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  1. Greatest respect to all in the various opinions and timelines expressed. Personal opinion only, I do feel that anyone boarding this sailing or the final sailings that started in March were most likely either not up to speed on the unfolding situation or chose to ignore it risking the financial loss of cancellation and decided to take the risk. I do think there is some personal responsibility for the decision to board in the first place. My first post on this issue was February 20 about traveling concerns that was for the most part dismissed as the Princess situation in Japan was blowing up daily. We cancelled out of common sense thankfully with CFAR and are whole. Having said that the fact that the sailing went forward and the passengers boarding were assured everything was ok until it clearly was not. I do believe there is liability there. How the responsibility will be divided will be interesting for sure. Seems all umbrellas of corporate Carnival were well aware of the risks as the Princess tragedy was unfolding and still set sail for these final sailings most of which to date still have crew on ships they are unable to repatriate.
  2. Nope would not consider a cruise to nowhere with no land stops. Would however board in FLL for a 7 night if the ship offered 3-4 glorious full beach days at HMC, which I realize would probably be a cruise to nowhere for the non beach lovers.
  3. No desire whatsoever. I am having a hard enough time with the mask in our now 100+ weather just out for essentials as is my husband and his crew that work outside in construction. Can't imagine spending our vacation dollars and time on a cruise until we can see cruising start to resemble a vacation and not what we are currently experiencing at home with a lot less restrictions.
  4. Ditto everything on your post Copper. We have had the pleasure to do two longer sailing on the Koningsdam in Club Orange. Both were great experiences for us from start to finish. Thanks for all you do and contribute. Can't wait to sail again when the coast is clear.
  5. Hi! Most beaches were marked on the maps they provided, but its super easy to spot what looks good and where you want to stop. Also saw people parked and snorkling. If I can remember correctly the snorkling spots were also marked on the map. You really can't go wrong following the routes they provide. They were so darn nice I bet if you asked they would also mark the maps for you like they did for us regarding the grocery store. Have a blast!
  6. I could not agree more with this. The warning has now landed loud and clear, enter at your own risk. Make a good decision for yourself, family and the communities you may impact. With the given information going forward do not expect the calvery to continue to come to the rescue if you get into trouble for too much longer. From this point on it's like walking straight into propeller, wondering why your head hurts and expecting compensation from the cruise lines and help from the goverment if things go sideways. I'm heartsick for the passengers that are ALREADY booked trying to re-coup/reschedule and for those that walked into this at ground zero that are still dealing with this.
  7. To be honest when we were initially thinking of cancelling it was all about "us". What if we get sick? What if we are quarentined and are delayed getting home? What would our risk and inconvience be? That evolved into the less selfish thoughts about the potential risk for our aging family's and community. You are so right. No one wants to be patient 0 in their area. Vacations can always be rebooked once the dust settles on this.
  8. Yes for sure. We care for aging parents and my uncle who is now in memory care. Our worst nightmare would be to either return home and unknowingly infect them or be placed in a delayed quarantine situation. We have put all travel on hold and stepped up protocol at home until this passes. Further, making this decision is now a no brainer for us - last night I received a blanket email from my uncles care facility stating that any visitors that have traveled by air OR internationally regardless of desitnation in the last 14 days would not be allowed to visit. We are in Palm Springs CA, no known cases as of yet but happy to see precautions being made for our large community of elderly and infirmed. CFAR (USAA/CF Travel insured) is my new best friend.
  9. I do totally agree with you on this. Testing has been SO very limited that there is no way to know how many cases have already been rolled into normal flu season stats until this came front and center in the last few weeks. I think when/if widespread testing actually occurs for anyone presenting with respiratory symptoms the number's will increase dramatically.
  10. BRAVO!! Captain Arma. For those of us following your journey, passengers and crew through this ordeal just wanted to say thank you for being so honorable. Well done captain!
  11. I am not suggesting anything about the competence of the US or other countries in dealing with this. Nor am I speculating where this particular strain originated or by what means. What I am suggesting is that since the disclosure was so long in coming from China that most likely the virus has been percolating long before we knew about it and travel restrictions were put in place. Most cases prior to the minimal testing until now have already been tallied into the numbers with the normal cold/flu/mortality rate per season. Clusters of massive community spread flu are common it's just not on national media every year. Just to clarify: "the animal has already left the barn" statement is old school family slang for it's too late. I thought most folks reading would understand this.
  12. I do tend to agree with you on this that it's been here and around the world for quite some time. How many cold/flu/respiratory/pneumonia cases have thankfully already come and gone (most with good outcomes just as any cold/flu season) in the last several months all over the world? China was not disclosing for lord who knows how long before the news broke and travel was curtailed. Couple that with the fact that to date so very few have actually been tested. Not at all discounting the severity of the situation but I do believe this animal had already left the barn and was roaming around well before we read the first news on this.
  13. Confirming this was just announced during the above referenced news conference. Website not updated yet.
  14. Hi OP here. So interesting all the opinions. We did ended up cancelling our March 8 trip to Mexico through LAX. No fear of getting there but can't risk getting caught up if there is any chance of a potential quarantine or lengthy time delay on the way home if things get worse or god forbid we get colds (cruise or land we usually come home with one no matter how careful we are!) LAX customs/immigration on the way back is no fun on a good day so for this one we are passing. Without work schedules, pets etc. we would most likely proceed. We have CFAR that will cover the cancellation. Disappointed but also know it's an easy reschedule when this blows over 🙂
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