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  1. Well shoot, that was the cruise I was going to change to.
  2. I talked to a Celebrity Vacation Planner today and it sounds like it is just the January 21, 2021 cruise that is affected. Plenty of time to change. I was looking forward to a day in a golf cart in Bonaire, but may have to rethink that with a 2:00PM arrival.
  3. The note said due to potential berthing issues and port congestion. I interpreted that as too many ships for the port to handle. I couldn't find the site I have used in the past that listed the ships and number of passengers in port, but what I could find just had one other ship on 2/4/21, the original date. Mostly just curious, Curacao wasn't a deal breaker. The new itinerary gets us into Bonaire at 2:00PM, leaving at 10:00PM, so hard to plan with a late start.
  4. I am on the January 29, 2021 Equinox cruise to the ABC islands. Celebrity sent an email today letting me know they were dropping Curacao, adding Key West and changing the arrival time for Aruba and Bonaire. As far as I can tell there is only one other ship currently scheduled for Curacao on the original scheduled date. Curious if this is due to proximity to Venezuela, dissatisfaction with Curacao, or an attempt to cheapen my ABC cruise to just AB?
  5. On the Equinox a few weeks ago I used an HDMI cable I brought and a Samsung remote I had at home. I needed to restart my Mac before it could see the output to the TV. It was as simple as most described. I am reasonably sure the ship equipment was using a serial interface, not HDMI. I would expect this to be different coming out of dry dock.
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