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  1. I think some people do mention their status to others while in conversation. We discuss our travels, our cruises and other interests. I sure don't point to my pin; why on earth would I? I'm offended by your remark. You seem to want to insult me. Why? Mary
  2. We are D+ and wear our pins most of the time on the ship. We have gotten some snarky comments, but they didn't bother us. We wear them because we like them and enjoy wearing them. We don't mention our status, ever. Mary
  3. By the way, the space the staff used to store our wine had our name on our bottles and the names of others who also were using this service.
  4. Several times we have bought really nice ($$$) bottles of wine at the main bar or Vintages and asked that they store them for us for the entire cruise. They asked us when we were dining and where. They opened the bottles at the proper time for them to breathe, and then brought them to the dining room or specialty restaurant when we went there. The restaurant staff was slightly miffed that they did not get the gratuity or credit for selling a great bottle, but we got the service we wanted. We tipped the bar staff properly too. We like really good wine and appreciate wine service that enhances the experience. The bar staff has also decanted the wine if we request it based on the wine selected. By the way, we are known as Mr. and Mrs. (blank - name of wine) by the waitstaff and bartenders around the ship. Even years later. Mary
  5. I keep my detailed itinerary books for each cruise. I start a new book when I book the cruise. This is a word document that I type in hotel, air, tours, transfers, etc. information. When planning is complete, I type the document and add several lines between each day of the trip, so I have room to add information while on the ship. This includes special events, dining, new information, people contacts, etc. I have the book(?) bound before we leave. When I get home I store the book. I have referred to these books several times. Which hotel in Venice? Which tour company, guide in Ireland? What was the email of the company in Greece? I'm always surprised when friends, or even people I've met onboard, ask me about stuff from several years ago. They know I store that stuff and have been able to supply the information they need. I'm not technology-smart enough to do all this in a spreadsheet. I like my method and like having the data even though I might not have it on my phone or computer. Mary
  6. We had a big 50th Wedding Anniversary cruise planned for 2009. Bought our cruise in 2007 so we could pay for it over time. We had 3 big price drops -- ended up paying about a third less than when we booked. Cruise was not sold out. We had a JS aft on Summit. Mary
  7. We use the Klymit sleeping pad too. We've used it several years for multiple cruises and it has not leaked at all. We tell the steward we have it and we put it on the bed the first night. One time the steward came to introduce himself the first day and saw us blowing up the pads. He immediately came in and tore into the bedding and put the pad on and remade the bed. He seems upset that we were going to make the bed ourselves. He got an extra tip that time. Mary
  8. Wow, that sounds so easy. I guess I was making it more difficult than necessary. Thanks!! Mary
  9. We are researching for a transfer from our hotel near the VCE airport to the ship. We will use the hotel shuttle from the airport to the hotel, but need to arrange for a pickup and transport to the pier on the day of sailing. From what I can guess, it would be a car service and then the water taxi to the pier. My husband cannot walk very far. I don't know how to handle the luggage. We were in Venice 12 years ago and Royal Caribbean had a hotel and transfer package, so everything was handled for us. They no longer have this service. What are some options, please? Mary
  10. The Falstaff is only one level, but the entire place is on a high point of the island. I have not used EZ cruise. SSB stated up-thread that it is higher than other parking lots around the port. He lives there and is very informed about all things Galveston. The parking is 10-12 feet above the street in front, so I don't think it would flood like the others have done in the past, during flooding conditions.
  11. I use a Walkstool brand folding stool. Very easy to open up and light-weight. Stable if you take care with the placement of the legs. Bought it on Amazon. I needed a seat occasionally because I can't stand for long periods. I don't need a cane for stability, just a seat when standing long. This has been great. I take it on excursions and pack it in my carry-on through airports so I can sit if things come to a stop through immigration. I've taken it on several cruises and many people have asked where it got it. Hope this helps. Margee
  12. When we cruise for 4 weeks plus hotel stays, sometimes on both ends of our cruise, we take small 100 ml bottles in travel case for the hotel for toothpaste. Use hotel soap/body wash and shampoo and conditioner. When we get to our European hotel, we go buy large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, hand wash gel, and body wash gel. The hotel can tell us where the nearest place to buy. We then pack these in our large suitcases, wrapped in heavy duty plastic bags. We do not have space issues, just weight issues in our large suitcases for the airplane. By the way, it's fun to shop in foreign ports. We have been to pharmacy like places, and places like Wal-Mart type places. Its fun to see what items they stock. Even if the label is in another language, the label shows what it's for, or we ask (sometimes using hand signals to show washing your hands) to make sure the product is what we want.
  13. hi, Lee They said the area around the parking garage is being redeveloped, with a new hotel and the old brewery building is going to have a restaurant and shops. The infrastructure is completed. This area is ripe for development. When Oasis comes to Galveston, new parking is a must. See you soon , I hope. Margee
  14. I wanted to post here about our great experience this last week using Falstaff Parking. This is a new business that has repurposed the old Falstaff Brewery facility. We booked this several weeks before our cruise online and it was very easy. When we got to the parking garage, there was a person waiting to inform us that we just dropped our luggage at the front with me waiting, and then DH went down to the entrance of the garage to park. We waited a short time for the shuttle, the driver loaded our luggage and we drove to the port. We first dropped off the Carnival passengers then on to the Royal Caribbean passengers. When we returned, we went to the designated parking spot for their shuttle. Again, short wait and then back to our car. The shuttle driver was very professional and we enjoyed our trip with him. We were in our car with the wheels turning by 9:00 am!! Cost was about $75 for the week. We chose this parking facility because it is covered parking and with the bad weather with hail in the spring, we want some protection from bad weather. Mary
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