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  1. CaliforniaDon

    USing Medallion on Princess

    If they are voting for best entertainment of 2019, the medallion has got to win. Today, I logged on, and was ME. For the last few weeks, my screen name and password logged me on as "hello Catherine" - It was a known issue with Apple (one of the lesser known phones), but, still, it kept happening. Today, I was "Hello Donald" -- I felt like, just maybe, I would scan in that the ship and not be seen as "Catherine" Maybe that part is now working right. The first time I punched the button on the app about mailing address for the medallions, I got the message: not necessary, you will get them at the pier. Then later, I got my home address and an option to change that. I did, since I will be in FLA before the cruise (This is mid-March, Regal) -- On the alternate address I put my last name, care of -- my relatives. Now I wonder WHOSE name will be on the medallion?? Suspense! AS of today, the app still has my shipping home address shown, as well as the alternate I picked. I look forward to tomorrow. Will I STILL be Donald, not Catherine? Will my shipping address vanish? And, as is the case, I am still not fully "completed", with the cruise personalizer circle not highlighted, even though I have looked at it, completed it and there is nothing left to do. And the exclamation point that is still there (meaning a problem) ? no clue as to what the problem is. This must be like the adrenaline rush that bomb squads experience. Who knows what will happen? This is fun,-- sort of like hugging a porcupine. If you see me on the ship, and we are in a bar, and I am following you VERY closely, I may just be trying to order a beer and get it put on your medallion! On a different note: the medallion size seems to be the same diameter as an AA coin (maybe not a coincidence) - Ebay has some nice AA medallion holders. Does anyone know if the AA holders would handle an Ocean Medallion, which is likely thicker?
  2. CaliforniaDon

    USing Medallion on Princess

    Of course, I could not find the posting about the medallion falling out of the little plastic holder thing. As I recall, it was back when there was chatter about how if you lost the medallion, then someone could pick it up, scan it to not only find your cabin number, but get directions to it. Anyhow, whomever said that it snaps into the hole in the center of the plastic piece - and had sproinged out. That could have been early versions of the equipment, or that person's could have not been fully snapped into place. Hopefully it was an exception - if not, I can sell pieces of tape on my upcoming cruise. $20 sounds about right.
  3. CaliforniaDon

    USing Medallion on Princess

    There has been a lot of talk about medallion management -- THIS set of messages does not mention an interesting item that was in different thread (series of messages on a topic) -- it suggested that their medallion spontaneously popped out of the holder more than once - Accordingly, we have added Scotch Tape to our "packing list" to wrap a strip around the whole thing.
  4. CaliforniaDon

    Starting second week on Regal Dec 23-Jan 6

    Wow h-sar! What a great write-up of this trip. On our trip this coming Spring, I will sound like a 5-timer with all that inside info you are sharing. Although there is about NOTHING to match your great insights - if you send me a mailing address, eh? I will send you a spare of a gift I got in the Christmas exchange a year ago. There were 3 in the pack, and they are 3 inch square LED lights that run on 3 AAA batteries and they are way brighter than night lights, AND they are motion activated, and stay on for a minute or so. They have a magnet on the back, so even that is a help. With luck, it will not turn on for bathroom stops, but when it is on, you can see fine. This might be a good thing for the hallway beyond the bathroom - as long as you keep moving, it should stay on. Send an email to D D a v i s F L A at A o L dot com. No spaces, of course (I am fooling the spammers) I will send it to you as a thanks for all the cool info and you can try it or pitch it, as you see fit. Thanks for sharing your experience. Great Review! For others, the label says URPOWER Motion Sensor LED Night LIght --
  5. CaliforniaDon

    Would you take this upsell on the Regal?

    My spreadsheet (Regal, plain balcony) shows a March cost of $300 pp (per person) to move to a mini - and likely about $170 pp to move up from a premium deluxe balcony like yours. It sounds like they are not giving away much in exchange for your decent balcony. Even at half that cost, I would say: Add one vote for "thanks but no thanks" -- your decent sized balcony is a rare commodity on this ship from what the message boards are saying.
  6. CaliforniaDon

    Ocean Ready app - almost there.

    The solution that involves re-entering a reservation worked (I think) in my case for the issue of two Catherine icons, one with my pic and one with my wife's. In one of my tech calls, I was told that THAT part of the problem was known and fixed and to delete the app and re-install it - there had been a patch to the app in the last few days (I had tried that the week before) -- When I spoke to the lady this morning (before she was going into a tech meeting in an hour) I reminded her that the error message of "reservation not found "- may be true, or may really mean "reservation is not for a Medallion Ready cruise, so you cannot use this app on that one" -- she understood how saying error A to the user when, it is really error B - is, um, less than ideal. Finally, the Hello Catherine thing, when Donald signs in - they know about it, but as of several hours later they had not gotten that one fixed - at least they acknowledge that it is not right. I am glad that I am not an elderly non-techie trying to work with this -- no, wait. Never mind. Trying to re-enter my existing reservation got an error that says several possible problems, one of which is that the reservation is already linked - which it is. Logging out and then back in still gets me a welcome Catherine. -
  7. CaliforniaDon

    Ocean Ready app - almost there.

    Hi - Update on my experiences. - I got a call today regarding my first call to Princess' Ocean Ready people. The two people, with the same name thing was a known issue and they fixed it. That, apparently started a new problem, yielding a new call to Princess and a strange explanation that made no sense. Today's call confirmed how it SHOULD work and that IOS - the Apple system, now had a different issue, but that Android (not Iphone) phones were OK. When I logged on as Donald, it SHOULD say Hello Donald, and when Catherine logs on, it should say Hello Catherine. That is just how the Princess website works. So there is a BUG that is still being worked on. The fact that this is still happening is not comforting - this app will have our passports on it! In any event, progress is being made and there IS a plan to get it to work in a way that makes sense. The tech people had reset my password (and not told me until the phone call) which is why some other bad things had happened. -- I have not tried to upload our passports yet - that may yield yet another update - a good one, I hope.
  8. CaliforniaDon

    Ocean Medillion Questions

    Well, folks -- Ocean, not quite! I can share what I was told, but am having trouble buying it, so, PERHAPS it is me, or, maybe not. Catherine's name (my wife) is listed first on the upcoming March Medallion cruise on Regal. PER THE HELP DESK TODAY - - - - Ocean Ready is for the CRUISE, not the person. I can no longer log in as ME since it is HER cruise (her name got posted as passenger 1) - So, when I tried to use MY email to log in, it said name and password did not match - and when I asked for a reset, (it worked a week ago), but now - asking for a reset got me the biggest ever page of error code. So, only passenger 1 (listed first on the reservation) is the "Welcome" person, no matter whose phone is used. Donald, who had an account for a while, no longer has his own - but I AM on Catherine's account, which I can access on my phone, using her email and password, and then select MY icon to add MY passport and whatever else. If we get another booking and MY name goes first (as it has in the past) I am not sure what will happen. Since the person at the help desk tried to get me to create my own profile (again) it is clearly not all ironed out. Whether it will even work or not, remains to be seen when we try to board, but in the meantime, however you think it SHOULD work -- Two people, two accounts, two profiles, two phones - show each others info when you share a voyage - that is not what it is doing right now. If you think of this as a source of amusement, it is a howling success, otherwise, if it seems that all of this is total confusion, then you DO get it!
  9. CaliforniaDon

    buckets of beer deals on princess

    I bought a bucket in advance one time, expecting it to be in my cabin at boarding. What I got was a voucher for the bucket and instructions to call an extension to order it. I did, and then waited about an hour for it to arrive. Since the price is the same before or during the cruise, the next time I just popped up to the pool bar and got it there. -- You can ask them to skip the ice if you are going back to your cabin refrigerator with them. Cheers.
  10. CaliforniaDon

    Bringing on your own wine.

    Ditto to that last question. I was going to get my travel buddies a wine package, but maybe just get a dozen bottles and pay the fee instead. How does Princess know the fee has been paid? Then, they can carry a bottle to the dining room (with that proof, I presume) and have it served there, saving the leftover part for the next day? Or is the process a bit different than them buying a bottle at the dining room - where they seem to pour their glasses and take the bottle away - returning to refill a bit later? Then, whatever they want to drink in their cabin - same procedure as the "allowed" bottles - except for the fee? Correct?
  11. CaliforniaDon

    Ocean Ready app - almost there.

    The ocean ready app for your iphone still not quite there. It started with a profile on Don's phone, for, and about, Don. Then I tried to add an upcoming voyage. January on the Ruby. "Reservation not found" -- What the error message should have been was "yeah, I found that reservation, but since this ship is not fully ready for Medallion, we have nothing for your on this app." After not knowing WHY it could not find my reservation, I put the app on my wife's phone with HER email, date of birth and new password. Then I tried our March Regal reservation - that one worked. Now, when I log back onto the app with MY email and password, I have the info shown below. My screen says Welcome Catherine - so it appears that we have two Catherines and no Dons. A call to Princess resulted in a promise of a ticket to the tech people - so hopefully this will get ironed out. There appears to be no "undo button" on the app, and deleting and re-installing the app just brings back the already set-up info. As it happens, our Travel Agent listed Catherine's name first on the reservation, but still each of us should be welcomed with our own name, so it sounds like some bugs to be worked out.
  12. CaliforniaDon

    Never sailed Princess before..so need some info

    Welcome Princess virgins! I will yield to others on these thoughts, but Princes seems less expensive than, say, Celebrity. Princess, in my opinion, is more ethical in their policies, too. I am mad at Princess since it took them nearly a full day to post my two on board credits for being a stockholder -- My Royal stock? - let's say I sold it after my second attempt to get the credit which was "not combinable with other discounts" -- EVERY cruise, ALL OF THEM - I got my veteran's credit. You likely can upgrade to a mini-suite on Princess and still be competitive with Celebrity. Their cabins did seem a bit roomier. There is a phenomenon that I have seen where one takes the best from every prior cruise and wants that on their next cruise plus some new treats. We get pickier as time goes on. I want the free drinks from Celebrity, but not when they show a lower price without the free drinks. I wish Princess had Celebrity's shower doors - etc. If you go at it with an open mind, they are all better than staying home. Enjoy.
  13. Hi - These are more day-to-day type questions (as opposed to the other topics about safety, and usefulness). ** How long before our cruise will we get correspondence about the Medallion? Ruby in Jan. and Regal in March, for example. ** One video said they had been called by Princess to specify watch band size beforehand. Not likely a long term plan, or is it? ** How is the Ruby doing? Old notices talk about Ruby implementation in Jan, 2019. Our trip is 30 days out and no info regarding this on our personalizer. ** What is this "upload passport" to speed up boarding about? Or is that just the info that we already share each time - passport # and expiration, etc.? ** How long BEFORE departure would the medallions be mailed, and is there a provision for the likely cases of being "on the way" to the cruise port for a week or two before the cruise? ** Are there free holders other than the watch bands? I saw some cheap LARGER rubber key marking rings on Amazon. They said 3 cm diameter, which might work, but the medallions look thicker than a key. The slot where the key end would come out would be a place that a thin loop could grab it - like dollar store lanyards. ** Can the medallion fit in a plastic pouch? even in the same pouch as the soon-to-be obsolete coffee cards go. Can the medallion be read with a coffee card behind it? We are looking forward to being "MEDALLIONAIRES" (sigh)
  14. CaliforniaDon


    It sounds like the medallions will be the biggest source of entertainment and amusement on our March Regal cruise. The elevator procedure may match that time the elevators went demonic and were making their own decisions. Floor lights turned off off by themselves, the cars went up when you pushed a down floor. ANYHOW , how do the medallions work in the casino? Do we still create a PIN, or can we try to sit close to someone who hits a jackpot (right!) and hope it ends up in our account?
  15. CaliforniaDon


    The OP (original poster) said NZ MPI. ***** (What the fuggoodness sakes)! FYI. (For your information) it should be SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to spell out shortcuts at least once in one's posting. <g> (grin).