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  1. Your pictures are awsome. You really showcased each area. Thank you.
  2. Last few cruises hunted our luggage down to unpack. This past cruise room was close to elevators. Luggage delivered inside our room
  3. On the live reports there were 2 alphas, one on deck 2 (crew maybe), and one on deck 8.
  4. That's what I'm talking about. Costumes. What fun, you both look great!
  5. I too am on the last cruise out of bayonne on oct 25. Resident of NY, I am so excited to have an oasis class ship here. And just so you know, the prices have been going steadily up. It has climbed over $100 pp gor an inside since I booked.
  6. Quick question?? Can you get it to go?? Me and hubby like wings. And sitting on my balcony with a cold one and my wings is very appealing. And I would not be ordering $70 worth of wings. They wouldn't even total $35.
  7. Thank you fun reasearcher. Being in tight quarters, I know illness will happen. Especially at the height of flu, virus season. I always get the flu shot, and do alot of washy washy. Hubby never gets the shot and never gets sick. Go figure.
  8. I'd like to also mention that cough I left the ship with wound up being pnuemonia. First time for that. On that other f b page alot of discussion of people being sick. I know alot of complaints were made to the head office about not getting our port charges back for nassau. And no one has gotten any satisfaction with that.
  9. Billhoo they had nitely shows and late night comedy. Missed most comedy shows. And after seeing 2 headliners, one being a juggler telling jokes. We did not go back for more
  10. Raliehdavid. I have to agree with the smoke from the casino. It was really bad. I think it had to do with weather, everyone was smoking in there.
  11. I bought a shore excursion a while back for my april 2020 cruise. I paid $94.99. Well with cyber monday sales it dropped to $78.99. Cool i say. So i go into cruise planner cancel and rebook. In fact more than one excursion dropped on various cruises. So as i gather up paperwork I notice for this excursion i was only refunded $88.99. WT........... Now I dread calling royal. I don't want them to cancel my rebooked excursion. Laugh if you want but this can happen. Should I just wait til I am onboard and take it up with the shore excursion desk? If I do call which number should i use?
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