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  1. If the card shows your pic when swipped, why can't all the important info be on it too?? Tired of getting charged for drinks when i have bev pkg. (Yes i tip) Wouldn't it just make less work for everyone. Less trips to guest services. Less staff to fix adjustments.
  2. The minute the do that I'll be booking inside sarcophagus. Go big or book insides I always say
  3. We always carry off our own luggage. And love it. No waiting around,looking for luggage. And avoid the lines
  4. The key seating section is second level starboard side closets to the stage. Arrived late to a show, after 15 min. Saw seats open over there. When i got there saw the sign. Turned to walk away, one of the people inside said theres plenty of seats c'mon in and sit. So i did
  5. In april they recognized the new pinnacle member at that top tier party. Stating that she turned pinnacle that morning. What she actually recieved as perks is unknown to me.
  6. Hmm my last cruise too, a mystery drink charge MDR. I also had deluxe bev. It was for a burbon, and i had Pellegrino every nite with dinner. I actually think it was an error on servers putting in wrong numbers, since my card was only swipped the first nite
  7. They have js on deck 7. I liked that deck. One down to the cafe, diamond lounge, schooner bar. Two up to the pool.
  8. Mostly when uou disembark, and nightly set up with backdrops. The ones taking pics at the port are the pushiest. Dressed up characters kinda run up to you while photographer will snap away. They won't take a pic if you put up middle finger. Found that out when we wanted to pose for a pic that way. Take a pic of their name tag if too pushy for your taste. Tell them your gonna report them. It will stop. 99.9% of the time a no thank you, and keep walking works.
  9. I think maybe the way of gty in suites will be less with the royal bid up offer.
  10. This has been asked a few times. Plan to arrive at ten. This is from personal experience.
  11. I got a question...why are you giving next cruise your credit card?? I used next cruise once, we had the deposit put on our sea pass acct. It was a reduced deposit tho, $200. And I left with reservation in hand. I was told that for every level i went up the price would drop $100. I was platinum when i made reservation,completion of that cruise i was on puts me at emerald, and another cruise 6 months later would make me diamond. THAT IS A BIG FAT LIE, you don't recieve extra off each level. Told to me straight to my face. I knew it didn't sound right, and made my decision on that being false.
  12. What on allure would you do thats not available on rhapsody. I'm in my 50's, im not zip lining,flow riding, or doing any slides. The shows would be different. But after going big on harmony in a grand suite, and having a junior suite on rhapsody. I'd choose rhapsody. Me and hubby just like the smaller ships better. Especially if your a people person, getting to know your fellow passengers.
  13. See casino comp chick, that is why you must arrive by 10. For some reason it is a zoo after 10
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