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  1. Followed by a Mediterranean season starting on November 1st from Rome and then mostly the usual en route pick up points.
  2. We’ve enjoyed a few sailings on Splendour of the Seas and once on Marella Discovery for old times sake. Still a great little ship they’ve done a great make over on her.
  3. We made final payment also and like hope that RCCL cancels our August Allure sailing so we can hopefully L/S it to Harmony August 2021. Our problem is the staterooms we wanted are mostly sold out and are about 30% more expensive than this year.
  4. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to post that it’s really much appreciated.
  5. We are waiting for them to cancel our Allure 2020 sailing then rebook Harmony in August 2021. We wanted to do it a while ago but for once in our life we booked a package pre cruise hotel flights and cruise we normally always book direct with RCCL. Apparently we are being told by the travel agent that they booked on us a “ group rate “ which is news to us so they are saying that we cannot lift and shift until RCCL cancels the cruise. I am sure by then the staterooms we are looking for will be pretty much sold out.
  6. Yes thank you so much so if anybody has cruised on any of the those ships any information would be greatly appreciated I’m sure.
  7. They have the adjoining stateroom also 9723. Thank you for your reply I will pass on the information.
  8. Thanks for that and the speedy reply looks great but hopefully someone may have an update for Oasis with the ultimate abyss.
  9. Some friends have just made a reservation on Oasis of the Seas and have booked stateroom 9725 for there family has anybody any knowledge of this stateroom as looking at the deck plans I’m thinking any view may be obscure by the ultimate abyss. If it is does anybody have any ideas as to what may be a better positioned stateroom for them on the boardwalk.
  10. I really wish RCCL would cancel August ASAP as it looks as though the staterooms that we would really are mostly booked up. We are in the cruising with masks no go category.
  11. That’s great pleased for you we are also booked pre cruise there on Allure for two nights in August. Still waiting for RCCL to cancel. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure how the prices have increased the extra 25% won’t be enough to cover the extra charge for Harmony.
  12. P and O cancels all cruises until at least 15th October
  13. We always also arrive at the port by 10.30am and have never been in any line at all we’ve always found check in to be pretty empty we are checked in immediately and normally on board about 11.00am
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