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  1. Purchased the same on the Sky Vodka while still $40.00 for our upcoming ($19.00 @ home and ok w this pricing.) Holy cow-just checked the Jose Cuervo tequila (lowest end tequila) pricing. Last trip 43.00 in room, today's price $69.00. Weekly special @ our local Rite aide $8.99 for the same. I understand, appreciate and expect a significant markup for a restaurant on land or cruise for wine or liquor but this increase is simply bat**** crazy.
  2. Just laughing with my Eagle Scout husband over this. I have NO sense of direction on land or sea and never have. Great when driving but fail on foot every time. The carpet directions have been a game changer for me particularly after a cocktail or two 🙂
  3. Thank you so much for taking your time and the detailed review. Most appreciated.
  4. We also cruise for the ports. It's been a really fun sample platter for places we either choose to return to for a land vacation (Loreto/Huatulco/Costa Rica because we liked it that much or places we are glad to have been and will return to on a cruise but would not seek out flights/hotels due to cost and travel time. We too (although jealously not retired yet) spend at least 2 months between Isla Mujeres and Loreto. The RV is on the bucket list! So much to see in our beautiful country too.
  5. So happy to hear this too! One of the better dishes for sure and glad it's back. Also delighted to see the lamb chops & Carpaccio remain on the menu.
  6. Simply stunning you two! So lovely to see and inspiring to us make more of an effort for our upcoming.
  7. NA in October had both pre-made in bags and a sandwich station available. I too never like a pre-made anything sitting out unless I see it rolled out. I also avoid the little appetizer plates in the lido unless I see them being put out. I realize there is supposed to be a timer for everything when things should be pulled but there have been too many times walking by those darling little plates that they indeed look like they have sat too long. Agree if a sandwich is in order for you, grab a carved meat available daily a fresh baked roll, and veggies from the salad bar 🙂
  8. Major difference for us too on the K and not in a good way by any means. One and done after the new menu. We went to Tamarind a bunch on our Oct NA sailing once we realized the new menu had not been implemented yet but were assured it would be fleet wide soon. There was a thread started several weeks back from I think Canadarocks (?) That I am pretty certain included Rogerjett photos of both the original menu as well as the new for comparison.
  9. It was great fun! Bonaire Cruisers was terrific to deal with and very professional on our trip last year. Provided full maps and several different routes depending on what was of interest. We brought a packable collapsible cooler from home and the first stop was the market for ice, drinks and snacks. Stopped for lunch, some fun beaches for swimming. Highly recommend! Second adventure on the same day after returning the golf cart was a water taxi to Klein Bonaire for a few hours. No amenities on this most gorgeous non crowded beach and again made the most of our cooler for drinks and snacks. PERFECT DAY and looking forward to doing it all over again in January. Felt totally safe all over the Island during our cart touring as well as our time on Klein.
  10. We were driving to SD, thought we left home in plenty of time with a few hours to spare, hit a major traffic snarl and boarded 3:15 with a 3:30 all aboard. I can still feel my heart racing through the terminal thinking we were the last to board (and probably were) take an earlier flight, take a red eye or go the day before.
  11. Agree 100% that HAL has done more than most lines have offered. Spent our afternoon pondering what we would do if faced with this situation coming from the west coast. Would for sure make the best of it as the folks that were able to jump on another available ship, or rent a car/hotel stay put and enjoy for the 7 (6-5?) days and head home on scheduled flights. Double checked our usual trip interruption insurance. Crazy disappointed yes! Out of pocket no! Just the same, heartfelt hopes for all that planned the b 2 b for a family planned Christmas holiday and not knowing at this point when repairs will be complete. No compensation or insurance can replace the time together, wrangling different households and school schedules. Fingers crossed for a quick fix and beautiful Christmas for all!!!
  12. Same on the NA for our October Panama. Loved the butter ramikins replacing the foil wrapped. More generous portion and no ick factor that the foil packs may have been previously touched or put back in the community basket. Jelly/Jam/Honey/cream cheese were still in disposable individual packs.
  13. Safe fun travels to you! We are several weeks behind you. Love the K too and look forward to your review and updates.
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