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  1. Bill and Marie, so excited to follow along with your adventures. I remember reading you had knee replacements Bill. I guess you are all healed up and ready to go. I wish you smooth seas.
  2. Thats because i switched from a central park view to snag one of the oversized central park balconies next to living wall for my 10/25/20 sailing on oasis today. But that's ok. I don't drink wine. And i got the dx bev pkg for $18. Oh and i already bought the unlimited dining pkg.
  3. I don't know how much a porter makes or how many hours a week they work. Or to get to 6 figures, how much overtime they have to work. I do know it's a physical job. Having retired from a physical job, I was in a laborers union. Retirement is physically painful. I am riddled with arthritis, from my feet to my neck. I enjoy my vegtable garden, but hubby has to plant it for me. With my knees i can't squat down. When i pick my tomatoes i have to take breaks cause my back tightens so much. I retired at the bare minimum, 56 years old and 32 years at said job. I feel I am so blessed to be able to cruise. A big smile and a few bucks for someone busting their hump is no problem. They hustle to get luggage on board. Yeah thats their job, but if they slowed down you'd notice it.
  4. Alfaeric, those are great points you make! And would be a money maker for royal.
  5. I was in nassau one time in jan (very near by) one day was cloudy, and in the 70's. If your from a cold weather climate it will feel warm to you. The inlaws joke about how you can who all the northerners are in fla in say november. They are in the pool.
  6. I love woodford reserve. To my palate it is the best. Buffalo trace is my second pick, and lastly is makers mark 48. I drink my burbon neat. I don't care for bullet or blantons. Thats just me. I have paid as much as $25 for a single woodford when out at a bar. So yeah i would pay extra for a premium burbon with the drink package. They cater to the wine people, with premium wines. Why not us scotch or burbon peeps.
  7. There is another thread called coco cay tram. They say there is golf cart like transportation from boat to end of pier. Then at end of pier there is the tram.
  8. Thanks for your review. I always find these reviews very interesting. Alot of things could be one off, or subjective. But to be able to write in dust, and just plain out and out to busy to clean room is totally unacceptable. Sometimes I see other lines with different itineraries, cheaper prices. But I guess you get what you pay for.
  9. If you have to cancel your cruise under the 90 day period. And you have royal insurance. And it would be for a medical reason (possibly the big C) Do you just get your money back, or can you get a fcc. I got a 40% off casino rate. Don't know how that happened. I am not a big gambler. So it was a great deal. Probably a mistake, a once and done. I tease the family we will have to work any necessary treatments around my cruise schedule. So please don't flame me for even considering this. Just curious about canceling and what my options would be. Would i have lost that 40% off.
  10. Done it Psssst tip every drink, keep to one or 2 bars.
  11. I always use a cash acct. Mainly cause my TA gives great OBC. And I seem not to have erroneous charges while cash is set uo. Sometime on the last day I close my cash acct. I almost always get cash back. I then give a credit card. You can not close the acct til the cruise ends. You basically switched from cash to credit. Maybe someone else can chime in with whats the earliest you can close your cash acct. altogether. It might be when all the bars are closed on your last nite. I don't know.
  12. It's thrill waterpark...and..... chill island You combined the 2 and said thrill island. Lol. The prices fluctuate, alot. If you see a price you like jump on it. Especially if you have 6 in your group and plan to all use the waterpark.
  13. There's no special category for accessible staterooms. if they tried charging more, wouldn't that be illegal?!!
  14. We had a corner junior suite in Grandeur once. Hubby thought it was a long walk. We discussed how long the walk would be on an oasis size ship. All that walking you will loose weight this weekend.
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