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  1. So true, and in most cases we now pay upfront for more than we actually consume in the case of packages. I remember the day when buying an alcoholic beverage on board was cheaper than on land. The cruise lines purchase their alcohol supply duty free and passed some of those savings on to us! Times change and marketing/revenue-generating gimmicks abound throughout the industry.
  2. Ah, that's right. Now I remember and I believe I used your exact same line when responding back to them. Sign of the times.
  3. Good luck with that and I mean that sincerely. Based on my recent experience with a different but logical pricing request/suggestion through LCV, I don't see it happening. They no longer seem to have the authority they once had as my issue was referred to their accounting/financial/pricing (can't remember the exact name) department which was the decision-maker. The LCV dept. has changed from the past just like the erosion of some loyalty benefits.
  4. More good ideas for being on any ship but any chance you were on Silhouette when taking these precautions?
  5. Thanks. This of course makes good sense; however, it doesn't solve the puzzle as to why it doesn't happen to me on other ships as I've experienced on Silhouette. I'm 2 for 2 with post-cruise illness from Silhouette but not other ships. "If" I try again and it happens a third time on it, I'll be done with Silhouette, sadly.
  6. I am quoting my own post since no one has commented on my air conditioning/air quality sentence. Most are focused on immune system issues, (age references aside) which while certainly valid, may not always be the reason.
  7. We too have returned from the last two cruises on Silhouette only to come down with bad coughs and colds after being home for two to five days. After the first time we blamed it on the airplane but not after the second time. Ironically we have returned from multiple Azamara cruises and have never had such an issue. Luck or air conditioning/air quality issues on Silhouette? It is surely a puzzle I would like to solve as I am now uncomfortable booking another cruise on Silhouette which I otherwise really enjoy.
  8. No, not nerdy, just well organized. You see I too keep records! We were on Journey in January 2009 with Philip so perhaps the changeover happened mid year. Doesn't matter, just trivial.
  9. I think you may have been on Quest. We were on Journey in 2009 and 2010 and Philip was the HD. I believe after that they switched. Oh those start up years!
  10. I was on board Silhouette awhile back and some of the players complained at how hard some of the questions had been at earlier games. So the Activities Dept. host decided to make up her own trivia questions for the next game. Some were really silly. One was: What is 4 X 12? No kidding, I'm serious! When asked what that was about, she said she was responding to the complaint about questions being too hard so she threw in an easy one. This was her sense of humor!
  11. History trivia: Halifax is not a province. It is a city in the province of Nova Scotia in the country of Canada. And the Titanic sank off the coast of Newfoundland which was at that time a British dominion prior to joining confederation in Canada in 1949.
  12. The March 2020 sailing included a 2-day stop in Cuba. I realize that it is only two days and is nine months away - but - I see that their website now has been changed to show a late evening arrival in Cozumel followed by a full day there, then a sea day. Not really a port or schedule change that some seasoned i.e. most Azamara cruisers would appreciate who were expecting a more unique experience.  Azamara is known for going to ports that other and mass market ships do not.. Cozumel is surely not one of them. You'd think that with nine months before sailing they could arrange something more stimulating than Cozumel. ☹
  13. Nicole was the best and things are very different at LCV now.
  14. Interesting indeed. No, we disembarked April 5 and the TA was after the following cruise, I believe. Some people were coughing on board and I know of at least one who had pneumonia - but I don't think that's all that unusual on ships. The other thing worth noting is that we were on a cruise on a different ship in July (between the two Silhouette cruises) and no illness afterward. Hmmm... puzzling. Still wondering about the air vent/conditioning systems.
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