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  1. Thankx Reed.... checking them out, my countdown is ticking!
  2. Water taxi you speak of Reed? my time frame is similar cept we come in at 12:30....really want to see Pitons by water but everything is booked and a charter is priced prohibitive...the sunset cruises are more geared to the hotels. Your help is Greatly appreciated!
  3. Do you recall which Cat you were on?
  4. We also are docking in St Lucia in afternoon (12:30-7:30p) wondering if this would work for us... but the 1/2 hr before the Epic leaves port is a lil too close for comfort!
  5. Thankx Geek for the review... there has been a ton of negatives about the Epic... yours is refreshing and looking even more forward (if possible) to our March sailing!
  6. My wife also doesn't like to snorkel... but when we came to area where feeding of tortoises she went into water w a noodle. They fed the tortoises so that they came to the surface and she got to see them. The trip around isle is interesting and drinks and food a plenty.
  7. The map issue is a walk in the park compared to the Great Adventure like taxi ride!
  8. Just back from St Lucia... our trip trough Viator was perfect... told to meet A+... Andy driver and had another couple of girls from another boat. On way Andy provided info of the isle... when we arrived, we arranged for a pick up time, we had to be back on boat at 4:30 so decided on 2:30 (traffic in AM) ... Andy opened a cooler and we could take whatever we wanted... grabbed water and 2 brews...he said he'd find us and bring us an "isle style' lunch. We moved to the second quaint small beach... set up 2 loungers ($3 ea) and trecked off to discover forts.. walked up to Rodney which is easier of 2... has stairs to top, more like a ladder (brought sneakers for hike...which was a very good idea) Spectacular views... didn't get all the way up on Signal Hill... mostly steep dirt and wife thought better of it... Swan for a bit, and Andy came as promised with lunch... tasty... especially after hike and swim... and even exchanged my now warm brews with 2 cold ones. A Jamaican small boat came to shore regularly with drinks in a coconut which were good (so I was told) ...a great day for very little price (we got a 10% off coupon from Viator to make it $40 for both of us), $ 8 ea for park enter, 6 for chairs, no need for umbrella as the palms worked fine for shade... Andy was everything you could ask for... views from beach and fort were sensational... Thankx Deb for your review that steered us here... and hope our 2 friend from England who shared the ride enjoyed the rest of their cruise!
  9. Was on Calabaza last week... my wife is not a snorkle fan but likes to float on a noodle... crew member brought a sea turtle to the top by feeding it on top of water... she got to see turtle above water... really cool!. Very attentive to needs...
  10. Was looking at going to Boatyard... researched and found to be crowded... then found Calabaza.. went on trip last week and it was best cat we ever have been on... if you are looking to make a big splash for your 20th... i highly recommend taking this excursion... the pampering is non-stop and they are taking constant pictures, the pictures beat us back home... many more pictures that I remember them taking of wife and I.
  11. We did the Calabaza Cat Ride last week... best by far. From the crew which was amazingly accommodating ... there never was a second that they were not refilling a drink, serving food... breakfast, appy's... and lunch (brought your food tray to front for you), or giving highlights of the island. when in the water they would feed the turtles... be a spotter as to where they were... at reefs with fish... taking pictures throughout(which they send to your email)... AMAZING AMAZING Trip.... having only 12 aboard was special. A Cat pulled up next to us while we were anchored and it had 96 people aboard... it was like a floating bus... This is the Trip to Take!
  12. Looking into St John's more... seems you are right, have heard that Trunk does not rent umbrellas and shade trees took a hit from the storm. Honeymoon is very crowded. I'm now thinking I should head towards Saphire or maybe Emerald.
  13. Thnakx Anne... last visit we went to Cinnamon ... thinking of doing the same. Any reccommendations?
  14. Sounds like we have a Plan! See you then and safe travels until then!
  15. Deb Thankx for your helpful reviews... we leave on our cruise in 6 days... St Lucia is our first stop and really looking forward to stretching our legs on the hikes followed by relaxing at the beach!
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