal. I am still owed iver $1,100 for an april b2b. And my last 4 refunds posted were $11.80,$11.80,$11.80,$17.80. Sorry but *****. This has made me hesitant to book anymore. Usually by this time i would have 2022 booked.
  10. All very interesting. I took the FCC on one of my cruises. It has been at least a month since my ta applied it to my march 2021 cruise. He tells me royal hasn't applied it yet. Am I to understand that this FCC from a cancelled by royal ctuise can not be applied to an existing cruise ??
  11. I know the site you are referring too. I've never seen the prices discounted that much! In fact i was under the impression they couldn't undersell the cruise line like that. But with talking to an agent, what they do is kick back some of their commision in OBC.
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