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  1. You will not hear anything from the south pacific lounge. At least we didn't. And there is no soot. I had read about these issues, they must've been one offs. Now the suite above us, a 2 bedroom family suite. They heard noise from the viking crown lounge, which is right above them
  2. We love 70's nite. And it did not disappoint. We saw the beatle maniacs. They had so much. From big band sounds in south pacific lounge,different theme dj nites in viking crown lounge, comedians(awsome),musical acts. There was so much to do
  3. Venues on the ship. For a smaller ship there was plenty to do. One of our favorites was to hang in schooner bar and listen/sing along/and just act silly with Giovanni. That poor man never knew what we were gonna do. He would just laugh and kept playing. We actuall had a few late nites in the viking crown lounge. With all those sea days we could sleep in. There were just alot of nice different activities. Katrina had an egg drop from deck 8 down to 4. It had to float, and not break. It was so much fun.
  4. The first pic is that roll from izumi. And if your in the centrum you gotta get a red velvet cake drink. Debbie makes the best. The other drink is a chocolate martini, with spider web.
  5. Just some pics from around the ship. I did not take pics of all our food. The main dining room,service and food was excellent. I believe hubby had the prime rib 2-3 times. He said it was excellent. He is a big meat eater. All our meals were good. I ventured out this time and tried steak Diane, and the turkey dinner. I really enjoyed both. Along with all our favorites. I ate dessert only twice,molten lava cake and cherries jubilee. I tried to be good. With six sea days we had lots of opportunities to eat lunch in the main dining room. But we only ate there twice. We got the tutti salad,a seafood orzo, and open steak sandwhich with a fried egg ontop. The lunch menus always had alot of great choices. And very different choices. We hit the buffet for a few breakfasts, and even fewer lunches. Everything was good, at least what we ate. My favorite is to make blt sandwhiches on the english muffins for breakfast. We bought the 3 nite dinning package before the cruise. And we ate at chops, giovannis, and izumi. We like chops. Hubby gets the 9oz filet and i get the 6oz filet. We share multiple appetizers, and gotta love the gouda stuffed tater tots. We got one dessert to go. Giovanni's changed their menu. And not for the better. Gone are all my favorite appetizers, like the scallops, prosciutto wrapped mozzarella. So we ordered a few apps and the osso bucco to share. Yup we ordered only one dinner. For the pasta we ordered the mushroom risotto. We also recieved the clams on linguini. The waiter heard us trying to decide so he brought both. We got dessert to go Next Izumi. We love sushi. We each got an app, pork dumpling for me,tuna for hubby. Then 3 rolls. One being the futomyko (or something like that)pic to follow. And we ate dessert there, green tea and mango ice cream
  6. Srf. I would have gladly shown you my cabin. And I'm glad they straightened out your sea passes. I know when we disembarked there were 2 lines. A couple who were first in one of the lines was having trouble dinging out. It seemed one them wasn't in the system🤤
  7. I really enjoyed having the 3 sea days before the ports. Gave you a chance to really unwind and get into the cruise mode of relaxing. On the first nite i was able to get a nice sunset shot. I enjoy bingo. At home i go once a week. So of course on the ship i would play. The first day of bingo i did win. In fact i had two bingos, for a total win of $184.
  8. When we boarded there were alot of offers for drinks and dinning. I was surprised at the value of them. I know it's hard to see, but the deluxe bev was being offered at $63( higher than what i paid) But the dining package i felt was a good deal. I had bought the 3 night package before the cruise.
  9. With the coast guard inspection rooms were ready at 2. Since we stopped for breakfast, we didn't eat lunch when it boarded. We were too excited. We walked around the boat, getting our bearings. And well since we had the deluxe bev package we jumped right into the cocktails. Muster drill was held outside. At two we went to our room. We noticed our luggage on the metal racks, so we just grabbed them and took them to our room. This way we could unpack and get this cruise going. I had a mid ship js on rhapsody once. I felt this room was a little smaller. But unlike rhapsody, we had a huge walk in closet. We did show our room to friends we made on the ship. And they referred to our closet as another cabin. Lol Before we knew it we were sailing away and time to dress for dinner. I had emailed to ask for a two topper about 2 weeks before the cruise. I guess with the ship being so crowded that request couldnt be filled. Here we had a pleasant surprise. We were seated with two other couples who knew each other. Sue and Tony,Patty and Tom. Best tablemates ever. They had to practically kick us out of dining room each nite. We had the best conversations. Patty was gluten free, and they really went out of their way to take care of her. Even getting her mashed potatoes from chops one nite for her. Sue wanted lemons for her water and after the first nite we always had a plate of lemons. Me and hubby love the sunflower seed rolls. We asked if we could have them every night. And you guessed it. There was a big basket of them on our table every night. Melvin and anton took great care of us with top notch service.
  10. The mist beautiful site to see. A big fat zero on the count down. Me 57 and hubby 47, drove down from long island NY. We left at 6am, and arrived at 10:30am, with 2 stops. They were doing a coast guard inspection, so we recieved the letter stating boarding would begin at 12. But here in cruise critic we know better. Was on board around 11:10. First let me say coming from the north, it was such an easy drive. Straight down 95. The cruiseport is literally right off the interstate. Easiest port to navigate. Found the port staff very friendly, and helpful. Check in quick and easy. We had a junior suite, aft starboard corner. As a suite person you are ushered thru frosted glass doors to a private waiting area. There they had water,juice,coffee,danishes. I'm not sure if they did all these extras cause the b2b people had to disembark, and waited in the suite lounge.
  11. At the time you posted hour black and white photo we were loading our truck up in the parking lot below. Leaving our wonderful grandeur. As for the temps around the ship, the only place i found cold was the south pacific lounge. Which would include the diamond lounge, tucked in the corner. I basically found the ac on the warm side. Even in our cabin one deck up and over the south pacific lounge. At the captains corner, someone asked about large piping being removed from the ship. We were told it was air conditioning pipes being scrapped. It seems that this is an ongoing project.
  12. If these are over the water cabanas, they will not be finished and available til dec this year. Having said that there isn't going to alot of info available now. If you really are into it. Book it. You can always cancel as info becomes available, and it doesn't suit you.
  13. I am leaving saturday for a 12 nite southern caribbean on grandeur out of baltimore.
  14. Go to 270 as soon as you board, there you can make escape room, north star, ifly,show reservations
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